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Dean's P.O.V

I couldn't believe it. Castiel, was God. He was calling himself God. And the angel blade Sammy just stabbed him with did nothing. Nothing. He was still standing without a scratch on him. I couldn't wrap my mind round it all. This was Cass, he was our friend. Now God? How the hell does that happen? While trying to process my best friends job promotion I noticed Sam swaying slightly behind Cass. I don't know how Sam was up and walking. If what Megan had said was true, he'd been through hell. He didn't look so hot either. In a matter of minutes my world had been spun upside-down for the hundredth time in my life. Castiel was God.

Sam's hell wall had broken leaving him short of a mess.

Megan was dead and her soul... in purgatory.

The Impala was wrecked, my baby was dead.

And Bobby... well Bobby was probably the only thing to stay the same. I just couldn't process everything. I stood there in silence staring at Cass in utter shock.

"Well, all right then. Is this good, or you want the whole forehead to the carpet thing?" Bobby asked snapping me from my thoughts. He went down on his knee's trying to appease Cass. I blinked in shock as I watched Bobby go down on his knee's. Bobby glanced at me and Sam. "Guys?" Bobby asked looking at me. I glanced to Sam and decided to go down on my knees too. I started to kneel down, so did Sammy.

"Stop. What's the point if you don't mean it? You fear me. Not love, not respect, just fear." Castiel asked watching me and Bobby.

"Cass..." Sam said swaying slightly.

"Sam, you have nothing to say to me; you stabbed me in the back." Castiel said coldly without looking at Sam. "Get up." Cass said to me and Bobby. We got back up on our feet.

"Cass, come on, this is not you." I said nervously, trying to rationalise with him.

"The Castiel you knew is gone." Cass said looking me dead in the eyes.

"So what, then? Kill us?" I asked trying to figure out this new Cass out.

"What a brave little ant you are. You know you're powerless, you wouldn't dare move against me again. That would be pointless. So I have no need to kill you. Not now." Cass said with a smirk as if I was a child making wild and crazy stories up. "Besides...once you were my favourite pets before you turned and bit me." He added with a condescending tone.

"Who are you?" I asked confused.

"I'm God. And if you stay in your place, you may live in my kingdom. If you rise up, I will strike you down. Not doing so well, are you Sam?" Cass said and my eyes darted to my baby brother. He wasn't doing so good, he was swaying and looked rough.

"I'm fine..." He said looking at me and Bobby. "...I'm...fine." He said clearing his throat.

"You said you would fix him - you promised!" I said to Cass, hoping a shred of the Cass I knew was still inside him. Somewhere.

"If you stood down, which you hardly did. Be thankful for my mercy. I could have cast you back into the pit." Cass said plainly and then turned to look at Megan. "However, I did promise to bring Megan back. She kept her deal with me." Cass said walking over to Megan and tapping her forehead. I watched as Megan seemed to gasp for air before slumping unconsciously back onto the table. My heart fluttered hearing her breath, she was alive again. At least I had her back, I had my wife back. "I am nothing if not fair. But I will not fix Sam." Cass said turning back to me.

"Cass, come on, this is nuts! You can turn this around, please!" I begged hoping still that somewhere inside the new Cass was the old Cass; the one who knew right from wrong.

"I hope for your sake this is the last you see me." Cass said looking into my eyes before disappearing. I looked from Bobby, to Sam, to Megan laid on the table. So much had just happened, and I was still woozy from the car accident. My mind just couldn't process it all. It wouldn't process it all. As I glanced around I noticed Sam's nose started to bleed.
"Sam, you okay?" I asked as Sam dropped to the floor cutting his hand on some broken glass. "Sammy?" I asked worried for my baby brother as we rushed over to him.

Megan's P.O.V

I woke to sunshine that was way, way too shiny for my liking. I groaned and rolled over, pulling some of the covers over my head. Whatever I had to drink last night, it must have been the good stuff, my hangover is here and not going anywhere. I have to stop getting wasted so much. As I rolled away from the light I realised something. The sheets I was wrapped up in, they didn't smell like my sheets. They smelled like a dudes laundry. The thought shook me awake like an ice shower.

Why do the sheets smell like a dude? Option 1- I got lucky last night. Plus side, I got some. Minus side, I don't remember who. Option 2- I've thrown up on my sheets and stolen someone else's. Plus side, clean sheets for now. Minus, I have to clean up dirty sheets soon. Option 3- I have a man servant no one told me about and he did my sheets last. Plus, man servant would be hot. Minus, most unlikely to happen.

I decided what ever the case was I should probably go investigate. Slowly I sat up as the world span worse then the tea cup rides. I groaned again and held my head as the world finally stopped spinning.

"Oh yeah, last night must have been a good night." I smirked to myself at the level of my hangover. I glanced down at what I was wearing and was really confused when I found I was wearing someone's t-shirt. I sniffed at it, and it was a guys shirt. "Maybe I got lucky too?" I said with another smirk. Then I looked around the room. It was basic. Drawers, the bed, nothing stood out as a guys room. I mean it really didn't have that much in there anyway. I stood up and wobbled slightly. I stumbled to the end of the bed and noticed a chair with some clothes on it. I wobbled over and checked them out. They all looked to be my size, but apart from the grey shirt, and boots I didn't recognise them. "How drunk was I last night?" I asked myself shaking my head I little. I slipped on the white vest, grey shirt, dark jeans and my boots. All the clothes fit, so I presumed they were mine. I started to make my way out of the room when the world span a little again. What the hell did I drink last night? I thought as I stumbled through the door.

I made my way out of the room and that's when it hit. That's when I realised exactly where I was. And there was no man servant, no getting lucky and it was highly unlikely I was hungover.

"Please, no no no. This can't be happening. Not now." I groaned softly to myself as I herd a voice I had only herd over phone calls for so many years. I took a deep breath and made my way down the stairs slowly. As I reached the last step, out from one of the rooms none other than Bobby Singer walked out.

"Girl, it's good to see you up and moving." He said walking into the kitchen and I fallowed him slowly. I rubbed the back of my neck and gave him a small smile.

"Yeah..." I said sitting at the table as Bobby passed me a cup of coffee.

"What's the last thing you remember?" Bobby asked sitting at the table with me. I paused and took a sip of the coffee as I tried to remember. My mind was all mixed up. Some things I remembered as clear as a bell, others were fuzzy and a lot of things were just drawing blanks.

"Oh... I think we have a problem here." I said looking up at Bobby. "I... the last, really clear memory..." I bit my lip as it came back into focus in my mind. "Halloween. Well, a Halloween party, me and a few of the people off my course were going out for the night. I was dressed as Little Red, um... we hit a bar in down town Chicago and... it kinda all becomes a blur." I admitted with a nervous smile. Bobby sat there for a good few minutes processing everything I said. By the look on his face something big had happened.

"What year is it girl?" Bobby asked plainly. I let out a small chuckle.

"Ok, I know things are messed up Bobby, but the year, really?" I asked with a smile, which I lost as I saw Bobby just look at me with a stone face. "Bobby?" I asked worried.

"The year?" Bobby asked plainly.

"2006." I said plainly. Bobby lent forward pulling out his phone.

"And you've just moved to university at Chicago." Bobby asked me plainly.

"Yeah, come on Bobby. What's going on?" I asked nervously. I had only ever talked to Bobby Singer on the phone. He was an old family friend. In the sense he hunted we my father a long time ago. When I decided to move to the USA, to keep an eye on the big bad we knew was coming our way, my dad had made me call Bobby twice a week. Just to check in and let him know I was ok. I liked Bobby, he was surly, grumpy and generally liked to call people eijets, but he was a good man. Sitting opposite him at the table, his expression. It worried me. I was scared, that somehow, some impossible way, the werewolf gene my father had, had jumped to me and become active. It was the only way to explain how I was forgetting time and why I had woken up at Bobby's.

"Girl, I... this is a lot to take in." Bobby said wiping his face. My stomach rolled. I knew what he was going to say. Girl I've known you family for along time...but I never knew you were a werewolf. I'm sorry girl, I ain't got no choice. I gotta kill you... I'm going to die at 26. I'm gonna die because I've turned. Oh god what if I killed someone?

"You know what... I, I, I don't think I want to know." I said getting up, my nerves getting the better of me. "I'd much rather just-"

"Girl, sit back down." Bobby said watching me from the seat. I paused and looked at him, his face gave nothing away. "Sit down, I ain't gonna hurt you."

"You're not? So... I have, um changed..." I asked avoiding his eyes as I sat back down.

"That's another thing we need to check." Bobby said and I looked up at him confused. It was as if he already knew what I was. "Right now girl, I need you to look at this." Bobby said passing me his phone. I took it and looked at it. I read the date and my head went crazy.

"Five... five years? I'm not just missing a few days here, but years." I said in shock looking down at the phone in my hand. "Are you, is this April Fools Day?" I asked Bobby, half praying he would admit it was all a joke.

"This ain't no joke girl." Bobby said softly. "You really don't remember anything from the last five years?"

"I..." I passed Bobby his phone and stood up. I started to pace up and down while I tried to remember, something, anything from the last five years. "Everything is so damn fuzzy in here. Arh!" I growled shaking my head. I was so mad at what I couldn't even remember.

"Take it easy girl, you've been through a lot, it's gonna take time to come back." Bobby said standing up. "But remembering me, it's a good start."

"What happened Bobby?" I asked turning to the older hunter. "I mean, was it a hunt gone bad? Do I, am I hunter now? Five years and I don't even know who I am any more..." I said running a hand through my hair. Bobby walked over to me and put his hands on my shoulders.

"Megan, your still the same person you've always been. Yes your a hunter, but your a damn good one. I've never seen anything beat you yet, and I'll be damned if a little memory loss is going to beat you now." Bobby said with a warm smile trying to make me feel a little better.

"I'm a hunter... I mean, I'd never hunt alone. Who do I hunt with?" I asked confused. Bobby looked a little troubled and sighed.

"I think it be best if you go back to your room and look through your belongings. There might be something in there that helps you remember." Bobby said with a soft smile.

"I just... yeah, yeah ok. I'll go back up." I said with a soft smile. "Thank you Bobby."

"It's ok girl. Just take care." Bobby said softly.

I went up to my room and walked in. There was a duffel bag and a back pack. I grabbed them both and dropped them on the bed. The duffel bag had clothes and weapons in it. There was a lot of weapons, knives, guns, salt rounds, holy water. Everything any hunter would ever need.

"Well yeah, least I stock up right." I muttered to myself as I did one last check of the duffel bag. I looked in the back pack and found more things. There was a laptop, a small photo album and some other personal things. I grabbed the laptop and set it up, while it was loading I looked through the photo album. The first couple of photo's were of my family. My parents, my brothers, my best friend. I sat on the bed staring at these pictures and I don't know how to describe it, but I knew they were dead. I just knew it. I ran my fingers over the pictures of my family. "I could really use you guys right about now... I... I'm so lost. How, how do I know who I am?" I asked the photos softly. I flicked past my family photos and found a few others. There were a couple of me and Bobby smiling together. Then a few of two men. One was tall, really tall, with light brown shaggy hair and green eyes, we were hugging in the photo and I guess I must have known him, but I didn't recognise him. The second guy, there were a few more pictures of him. He was a little smaller then the tall guy, but still taller than me. He also had green eyes and light brown hair, only his hair was spiked. One of the pictures he was wearing a white shirt and I was in a dress, lent against an Impala. I had cherry blossom flowers and we really looked happy. I studied the pictures hard, trying to remember either of them. Anything about them that could be useful, but my mind just came up with a blank. If nothing else I did think they were both pretty good looking guys.

"Who are you guys? I mean, sure you both look like hot male models, no arguing there, but how do I know you?" I asked myself softly, utterly confused by the pictures. I flicked through a few more and saw a tall guy with blonde hair and deep ocean blue eyes. He looked like a rock star and by the photo's he didn't mind posing. He was just another face I had no idea of. I flicked through a few more and found one with me, Bobby in a wheel chair, a man in a trench coat with short dark hair, the tall guy and his slightly smaller companion, and two women. One was a little younger than me, skinny with blonde hair and the other, look like her mother. Everyone looked so serious in the photo. I had no idea who anyone was, but I remembered Bobby being in a wheel chair. I had no idea why he was in the chair, or how he got his legs back. I just had vague memories of him complaining about being stuck in a damn chair.

"Stupid mind... why do I know my families dead and Bobby was in a damn chair, but not how and when, and why?" I said so frustrated with myself. I slammed the photo album shut and grabbed the laptop. It looked like the one I had just bought myself for uni, only with more stickers on the front and a hell of a lot information inside. I searched through my recent files and sure enough I was a hunter. I was searching for Purgatory if what I was reading was right. That and anything to do with opening a door there. I searched back a little further and found a massive file full of detailed descriptions of monsters, demons and ghosts. It contained how to kill them and all the relevant information on them. I was a serious hunter and did a hell of a lot of research into everything I hunted. The only problem is that I don't remember hunting any of these things. I searched everything on my laptop and it just left me with more questions than answers.

"Yeah Bobby, sure this is really going to help me..." I muttered to myself and put everything back. As I was packing away my laptop I noticed a knife in a sheaf safe in the back of my back pack. "What's this?" I asked taking out of the bag and pulling it out of the sheaf. As the blade came out a small smile crossed my lips. I knew this blade, it was something I did remember. "Hello beautiful...oh it's so good to see someone familiar." I smirked as I held the blade in my hands. It was my family blade, the one I had been given when I left for America. It was a silver blade, with a weighted handle that made it perfect for me. "A silver blade... yes!" I said and took a deep breath, slicing my palm with the blade. "Damn it!" I muttered under my breath as I the blade sliced my hand and I bled, but that was it, no stinging. No burning. No werewolf. I smiled as I grabbed some bandage out of my bag and wrapped it around my hand. "I'm not a werewolf!" I smirked to myself as I finished tying the bandage off. It was a good thing, maybe the only good thing to happen to me, but still. Not being a werewolf was up there on the top five good days to have in my life.

I decided to go find Bobby and inform him of my total lack of any really useful memories. I walked downstairs and looked around for him. He wasn't anywhere in the house, so I decided to take a look out. As I opened the back door I herd someone yelling. It wasn't Bobby's voice and I was a little confused. The noise died down and I decided to check it out. I was getting closer to the voices when I herd Bobby's voice.

"Ah, thanks. How's Sam?" The other male voice asked.

"He's still under. But alive." Bobby replied plainly.

"And Megan, she.. she up yet?" The guy was asking about me. I paused, it must have meant that I knew him right? He was asking about me. But his voice, I drew another blank. He sounded worried about me.

"We have a problem with Megan." Bobby admitted sighing.

"What? Is she ok?" The other man asked even more worried.

"Calm down boy, she isn't hurting." Bobby replied.

"Then what is it Bobby?" The man asked.

"She don't remember you. Remember any of the last five years." Bobby said calmly.

"Five years?" The other man shouted. "How? Did, had Cass done this to her?"

"I don't know boy. She doesn't remember anything." Bobby paused and I guess the two where sharing a look. "She, she might just need some time."

"Yeah... I swear if Cass did this to her..." The other man said with rage in his voice. I had no idea who this Cass was, but by the way the other man was talking, he was going to get his arse handed to him.

"I know boy..." Bobby sighed softly. "Right now I've got her going through her things, seeing if she can remember anything."

"What about God part deux?" The second man asked sighing.

"I got all kinds of feelers out, so far diddly." Bobby replied plainly.

"And what exactly are you looking for?" The second man asked confused.

"Exactly. What? Miracles, mass visions, trench coat on a tortilla? I don't know what I'm lookin' for." Bobby replied and I remembered the man in the photo, he was wearing a trench coat. Is the 'new god' the same guy in the photo? The one in the trench coat? I pondered as I ease dropped a little more.

"Ah, well, he'll surface." The second man said confidently.

"So say we do suss out where new and improved flew off to..." Bobby asked the other guy.

"Yeah? " The other guy asked responding to Bobby's pause.

"The hell we plan to do about it?" Bobby asked.

"I don't know, Bobby, I got no more clue than you do." The other man explained with a sigh.

"I don't even know what books to hit for this, Dean." Bobby said to the other man. At least now I had a name for him. Dean. Dean what though? Dean... Dean... Dean... nope I can't remember any Dean- awesome(!)

"Well, figure it out!" Dean, the second man, snapped at Bobby. "I'm sorry. This ain't in no book. If you stick your neck out, Cass steps on it. So you know what I'm gonna do?"

"What?" Bobby asked softly.

"I'm ma fix this car. Because that's what I can do. I can work on her 'till she's mint. And when Sam wakes up, no matter what shape he's in, we'll glue him back together too. We owe him that. And as for Megan. Well we roll with it, be thankfully she doesn't remember all the crap from the last five years." Dean said firmly with a nod.

"I'm with you." Bobby said and then I herd someone pounding something with a mallet. I decided to take that as my queue to leave and I headed back to the house.

Later that day I was in my room laid on the bed listening to the music on my MP3 player. Half the stuff on there I hadn't herd before... or I don't remember hearing any of it anyway. It was incredible. I had lost so much in the last five years. I've lost my family... I just know they're dead. All of them. Even Karl. I just know it. But how the hell do I know it? I mean I know Bobby, but no one else. And this Dean, Dwayne, whatever, that guy. He knows me, he must do but who the hell is he? Do I hunt with him? And the guys in the pictures. Who the hell are these guys? Why am I hunting? What the hell... I let out a small groan, I had way too many questions and not enough answers. I changed the music, to albums I was listening to, before I forgot. Songs I remembered. I closed my eyes and let out a heavy sigh as someone knocked on the door. I sat up, pulling my headphones out as Bobby walked through the door.

"How you feeling girl?" Bobby asked softly.

"Peachy." I muttered standing up. Bobby frowned at me.

"I know it's hard-" Bobby started to say.

"I don't remember nearly anything. And what I do remember... it's out of context. It doesn't make sense!" I said cutting Bobby off. "I mean I remember... my parents are dead, my whole family are dead Bobby!" I said looking straight at the older hunter.

"Yes Megan, they died a few years ago now." Bobby said sadly.

"But I don't know how! I just know they're dead!" I said shaking my head, before pointing to Bobby. "I know you were in a wheel chair! You lost the use of your legs! But how? I don't know! And how your vertical now! I have no idea!" I snapped shaking my head.

"Some things are just going to take time girl." Bobby said softly. "I see you tested yourself." Bobby added pointing to the bandage on my hand.

"How did you know?" I asked pulling my hand closer to myself.

"You turned?" Bobby asked ignoring my question. "You a werewolf?"

"No sir." I said plainly.

"You were. Nearly the whole five years. You changed not long after the party in Chicago." Bobby explained and I sat back on the edge on the bed putting my head in my hands.

"I just wish..." I said softly taking a deep breath. "I wish I could remember."

"I know girl. Look, I want you to come downstairs and meet some people ok?" Bobby asked softly.

"People?" I asked confused, looking up.

"Yeah. Come on." Bobby said with a nod to the door.

I fallowed Bobby down into the den and found two guys sat on a small sofa. I recognised the pair from the photos I had. One was the giant with floppy hair and the other his slightly shorter companion. The pair gave me a warm smile as they saw me, I returned the smile being polite.

"So, Megan, do you remember them?" Bobby asked standing next to me. I studied both their faces, the way the sat, the plaid shirt, the faded jeans, the boots, the cuts on the taller man's hand. Nothing jumped out at me. For all I knew Bobby had grabbed two strangers off the street, took a couple of photos and asked me to remember them.

"I'm sorry guys... I... I don't remember." I admitted feeling guilty.

"Hey, it's ok." The taller man said getting to his feet and giving me a warm smile. He threw me, what I could only describe as a puppy dog look. "I'm, my names Sam." Sam, the giant said holding out his hand for me to shake.

"Sam, right." I said with a small nod and shook his hand. The giant, Sam, turned to the other guy and he stood up, wiping his hands on his jeans.

"I'm... Dean." Dean said holding his hand out to me. His voice, and the name, I recognised him as the man I had herd Bobby talking to earlier that day. I nodded and held my hand out to him.

"Nice to meet you Dean." I said with a small smile. He took my hand and gave me a small nod. We sat talking for a little while. The guys told me that I hunted with them both. That they were brothers and that we all got on really well. They told me about a few hunts we had been on together but nothing in great detail. Nothing really jumped out at me and as the night went on, I realised the chances of me remembering anything weren't that great.

"So, what happened to me? How did I end up like this?" I asked as Sam passed me a beer. Everyone went quiet and they all glanced at each other.

"Um... we were hunting an angel and a demon." Sam admitted softly.

"Well... um... what?" I asked confused and shocked. Never in my wildest dreams did I think angels were real.

"Yeah, an angel, called Castiel, he was working with a demon named Crowley." Sam explained with a nod.

"They were looking for Purgatory?" I asked and everyone looked surprised.

"You remember?" Dean asked plainly. I shook my head softly and took a sip of beer.

"Last thing I was looking into on my laptop. Although, angels, purgatory, didn't think they were real..." I sighed running a hand through my hair.

"Yeah neither did we until it all happened." Bobby muttered.

"So what happened to me?" I asked confused. Bobby glanced to Dwayne, sorry, Dean and Sam did the same.

"You, um, you died." Dean said picking the label of his bottle. The way he looked at the bottle, his voice, my death hurt him. It was plain to see.

"Died?" I asked waiting for more clarification. Dean got up and walked out of the room. "Did, did I ask the wrong thing?" I asked glancing to Sam and Bobby.

"Things are really complicated Megan-" Sam started to say when Bobby cut him off.

"The angel, Castiel, he was our friend." Bobby said and I caught the look Sam gave him. They were keeping stuff from me, and I wasn't sure that was such a great idea. "You gave up your life, to try and save us. All of us. Dean just feels guilty about it all." Bobby added glancing to Sam.

"I... I gave my life to save you all?" I asked processing it all. It was a lot to take in. Now I'm not saying I'm selfish by any measure, I never considered myself so. But I never thought, I would ever, ever give my life. Self preservation was one of my strong points, or so I thought.

"You wanted to save the world." Bobby added as I just nodded a little.

"Did it work? How did I get back?" I asked confused. I couldn't understand how I could go from dead, to alive. It went against the natural order.

"Castiel, he, used your death to reach Purgatory and he took all the souls in there. It gave him enough power to be the new god. He brought you back to life, like he promised you." Sam explained. "But I guess, he left your memories out of it."

"Did I go to Purgatory?" I asked the pair and they traded looks.

"We honestly don't know girl." Bobby admitted with a sigh.

Needless to say I thought that was enough information to take in at a time. I went back up to my room and tried to work though it all. But all I could think about was Dwayne, no, Dean, walking out. The look of sadness and hurt when he said I died. It was all I could think about. That and the look Sam and Bobby shared. They were keeping more from me and I wasn't the biggest fan of it all. I spent a few hours pacing up and down as I tried to figure it all out. It wasn't getting any clearer in my mind. I headed downstairs to see if I could find another beer, drinking seemed like a good idea. As I walked into the kitchen I saw a light in the junk yard and figured Dwayne, Dean, was working on something again. I don't know why, but there was a complete mental block when it came to him. Even remembering his name was a challenge. I wanted to talk to him, I thought maybe I could get him to explain everything to me. I took a chance and headed towards the light. Once again as I got close I herd Bobby and him talking. I peered around a pile of car, they were lent against a scrap pile of a car drinking beers each.

"She's gonna wanna know more, you know the girl." Bobby sighed taking a sip.

"Maybe Cass did us a favour?" Dwayne said and Bobby looked confused.

"What do you mean boy?" He asked in a gruff voice.

"She doesn't remember anything. Not, Cass. Not Crowley and everything he did to her. Not Sam, not hunting. Not me. She's got a clean slate. She... we should make her leave. Make her have a normal life. Far, far away from me, us and all this." Dwayne said seriously.

"You want to send her away?" Bobby asked shaking his head. "That ain't right boy she's-"

"She isn't anything! That's the point! She isn't a werewolf any more. She isn't part of all this! She doesn't even remember me! It'll be like Lisa and Ben. She can move on with her life. Live long and happy. Have everything she deserves!" He said before taking a long drink of his beer.

"Boy... I know you want what is best for her, but sending her away..." Bobby said sounding unconvinced.

"Damn it Bobby!" He snapped putting his bottle down. "She has gone through so much crap because of me! She stuck around because of me! She died because of me! All the crap, that's all my fault!" He snapped and I could hear all the raw emotion in his voice. He really cared about me. "I... she has a chance to escape it all! I say let her take it! Let's just tell her to go back to Chicago and live! We both know, she sticks around us..." He shook his head and dropped it down. I decided to go back to the house. Hearing them talk about me like that, it just confused me more. If I was such a great hunter, why send me away? Why would they want me away? What aren't they telling me?

The next day I was sat in the den watching the TV when something strange came on. Bobby grabbed Sam and Dwayne, no Dean and brought them into the den too. We just stood watching the TV.
"The sudden deaths of some 200 religious leaders are currently under investigation. The Vatican has yet to issue a statement, but some are already calling this an act of God." The TV announcer said as a map of churches hit by 'god' came up. Suddenly a woman came up on the screen.

"We all saw him. No beard, no robe. He was young...and...and sexy. He had a raincoat." She said before Dwa- Dean turned the TV off.

"So it that your angel friend?" I asked the guys.

"Looks like it." Bobby sighed.

"Awesome." I said sarcastically.

A couple of days later, I went out into the junk yard to talk to Dwayne, Dean, about everything. I figure he would give me the most information. He was keeping his distance from me and when I asked Sam or Bobby about him, they went quiet. I was sure he would crack and tell me what I wanted to know.

"Believed to be target hits high up in white-supremacy organizations. The FBI now believes the Ku Klux Klan has been forced to disband." The radio blared as I walked over to him.

"Can't argue with that one." He said working on the car door window.

"Yeah, a world without the KKK is a better place." I said softly making him jump a little. "Hi Dwayne." I said softly.

"Dean." Dean corrected me. I nodded letting out a small sigh.

"Yeah... sorry about that. It's all kinda scrambled in here." I said pointing to my head.

"I bet." Dean said nodding a little, before returning to fixing the car.

"Yeah... so..." I said walking to stand the other side of the door. "She's looks a bit of a mess, Impala right?" I asked looking at the car that looked like it had been in a nasty accident.

"Yeah. But I'm fixing her up." Dean said with a nod and messed with the window a little more.

"So..." I said breaking the silence.

"Yeah?" He asked looking up at me from the car. I slipped my hands into my back pockets. Looking at him, looking into his eyes. I didn't want to hurt him. I got the feeling I'd done enough of it already. I didn't want to make his pain worse. If he wanted me gone. I'd leave.

"I... never mind, this whole thing. Never mind." I said and started to walk off. I took a few steps when I felt someone tug me around, Dean stood there looking down at me with, with almost hope in his eyes.

"You wanted something?" He asked trying to act cool about it all.

"It's not what you think, I... I haven't remembered anything." I said playing with my fingers. I glanced back up and he was still just looking into my eyes.

"Well, what did you want?" He asked plainly.

"Nothing really... it's stupid." I said with a small nod.

"Megan, you can trust me." Dean said and I smiled. I believed him. I believed I could trust him, with anything. It was the same way I knew about Bobby or my family. I just knew I could trust him.

"I'm... I herd you talking with Bobby the other night." I admitted looking at the floor. "You guys saying how I'm better off like this. Better off not remembering stuff. But I'm not." I said looking into his eyes.

"You are. You have no idea the things you've been through." Dean said walking over to a pile of cars and leaning on them.

"It's worse not knowing. I can tell, all of you, your keeping things from me. Things I have a right to know." I said firmly.

"Megan, we just want to keep you safe." Dean said shaking his head.

"Safe? Who gave any of you the right to decided what's safe for me or not?" I asked getting a little annoyed at being treated with kid gloves.

"Well you did actually." Dean commented with a cocky tone. I was surprised for a second then his tone annoyed me more.

"I did, really?" I asked putting my hands on my hips.

"Yeah, you really did." He replied with a small smirk on his lips.

"I don't think so mate." I scoffed shaking my head.

"I do." He replied pushing himself away from the pile of cars and shaking his head a little. He was loving arguing with me, where as I was just plain annoyed with him.

"How?" I asked firmly marching up to him and looking him dead in the eyes. Sure I was smaller, much smaller, but it didn't mean I was going to be intimidated by him, or anyone.

"You really want to know?" Dean asked losing his smirk.

"Damn straight." I replied with a quick nod.

"We got married." Dean said plainly and my mouth dropped open like a gold fish. "You really don't remember me, do you?" He asked softly after seeing my reaction.

"No..." I whispered out. I tried to remember something, then I remembered the pictures. I was wearing a white dress. Was that when we got married? Why don't I have a ring? When did we...this is too much! "Where's the ring?" I asked not believing him.

"You gave me it back." Dean said looking hurt. "Before you went with Cass..."

"I... I gave the ring back before I went to the angel?" I asked confused.

"Yeah..." Dean said.

"Wha... ho... I can't. This is insane. How could I be married and not know?" I asked shaking my head. "I can't... oh god. You must think I'm awful, that's why you've stayed away. Because I don't remember... us." I said in shock.

"I don't want you to remember Megan." Dean said firmly.

"What? Why?" I asked shaking my head. Nothing was making sense any more. Nothing.

"You've got a chance to get out of hunting for good. A chance to be free. If I have to live knowing your out there safe, with no memory of me, I can live with it. I have to live with it." Dean said taking my hands. "I need you to be safe, and away from me, from this. That's safe."

"If you think making me leave is for the best, clearly, you don't know me." I said pulling my hands back from him. "I might not remember us. But I know who I am. I don't run from fights. Ever."

"No," Dean smirked and then quickly lost his smile. "You're still as stubborn as ever."

"I can't leave, you guys, your all I have anyway." I said with a small smile.

The guys tried their best to fill me in with the situation we had at the moment. They all agreed it was better for me to have all the information and it was. I understood, that the guy in the picture, the one with the trench coat, was Castiel, Cass. That my death had opened some door to Purgatory that he had used to get enough power to become the new god. They explained how dangerous it was and how much we needed to stop him. I wasn't sure how you went about stopping god, but hey, small details right?

I got on really well with everyone. Bobby treated me the same and Sam and Dean. Sam treated me like a sister more than a friend, although I had caught him zoning out a few times. I asked Bobby but he said it was nothing, that it was just something to do with Cass. I wasn't buying it. Me and Dean. Well I was just getting to know them all. Baby steps.

"A freak lightning strike on the heels of the fire that burned down the Centre for Vibrational Enlightenment earlier today. Said a spokesman, this tragedy represents the largest loss in New Age motivational speaker history." The radio said as I walked out the back to give the guys a couple of beers.

"Motivational speakers?" Sam asked confused.

"Yeah, I'm not sure new Cass gets irony any better than old Cass. Of course, old Cass wouldn't smite Madison Square Garden just to prove a point. He is off the deep end of the deep end. And there's no slowing down." Dean sighed as I showed up with beers.

"Sounds like he's on a roll." I sighed passing the guys beers.

"So, what? Try to talk to him again?" Sam asked smiling as I passed him the beer.

"Sam." Dean said firmly.

"Dean, all we can do is talk to the guy." Sam suggested.

"He's not a guy. He's God. And he's pissed. And when God gets righteous, you get the hell out of the way; haven't you read the Bible?" Dean asked before taking a swig of his beer.

"I mean even if you could talk to him? What do you say? Please stop killing all the bad things in this world?" I asked with a shrug.

"I guess..." Sam sighed.

"Cass is never coming back. He's lied to us, he used us, he cracked your gourd like it was nothing. No more talk; we have spent enough on him." Dean said firmly. I glanced at Sam as Dean went back to working on his Impala.

"Okay." Sam sighed.

"Hand me that socket wrench." Dean said from under the hood.

I convinced Bobby and Dean to tell me what was going on with Sam. They told me he was in Hell with Arch Angel Michael and Lucifer for three months. That he had been torn into nothing and back again in there. They explained that Cass had brought him out originally, but not his memories or his soul. They also said Death, as in DEATH the horseman, had put a wall up so Sam wouldn't remember it when he returned Sam's soul. They finally told me Cass had removed the wall to make the three of them do what Cass wanted them to do. The more I learnt about Castiel, the more worried I was about him. We were stood in Bobby garage while Dean was getting ready to paint the Impala.

"She's looking good.. Considering." Bobby said passing me and Dean a beer.

"Considering? I should do this professionally." Dean smirked at me as we walked over to a wheeled tool box and opened our beers.

"So.. Seen Sam lately?" Bobby asked Dean.

"Yeah, why?" Dean said and Bobby hesitated. Dean looked worried. "What? Well, spit it out." Dean said glancing at me.

"How is that kid even vertical? I mean, Cass broke his damn piƱata." Bobby explained.

"I know." Dean sighed as he turned back to the Impala. I glanced at Bobby and he gave me a concerned look.

"I mean, I get how he came to help us back at the lab. Adrenaline. Sure, but now?" Bobby asked turning to Dean. Dean walked over to the antenna and started to tape it up.

"Well.. he says he's okay." Dean said without looking at us.

"Are you sure it's not just talk?" I asked softly. Dean and Bobby glanced at me.

"Sure, I'm sure." Dean said firmly.

"How though?" Bobby asked confused.

"I don't know. I just pray to God it's true." Dean sighed.

"We need to come up with a new saying for that." Bobby half joked and I gave Dean a small smile as he looked over to us.
"Seriously though, Bobby. Look at our lives. How many more hits can we take? So, if Sam say's he's good.. GOOD." Dean said firmly and I felt like I was one to the hits, I sighed playing with the beer bottle a little.

"You believe that?" Bobby asked plainly.

"Yeah." Dean said and we watched him, he hesitated for a moment. "No. You wanna know why? because we never catch a break. So why would we this time? I just.. just this one thing. You know? but I'm not dumb. I'm not going to get my hopes up just to get kicked in the daddy pills again." Dean said heading over to us again. I was about to say something when Sam walked over to us, playing with his hand a little.
"Hey." Sam said and I waved to him.

"Hey. How are you feeling, sport?" Bobby asked with a small smile.

"Can't complain!" Sam said nervously playing with the bandage on his hand.

"Great. What's the word?" Dean asked plainly.

"Well, a publishing house literally exploded about an hour ago. The guy has a body count that's really getting up there. We gotta do something." Sam said looking at all three of us.

"What we've got to do is hunt the son of bitch. Unfortunately, I lost my God guns." Bobby said sarcastically.

"Well, I mean is there some kind of heavenly weapon? Maybe something out of that angel arsenal that Balthazar stole? There has to be something that can hurt him." Sam suggested.

"I'm sorry, angel arsenal?" I asked utterly confused.

"Oh yeah, even the angels have weapons." Dean said with a nod.

"Well, surely it's worth looking for them, right?" I asked confused.

"He's God, guys. There's nothing, but there might be someone." Dean said as he got an idea.

The idea was to summon the demon Castiel was working with originally. The demons name was Crowley and all three guys had told me that I probably didn't want to be there when they summoned him. I refused to leave because, although I didn't remember I still wanted to help. We were sat in Bobby's basement, Dean stood by the stairs, Bobby stood by the bowl and all three made me stand at the back next to Sam. Bobby threw a match into the bowl and a flame came up in a few seconds the flame died down and a man was stood in the devils trap with a glass and a bottle of whiskey in his hands. He was wearing all black, black suit, shirt, shoes, he looked a little stressed though but I didn't recognise him.
"No. No! NO! Come on!" The demon, Crowley whined as he appeared. I was surprised he had an English accent.

"Don't act so surprised." Bobby muttered as he turned to face us. He looked a little surprised to see me, but I tried to use my best poker face.

"You're looking surprisingly alive." Crowley said looking at me, and I saw Dean tense up. I took a deep breath and smirked at him.

"Better than you, by all appearances." I replied firmly. Crowley smirked a little and nodded.

"My new boss is going to kill me for even talking to you lads." Crowley said looking at the others.

"Well, you're lucky we're not stabbing you in your scuzzy face, you little piece-" Dean said glaring at Crowley.

"Whoa, wait! What new boss?" Sam asked from the side of me.

"Castiel, you giraffe." Crowley snapped at Sam.

"He is your boss?" Bobby asked confused.

"He is everybody's boss. What do you think he's going to do if he finds out we've been conspiring?" Crowley asked looking at us all. "You do you want to conspire, don't you?" He asked leaning forward a little.

"No. We want you to just stand there and look pretty." Bobby said sarcastically.

"Listening." Crowley said plainly.

"We need a spell to bind Death." Dean said firmly.

"Bind? Enslave Death? You having a laugh?" Crowley asked looking at all of us.

"Lucifer did it." Dean said plainly.

"That's Lucifer." Crowley replied.

"A spells a spell." Sam said with a small nod.

"You really believe you can handle that kind of horsepower? You're delusional!" Crowley said shaking his head at all of us. I have to admit, I thought it was a pretty insane idea myself, but the guys seemed convinced it was the best plan. I wasn't going to argue when I had no other options.

"Death is the only player on the board left that has the kind of juice to take Cass." Dean explained.

"They'll both mash us like peas. Why should I help with a suicide mission?" Crowley asked shaking his head.

"Look! Do you really want Cass running the universe?" Bobby asked walking over to Crowley. In turn Crowley looked down and poured himself a drink.

We waited to hear from Crowley, if he guys were right he would pull through for us but I knew none of the trusted him. I wasn't over keen on demons anyway. I walked into the kitchen to find Dean sat at the table reading a small piece of paper, it was crumpled like he had read it a few times. He looked really upset.

"Hey, you ok?" I asked standing at the door. Dean's head shot up and he shoved the paper into his pocket.

"Yeah, yeah," He lied clearing his throat. "How long you been stood there?" He asked standing up wiping his face.

"Long enough to know whatever you read upset you." I admitted and instantly regretted saying it. The hurt, lost look on Dean's face, it was like a knife to the heart. I felt so bad for even opening my mouth. "Oh man, I, I I'm so sorry. I didn't mean-"

"It's from you." Dean said plainly, cutting me off.

"Me?" I asked confused, Dean pulled the paper out and passed it to me.

"You wrote this before leaving with Cass I think." Dean said as I took the paper.

"Dean, I'm so sorry. I know you gonna hate me for this. I have to save you. I have to save you, and Sammy, and Bobby. You're my family. You're everything to me. I never thought, after my family died, that I'd find someone like you. The way you make me feel. I have never been so loved. Even though I'm this monster, you always saw me as something beautiful. I want you to be happy. I want you to find someone and grow old together. I will always love you, you pain in the arse Winchester. Megan." I read the note out loud and felt myself welling up. I looked over at Dean and he gave me a sad smile.

"We... we were happy." Dean said as I passed the note back.

"I... I wish I could just remember you. Us." I admitted sadly. "But I don't."

"I know." Dean said clearing his throat. "I... it's better this way. I still think you should leave though." Dean admitted looking away from me.

"You want me away, because I don't remember us?" I asked softly.

"I want you away, because its safer for you." Dean said looking at me.

"But you guys, your not going to be safe." I said shaking my head. "The letter, it said you were all I had. How can you ask me to walk out on that?" I asked pointing to the note.

"Because you'll be alive! You'll live!" Dean snapped at me shaking his head. "Don't you get it! The longer you stay around me, the quicker you'll get hurt and die again! And I cant stand loosing you again! I can't stand seeing your dead body again!"

"I wont die!" I snapped back arguing with him.

"You said that last time!" Dean snapped back at me. At this point Sam and Bobby came rushing into the room.

"What's happening?" Bobby asked glancing from me to Dean.

"I wont leave just because you're scared I'm going to die!" I snapped at Dean.

"You need to be safe! Away from me IS Safer!" Dean snapped back.

"No!" I yelled back before storming out of the kitchen.

The next day I still wasn't talking that much with Dean. Sam had tried to make me see his point of view, but I made Sam see mine and he decided it would be best to stay out of it. We were sat around in the den looking into anything about Death when Bobby walked in looking a little confused. He pulled out a sheet of paper and looked at us, passing it to Dean.

"It's from Crowley." Bobby announced.

"Well, Who feels like hog tying death tonight?" Dean asked looking at all three of us.

"Old age is over-rated anyhow." Bobby joked as we all sighed. We checked out the spell and had a look for everything we needed to complete the spell. It was heavy duty magic and it looked like it was going to take some mojo to get it working.

"Well, we've got most of this stuff, but we're going to have to make a run for a few things." Bobby admitted looking at the list we made.

"Like?" Dean asked walking over to Bobby's desk

"Like an act of God crystallised forever." Bobby sighed looking over to us.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Sam asked confused.

"Thinking it means an actual crystal. See, lightning strikes sand at the right angle - it crystallises into the perfect shape of itself." Bobby explained and I nodded.

"Lightning." I said and smiled.

"Act of God." Sam added finishing my sentence.

"Jinga. You got yourself a fulgurate and we're gonna need a biggie." Bobby said watching Dean stand in front of his desk folding his arms over his chest.

"And let me guess... rare." Dean asked.

"I found records of an auction. Winning bidder lives about nine hours from here." Bobby replied with a sigh.

We gathered our things up and headed to Bobby's van, for some reason the guys decided it was the best way to get everything we needed for the spell. I walked out of the house and Dean grabbed my arm pulling me back.

"You better have a damn good reason for grabbing my arm." I said pulling my arm free.

"You are not going on this ride." Dean said firmly.

"Yes I am." I said just as firmly.

"No Megan, you're not." Dean said folding his arms over his chest and looked scary. Well he thought he looked scary, it didn't bother me.

"Yes Dean, I am." I said plainly.

"You can't. I wont let you." Dean said firmly.

"Oh wont let me eh?" I asked raising an eyebrow. At this point Sam walked out of the house and saw us standing off.

"I'm... just going to wait by the van." Sam sighed as he walked to the van.

"You. Are. Not. Going." Dean said each word slowly.

"Yes. I. Am." I replied copying him. Bobby walked out the door and saw us arguing.

"Oh lord, not again..." Bobby muttered walking over to the van as well.

"Megan, you're not going." Dean said trying to stair me down.

"Umm... yes I am." I said hiking my bag on my shoulder.

"You can't remember hunting." Dean pointed out.

"I don't remember hunting here. I hunted back home. I can fight just as good as you." I said confident in my own abilities even though I had no idea about Dean's.

"I don't care. You're not coming." Dean said firmly.

"I am." I said staring into his eyes.









"Will you two get in this damn van! We're not going to waste any more time with you two stubborn eijets arguing! Now get in my damn van!" Bobby barked from the window of the van. Sam was already sat in the van. I smirked to Dean as we marched over to the van.

"Told you I was going." I whispered as we climbed in and Dean pushed me over so that I landed in the van with a thud. I turned to him and glared. Dean returned my glare with a cheeky school boy grin and I felt myself fight a smile. He can be pretty cute. I thought to myself.

We got to the building and I went with Bobby and Sam to check for an alarm. I was stood with Bobby shining a torch on the mains box when we herd someone shout.

"Hey!" The security guard yelled at us. Me, Sam and Bobby turned to him nervously.

"Excuse me. You got any Grey Poupon?" Dean asked from behind the guard. The guard turned around and Dean knocked him out cold.

"Grey Poupon? Seriously?" Sam asked confused.

"It's what popped in my head." Dean said with a shrug. We went into the house and split into two groups, I went with Dean while Sam and Bobby checked out another room. We walked into the room and I spotted the sand lighting bolt.

"Hey, this it?" I asked turning to Dean.

"Looks like. Here, you grab the light and I'll lift the top." Dean said softly passing me his torch. I nodded and watched as he placed his hands on the box. Suddenly I herd a gun cock behind us. I glanced at Dean and sighed before we both turned around to see an older man and woman in pj's. The man had a shot gun facing us.

"Awesome." I muttered to Dean and he just rolled his eyes at me.

"Hi. Uh... I don't want to hurt you. Really." Dean said with a nervous smile as we held our hands up.

"I'm the one with the firearm, son." Dr. Weiss said poking the gun at us.

"I get that." Dean said glancing at me before quickly disarming the guy.

A few seconds later and we were tying up the couple to a couple of chairs. I couldn't shook my head as I checked on Mrs Weiss.

"We are so sorry." I said softly, trying to show her that we weren't going to hurt them.

"Okay. Yeah. Good." Dean said checking on Dr Weiss. I was about to scold Dean when Sam and Bobby walked in. They saw the couple then turned to us. I pointed straight to Dean.

"Hey, guys. Uh, so this is Dr. and Mrs. Weiss." Dean said with a nod to the couple in the chair.

"Hi. Sorry." Sam said nervously.

"I-" Dean started to say when I cut him off.

"We-" I corrected him and he rolled his eyes at me.

"Found the God thingy." Dean said finishing his original sentence.

"Well, let's light this candle." Bobby said plainly putting his bag on the table. We moved some furniture and set everything up for the spell. Sam grabbed the lightening bolt and crushed it into the bowl and added the rest of the ingredients for the spell. Dean's are was cut and his blood was added to the spell.

"You're welcome." Dean muttered as he bled into the bowl. Me and Sam smirked a little and I passed him a cloth to wrap around his cut.

"Sure it wasn't that bad." I added with a soft smile. Dean put a bag of fast food and a shake by the small table in the corner and we were all set up.

We had the spell set up, we stepped back as Bobby said the spell out loud. I really wasn't sure what was about to happen.

"Te nunc invoco, mortem. Te in mea potestate defixi." Bobby said out loud and all the glass in the room broke, the whole building shook and massive cracks appeared in the roof. "Nunc et in aeternum!" Bobby yelled and everything died down. We all looked at each other utterly confused.

"Um... Hello? Death?" Dean asked looking around.

"You're joking." A voice said from behind Dean and a very thin looking man in black was there.

"Son of a bitch." I muttered and everyone looked at me like I'd said the wrong thing. "Sorry." I said throwing my hands in the air.

"I'm sorry, Death. This isn't what it seems." Dean said nervously.

"Seems like you bound me." Death said raising his hands as a magical bond appeared around his hands.

"For good reason, okay? Just, uh, hear us out." Dean said nervously. "Um... Fried pickle chip? They're the best in the state!" Dean said heading over to the fast food bag.

"That easy to soothe me, you think?" Death asked and I felt the chill in the room. "This is about Sam's hallucinations, I assume?" Death asked moving over to stand in front of the desk.

"What?" Dean asked as we all looked at Sam shocked. Sam looked really nervous, and I don't think it was all from Death's presence.

"Sorry, Sam. One wall per customer. Now unbind me." Death said plainly.

"We can't. Y-yet." Sam stuttered.

"This isn't going to end well." Death said looking at all of us.

"We need you to kill God." Dean asked politely standing next to me.

"Pardon?" Death asked.

"Kill God. You heard right. Your... Honour." Bobby said nervously.

"What makes you think I can do that?" Death asked looking at all of us.

"You told me." Dean said plainly.

"Why should I?" Death asked and we all looked at each other.

"Because... We said so, and we're the boss of you. I mean... Respectfully." Dean said and all three of us looked at Dean like he was crazy.

"Amazing." Another man, this time in a trench coat said.

"Cass." Sam said shocked. So this is Cass... peachy(!)

"I didn't want to kill you, but now..." Castiel said looking at Dean.

"You can't kill us." Dean said firmly.

"You've erased any nostalgia I had for you, Dean." Castiel said holding his hands as if he was about to click his fingers.

"Death is our bitch. We ain't gonna die, even if God pulls the trigger." Dean said confidently.

"Annoying little protozoa, aren't they? God? You look awfully like a mutated angel to me. Your vessel's melting. You're going to explode." Death said to Castiel.

"No, I'm not. When I've finished my work, I'll repair myself." Cass replied to Death.

"You think you can because you think you're simply under the weight of all those souls, yes? But that's not the worst problem. There are things much older than souls in Purgatory, and you gulped those in, too." Death said and something felt familiar.

"Irrelevant. I control them." Cass said firmly.

"For the moment." Death stated.

"Wait - uh, what older things?" Dean asked Death nervously.

"Long before God created Angel and man, he made the first beasts-" Death stated and it hit me, a memory a horrific memory. A memory of my flesh being peeled while something, some beast, feasted on my insides. All the time I was wide awake and feeling every agonising millisecond. My blood ran cold and I felt like I was going to be sick.

"The Leviathans." I said coldly and everyone looked at me.

"Ah yes, you've had the pleasure of meeting them, I forgot." Death said looking straight at me.

"Leviathans?" Dean asked glancing from me to Death.

"I personally found them entertaining, but he was concerned they'd chomp the entire Petri dish, so he locked them away. Why do you think he created Purgatory? To keep those clever, poisonous things out. Now Castiel has swallowed them. He's the one thin membrane between the old ones and your home." Death said looking at Dean.

"Enough." Cass snapped.

"Stupid little soldier you are." Death said shaking his head.

"Why? Because I dared open a door that he shut? Where is he? I did a service, taking his place." Cass said walking over to Death.

"Service? Settling petty vendettas?" Death asked unconvinced.

"No. I'm cleaning up one mess after another- selflessly." Cass said firmly.

"Quite the humanitarian." Death said looking at me and Dean.

"And how would you know? What are you, really? A flyswatter?" Cass asked Death, getting in his face.

"Destined to swat you, I think." Death said firmly, showing he wasn't scared of Cass.

"Unless I take you first." Cass said firmly.

"Really bought his own press, this one. Please, Cass. I know God, and you, sir, are no God." Death said staring at Cass.

"I think you were right, I should have stayed at home on this one." I whispered to Dean and he looked at me surprised and confused. I shrugged, it was the truth.

"All right, put your junk away, both of you. Look, call him what you want. Just kill him now!" Dean barked to Death.

"All right. Fine." Death said raising his hand as Cass looked over at Dean. Cass clicked his fingers and the binding was broken. " Thank you. Shall we kick box now? I had a tingle I'd be reaping someone very, very soon." Death said walking over to the chair and sitting down. "Don't worry - not you." He said to the Weiss and then picked up the pickle chips. In a blink Cass was gone and we were left with a pissed off Death. "Well, he was in a hurry." Death said munching on the food.

We stood in silence watching Death eat and drink everything that Dean fetched him. Sam cleared his throat and he looked at Dean, nodding to Death.

"Ahh." Death said finishing his drink.

"Um..." Dean said nervously.

"Shut up, Dean. I'm not here to tie your shoes every time you trip. I warned you about those souls how long ago? Long enough to stop that fool. And here we are again, with your little planet on the edge of immolation." Death asked glancing at all of us.

"Well, I'm sorry. All right? I've been trying to save this planet, so maybe you should find somebody better to tip off." Dean said sounding a little pissed off at Death.

"Maybe I should spend my effort on a better planet. Well, it's been amusing." Death said getting up and started to walk out.

"Wait, h-hold on, hold on. Just- can you give us something? You- you have to care a little bit about what happens to us." Sam stuttered.

"You know, I really don't. But I do find that little angel arrogant." Death said plainly.

"Great. Let's go with that." Dean said nervously with a smile.

"Your only hope is to have him return it all to Purgatory. Quickly." Death said plainly.

"We need a door." Sam said quickly.

"You have everything you need at that lab. Get him to return there and compel him to give up the power." Death stated.

"Compel?" Dean said confused.

"Figure it out." Death replied.

"But that door only opens in the eclipse, and that's over." Bobby added nervously.

"I'll make another. 3:59 Sunday morning, just before dawn. Be punctual. Don't thank me. Clean up your mess." Death started to walk out of the room and then paused. "Try to bind me again, you'll die before you start." He said without looking at us. We all nodded and sighed as he headed to the door. "Nice pickle chips, by the way." He added before vanishing.

We were screwed. Yeah I think that pretty much sums it up, screwed. We headed back to Bobby's and I didn't know what to do. Bobby was trying to find the spell they used to open the door, he and Sam were convinced that they could get the door open again and they could get Cass to give up the power. I didn't know Cass, but I wasn't sure he would give up any power. People generally don't like giving up power. I figured Gods/Angels whatever, would be the same. I was walking down the stairs when I herd Sam and Dean talking in the kitchen.

"You want some coffee with that?" Sam asked.

"It's 6:00 p.m. Somewhere." Dean admitted.

"We got to hit the road. I mean, how are we supposed to get Cass to that lab by friggin' 3:59 a.m.?" Sam asked confused.

"We don't." Dean said plainly.

"What do you mean, We don't?" Sam asked.

"I mean, we can't bring the horse to water, and we can't make it drink. Why fool ourselves?" Dean asked sounding like he had given up.

"Dean, look, I know you think that Cass is gone-" Sam said.

"It's 'cause he is." Dean interrupted.

"He's not! He's in there somewhere, Dean. I know it." Sam said firmly.

"No, you don't." Dean said plainly. There was a pause.

"No, I don't. But, look, I was pretty far gone sometimes myself, and never gave up on me." Sam sighed.

"Yeah, and it turns out that you're about the same open book as you've always been. Hallucinations? Really? I got to find out from Death?" Dean asked sounding annoyed.

"What was I supposed to do?" Sam asked.

"How about not lie? How about tell me that you've got crazy crap climbing those walls?" Dean asked sounding pissed at his brother.

"Why? You can't help. You got a lot of pretty severe crap swinging your way lately, Cass, Megan and - and I thought -what? I thought why burst the one good bubble you had left? It's under control." Sam replied.

"What? What, exactly, is under control?" Dean asked sounding pissed.

"I know what's real and what's not." Sam sighed.

"Sam-" Dean started to say.

"Dean, look, we can debate this once we deal with Cass." Sam said cutting him off.

"Yeah, you know how I'm gonna deal? I'm gonna stuff my pie hole, I'm gonna drink, and I'm gonna watch some Asian cartoon porn and act like the world's about to explode because it is." Dean said plainly. "Hey. You got to be kidding me. Massacre at the campaign office of an incumbent Senator by a trench-coated man. There's security footage." Dean said and I herd him click a computer key. "Well, I think reaching Cass is, uh... out of the cards." Dean sighed. I walked into the room as Sam was walking back out. Sam looked defeated and I felt bad for him.

"Evening." I said sitting at the table with Dean. He had his laptop up and some kind of porn on. He was watching it more than paying attention to me.

"Are you here to tell me we can reach Cass too?" Dean asked glancing at me before looking back at his laptop.

"If I thought there was much point I would." I sighed. Dean looked up at me. I gave him a sad smile.

"Want a drink?" He asked softly.

"Please." I admitted. Dean nodded and poured me a glass, passing it to me. "Thanks." I said taking a sip.

"So... how did you know what those, um things were called?" Dean asked watching his porn. I drank the rest of the whiskey off and shook my head as the after burn warmed my whole body, it still wasn't enough to take away the cold horrific feeling from remembering. Nothing was ever going to take that feeling away from me.

"I'm just that awesome, another please." I said sarcastically, holding up my glass. Dean took it and started to pour some more.

"You've met them?" Dean asked passing me the glass back. It wasn't so much a question as a statement.

"I have." I said downing the whole glass in one. "I advise we get Cass to send them back or shoot each other in some kind of death suicide pack." I said seriously.

"You remember Purgatory?" Dean asked watching me now. I pushed a strand of hair behind my ear and rolled the empty glass on the table.

"Does it matter? I mean Cass is coming for our heads now." I shrugged watching the glass. I could feel Dean's eyes on me. I looked up and sure enough, he was watching me. "What?" I asked with a shrug.

"You remember." Dean said softly.

"I don't want to talk about it." I said firmly shaking my head. "I want another drink." I said passing Dean the glass.

"Megan-" Dean said looking sad at me.

"Drink." I said firmly.

"Fine." Dean said pouring me another. He passed me the drink with a sigh.

"Thanks, go watch your porn." I said sitting back in the chair and rolling the glass on the table.

I don't know how long we were sat there, I had a few more drinks and so did Dean. He watched the weird animal porn and I just sat there. Sam walked into the room and glanced at the pair of us. He turned to Dean as Dean raised an empty glass.

"Only if you turn that off." Sam said pointing to the laptop. I smirked as Dean closed the lid and poured Sam a glass. He came and sat next to me with a sigh as Dean slid his drink over to him. We all took a deep breath and went to take a sip of the drink.

"Sam?" Castiel said appearing in the room. He was covered in blood and really, really didn't look so hot.

"Cass." Sam said shocked as we watched Cass try and hold himself up.

"I heard your call. I need help." Cass said slumping against the door frame.

We grabbed Bobby and headed to the lab where we needed to do the spell. As we walked into the room, something felt so familiar. I didn't actually remember anything, it all just felt familiar. Familiar and scary. The place gave me bad vibes, I just wanted to leave, but I couldn't we had a job to do. I helped Dean put Cass down and we started to move things so Bobby could do the spell.

"We need the right blood. There's a small jar- end of the hall, s-supply closet." Cass said to Sam.

"Got it." Sam said before leaving to get the blood.

"Dean?" Cass asked as we moved things.

"What, you need something else?" Dean asked glancing at Cass.

"No. I feel regret, about you and what I did to Sam." Cass admitted, and I glanced at Dean.

"Yeah, well, you should." Dean said with a nod.

"If there was time, if I was strong enough, I'd- I'd fix him now. I just wanted to make amends before I die." Cass stated.

"Okay." Dean said and went back to moving stuff.

"Is it working?" Cass asked looking at Dean.

"Does it make you feel better?" Dean asked looking at Cass.

"No." Cass replied. "You?"

"Not a bit." Dean said and went back to moving things.

"Hang in there." Bobby said tapping Cass on the leg. "Just a couple of minutes. Where's Sam? It's go time." Bobby asked as he walked over to me and Dean. Dean went to find Sam. He returned a few minutes later alone, but with the blood. Both me and Dean painted the symbol on the wall with the blood.

"That's good enough. Okay, step right up, Cass." Bobby said as me and Dean helped Cass stand in front of blood symbol.

"Lanua magna purgatorii," Bobby started to say and Cass fell down. Me and Dean rushed over and picked him up again before returning to either side of Bobby. "Clausa est ob nos lumine eius ab oculis nostris retento sed nunc stamus ad limen huius ianuae magnae et demisse fideliter perhonorifice paramus aperire eam."

"I'm sorry, Dean." Cass said turning to face us.

"Creaturae terrificae quarum ungulae et dentes nunquam tetigerunt carnem eius ad mundum nostrum nunc ianua magna, aperta tandem!" By the end of the spell a hole had opened in the wall and a bright light was shining out from Cass, it was all the souls returning to Purgatory.

Once the last had gone, the wall resealed and Cass fell to the floor. We all rushed over to Cass.

"Cass?" Dean said dropping to his knees. I checked his pulse, there wasn't one. I looked up at Bobby and shook my head.

"He's cold." Bobby added looking at Dean.

"Is he breathing?" Dean asked us.

"No. I'm sorry." I said softly.

"Maybe angels don't need to breathe." Dean suggested.

"He's gone, Dean." Bobby said softly.

"Damn it." Dean muttered as we all stood up. We looked down at the lifeless body of Castiel. "Cass, you child. Why didn't you listen to me?" Dean asked shaking his head. Suddenly Cass took a deep breath and all the cuts on his face healed. "Cass? Hey! Hey! Okay. All right." Dean said as he and Bobby helped him sit up.

"That was unpleasant." Cass said plainly and I smiled.

"Let's get him up. Easy, there." Dean said helping Cass onto his feet.

"I'm alive." Cass said surprised looking at all of us.

"Looks like." Bobby said with a nod.

"I'm astonished. Thank you- all of you." Cass said looking at all three of us.

"We were mostly... just trying to save the world." Bobby admitted.

"I'm ashamed. I really overreached." Cass said looking ashamed.

"You think?" Dean said sarcastically.

"I'm gonna find some way to redeem myself to you." Cass said looking at Dean.

"All right, well, one thing at a time. Come on. Let's get you out of here. Come on." Dean said as he and Bobby helped Cass walk to the door. Cass stopped walking and we turned to him.

"I mean it, Dean." Cass said sincerely.

"Okay. All right. But let's go find Sam, okay?" Dean said and we started to walk again.

"You need to run now!" Cass said pushing us all away from him. "I-I can't hold them back!" He cried out holding his stomach.

"Hold who back?" Dean asked confused.

"They held on inside me. Dean, they're so strong." Cass said in so much pain.

"Who the hell?" Dean asked in shock.

"Leviathan! I can't fight them. Run!" Cass cried out and I felt my worst fears rise to the surface.

"Go! Go get Sam! Go get Sam!" Dean said to Bobby, pushing him away to the door. I froze to the spot as the Leviathan took over.

"Too late." Cass/Leviathan said standing up straight.

"Cass?" Dean asked confused. I just couldn't move. I was stood right next to Dean and I was frozen.

"Cass is - he's gone. He's dead." The leviathan said grabbing Dean and pulling him closer. "We run the show now." He added throwing Dean across the room. "Ah!" He said rushing over to Bobby and throwing him the opposite side of the room. "Is that Megan we spy with our little eye?" The leviathan asked walking towards me. I couldn't move, I was literally frozen with fear.

"Stay away from her!" Dean yelled but the leviathan took no notice.

"Why would we want to do that? She's been so much fun to play with." The leviathan said standing in front of me. All I could do was shake my head as it stood there watching my fear. Suddenly it backhanded me with so much forced that I hit the top of the stairs and rolled down, landing in between Dean and Bobby with a horrible thud. My head was spinning and my heart was in my throat as the leviathans talked again. "Oh, this is going to be so much fun..." He said and laughed.

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