Harry Potter, The Jedi That Would Not Die

TITLE: Harry Potter, The Jedi That Would Not Die

AUTHOR: TheGuardianOfLight.

DISCLAIMER: I don't own anything; I make no money off it. Harry Potter belongs to J.K. Rowling and Star Wars belongs to George Lucas. Nothing is mine etc, etc. This is just for fun, it is not meant to insult or offend and I apologise if it does.

RATING: M just to be safe, I don't know myself yet really.

WARNING: No idea yet, not planning on any adult scenes or anything like that but there will be violence.

CATEGORY: Adventure I suppose.

TIME PERIOD: Harry Potter – During Book 4, Star Wars – 44BBY Basically when Obi-Wan is about 13 so several years before Phantom Menace.

SUMMARY: Not really sure yet I have not written it. - Three Jedi come to Earth on an exploration mission and accidentally land on the Hogwarts front lawn. What happens when two of our favourite students encounter the wonders and terrors of the galaxy.

Chapter 1 - A Convergence In The Force

44 BBY, Unknown Regions

"Master, is this really an effective use of our time?" asked Padawan Apprentice Obi-Wan Kenobi, picking up a tool from the table in front of him.

"Yes Padawan," replied Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn, not opening his eyes from his meditation. "Just because we are not in a fire fight rescuing someone or in high level diplomatic talks, that does not mean our mission is not important. Searching the Unknown Regions of the galaxy for possible future Republic member planets and more importantly for force sensitive individuals who could become future jedi might not necessarily be very exciting but it does not mean it is not important."

"Why did the ExplorCorps need us to do this again?"

"Because the Republic Survey Corp were short on ships...And because I volunteered us for this mission," Qui-Gon added with a smile.

"What!" Obi-Wan exclaimed. "Master why would you do that, you knew this would take months."

"That is one of the reasons why, it gives us time for plenty of one on one training, it's a relatively easy mission, it has the chance of allowing you to be part of a potential first contact situation and because it allows you to see what life would be like if you chose to join the Exploration Corp."

"Master, I have already been taken by you as a padawan, for what possible reason would I want to go backwards and join ExplorCorps when I can train to be a Guardian or a Sentinel, even being a Consular would be more interesting."

Qui-Gon let out a small chuckle. "My dear Padawan, until you have tried something how do you know whether you like it or not?"

Obi-Wan grumbled under his breath before going back to cleaning his lightsaber. They had been stuck on this ship, the Radiant VI, exploring the Unknown Regions for over a month now with nothing but eight crew, his master and...

"Is that Padawan of yours moaning again Master Qui-Gon?" asked Jedi Knight Aayla Secura with a grin as she approached from the direction of the sleeping quarters.

"I'm afraid so," replied Qui-Gon.

"Would you find it less boring to spar with me Obi-Wan?" asked the blue skinned Twi'lek with a smile.

"Yes please Knight Secura," he replied eagerly rapidly putting down his tool and quickly beginning to reassemble his lightsaber.

"Do you mind Master Qui-Gon," she asked politely.

"Not if you do it down in the cargo hold and allow me to continue focusing on the Force as one of us is always supposed to be when travelling close to unknown star systems. I think I can trust you two to spar without killing each other...Can't I?"

"I think so Master," she replied, before heading down to the cargo hold to wait for him.

Knight Aayla Secura had only recently been promoted to the rank of knight and although very eager to strike out on her own missions had requested she be allowed to accompany another knight, or in this case a master, on a couple first, probably because she was very young for a knight, only twenty if Obi-Wan were forced to guess. She was quite spirited and bold for a jedi and unlike Obi-Wan she enjoyed the long space flights of nothing to do as a chance to relax whilst still practising her Force skills and forms.

When Obi-Wan made it down to the cargo bay a few minutes later Aayla was sitting cross legged and eyes closed waiting for him. He found it quite strange being around her as she was one of those few jedi that substituted part of her jedi attire for her native worlds clothing, which was allowed in the Jedi Order, in this case everything other than her cloak and boots was replaced by a pair of tight fitting leggings, a belt and a top that only just covered what needed to be covered and today these were all made of leather. Apparently it was traditional Twi'lekian female apparel, Obi-Wan and many of the other padawans believed it was just a chance to show off their great figures, a case of 'look what I've got but as I am a jedi you can never have'. Other than this her only other apparel was the leather head band that attached to the strips that wound around her two tentacles or lekku as they were officially called, though most just called them brain tails as that's effectively what they were, extensions that contained part of the brain that descended down the back from the back of the head in the place of hair.

"Are you ready Padawan Kenobi?" she asked not opening her eyes.

"Whenever you are Knight Secura," he replied raising his lightsaber and turning it on.

"Ok then," she replied with a smile. In one fluid movement she went from sitting cross legged to be in the air half way between them, brandishing her blue lightsaber. Obi-Wan reacted in time, bringing his blade around to block hers before rolling away and turning on her to attack only to find her already attacking him.

Very parried back and forth for several minutes, jumping, ducking twirling and twisting. Aayla was easily the better swordsman; she might have been only twenty which was an extremely young age to be knighted but compared to Obi-Wan who was only thirteen and had only been a padawan for a couple of years she was far superior,

After a short lull in which they circled each other for a few seconds, Aayla gave an evil grin and drew her green lightsaber with her other hand.

"Uh-oh," Obi-Wan gulped, he had forgotten that she had studied the two bladed Jar'Kai form.

"Uh-oh is right Obi-Wan," she grinned. "Let's see how well you fight against two blades."

This time Obi-Wan had no chance of doing anything other than defending; he had never thought against twin blades before and was not skilled in defending against them. This fight continued for no more than two minutes before his blade was knocked out of his hand and he had twin blades at his throat.

"Not bad Obi-Wan, that was quite good for one so one."

"Agreed," came a deep voice from the doorway, causing both of them to jump as Master Qui-Gon walked into the bay. "Well done Obi-Wan, I doubt I could have done so well at your age. Secura."

"Yes Master," she replied smiling.

"I would appreciate it if you wait until I had taught my padawan how to defend himself against twin blades before putting him on the wrong end of them."

"He didn't say," she replied innocently before following it up with a grin.

Qui-Gon let out a huff of slight exasperation before walking back to the doorway.

"Come on, you are both required?"

"What is it Master?" asked Obi-Wan.

"We have found an inhabited planet and I can detect a strong force presence on it."

Obi-Wan did a silent exclamation of 'Yes!' causing Aayla to grin.

"I saw that Obi-Wan," came Qui-Gon's voice from the hallway.

Up on the bridge a few minutes later.

"What do our scanners tell us Captain?" asked Qui-Gon.

"The third planet has a type one nitrogen oxygen hydrogen atmosphere, approximately seventy percent water, population approximately seven billion, from what we can detect it's a post industrial civilisation part way through the age of silicon based computing."

"How primitive," remarked one of the Co-pilots, not interrupting the Captains description.

"Trace amounts of radiation in the atmosphere indicates they have nuclear weapons and power stations."

"There are a very large number of satellites in orbit, as well as some travelling through the solar system and orbiting their nearest astrological bodies." contributed Aayla from one of the stations, "There is also what appears to be a primitive station of some kind in orbit."

"What type of station?" asked the Captain.

"From what I can see it's a science laboratory."

"That's good," nodded Qui-Gon. "It means they are taking an interest in science."

"What's not is the state of the atmosphere," commented Aayla. "High quantities of carbon dioxide and other pollutant gasses, judging from the readings its mostly been generated by the resident species which is..."

She dropped off as she analysed the readings for a second or two.

"Human, what a surprise," she finished rolling her eyes. "Is there any part of the galaxy your species does not reside in?"

Qui-Gon sent her a sly smile before turning back to the monitor.

"Master, I've managed to break the encryption on their satellite network."

"You do know Obi-Wan that hacking into encrypted files is most likely a felony on this planet as it is in the Republic," commented Qui-Gon.

"Err...Sorry Master," Obi-Wan apologised, looking guilty.

"Well...What did you find?"

Obi-Wan grinned and went back to looking at the data in front of him. "They are about as violent as most standard planets, there are a few conflicts going on in isolated areas. The beliefs are also very varied, some are remarkably backwards and prone to violence, others are quite accepting. Their attitudes to what they call 'extra terrestrials' are just as varied, there are several government agencies actively searching for us and military units prepared to be launched should they find us, but others are searching because they desperately want to make contact with us so that they can travel into space."

"Just like almost every other non deep space faring civilisation then," remarked Aayla.

"Do you have a recommended landing location Obi-Wan?" asked Qui-Gon.

"I think I have Master," he nodded. "I have selected a country which considers 'extra terrestrials' like us to be a possibility but not one that has so much of a shoot first mentality. The country is called Scotland, it's part of a small group of countries on a couple of islands that are collectively called the United Kingdom. It's part of a larger organisation formed from countries spread all over the planet called the United Nations."

"Good, the first step towards a global representative body."

"There is an area in the mountains that seems utterly deserted of all humans according to their satellite network and should allow us more time to study the country to find the best people to initiate contact with."

"Well done Padawan. Captain, you have your co-ordinates."

Harry and Hermione were sitting by the lake, looking out towards the ship quietly bobbing up and down on its surface.

"Is Ron still not talking to you yet?"

"No," sighed Harry, throwing a stone into the water as Hermione examined her book. "He still thinks I put my name in the cup."

"He will come to his senses eventually," she sighed looking back at her book just as a shadow passed over them. "That's a very thick cloud."

"That's not a cloud Hermione," replied Harry standing up, looking at the sky.

"What else is it then," she replied, not looking up.

"I think you may have to look for yourself Hermione as I am not quite sure I believe what I am seeing."

Finally looking at the sky they both looked as a distinctly manufactured shape and the sounds of engines descended towards them.

"That can't be what I think it is," Harry exclaimed.

"It is, there's nothing in the magical or muggle worlds that looks and flies like that. It's a space ship."

The ship circled over the lake once before coming into land in the middle of the field that made up the area between the lake the castle and the Quidditch Pitch.


"Yes Harry?"

"Any ideas what we should do now?"

"Well, you being you and me being your friend means we are bound to end up right in the middle of things anyway, so we might as well go and introduce ourselves."

"For once I completely agree," he smiled, his former sullen mood at being stuck in the middle of a life threatening tournament, at being at odds with one of his best friends and at being generally turned on by almost the whole school completely forgotten as they started running across the grass towards the landed ship."

AUTHORS NOTE: Hello all, couple of things I want to mention to you. Firstly those hardcore Star Wars fans will be saying 'hang on hang on, Aayla Secura should not be a Jedi Knight already' and you are right, here are my reasons for doing it: My initial idea was to have it as someone like Mace Windu who went with them to Earth, unfortunately the story that inspired me to write this one had Mace as a principle character and I wanted to make sure mine was different plus I think it is easier to have a female relating to Harry, although this has not happened yet, for all intensive purposes, Aayla's time line has just been pushed forward by a couple of decades.

Secondly some of you will notice that she does not seem like she does in the Star Wars Clone Wars Series, this was actually an accident, it took me three chapters to realise that I was writing her the same way I write Tonks, but it has instantly made her easier to write and easier to put into the story, so for those Star Wars purists out there I apologize.

Thirdly, and this is just for your knowledge, my knowledge of Star Wars comes from the six movies and both of the Clone Wars series, I have never read any of the books and the only source of knowledge I have on them comes from the Star Wars Wiki, and I can hear some of you cringing when you read that but it's the best I can do I am afraid without going out there and buying every book on the market which I cannot afford to do. I have spent hours and hours trawling through the wiki collecting info and I hope I have enough to satisfy most Star Wars fans.

Lastly I hope you enjoy this story, I have no idea where it's going to go or how it's going to end as I have not thought that far ahead, but let's all hang on and enjoy the ride.