The first thing he looked at was Matt's bed once they were back home. He quickly looked away

before he could let anger rush him and make him do something stupid. He was feeling a lot

better now. He still hurt but he knew that that wouldn't go away for a bit and he still had to get

used to the angel being inside of him..even if he mentally refused to. Tai slowly lowered

himself to his own bed and winced once he sat down.

"Matt?" the name was foreign on his tongue and forced to sound civil. "May I ask question?"

He looked up at him yet only met his nose. The human kept his face free of emotions, nothing

showing in his eyes or by the lines of his mouth. Yet, his body was tense, ready to be forced

down again. "I want to work with Sora."

Matt's eyes followed Tai's as he looked at the bed where they had coupled the night

before. "Don't worry, love," he murmured lowly, "I changed the top fur out. It is clean." He said

slowly. He was surprised to see Tai going to sit on his own bed. "You will be sharing my bed

now, love. I thought it would be obvious but I know it'll take some time for you to get used to

things," he said as gently as he could but leaving no room for argument. He had tried to treat

Tai better but that had gotten them no where. Now, he would be gentle but firm.

Matt was rather surprised when Tai asked him whether he could work with Sora. Truth be told,

he did not like the idea very much - not with the way other alphas looked at Tai whenever

they saw him. There was something defiant in the dark human & Matt knew it made other, more

violent alphas want to break him. Matt wanted to preserve that fire in Tai... he inherently knew

it made the brunette special. Not to mention that Tai would see Raeson for sure if he worked

with Sora. Matt really didn't like that.

But he had promised himself that he would try to be more civil to Tai. So the least he could

do was hear him out. "Why?" he asked simply as he got started on the daily task of preparing

dinner; tonight, it was simple rabbit stew.

Tai tried not to cringe when he was told that his new bed would be with Matt for the rest of the

his time here...possibly for the rest of his life. He made no move in getting up from his old bed.

They had to sleep together from now on. Sleeping was not sitting. The less contact with the

angel was the better for the human.

"Learning," he started. "I can learn better. More people to talk to and learn language. Gives

me something to do." He really hoped that Matt would take his words and think about them.

Yes, more angels would see him and interact with him..but he would be able to communicate

with the angel a lot faster if he said yes.

It went without saying that it would also keep him sane if he didn't have to sit in Matt's home all

day and wait for him to bring dinner ad rape him as much as he would like. If he could get out,

at least for a few hours, he would enjoy his life a lot more than he was now. Not saying that he

didn't enjoy his time with Sora now, but she was all that he spoke to aside from Raeson..And he

wouldn't be surprised if he would see the elder angel a lot less now. All the hope that he had

left was put him still being able to see Raeson. If the one person in this world that made him

happy was taken away from him. Tai wasn't sure what he would do.

Tai did have a point. Matt knew it would be good for the both of them if Tai could understand

things better. It might even give him a chance to see how other angels behaved … the more

calculating parts of his mind added. Matt pushed the thought away - schooling his face into

neutrality as he added some herbs to the rabbit stew and put a lid on the pot.

"Learning? Well... that certainly is a noble goal," Matt drawled, turning away from fire to pin his

blue eyes on Tai. He noticed the way the brunette had not taken his hint about moving to

their shared bed now and smirked. Stubborn little human... you're lucky you're so beautiful...

otherwise my patience would be a lot lower.

"How about I let you earn the privilege of doing this?" Matt murmured, making his way over to his

own bed and sitting down, legs sprawled cockily apart. He wasn't wearing a shirt and the bulge

in his pants was growing larger as he studied Tai's bronze frame in the light of the flickering

flames. "You can prove to me how eager you are to be a student by riding me tonight."

Chocolate eyes narrowed as the human took in the angel's half naked form and the large bulge

in his pants. His legs were spread and it was obvious that he expected something sexual from

the human who simply glared at him and shuddered once he had translated the words. His

learning would now be based on how well he preformed for the angel? Tai didn't think so, he

wasn't going to have sex with the angel just to get something he wanted.

'But what if I don't see Raeson again? What if Matt takes away my visits to Sora and leaves me

here to be all alone while i wait for him to return?' He frowned at the thought and looked away

from the angel. There was a possibility that the angel would make more than just this ride on

what Tai wouldn't or would get and that would become a serious problem for him.

'If I don't look at him it won't be so bad..and despite everything else, he does have a nice body.

If i think of him as someone may not be so terrible.' He shook his head and looked back

up at the angel, taking in his appearance and trying to morph it into brown eyes and darker

wings. "Fine."

Matt smirked when he heard Tai's response. "The food's going to take about an hour to cook

through - so why don't you come over here and put on a little show for me, darling?" He patted

the bed next to him.

Tai bit his lip and glared hard at the wall for several minutes. He had agreed to do this, but

why did he have to do more than ride the stupid angel? Slowly, he stood and took slow and

nearly hesitant steps towards the angel, ending his steps at the side of his bed and lowering

himself to sit down next to the angel.

"What would you have me do?" There was no need to even try and be seductive-he wasn't

doing this to be nice or even to enjoy it, there would always be a reason for him to play with the


Matt was starting to lose his patience. It took several minutes for Tai to do as he was asked

- the slender brunette gingerly made his way across and sat down next to him, without even

bothering to look at Matt.

"Listen sweetheart," Matt sighed, turning to Tai and turning that lovely face towards him. "I'm

letting you do this to prove to me how important this to you." He paused, leaning down to kiss

soft lips. "If I have to do the work here, you can say goodbye to this little work-study program

completely," he flexed a large hand on Tai's hips.

"Make me believe that you want me." Matt added as final instruction.

Great! So he had to make himself enjoy this and make the angel believe that he wanted it too.

Tai sighed and closed his eyes for a moment, willing himself to enjoy this and not think of it as

a chore that he would have to grow accustomed to.

One hand reached up to touch the side of Matt's face, stroking a strong cheek bone. He leaned

forward to kiss him softly, licking the angel's bottom lip as he closed his eyes and let his free

hand rest on his chest. Fingers stroked up and down his chest, thumbing a nipple and gently

scratching over its twin.

He pulled away from the kiss and stood only to place himself in the angel's lap. He teased him

by slowly lowering himself down onto his lap, round ass rubbing the bulge in his pants as he

leaned forward to suck a nipple into his mouth and gently graze his teeth over the hardening


Finally! Tai had certainly dragged his feet along following the simple instructions Matt had

given him. But now that he had started, Matt had to admit he was doing a pretty good job of

making it believable. Then again... after last night and the constant whimpers of 'stop', even the

simple kiss seemed like Taii was putting on a strip-tease.

Matt couldn't keep his groan in when the brunette gently lowered himself into his lap. His hands

immediately cupped those toned globes – first through the material of his pants before sliding

them inside the rough cloth material to fondle the silky skin. When Tai rocked his ass against

him, he responded by teasingly rubbing his hard arousal against his ass.

"You're doing just fine, sweetheart," he groaned again as he felt a fingernail scratch against his

nipple. His own hands slid out from the pants only to settle underneath Tai's shirt, fingering

those dusky nipples lightly before he leaned down to pull one into his lips. When he pulled

away, he left a wet stain around the nub and then kissed Tai's forehead again, hands once

again settling on Tai's perfect ass.

"How about you take those pants off sweetheart?" He asked.

The hand on Matt's cheek slid down to wrap around his neck as the angel's fingers rubbed his

nipples and then a hot mouth was around one. His chest arched into Matt's mouth and his hips

pushed down onto Matt's cock, rubbing faster as those large hands held and rubbed his ass.

His own mouth moved from nipple to nipple as his tongue flicked out to tease each numb until

they were left shining and wet. Tai swallowed thickly, his own cock hardening in his pants,

and looked up at the angel-meeting his eyes for the first time since this started. He heard the

question and mentally shoved away all doubt and fear as he stood and pushed his pants down

his legs, taking them off and lowering himself back down to sit in the angel's lap. Next, he took

off his own shirt and sat naked in his lap.

Taking a deep breath, he wrapped both arms around his neck and kissed him, rolling his hips

down and letting out a soft moan as the material of Matt's pants and his hard cock rubbed

against his now-cool skin. Yet, his body was growing hotter with each moment. His heart

beating quickly and skin flushing an embarrassing pink. If he let himself go, it wouldn't be so

bad to submit to the pleasure taking over his body and shooting through his veins. Still..he

couldn't keep his gaze level with Matt's. The blue of his eyes made him remember that night

and how he was taken without any thought of his feelings. If he could just imagine brown

instead of blue and white..this would all be so much easier.

Tai was flushed the most becoming shade of pink, Matt decided as he studied the brunette

through the haze of lust settled over. His mouth was quickly swelling from the pressure of

forceful kisses between them. If nothing else, Tai's body wanted this. That would have to be

enough for now … one part of Matt decided. Another part immediately pushed the thought away:

what more did he want from the brunette?

A jolt of lust went straight to his groin as those chocolate eyes finally met his - and not because

Matt had forced Tai to look at him. The brunette had turned up those big eyes from his own

volition; Matt was intoxicated. He had only seconds to admire the brunette's slender frame

before Tai was back in his lap again, legs wound around Matt's waist.

The feeling of those globes against his cotton pants became too much - he needed skin on

skin contact now! He had very little manuverability at the moment but he managed to wiggle

himself out of his pants as he kept his mouth connected to Tai's. Finally his erection was free!

Matt didn't waste any time, immediately letting the tip graze Tai's puckered entrance. "Are

you going to need preparation, love?" He asked softly as he attached his mouth to the shell of

Tai's ear.

He froze for a moment as the too familiar feel of Matt's cock against his entrance. A shudder

went through his body as his ear was mouthed and the weight of Matt's words hit him like a train.

He was about to willingly give himself to the angel just so he would be allowed something-he

was no better than the whores that lined the entrance to bigger cities in his old kingdom. No, he

couldn't think that way-not when he was so close to getting what he wanted...and his body had

enjoyed what Matt did to him..Once he let go of the idea of rape.

The human shook his head no and lowered his eyes to stare at the angel's lean chest. He knew

for a fact that he was still stretched enough for this to work without there being too much pain.

Nothing would be like the first time when he was forced to get used to something so large inside

of him. Tai pushed every thought to the back of his mind and placed one hand to the base

of Matt's cock. He held himself just over the tip and bit into his bottom lip as he pushed himself

down and the head of Matt's cock slid inside of him.

Matt hissed as Tai aligned himself against his dick and pushed down, impaling himself. "Ahh...

still tight, love...," Matt murmured. Experimentally, he jabbed his hips up - testing to see how

open Tai still was inside. He managed to push in a third of the way in just one go.

Matt kept his promise. The next morning, he dropped Tai off at the army offices to spend the

day with Sora once again, letting her know he was cool with Tai working at the offices. "He's

earned the right," Matt explained, as he leaned down to capture Tai's mouth in a quick, rough

kiss and whispering, "Don't get into too much trouble sweetheart." Then he sauntered out the

door leaving the two humans to themselves.

Sora didn't want to know what Tai had done to earn the privilege of being of working with her.

Instead she focused on the positive. "You look like you're doing a lot better than yesterday -

ready to start a hard day's work? Lots of angels coming in today to drop off their time-sheets.

There was another raid last night."

Tai sighed at the mention of another raid. That would mean that more humans would be

subjected to abuse from angels. "Today is better, yes," he agreed with a slight smile. He really

didn't want to think about last night-not at all. After being made to ride the angel just so that he

could work with Sora-he didn't want to think about that again or even have to do sexual favors

for the angel just to get what he wanted. The cream had also helped lessen the pain once they

were done. "Thank you for the cream," he added and smiled in slight excitement. The human

really was excited to be able to work with Sora. It would take his mind from a lot of things while

he busied himself with helping the other human.

"What will I be doing today?" Sora would have to train him in the proper procedures before he

could be of full use to her. She smiled at him and took him behind the desk, showing him the

proper bins, desk, drawers, and other things that he would need to know about. At least for the


"And this is where you put away the time-sheet once an angel has filled it out after a raid," she

said, showing him a chest of drawers that had a bunch of papers. "We keep these records so

we know when an angel has been out on a raid and the level of difficultly the raid was. It lets us

rotate the raids so no angel is out more than three times a month. It used to be twice a month

before but things have gotten really dangerous with a couple of cities - we lost about a fifth of

all the alphas in one raid on Jilai. Arjun was in that raid - he got hurt pretty bad." She added


She was just about ready to show him the supply closet when the front door opened and an

angel walked in carrying an unconscious blond human boy in his arms. Recognizing that the

situation probably wasn't good, Sora immediately rushed out from behind the desk. "Did you

capture him last night, NMattn?" She asked the angel gruffly as she checked for a pulse, relieved

to find one.

The angel nodded nonchalantly. "Yea - I brought him home yesterday. He passed out early this

morning sometime," He growled, obviously annoyed. "Damn Eastern humans - this one's 17

years old and still so weak."

Sora turned to Tai, "Clear the table off in the back room - he's bleeding pretty badly. We're

probably going to have to stitch him up." Then she motioned for NMattn to follow her with the

boy. Once the angel had laid the boy down on the table, he headed straight for the door - telling

Sora he'd be back for the boy later that afternoon.

Sora had Tai help her cut away the cloth wrapped around the boy and then turned him

onto his front, laying him with his legs spread open. There was ample blood and cum pooled

between his thighs and his body looked badly bruised. "Looks like he tried to run and NMattn got

a little violent with him," she explained. "Thank god he's already passed out - we're not going to

have to sedate him atleast." She motioned for Tai to come watch her as she grabbed a needle

and thread set and started sewing the wounds inside him as best as she could. "Wipe down his

body, Tai," she instructed. "There's warm water boiling in a pot in the next room. Use that."

Kou returned with the pot of water and a towel. He tried not to think about everything the boy

had been through with the amount of blood and cum on his body. Each wipe on the boy's body

was as gentle as he could be. He didn't want to cause him any more pain that he already knew

he had been through. Some of the bruises on the boy's body were a nasty purple lined with

yellow but most of them were a deep blue or black.

Looking at the blond made him swallow thickly and fight off his want to cry for him. The blond

was only 17 and would now be forced into slavery because the angels believed he was beneath

them. His mind was made up at that very moment, he was going to help any and all humans

that he could just like Sora did. He would have to learn how to stitch up wounds like Sora and

what medicine did what-his work was cut out for him. "Sora," voice soft and filled with too many

emotions, "I want to learn everything you know." He looked at her with determination and

sorrow in his eyes. "I want to be able to help..just like you do."

Sora nodded - she could see how hard of a time Tai was having controlling his emotions. "He

should be all right, Tai," she said softly. "He's lost some blood and he's beaten up - it's his

mental status that I'm worried about really." She had finished sewing up the tears and now

bandaged the boy up and turned him onto his back again.

"He looks so young, doesn't he?" She said, laddling some water into his mouth. "He's probably

got parents at home who are terrified about him. NMattn doesn't keep his captives forever

though - hopefully he'll be back home in a few months."

The water seemed to help the boy and he started to cough - before long, he was opening huge

green eyes. He took one look at the unfamiliar faces above him and started to cry. "Please...

please don't hurt me anymore."

Tai took his hand and gently pushed back blond hair from his sweating forehead. "No, no

don't worry," he whispered. "We're humans, we won't hurt you." He kept his voice soft and as

soothing as he could. There was nothing he could do to stop the tears sliding down his face.

"We won't hurt you," he soothed.

Sora looked at him with a sad smile. She knew that it would slowly become easier for him

to hold in his emotions when other humans were brought in after they had been raped or

something else just as terrible, or worse, had happened to them. "My name is Sora and this is

Tai. We just want to help you," her voice was just as soft as Tai's. She had too many years

of practice with scared humans waking up while she tended to them. She knew all too well what

that fear once you woke up was like.

"Hu… humans?" The boy asked furtively, his eyes darting between Tai and Sora, looking for

those hated white wings like the ones that blond man had. He relaxed a little once he saw no


"What's your name, little one?" Sora asked the boy. She didn't ask any questions about his

family because she did not know when he would see them again – best not to remind the child

of what he has lost. "How old are you?" She asked to reconfirm.

"My name is Rei…," the blond croaked back. "I'm 17 years old – that … thing… that brought

me here. The one with the wings… he's an angel isn't he? I heard of them back in Najal… but I

never seen one before yesterday. Wish I didn't see him now either." He sobbed out.

"It's all right Rei," Sora said quietly. "Did you come in the dirigible or did NMattn carry you up?"

She needed information if there were other victims that would need tending to. If the boy was in

the dirigible, he might have seen other prisoners.

"There was a big balloon thing that could fly – it was me and 2 other people from my city. They

put us in a cage in the back… Two girls. One of the girls… she was in bad shape… and one of

those monsters was raping her right in front of us. He let his friend have a go at her too." Rei

looked away, not wanting to remember the sight of the angels taking turns.

"Did you come yesterday too?" He asked, glancing between Sora and Tai. "You don't look like

you're from Najal," he said, pinning his eyes on Tai's crying face. "How did you come here?"

Tai took a breath and swallowed before he could answer. He had to turn away from Rei and

clear his mind to stop his tears. "No, I've been here..for a while now. I'm from Mireu. An angel

kidnapped me during a raid and brought me here, just like you." It hurt more than he would like

to admit to say those words. He had been captured after he tried to make Matt leave-to protect

him. If he had never been kidnapped and then raped..Matt could have been his friend if he

really tried. He knew it was impossible but the thought was nice.

Sora shook her head also. "I've been here for many years. It gets..easier if you don't fight,

please remember that." Tai was starting to think that was her warning to all humans. Don't

fight the angels and the rape won't be so bad. Her words were true too. The more you

fought..the worse it would be.

He wanted to know someone had experienced the same things he had. "That monster… I was

trying to hide my little sister in our cellar. I was going to go out and help my mother defend our

horses – that's what my family does. My dad died years ago – it's just me, my mom and my

little sister now…," He sobbed but held back his tears, determined not to lose anymore of his

dignity. "Next thing I know that monster was forcing me to the ground and then he… he…,"

He trailed off, this time not wanting to remember his own rape. "My little sister… she ran out

and saw the whole thing. And he … smiled … at her. Told me he was taking me, that I should

behave or she would be coming along with us." An angry fire blazed in his eyes. "So I was a

good little boy… He took me to that flying machine and threw me in that cage. I really thought

things couldn't get any worse…," Then his voice sounded even more bitter. "But I was wrong."

Sora cut in. "You don't have to tell us anymore…," she said quietly. She was completely familiar

with this story.

Rei laughed. "Not talking about it isn't going to change what happened. At night, he tied me up

… he didn't prepare me… he just pushed himself in – over and over… into my mouth… I tried to

run a couple of times and he beat me real good - I didn't think I would live to see this morning.

Guess I wouldn't have made it if hadn't been for you two." He looked emotionlessly at them, as

if telling them his story had broken what little spirit he had inside him.

Rei turned his whole attention on Tai. "So you came here recently? Did your angel do this to

you too?"

Without his consent, his mind put him in Rei's place with Matt in the place newly kidnapped

human's captor. Yet..the images didn't last long. Too soon they morphed into Matt preparing

him, easing his way inside, and masturbating him off so that the human wold find pleasure

also. The entire honesty of what Sora had been saying to him hit him in the chest, in his heart,

making tears well up in his eyes again.

He had to lie to Rei-he couldn't give him the hope that he had seen and let slip through

his fingers with Matt. "Not..not as bad, but yes. He's raped me too." The human didn't go

into details and would like to keep it that way. Tai's first time with Matt seemed more like

something lovers would do than a captive with his captor.

The reality was that he owed Matt so much for what he had done and how he had taken him. It

made him think, grudgingly, different about the angel. The angel that had taken Rei may not

be the nicest or even the meanest..Rei's story could be like child's play compared to what other

humans had face. Kou really was the luckiest human in a long while-if ever.

Sora could see the effect Rei's story was having on Tai. And she didn't like it one bit. She

pulled him out of Rei's ear-shot and whispered quietly to him in simple Anglerian so that only

Tai would understand. "Don't make Matt into a saint, Tai," she said warningly. "He isn't as

hard as the rest of them because he's still young - but he is an Angel. And he is capable of

causing you a lot of pain."

Then she turned back to Rei. "I have to go and see where the two girls who came with you are

today, little one." She told him. "Tai it would be really good if you would stay at the office and

handle the angel time-sheets as they come in. I know it seems like a lot to take in in one day but

I've got to get to those Najal-girls as fast as possible. You can keep an eye on Rei too while I'm

gone. Think you can handle it?"

Tai took a breath and steeled himself with her words. She was right. Matt was not a sainthe

was nothing like one. He just wasn't as old as the other angels and so he was without their

anger and fears-he was nearly pure in that fact. Yet, he couldn't stop himself from realizing that

he really didn't hate Matt...because the angel had tried. He had failed when anger got the best

of him, but he had tried. That was almost enough for Tai.

Dark eyes widened as he stared into her eyes. Sora did have to find those girls. The two had a

better chance of living if Sora could find them. "I'll do my best," he offered with an encouraging

smile. "You do your best too. Please find them," it was almost a beg, a plead. "What should I

do with Rei?" He seemed so broke and Tai didn't know what to do to help him. He took in a

breath and walked back towards Rei. "It's just me and you today," he said with a smile. "You

can relax-you need to rest without worry."

Raeson was looking forward to visiting the army offices today. If luck favored him, he would see

Tai. The thought of the beautiful human brought a smile to his face and he picked up his pace.

He noticed something surprising - the streets looked fairly empty. The raid yesterday had been

a success - the alphas would be out celebrating. It's early still... Raeson decided. The raid had

gone late into the night. They are probably sleeping in - he knew for sure atleast 3 of the alphas

had new captives.

He was surprised to find the front desk empty when he walked into the army office. "Sora?" He

called to the back. "Anyone here?"

Tai grinned once he heard a familiar voice and quickly walked to the front desk. "Hello,

Raeson." He tried not to show how giddy with happiness he was at seeing the angel so unlike

the others. "I'm filling in for Sora today. She went to find the other humans that were captured

last night." There was no need for him to go into details about their conditions. He was sure

that Raeson either knew then or would hear about them when other angels gloated about their

newest conquests.

Raeson smiled and nodded his head at Tai all too pleased that he was seeing the human.

If he had his way, the human would be safe with him. Tai would never have to worry about

being hurt in his care-he could assure the human of that. "You don't have to worry about her.

If anyone can find the other humans she can. They'll be safe with her." He knew about what

the other angels had done to the humans caught last night and it filled him with sorrow to know

that his kind were such monsters. No human deserved to be raped and hurt for an angel's


Raeson got over his initial elation at seeing Tai and studied him closer - there were very large

hickeys on his throat and an obvious limp in his gait. Tai belonged to an angel... he knew it

could mean only one thing. He stepped closer to the counter and looked searchingly into Tai's


"Are you … all right...?" He asked, not finding any other words to express himself. "Has Matt hurt

you?" He felt rage growing inside him. From the few interactions he had with Tai, he was sure

the brunette did not want to be here in the angel-world. Just give me a hint that you didn't want

it... and I'll destroy him..., Raeson thought grimly, not daring to utter the phrase out loud for fear

of having someone else hear and hurt Tai.

Tai stared and turned away. He had forgotten about the marks on his neck and body in

general-the marks of Matt's possession. There..there were so many emotions in the older

angel's eyes that he couldn't face them knowing that Raeson would see through his lies. The

angel knew him better than anyone else in this world-Tai had let his defenses down and let

Raeson see everything within their first few meetings. "I..I'm fine. He was as gentle as he could

be." Which was the truth. Matt had been gentle with him and even prepared him.

" have you been?" He asked instead, trying to keep the overwhelming emotions

down. Hearing about a day that didn't involve unwanted attention would make him feel better.

"Thank you for the necklace," he had said those words before and as he said them now, his

tongue felt heavy. It was because of jealous rage at seeing the necklace that Matt had taken

him. Tai didn't blame Raeson-not once would he blame him for that. As he spoke, long

fingers reached up to touch the necklace still around his neck. In all honesty he was surprised

that Matt hadn't ripped it from his neck that night.

Gentle as he could be… Tai said. So it hadn't been rape…? Did you want it? Raeson silently

questioned but did not dare to ask. After all, he wasn't sure if was ready to hear the answer.

If the brunette was becoming accustomed to Matt and beginning to accept him as a partner,

Raeson's hopes for having Tai to himself would fly straight out the window. Not to mention

that he didn't like someone else touching Tai now. It didn't taint the lovely human in his eyes –

but all the same, he would have preferred it if it was him who left those marks on Tai instead.

His heart leapt in happiness as he saw Tai touching the necklace – "You didn't tell him who

it was from?" He asked, certain that Matt would have thrown it away if he knew another alpha

gave it to his captive.

"He knew. I told him," the reply was quiet and nearly guilty. "I wasn't thinking when I told him

that..I don't want to get you in the middle of this. I..shouldn't have told him." Tai really hoped

that Raeson didn't put two and two together. He didn't want the angel to know that he had been

raped. It was shameful. It made him feel dirty and unwanted..and to think that he had given

himself up to Matt last night just for a chance to see Raeson's smile.

Slowly he brought his eyes up to look into concerned and silently raged filled eyes and took

a step back, remembering the rage in Matt's eyes before he caught himself. Tai's fingers

wrapped around the necklace and the memory of getting it made him calm his mind. He

couldn't lose this necklace-not when it meant so damn much to him. He would do what he had

to for Matt to let him work here and for him to keep the necklace.

"He knew?" Raeson asked, disbelieving Tai's words. Then he slowly started to understand...

he had given Tai the necklace two days ago. Before then, Tai hadn't yet been limping.

Afterwards... It didn't help when Tai backed away from him - what had Matt done to him to

make him so afraid...?

He didn't close the distance between them - Tai looked like a scared kitten as he stood on one

side of the room. He seemed to draw some strength from touching the necklace and that helped

calm Raeson as well. He would not do anything to frighten Tai now - but he was certainly

going to find Matt later to have a little discussion about how the other angel should be treating

his precious human captive.

Another thought crossed his mind and he voiced it immediately. "If he let you keep the

necklace... perhaps … he doesn't intend to keep you...?" He asked, hope filling his eyes.

If worst came to worst, he would fight Matt for Tai. But if he could the human without a

confrontation... that would lower the risk of Tai getting hurt in between them. "He might let you

go soon...?"

"I can only hope," he answered honestly. "I..don't think so.." Tai was sure that Matt had no

intention of letting him go-not for a very long time and if he did let him go, he was sure that he

was going to be a wreck and never the same again. There was a serious thought in the back

of his head..what if someone heard him? What if someone told Matt about what he was saying

and the outcome was something terrible. The human closed his eyes again and took in a

shaking breath. Fear laced through his veins as he opened his eyes again.

He should be more careful of what he says.

Raeson still hadn't moved from where he was. Mixed with his rage was a deep sorrow for

the human. Matt's anger at his gift was what hurt Tai and for that he was eternally sorry for

him. Even he felt jealous at times and he was shamed to say that even at this point..he was a

little jealous of Matt. the marks on Tai's body should be from him and should have been from

pleasure that they both felt. Not from rape.

Never from rape.

"I … I can't promise I can heal everything he has done...," Raeson said haltingly. "But I can

try to help you get through the pain." He promised quietly. He still wasn't quite sure what had

happened between them - all he knew for sure was Tai had not been completely willing when

Matt had him. That filled his heart with hope for himself and his own future with the brunette as

much as it enraged him that Tai had to suffer so much pain.

I'll be seeing you later, Matt, Raeson promised himself - trying to keep a lid on his anger as best

as he could.

"I saw NMattn heading away from here towards his home today - he had a boy with him

yesterday. A blond he kidnapped from Najal. Is he here?" Raeson asked, changing the topic to

something that he could do something about right at that instance.

Tai smiled and took limping step towards the counter. Raeson never gave him a reason to be

afraid and he wasn't afraid of the angel. He was sure that fear was never an emotion he would

need around Raeson. "Thank you," voice soft and smile wide.

The light in his eyes faded just a bit as he brought up Rei. "He's here..but I'm not sure if he'll

want to see you. NMattn..did terrible things to him." Before his eyes he saw the blood and cum

staining the blond's thighs and shuddered at the thought. Still, he couldn't imagine himself in his


"I suppose there is not too much I can do to help - I do speak the Najalan language though,"

he added. "Perhaps he has a message that he wants sent to his family? I fly down to see my

mother often - she lives in a village near Najal. I could take deliver the message for him." He

said, eager to help. Having been raised with humans, he always hated when the Angels treated

them like dirt. In these situations, he found his wings were the best asset. Najal was far - it

would take a day's flight to reach their and another day to come back. But it would be worth the


"So how about you take me back to see him?" He asked Tai. "I know the wings will freak him

out but go in front of me and explain why I want to see him."

Tai stared at him for a full minute, searching his eyes and seeing nothing aside from an

eagerness to help the injured human. "Ok," agreeing he led Raeson into the back and asked

him to wait just outside the door.

" won't want to see him, he's an angel, but he's not like the others. He would never

harm one of us and he was even raised with humans! Raeson just wants to help. He speaks

your language and said that he would fly down to your home and deliver a message to your

family. Let him help you..he is our only ally here." Tai took a breath, "I'm bringing him in now.

Please, just listen to him." He looked over his shoulder at Raeson and stood between the other

human and angel, not sure which he was really trying to protect more.

Raeson took one look at the human and knew what had happened to him. NMattn had a

reputation with being harsh on the humans and taking pleasure in their pain. The blond mut

have also fought to receive some of the bruises. He felt more than sorry fro the human and

relived that Tai hadn't gotten the same treatment. "Hello," he spoke in the boy's language.

"I'm here to help, my name is Raeson and I mean you no harm."

Rei was sure Tai was high on something strong when he said there was angel willing to help

them. "I don't know what you've been drinking but if you saw the way those... animals … treated

us...," Tai seemed to ignore his panic and soon enough, a large angel was entering the room.

Rei fought down the immediate urge to scream, but curled himself into a defensive position. He

clutched his abdomen with his arms - NMattn had kicked him in the vitals last night and he did

not want a repeat experience today.

Rei was truly surprised when the angel began to speak in his own language. "How... how

did you know...?" Then he remembered what Tai had said about the angel being raised

with humans. He straightened out a little more, wincing in pain from his bruises the night

before. "You don't look like the rest of the angels...," he noted absently. This one would

definitely stand out in a sea of blonds. In fact, other than his fair skin - he looked a lot like Tai.

Well... except for those golden wings.

"Can you take me home?" He asked, voice filled with hope. "The monster who took me isn't

here! Can you just take me home now?"

Raeson shook his head. "I'm sorry Rei - once NMattn finds out you are gone, he will go on a

rampage to find you. He'll hurt not just you but your family as well. And Sora and Tai for losing

you... The best I can do for now is to a message to your family if you have one."

Rei's face fell. But he was strong - he had held his family together after his father died and

he would get through this. "Tell them I'm safe & I'll come home as soon as I can," he said

determined. Then he was laying down onto his side, exhausted from the night before. "I'm going

to sleep now, Tai. Wake me when the animal comes for me."

Tai nodded and let Raeson lead him out of the room. The breath he had been holding

rushed out of his mouth in one loud breath as he walked behind the angel. His giant golden

brown sings caught his attention and he reached out to gently touch the feathers before quickly

retracting his hand before questing fingers could touch anything. For all he knew touching an

angel's feathers was like touching a normal man's penis. Or it could somehow hurt Raeson. Something he never wanted to do.

Tai was curious about the angel's wings and if he had ended up with Raeson, he might have

gone through with his want to touch them. That wasn't something he would do with Matt. The

act seemed too intimate. "Will you leave in the morning?" He asked as his eyes stayed on the

fathers, touching them with his gaze.

"In a day or two...," Raeson replied, following Tai's eyes to his wings. "I have some things I

need to take care of first." Like my friendly little chat with Matt..., he added in his mind but didn't


"You can touch them you know...," he said softly, watching Tai's fingers flexing near his

wings. "An angel's wings are special and it's a part of how an angel can cement his bond with

a loved one...," He added, keeping his brown eyes locked on Tai's. "A beloved's touch on an

angel's wings can calm the angel or arouse him... in fact... if an angel shares a soul bond with

another, the person can feel exactly how the angel is feeling by touching the angel's wings." He

smiled softly. "That's very rare though."

Tai's hand was itching to touch Raeson's wings even more now. he could just see his touch

cause the angel's eyes to go wide before they narrowed and he was scooped into strong arms

and his mouth ravaged. A deep blush settled on his cheeks as he lowered his eyes and tried to

not let his imagination get the best of him. The human's pants were already becoming too tight.

His lips parted just slightly as he let his fingers trail over the very tips of his gold wings. He

marveled at how soft the feathers were and yet how strong they seemed to be. Gently his

fingers moved up and down through the feathers, lost in the soft and addicting feel of them

against his skin. In his mind, Raeson was hovering how him as they shared soft kisses. His

wings were at first stretched out around him and then lowered, settling around Tai's quivering

form and keeping him safe from the world.

Having them touched during sex had to be a turn on like no other. What would an an aroused

angel be like in bed if his partner really wanted him? Tai blushed deeper. He hoped that one

day he would find that out. "How do you know you have a soul bond? It just..happens? One

day your partner touches your wings and then he tells you that he can feel what your feeling?"

Raeson took in a harsh grasp of air as he felt Tai's hands running over his wings. He was

having a very difficult time controlling himself and if the brunette didn't stop soon, he wouldn't

be responsible for his actions. All the same, he didn't want to push the brunette into something

right now. "I… I think that's enough Tai," he said, pulling slightly away from those fingers but

staying close enough that Tai could touch them again if he wanted to.

"A soul bond… well… it starts off slow enough. I've never experienced it so I can't be exact –

but here's the short version. A human has flashes of the angel's feelings at the beginning – as

the bond grows deeper, the person can feel more and more of what the angel feels. I've heard

stories that once a soul bond is deeply ingrained, an angel and their soul mate are always

connected in their feelings. Especially during sex," he blushed slightly, looking away. He was no

where near an inexperienced virgin – but Tai was somehow special to him. Are you my soulmate?

He wondered but didn't ask.

"There are some incredible gifts that come when an angel and their partner are bonded. It's

even been rumored that males can bear children if they pair with their soul-mates." He kept his

eyes steady on Tai, acutely aware that they were very close to doing something that could

spell trouble for them both.

Tai couldn't help the from that marred his pretty features once Raeson pulled away from his

fingers. He couldn't blame him though. If touching his feathers was as arousing as the human

believed, he was teasing the angel with his soft touches. Glee filled him, he couldn't lie, at the

thought. Still, he was Matt's and doing anything with Raeson would mean trouble for them both.

But..if he could get Matt to not want him, he could be happy with Raeson and then they could

see if they were soul mates. If he could have a soul bond with someone like Raeson he would

gladly stay in this world with the angel. Ra, he would even have his children is it were really


The human let his hand fall back down to his side and let his eyes travel up Raeson's body. the

man was taller than him and filled with more muscle than he would ever want, more muscle than

Matt. He was still lean though, his thighs corded and his arms thick-was that different from other

angels too? Tai wanted to spend an entire day tracing his tongue over every muscle on the

angel's body and then kiss each and every line on his skin. But he couldn't. He had Matt to go

back to.

"Then..this is very rare. Not many of these couples seem to find happiness here." His eyes

grew sad as he thought of Matt and what awaited him once he was back in the angel's house.

He couldn't imagine any couple being happy with how they came to be.

"Well... I wouldn't call what's going on here 'couples'. Alpha-angels are always taking humans

as their captives and then returning them once they are finished. The one good side is that

angels rarely kill their humans - it does happen on occasion by accident." He shook his head,

remembering the ugly wounds he had seen on another young human girl who had cheated on

her captor with a male human captive.

"Most of the time - when it comes to marriage and having children, angels will pair with other

angels. Humans are just temporary past-times. But you do have the couples like Sora-Arjun -

their relationship has been around a long time but from what I remember, they were not always

as happy as they are now. In fact, I think she was captured in similar circumstances to Rei."

He couldn't help but asking. "Tell me... did you feel anything when you touched my wings?" It

was too soon to expect something even if they did have a bond. But he hoped...

Tai paused, thinking. Had he felt something? No, not anything aside from the want to be

with the angel and his own arousal rising. Hes hook his head, too embarrassed to admit to his

growing problem. He bit into his bottom lip and sent a small prayer to Ra that he would have a

bond with Raeson. He felt that it would only make sense if he bonded with him. Yet, what if the

fates hated him and he ended up bonded to Matt?

'I doubt that could happen. Why would my soul bond with him? he brought me here and then

raped me in jealousy-my soul can't want that.' Tai walked them back to the front desk, in case

an angel came. After all, he did have a job to do.

Raeson was disappointed to hear that Tai hadn't felt anything when he touched his wing. It

would be too soon… he decided, thinking about the beautiful human. Still he had an intense

arousal to deal with. He silently followed Tai to the front office – checking that the coast was

clear, he quickly wrapped his arms around that slender waist and turned the brunette to face


"I know it's been hard for you… I know how angels can be… but do you think you could accept

me someday?" He asked, slowly running his hands up and down Tai's back, drifting lower

with each pass. He lowered his mouth to an inch of the brunette's, letting the human decide

whether he wanted to close the distance or not. He did not want any associations in Tai's

mind between himself and Matt. Raeson would show Tai that he knew how to respect his


Arms wrapped around his waist, but Tai wasn't alarmed. He was surprised that Raeson would

touch him out in the open of the office. Sure, no one was but anyone could walk in and there

would be problems with that. As he was turned to face the angel, he stared into brown eyes

and found himself smiling. Raeson was letting him control this. With Matt he had no control.

Tai wrapped both of his arms around the angel's neck, fingers of both hands stroking over

feathers, and pulled him into a soft kiss. He groaned and pressed closer, feeling the angel's

erection press against his hip and cause his own to fill with more hot blood. The human's body

pushed and rolled into the angel's. 'This is what it should feel like,' he thought as he kissed him

harder and moved one hand to wrap his fingers in Raeson's soft hair.