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Chapter TWO:

Shaggy & Velma (His long time friends) had picked up Lauren, after Fred had Nick tell them what happened.

Fred woke & kissed her on her cold cheeks. It had been 18 hours since the crash. Daphne had not made a move since. Suddenly she started to moan, & moved her arm a little amount of some what.

"Daphne!" Fred said, in shock. Doctors rushed into the room.

"She's waking up." Fred said speechless. Daphne's eyes gently fluttered open. She saw so many faces staring at her.

"Oh thank goodness, your alive!" Fred said breathless. Daphne just stared as if she'd never seen a human before.

"Can you speak to us Mrs. Jones?" A docior asked. Daphne continued to do the endless stare at them.

"Honey...are you alright?" Fred asked with great concren. He gently grabbed her hand & held in his own. She took her eyes off the room full of people and put all her focus onto Fred's hand holding hers.

"Daphne?" Fred asked softly. Daphne looked up to his face. Then opened her mouth to speak.

"Why are you touching me?" She asked. "I'm so glad to see you alive Daphne!" Fred said, explaining to her.

"Daphne? Alive? What do you mean?" Daphne asked. The doctors all had a concerned look on their faces.

" you remember me?" Fred asked, almost heart broken to ask.

"...What are you?" Daphne asked. Fred's heart fall apart, hearing those words, those words he never expected to come from her mouth. So thankful that she was awake & alive but yet ever so heart broken to hear the words she'd just spoken.

"Just rest Mrs. Jones we're going to take good care of you." The doctor said, comforting her.

"Daphne, I'm your husband, your best friend..." Fred said, going into meltdown mode.

"Mr. Jones, please stay calm & follow us." Another doctor said, Daphne just stared at them as they drug Fred out of the room.

"Mrs. Jones do you remember anything?" The doctor asked. Daphne blinked then scanned herself, as if she was trying to solve a mystery of some sort.

"I..I don't understand..."She said so confused.

"Just relax." The doctor said. They ran some tests on her then came back to tell Fred the results.

"Mr. Jones, we've got some news for you." The doctor said. Fred raised his hed up, the doctor saw his tired weak eyes glow looking at him.

"Yes?" Fred asked.

"Daphne, has had a serious memory loss, in fact, she barely knows what life it self is.." The doctor said.

"You mean..she doesn't remember me...the birth of our daughter...the wedding...the engagment, prom, homcoming, games, our childhood talks!" Fred asked in total shock by what he'd just heard.

"No..Sir I'm so sorry." Fred just breathed heavily. He wished all this was some nightmare, that he'd soon be awaken from.

"Can I see her?" Fred asked. The doctor nodded. Fred entered the small room, to see his beautiful redhead angel, scanning the room so carefully, jumping at every little sound she heard.

"Hey." Fred greeted softly. He realized this wasn't the time or place to pour out all his emotions. He needed to be here for his wife, comfort her, talk to her, even though she'd have no clue who he was.

Daphne quickly focused her eyes onto the man she saw walking into the room.

"How are you?" Fred asked, just like he would their young toddler.

"Okay. I just.." Daphne started. Fred gazed into her ocean blue eyes.

"It's okay sweetie, don't worry it's going to be alright. We'll get through this." Fred said kissing her gently on the cheek. Yet, unlike the old Daphne's reaction wouldn've been a big smile, the new Daphne just looked at him like Fred had smacked her.

"I feel so.." Daphne tried to describe the way she felt, she lost so much memory, putting together words was harder.

"Lost." Fred sighed.

"Lost?" Daphne asked. It made Fred want to cry. The way she questioned things, it was exactly the way their little daughter, Lauren did.

"Yeah..lost it means, you don't know where you are, you feel so alone..." Fred said, that's exactly how he was feeling.

"Yes, I feel..lost." Daphne muttered.

"You aren't honey, you've always got me." Fred said sweetly.

A/N: Okay so I felt like making this part of the chapter based from Fred's POV. Hope you like it!

How was I suppose to answer that question? Who am I! Well, I'm Fred Jones...YOUR HUSBAND! All the crazy emotions were enough to kill a man. I can't seem to wrap my mind around it all, it's just happened so fast. I hadn't seen my daughter in days.

"I'm Fred, but you always called me Freddie, or scarf boy, cause see, you made me this ascot, but everyone teases me & tells me its a scarf." I said, with so much hope & prayer that she'd maybe, just maybe remember me.

"I made you that?" She asked, like she hated it or something.

"Yeah, you don't remember cause you were in a horrible car accident & lost all your memory." I explained, trying to make her understand.

"Oh my."

"Yeah, thankfully you are alive!" I told her, she looked at me and cracked a small smile. I smiled back. For that one moment, everything felt O.K. like when we were back at our little house, with our daughter, smilling, laughing & telling stories from the past, that now, she will never know.

"Your name is Daphne Ann Blake Jones, you are my beautiful wife & Lauren Daphne Jones's mother." I told her softly, trying not to rush things along. She needed to take this one step at a time.

"I married you? And we had a baby?" She asked so innocent, I still can't believe this happened to her. My poor poor wife.

"Yes you did, all those things and more!"

"What was I like?"

"Oh you were amazing, beautiful in everyway, inside & out, you were my dangerprone Daphne, you were so clumsy it was adorable! You loved to laugh more than anything in the world! Your favorite place was Crystal Cove beach, you liked a good adventure! Shopping was your best hobby! You always wanted me to admit my feelings, so I did & I asked you to marry me. Of course you said yes! We two years later had our pretty little baby girl! Who is now about three years old. You took her to ballet class, on your way back you got in the car accident." I said, barely able to finish the end.

"Really, I was all those things?" She asked, almost like she was flirting with me. I liked that feeling. It made me feel good inside.

"All those things & then some, & no you weren't all those things, you ARE all those things." I told her, she just smiled.

"Do you remember anything about me, or us, or Lauren?" I asked.

"No..I really wish I could." She said, then I saw a tear flow down her precious white face. I gently wiped the cold tear from her cheek,

"Why are you crying Daph?"

"I can't remember anything I want to be!" She cried so helplessly. If I ever thought my heart was broken before, I knew it was now.

"I want to remember you, you seem so nice & how can I have a daughter! I don't even know her? It doesn't make any sense to me.." She sobbed. I scooped her up into my arms.

"No worries Daph, I'll help you remember her, & some how, some how things will get back to how they use to be. I promise." I said. She sniffled.

"I love you.." I whispered. She didn't say a word back, maybe she didn't love me? Or maybe, she doesn't even know what that means? I'm not sure who's more confused & scared here, me or my poor Daphne.

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