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-To Sip of Black Velvet-

Chapter 1: Living in the Fire


He is so warm.

Even though his eyes and voice are always cold and his demeanor is irrevocably icy—he always lights fires in me.

As I lay underneath his arm, with his bare chest pressed firmly against my bare back I try to pretend that we were always like this and that we'd always stay like this. I let my thoughts be the reassurance that he can never give me. I let the heat take over.

I let my mind project scenes of a lifetime we'd never share together against the pale white wall of the hotel room that my eyes have taken an interest in as the alternative to sleep. If only we could burn forever in the fire that he'd started in me, in the relationship that set all the rules and all the vows ablaze.

He stirs and makes to turn over in his sleep. As he pulls his arm away from my form, his left hand glides over my skin, leaving a trail of ice in its absence. It chills my soul. That cold hard metal—that symbol of forever to others, was for me nothing more than a reminder that we would never be.

It was ironic that I was playing with fire but it was that ring—that ring of ice that would surely be the death of me.

. . .

Word Count: 226