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It had been just over a week since I thought I felt Bobby. In that time I had tried everything I could think of to connect with him. I tried spirit boards, deep meditation, I even tried a simple séance. Nothing worked. I decided to put it down to grief and keep it to myself, I mean what are the chances Bobby's a ghost really? I repeatedly told myself day in and day out. Sam seemed to be getting better, he talked more and actually seemed to be dealing with the grief. Either that or he was becoming a better actor. I was still dreaming of Purgatory, every time I closed my eyes I could see it. The monsters, the fear, the pain. I was getting by with small cat naps, thankfully because of my werewolf side it helped. But I was waking, muffling screams, repressing the urge to run. Focusing on my crazy helped me get the past Bobby was gone. Or at least that's what I was telling myself. For now, it was working. Dean... he wasn't doing so great. He became obsessed with the numbers Bobby had written just before he died. He had passed the numbers onto Frank to see if he could make any sense of it and was also going through any possibility he could think of. We were all in the cabin and I walked past Dean and noticed the numbers on the note pad, underneath was a list of ideas.

"How's it going?" I asked breaking the silence in the room. Dean glanced at me over his shoulder and grunted. "That well..." I sighed looking over to Sam. He had Bobby's address book in his hands and was looking through it. He had a thinking face on, he deeply considering something, and I figured it was the same thing I had thought about.

Days continued to bleed together as Dean became more and more focused on the numbers Bobby gave us, what they had to do with Dick and what they could mean. Dean had started to pin-up articles linked to the Biggersons meat recall and all the different enterprises Dick Roman had entered in. I was stood leaning on the wall just watching Dean silently when Sam walked in with two duffel bags and put them on the table before taking a beer out of the fridge and opening it.
"Guys, you know, um... I wonder if – if we... I mean, should we be telling people? I mean, people he knew." Sam asked looking from me to Dean and back again. It looked like Dean hadn't even heard him. Dean hadn't been listening to us for the past couple of days and it was starting to worry me a little. I shared a worried look with Sam before answering him.

"I think-" I said pushing myself off the wall when Dean cut me off turning to face us. I slumped back on the wall rolling my eyes.

"How long ago did I give Frank these numbers? It's been a few weeks, right? What, is he nuts, or is he just being rude?" Dean asked us before glancing at his notice board again.

"Probably both. Dean, I-I got to ask you a question." Sam said glancing at me for help.

"Unless, of course, something happened to him. He can't get to the phone because a Leviathan ate his face." Dean suggested turning back to facing us. He was in his own world and nothing was going to bring him back. Not until he figured out what the numbers meant.

"Yeah, also a possibility" Sam sighed softly.

"Dean?" I said looking at my husband, or rather the exhausted crap pile that looked vaguely like him.

"We should go check on him." Dean announced with a quick nod.

"Dean, do you want to call Bobby's people or not?" Sam asked firmly forcing his brother into the conversation. Dean glanced at me coldly then turned to his brother looking frustrated.

"W- why is- why is that our job?" Dean scoffed shaking his head.

"Because who else is gonna do it?" Sam asked softly.

"We were all he had." I added softly. Dean took another moment to look between Sam and me, he was weighting something up but just shook his head instead.

"I'm not calling anybody. If you two want to, you go right ahead." Dean said turning his back on us.

"I don't want to call anybody. You kidding me?" Sam cried out softly before turning to me.

"Me?" I asked pointing to myself, but before anyone could answer a phone in one the duffel bags Sam brought in began to ring. We all shared a look, realising that it was Bobby's phone and we'd most likely have to tell the person on the other end he was dead. It would be the first time we'd have to tell anyone.

"Well, I'm not getting it." Dean stated throwing his free hand in the air. Sam let out a grunt as he picked up the phone.

"Hello?" He asked looking over at me, I just shrugged my shoulders.

"Is Bobby Singer there?" A girl asked, she didn't sound too old a teenager at most.

"Uh, no. He's, uh... I-I-it's not, but I'm a friend of his." Sam said stumbling over his words. Dean picked up a flask out of one of the bags, sniffing its contents before putting the lid back on.

"My dad asked me to call Bobby Singer specifically." The girl said plainly.

"He's... not here, but, look, if you need s-" Sam started to reply when the girl just hung up on him.

"Who was it?" Dean asked grumpily.

"Just some kid." Sam said glancing at the phone.

"For Bobby? Girl scout cookies?" Dean scoffed turning back to the pin board.

"I think maybe..." Sam said softly.

"She sound in trouble?" I asked as Dean picked up his beer. Sam shrugged softly.

"Maybe a-a hunter's kid? I mean, she sounded pretty scared. You know, I have a caller ID. Maybe we should go find her. We – we can check on her." Sam explained.

"What about Frank?" Dean asked turning to us, frustration clear in his voice.

"Well, Dean, I think we should go find this girl first." Sam sighed and I nodded in agreement. Frank was nuts and most likely dodging us. A girl in trouble, well it was someone we could help now.

"Sam, Megan, Frank's been working on the numbers that Bobby spent his last breath on, and you want to back-burner that?" Dean asked almost growling at us.

"Dean, it's not like that." I said softly pushing my hair out of my face. It was pissing me off how Dean could just suggest that we didn't care what Bobby had spent his last minutes on this planet trying to tell us. I folded my arms over my chest and I could tell both me and Sam was sharing that same pissed off expression.

"Fine. You go check out girl scout. I'll find Frank." Dean said firmly.

"Fine. But you know what? On one condition – if Frank is just spinning his wheels, then you bail out on crazy and come meet us." Sam begged Dean hoping to pull him away from his obsession with the numbers. I sighed feeling something again, the feeling that Bobby was in the room again. I looked around a little confused but I couldn't see him. And then as quickly as the feeling came, it went again. Bobby? Was... Bobby was that you? Are you here?

"And thanks for drinking my entire beer." Dean snapped at Sam making me breaking out of my thoughts.

"I didn't touch your beer. Mine's right there. You probably drank it without noticing." Sam said pointing his beer on the table behind him.

"Right." Dean said looking confused at his bottle.

Sam and I got ready to leave, each packing a bag. I loaded up Rufus's truck with my bag as Sam walked out of the cabin running a hand through his hair. He looked tired half the man he used to be. Bobby's death had hit each one of us hard.

"Do, do you think we should leave him alone?" I asked softly leaning on the side of the truck. I put my hands into my jacket and played with my cars in my hand.

"Megan, I don't know." Sam said putting his bag in the truck. "He's just so obsessed with those numbers and Dick. I mean I know he wants revenge for Bobby, we all do. It's just..." Sam let his sentence die off as his gaze went back to the cabin. I nodded in silent agreement. We all wanted Dick's head on a platter, we all wanted to kill the son of a bitch, but Dean was taking it to a crazy new level.

"Maybe one of us should stay, just to keep an eye on him?" I suggested softly. My own gaze was on the cabin but for a different reason. I was almost sure I had felt Bobby again and I wanted to try to contact him again. I was sure if I kept trying I would eventually get an answer.

"He isn't even listening to us." Sam said and I could feel his eyes on me but my gaze was still fixed on the cabin. "Megan? Is there another reason you want to stay?" Sam asked rubbing my arm. I jumped slightly and turned to him.

"Reason?" I asked hopeful that Sam was about to say he felt Bobby in the cabin as well.

"Yeah, you're nightmares. I mean, both me and Dean's heard them." Sam said throwing me the puppy dog eyes.

"I kinda figured you had." I sighed softly, I looked to my hands and let out a heavy sigh. "Who knew coming back from the dead would have so much baggage?" I tried to make it sound like a joke but it came out flat. Sam nudged me softly and I looked up to his puppy dog eyes.

"You know, if any one on the planet could relate, me and Dean can." Sam said with a sad smile.

"I don't want you to relate. I don't want anyone to know. I don't want to know." I sighed returning his sad smile. "Sometimes I just... I dunno, maybe I was better when I didn't remember anything."

"You don't mean that." Sam said looking down at me confused.

"No, I don't. It just was easier I guess..." I sighed and pushed myself off the truck, grabbing my bag out of the trunk.

"What are you doing?" Sam asked confused.

"Keeping an eye on Dean. You go check out girl scout, if it's something, call me. I'll come help out." I sighed softly giving Sam's arm a rub as I hitched my bag on my shoulder.

"Are you sure? I mean, we could swap. The girl might open up to you more." Sam suggested trying to help.

"No, go. I'll go with Dean. I'd love to meet Frank anyway." I sighed shaking my head a little.

"Oh yeah, he's a blast." Sam said sarcastically giving me a small hug before turning and climbing into the truck. I waved him off before walking back to the cabin. I opened the door and saw Dean looking at Bobby's flask. His eyes darted to me as he put the flask down on the table.

"What are you doing? I thought you were going with Sam?" Dean asked confused clearing the emotion out of his throat. It was clear that I had just caught him in a moment and I wanted to kick myself for it.

"I changed my mind, I decided I wanted to meet this Frank guy." I smirked walking over to him. I wrapped my arms around Dean's waist and put my head on his shoulder. Dean stiffened for a second before wrapping his hands around my back holding me close to him.

"I love you Dean." I whispered into his chest.

"I love you too Meg." He said softly, kissing my head.

I knew Sam could call any time and Dean wouldn't want to leave Frank until he got answers, so I decided to take my Camero as well. I followed Dean in the Impala, not the black beauty, but she was close and brown. I tapped my fingers across the stirring wheel as I tried to think of what happened back in the cabin.

"Ok, ok, ok think like a hunter. Hunter. Right." I sighed shaking my head. "I know, well I think I know, I felt Bobby in the cabin. Twice. I mean he was there where I was begging for help, for his help. I needed him there. I needed him to be there for me... and I think he was?" I asked myself. "I mean sure I felt him. I closed my eyes and I could feel him." I paused and glanced at the Impala in front of me. "Then today, I swear, I swear he was there, just for a split second, but I could feel him there. Just like when you know someone's walked into the room when your backs turned. You just know who it is." I ran a hand over my face. "Then why didn't he answer me? The oujia board, the meditation... I tried everything. I mean I think I tried everything. Maybe I should just sneak a look at John's Journal... it could help? Why wouldn't he answer me? Maybe it was all just grief and Purgatory making a guess spot in my dreams. I'm probably over tired and under too much stress... yeah. Probably... right?" I glanced in my rear view mirror and shrugged to myself as Dean pulled down a road and parked in front of a house. I parked next to him and got out. The house looked normal, nothing like the crazy I had expected from Frank. The guys had told me how um out there, Frank was and I was expecting tin foil hats and boarded windows. The place look so... normal.

"This the place?" I asked tucking my gun down the back of my jeans.

"Yeah, this is Frank's place." Dean nodded walking ahead of me. He picked the lock and we made our way through the house. The place looked empty and Dean glanced at me, silently nodding for me to pull my gun. It felt like something bad had happened and I was praying that the Leviathans had long left before we got there.
"This can't be good." Dean said to me as we walked into an empty room that looked like it housed computers at one point. Suddenly we heard a gun cocking from behind us. We both turned on our heels aiming at an old man with glasses and a shotgun aimed between the pair of us. He looked kinda crazy and I took it that the guy was Frank. "Well... hi." Dean said as Frank just stood there aiming at us.

"Friendly." I muttered to Dean as Frank glared at me.

"Frank... we're amongst friends here. Okay, acquaintances." Dean corrected himself as Frank just stood there with a pissed off expression on his face.

"That's just what a Leviathan would say." Frank growled. I forced myself not to roll my eyes. I knew all too well and good what a Leviathan would say, and it wasn't were friends. It was more like dinner time. I stood there as Dean continued to convince Frank.

"Frank. I'm not a Leviathan, and neither is she." Dean said nodding his head to me.

"Oh, sure. You're not a Leviathan. Dick Roman's not a Leviathan. Gwyneth Paltrow is not a Leviathan." Frank ranted.

"Yeah?" Dean asked confused.

"Trust me." Frank answered with a quick nod. Dean thought about it for a minute than nodded as if it all made sense.

"Back on point guys." I sighed as Frank aimed at my chest.

"Okay. You know what, Frank? I think you've been doing a little too much research." Dean said softly.

"They're anywhere, anyone. Who's to say this ain't the day they come for old Frank who knew too much?" Frank asked seriously.

"They bleed black goo, right? You want to see what I bleed?" Dean suggested glancing at me. Frank pointed his shotgun at Dean's foot and he jumped a little.

"Hey!" I yelled as Dean jumped.

"Oh! Whoa, whoa, whoa! Let's take the guns out of it, okay?" Dean asked softly.

"Okay." Frank nodded. Dean put his gun down on the table. "You two." Frank barked to me. I glanced at Dean, I wasn't comfortable putting my gun down when crazy could have anything set up in the place.

"Just put it down." Dean nodded.

"If he shoots one of us..." I grumbled putting my gun down and holding my hands up. Dean pulled out a switch knife and cut his forearm as Frank lowered his shotgun.

"See? Red-blooded American." Dean said wiping his knife on his sleeve. He passed me the knife and I rolled my sleeve up a little.

"I hate this bit." I winced as I cut myself and a few drops fell before the cut healed itself.

"What?! What was that?!" Frank cried out lifting up his shotgun again.

"Take it easy Frank!" Dean yelled as I held the knife tight. "This is Megan, my wife." Dean said looking at me.

"What the hell are you?!" Frank barked his gun locked on me.

"A werewolf." I admitted softly, keeping my eyes locked on Frank.

"Werewolf huh?" Frank asked raising an eyebrow.

"Just put the gun down Frank." Dean said plainly.

"You know you couldn't stop me with that thing anyway." I reasoned raising my eyebrow. Frank stood there for a few seconds and thought about it. He lowered his gun again and sighed.

"You brought a w-e-r-e-w-o-l-f into my house?! What was you thinking?" Frank growled at Dean.

"I can spell." I said rolling my eyes this time.

"Now isn't really the time Frank." Dean said taking the knife from me and holding it out to Frank. "Your turn."

"Oh! Whoa. Look, I'm obviously not-" Frank started to say and I let out a small grunt.

"Fair's fair, douche bag." Dean stated and made Frank cut his palm, showing us the blood before passing the knife back to Dean.

"Yeah." Dean sighed wiping the knife on his sleeve before putting it away. "I'm glad we could all share that together."

"Grab your guns, come with me. For God's sake, don't make any noise." Frank muttered before walking off.

"What a charming guy." I said sarcastically picking up my gun and tucking it down my back.

"Isn't he just?" Dean added with a sarcastic smile before we followed him.

We followed Frank to a barn containing a trailer. Frank marched in and we just followed him. The place was kitted out with all the computers and surveillance that were in the house by my guess. The wires and cables covered the whole trailer and I wondered how long it would have taken him to set it up.

"Why the downsize?" Dean asked as Frank and he sat down. I just stood behind Dean taking it all in.

"You! Hey, Frank, go dig up some dirt on Richard Roman. That night, I was burned off every IP I had. Ears on my phones, eyes on my house..." Frank ranted getting fully animated over the issue.

"Wait- Dick's got people watching you?" Dean asked confused.

"Do I look like I know? You think it's easy to see this deep into what's real and also be bipolar with delusional ideation? There is no pill for my situation, sweetie-pop, so, yeah, best guess- the bigmouths are onto me. Next question." Frank stated sarcastically adding a smile in there too.

"All right. Well, what's the word on the bigmouths?" Dean asked plainly.

"Their tentacles are everywhere. I-I'm looking at bankers, military high-ups..." Frank said typing a few keys and bringing up a list.

"This is why you didn't call me back." Dean asked getting to his feet.

"Hey, cut me some slack. You called me like four days ago." Frank said turning to us.

"I called you four weeks ago, Frank." Dean growled running a hand over his face as he started to pace the room. His frustration was building and it made me feel on edge and slightly pissed off too.

"What? No. Really? Days, weeks – quit busting my chops." Frank said waving a hand as if it was all ok. That we had all the time in the world.

"What, are you kidding me?" Dean snapped turning to Frank.

"You cool your heels, Buster Brown." Frank said dryly.

"Frank, I paid you fifteen grand for this." Dean growled marching up to the guy.

"Yeah, I get that-" Frank started to explain when Dean cut him off.

"No, you don't get that! Dick Roman is every card in my hit deck. You understand that? Those numbers, they got something to do with him, okay? Bobby died for those numbers." Dean growled.

"Look, I'm sorry about Bobby. I really am. You know, this one time, we were in Fresno, and we got stuck-" Frank started to say and I felt Dean's frustration boil over, he was ready to snap and I wasn't sure I could stop him.

"No. No, no, no. I'm not gonna play this one time with Bobby crap, all right? I'm not gonna get all warm and fuzzy with somebody else who barely knew him." Dean snapped right Franks face.

"Just trying to make friendly conversation." Frank shrugged as if he didn't care how hostile Dean was getting towards him.

"This is not a friendship, Frank. I'm paying you!" Dean growled charging towards him.

"Whoa! Whoa calm down Dean." I said blocking his path to Frank. I put my hands on his chest and gasped from the rage that was bubbling under the surface. I closed my eyes and fought to keep my werewolf under control.

"Hey. You know what you need? A little LSD, a little shiatsu-" Frank said calmly.

"We're out of here." Dean said grabbing my hand as I opened my eyes and took a deep breath. I was just about keeping the wolf at bay, but leaving would mean she wouldn't come out.

"Hey, you want to know what those numbers are? Bupkis. They're not lottery numbers, license-" Frank stated.

"I know that, Frank. Thank you." Dean said sarcastically still holding onto my hand.

"Which leaves us little else to do but probability generate." Frank said typing a few keys.

"Come again?" Dean asked confused. I paused and tilted my head to one side. It was a brilliant idea, the numbers were incomplete so why not try adding a missing number. The guy might have been crazy but he was impressive.

"You run most reasonable possibilities for a Levi-related five-digit number written by a dying drunk, you come up flat. Know what you start to wonder? Hey, maybe I'm missing a number." Frank stated smirking.

"Well, how do you figure?" Dean asked softly.

"Oh, I don't know. Because Bobby was dying of brain trauma. I just had a tickle there was a reason nothing was popping out at us, so I set up a program to run possibilities for six numbers, seven, eight. But good news." Frank said hitting another few keys and smiling at us.

"Good news?" Dean asked confused.

"Never had to go past six, because this..." Frank said typing in the numbers 454893 and bringing up a new screen. " little lambs, are coordinates."

"You sure? To what?" Dean asked as we moved closer and watched the screens.

"A field in Wisconsin." Frank stated.

"No. No, Bobby didn't give us coordinates to some patch of weeds in Cheeseville." Dean said shaking his head.

"No, he gave you coordinates to a parcel recently purchased by Wellman, Inc., a subsidiary of," Frank paused making a trumpet noise with his mouth. "Richard Roman Enterprises."

"So what do we do?" Dean asked confused as we looked at the pictures of the field.

"Stay away. Or, if we're stupid... we go there and set up surveillance." Frank said turning to us and smirking.

Me and Dean were told to leave the trailer while Frank set everything up. He didn't trust us, and for a crazy, he wasn't that bad. Dean decided to call Sam and check up on him. He put the phone on speaker and we stood around listening.
"Find Frank?" Sam asked.

"Yeah. Those numbers? Coordinates. Dick bought some land. We're headed there now." Dean sighed looking at me like we were idiots.

"Wait, wait, wait. You're just gonna drive right up to-" Sam said sounding panicked.

"Relax. It's a field, not the Death Star. Dick's at a TED Conference. It's all over The Huffington Post." Dean stated and I looked as surprised as Sam sounded on the phone.

"What?" Dean asked me looking uncomfortable.

"Wait, wait, wait. Since when do you read?" Sam asked laughing slightly.

"Know your enemy, Sam. What's going on with the girl?" Dean asked shrugging slightly.

"I don't think she even knows her dad's in the life. So far, I got three missing truckers and one blood-free body." Sam stated sighing.

"You think Vamps?" I asked plainly.

"I'm not sure, the marks didn't look right." Sam replied. "I'm going to hit Dad's journal, see if there's anything in there."

"Good times. All right, well, keep us posted." Dean stated.

"Stay safe Sam." I said softly before he hung up. As soon as we got off the phone Frank opened the trailer and popped his head out.

"Got the equipment arranged. Come and get your costume on. We can scoot." He stated as we started to walk over to him.

"Costume? What?" Dean asked me looking utterly confused.

"Maybe he likes to play dress up?" I joked as we reached the bottom of the trailer.

"Oh no not you princess." Frank said holding his hand up in my face.

"Excuse me?" I asked pushing his hand clear away.

"What do you mean?" Dean asked frowning at Frank.

"She ain't coming." Frank replied to Dean.

"And why not?" I asked firmly.

"Many, many reasons buttercup," Frank replied with a sarcastic smile. "For starters I only have two costumes. Then the fact you're a werewolf. Oh and thanks for sharing with the fact you were in Purgatory with them before they were brought out by your friend." Frank ranted.

"How do you know all that?" I asked utterly confused and surprised.

"It's what I do sweetheart." Frank smirked.

"She didn't have a choice Frank, Purgatory wasn't exactly planned." Dean grunted.

"Doesn't matter, she was there with them. Who knows what they did to her? She could be compromised." Frank said watching me closely.

"What?!" Dean cried out.

"It's fine Dean, just go check out the place." I sighed softly. Deep down I had no idea if Frank was right. For all I knew they could have turned me.

"Excellent, go get dressed." Frank said pushing Dean into the trailer. He closed the door as Dean went in and back me up a few steps. "You understand I can't let you in the trailer without me there."

"Yeah. I get it." I stated plainly.

"Yeah well I ain't just going to take your word you ain't going to take a sneak peek around Uncle Franks trailer either!" Frank said jabbing me with something in the leg.

"What the hell?!" I cried out pulling the needle out and starting to feel dizzy.

"Nighty night." Frank waved as I dropped to the floor blacking out.

I shot up to my feet grabbing my gun from my back and moving to aim at the nearest signs of life. My head was thick and I was pretty sure I wanted a drink of water, but I needed to protect myself. I had no idea where I was, but I felt the same fear I got every time I woke.

"Whoa! Whoa take it easy!" Dean said holding his hands up. I look between him and Frank who was sat there with wide eyes, watching my every movement.

"Where... where am I?" I asked not trusting my eyes, I couldn't for the life of me remember where I was. My brain jumped to the worst... I thought I was back there. My heart was pounding and the fog in my head wasn't lifting.

"What did you give her?" Dean growled at Frank stealing a glance.

"A little GHB." Frank shrugged like it was nothing.

"You gave my wife GHB?!" Dean growled taking a step towards Frank.

"Hey! Stay where you are, both of you!" I growled getting their attention back to me. My head was fuzzy but I needed to be sure I was around friends. "Dean, you have your switch?" I asked my gun aimed on them both.

"Yeah." Dean nodded dumbly.

"Cut yourself and Crazy over there." I said nodding to Frank. Dean held one hand out to me as he pulled the blade from behind his back, flicking it open. He sliced his palm and showed me the blood. Then rather forcefully took Franks palm and cut him too.

"Hey easy!" Frank cried pulling back his bloody hand.

"Both human... Megan you need to put the gun down." Dean said softly wrapping some cloth round his hand. My head was still thick but the blood was enough to convince me I was just drugged and not in danger. I slipped my gun back and sat on a chair.

"What the hell?" I asked looking from Frank to Dean.

"I didn't want you snooping." Frank stated as if it was obvious.

"So you drugged me?!" I asked rubbing my temples. Dean held a bottle of water under my nose.

"You might need a drink." Dean sighed softly.

"Thanks." I said opening it and taking a long drink. "Hey Crazy, it better have been worth drugging me, because I swear, I'm going to hurt you otherwise." I stated glaring at Frank.

"Don't worry cupcake." Frank said hitting some keys. Dean let a very frustrated grunt bobbing down to my level.

"You ok?" He asked softly, putting his hands on my knee's. I jumped slightly, mainly because I was still on edge. Dean noticed and frowned a little.

"Heads like cotton wool... but yeah I'm fine. Crazy over there should be the worried one." I grunted looking over at Frank and trying to give Dean a reassuring smile.

"You were whimpering in your sleep." Dean stated looking at the bottle of water in my hands rather than my eyes. I knew how uncomfortable talking about Purgatory was making him.

"They're just dreams Dean, it's not that bad. Honest." I lied giving his hand a small squeeze.

"When you two have finished, we got work to do." Frank sang with his back to us. I glared and only hoped he knew it. Dean pushed himself onto the chair next to me and sighed. On the screen came an image of the field for several different angles.

"All right, now what?" Dean grunted folding his arms over his chest.

"You look horrific. When was the last time you really slept a night?" Frank asked looking at Dean, I wasn't about to argue for weeks both me and Sam had watched helplessly as he deteriorated.

"Let's just work, all right?" Dean grumbled.

"This is it. We watch the screens. I can take the first shift. You're no use if you can't even..." Frank started to say as Dean fell asleep. "Keep your eyes open."

"Got any idea why the fields so important?" I asked softly, doing my best not to wake Dean.

"Nope buttercup, that's why we're watching it." Frank said sarcastically.

"You know you don't have to be a jack arse just because your crazy." I huffed finally feeling the fog lift from my mind and the reason we were here. We sat in silence for a while we watched the screens. I finished my bottle of water and put it down by my feet, I was finally feeling back to myself.

"You talked to Sleeping Beauty about it?" Frank asked, his eyes never leaving the screens.

"Beg your pardon?" I asked plainly.

"You know Purgatory, what they did to you." Frank asked turning to face me. I shifted uncomfortably in the chair, I'd met Frank this morning and now he was trying to talk to me about something so personal.

"You know Crazy, I'm not in the habit of opening up to strangers." I said folding my arms over my chest.

"I was just wondering." Frank shrugged holding his hands up. "Because I think we both know its only a matter of time..."

"Time?" I asked confused.

"Cupcake, Leviathans, Shape Shifters, Vampires, potato-patatoe. It doesn't matter what it was... if you don't talk about it. Eventually you end up like Uncle Frank here." Frank stated pointing a thumb to himself.

"I'm not like you." I said plainly shaking my head.

"Maybe not, but I was an average Joe once upon a time sweetheart." Frank stated staring into my eyes. The truth in his words hit me to the core but I knew it wasn't the right time to talk to the guys, not while we still had Dick to kill and Bobby's grief to deal with. I opened my mouth to say something when my phone vibrated in my pocket. I picked it up seeing it was Sam calling.

"Hey." I sighed running a hand over my face.

"Hey, you ok?" Sam asked softly.

"I'll explain next time I see you. What's up?" I asked looking at Dean who was out of it. A small smile crossed my lips seeing him sleeping like that.

"I tried Dean's cell he didn't pick up." Sam stated.

"Yeah, he's sleeping. Everything ok with the girl?" I asked pushing a few strands of hair behind my ear.

"Yeah, I mean I think. I think her dad is hunting a Vetala." Sam explained.

"A Vetala, isn't that a scooter?" I asked confused.

"No," Sam laughed a little. "Dad took one down back in the day. Silver knife to the heart, twist, they're done. He says they're maladjusted loner types – like to knock a guy out, drag him home, feed slow. So, if Krissy's dad got grabbed, there's a chance he might still be alive." Sam explained.

"Here's hoping." I said with a small smile.

"Be nice to get this girl's dad back home to her, you know?" Sam asked and I nodded.

"Yeah, yeah it would. Do you need a hand?" I asked softly.

"I wouldn't mind. But what about Frank?" Sam asked and I glanced at Crazy. He had his back to me and was just watching the screens.

"I'll leave Dean sleeping here and tell Crazy to tell him know where I went. I've got my Camero, so it's ok." I said plainly.

"Ok see you soon." Sam replied.

"Ok, just do me a favour, don't go looking into it before I get there?" I asked knowing Sam all too well.

"I'll try my best." Sam replied before hanging up. I sighed knowing he probably would anyway. I stood slipping my phone into my pocket and pulling on my jacket.

"Hey Crazy." I said walking over to Frank. He turned to me, looking unimpressed with the nickname I gave him. "I need you to tell Dean I've gone to meet Sam."

"When did I become your personal assistant?" Frank asked confused.

"Oh I don't know, about the time your gave me GHB." I said with a small growl. I wrote down the address Sam was staying at and pushed it into Frank. "Tell him, and let him know he can call me. Got it?" I added glaring at Frank and I stood there leaning over him for a few seconds until he got the message not to mess with me.

"Fine, I'll let Sleeping Beauty know when he wakes." Frank huffed tucking the paper under the edge of one of the monitors.

"Don't forget." I warned before turning to walk out the trailer. When I reached Dean I placed a soft tender kiss on his forehead. "I'll be back for you." I whispered into his ear before straightening up and leaving.

I drove for most of the day and finally reached the motel Sam was meant to be staying at. I had no idea what car he was driving I just had his room number. I walked over to it and knocked waiting for an answer. No one did, I tried the door and it was locked. I glanced around to make sure no one was there before picking the lock and letting myself in. I flicked on the light and saw Sam's bag neatly placed next to the bed with everything hidden out of the way.

"Honey I'm home." I sang to myself as I went over and checked his bag. Everything was there and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. "Where you at?" I asked myself pulling my phone out of my pocket and scrolling until I reached his number. I walked around the room as my phone continued to ring, knot forming in my stomach at each ring. "Pick up Sasquatch, pick up..." I muttered to myself.

"This is Sam leave a message and I'll get back to you." Sam voice mail kicked in and I let out another sigh.

"So, this is what you call waiting for me? I swear man, you better be getting laid or something. If your hurt... I'm going to kick the Vetala's arse then yours." I huffed ending the call and stalking back to Sam back to pull out his laptop and figure out what lead he was fallowing. I must have sat there most of the night reading John's journal, Sam's research and everything else I could find. I realised that Sam had gone and talked to the last person to see Krissy's father at the truck stop. I looked at my watch and it was around 9 in the morning. The night shift would have ended and there was no other way to contact her. I decided to take a quick shower and nap before heading out that night to find her and hopefully Sam.

I woke up in a cold sweat around 5 that afternoon. I looked around and remembered where I was. The dreams were horrible, but at least they woke me in time. I got any other shower and changed into some clean clothes. I took a silver knife and shoved it down my boot before putting my gun down my back. I was sure bullets would slow it down. I grabbed a bite to eat and was about to set off when my phone rang.

"Sam?" I asked hopeful.

"No, he's not with you?!" Dean cried out sounding annoyed.

"See I told you." A girls voice said in the background.

"Now's not the time." Dean grunted back before talking to me. "Tell me you know where he went."

"I got a lead, a truck stop. I'm heading there now. Where are you?" I asked softly.

"We're heading there too." Dean grunted.

"We?" I asked confused.

"Yeah Krissy lost the map, she was giving me directions." Dean replied sounding annoyed.

"Oh... that must be fun for you." I smirked a little.

"It's a freaking dance party. Look we're a couple of hours out. Sit tight and I'll meet you at the truck stop around 7?" Dean suggested.

"Come on we both know we don't have the time." I sighed softly.

"Well you need to know, there's two of them." Dean stated and I herd Krissy mutter something. "Shut up." Dean said to her.

"Two? The journal-" I started to argue.

"It's wrong, trust me." Dean sighed. "Look, hold tight, please."

"I can handle it. It's not like they're going to want to eat me anyway. I taste funny." I stated plainly.

"Doesn't mean that they wont try and kill you." Dean added seriously.

"Dean... It's ok, I can handle it." I said trying to reassure him.

"Megan... just don't get hurt. We'll meet you at the dinner when we get there." Dean sighed defeated.

"Keep the kid safe." I said with a small smile.

"I will, you keep safe." Dean replied before handing up.

I decided to make sure I had enough ammo just in case there was two it never hurt to be prepared. After checking I headed out to the truck stop. It was a forty five minute ride and I reached the place a little after ten past six. I parked my baby in a spot I was sure Dean would notice and where I could keep an eye on her. I walked into the place and it seemed like a nice quiet little place. Nothing too odd or weird. I grabbed a booth in the window and glanced at the menu when a skinny blonde woman walked over to me.

"What can I get you honey?" She asked smiling at me, I clocked her name badge.

"Well, um Marlene, just a coffee would be great." I sighed giving her a half smile. I realised that she was the last person to see a couple of the men who went missing from the truck stop.

"Sure. Be back in a minute." She smiled down at me before walking off to fetch my coffee. I sat looking out the window. I noticed a few people coming and going but all in all the place was dead. No wonder it was easy to snatch the guys... place is like a grave yard. I sighed noticing a woman walk into the back of a cab with a trucker. She was wearing next to nothing and it wasn't hard to realise what she did for a living.

"Here's your coffee." Marlene said appearing with a fresh cup of coffee. "You ok honey, you kinda down." Marlene said frowning at me slightly.

"Oh, um yeah... I'm just... oh you don't want to listen to me." I said waving a hand and getting slightly emotional.

"It ain't like I'm rushed off my feet, what's wrong?" Marlene asked sliding in the seat opposite me.

"Jeez, you're going to think I'm such a loser." I said playing with a napkin.

"Trust me honey I've seen it all here, and you don't look like a looser to me." Marlene said giving me a actually comforting smile. I stopped playing with the napkin and brushed the hair out of my face, catching the Impala that pulled into the lot.

"I met this guy online... He, um he said he was a private detective." I blushed letting out a sarcastic smile. "He looked... well Damn!" I laughed a little. "Tall, long shaggy brown hair, deep puppy dog green eyes." I let out a small smile. I watched her reaction, she was good she wasn't giving anything away.

"What happened?" Marlene asked confused.

"We were meant to meet here, tonight. I well, I came late to make sure he'd be here... but... look around, do you see any tall and handsome?" I sighed dropping my head.

"Don't worry honey. He didn't deserve you anyway." Marlene said grabbing my hands. I looked up to her and smiled.

"Thanks, I'm just going to finish this drink and go back to the motel." I said softly.

"This is on the house, look after yourself." Marlene said before getting up and walking away. I sat there and finished my coffee and saw the young hooker walking back around the truck lot.

I checked that Marlene was still in the truck stop café and I left. I headed past my car and started to walk out. When I was sure no one was watching me I doubled back round to the Impala and saw the girl sat in the front with her arms folded almost glaring at Dean. I smirked as I stalked around the back of the Impala and climbed in the back making Krissy jump slightly.

"Evening." I smirked as her and Dean turned to me.

"What was that about not being nervous?" Dean smirked at Krissy who just glared at Dean.

"Am I interrupting?" I asked sarcastically.

"Meg, meet Krissy." Dean said waving a hand between us.

"Wait, you're his wife?" Krissy asked confused.

"Yeah... what were expecting?" I asked confused.

"Um just I figured you'd be... blonde." Krissy shrugged.

"Blonde? Right... I could see why you'd think that." I said plainly. "But trust me, I ain't with him for his brains." I added with a smirk when she smiled at me.

"Hey! I'm sat right here!" Dean pouted slightly.

"Yeah, I can see that." I smirked as he rolled his eyes at me.

"Krissy wants to hunt with us." Dean stated as Krissy let out a heavy sigh rolling her eyes.

"Guess he gave you the lecture then?" I asked softly.

"Yeah. What now you're going to try and give me some sisterly advice?" Krissy asked dryly.

"No." I said and she looked at me confused. "I'll tell you what its like to be raised to fight. About how I had to used to wear make up to school just to hide the bruises from combat practise. The nights spent studying The Bible and all the anti-possession chants you could think of. The day's I had to walk around on swollen, dislocated or even broken bones because it made me stronger. I'll tell you that once your on this path it next to impossible to get off. I'll tell you that don't start unless your ready to die." I said coolly. I saw Dean catch my eye and we shared a look. I shifted slightly in my seat and cleared my throat. "I think I got a lead on who took the guys." I said quickly changing the subject.

"Really?" Krissy asked perking up.

"Marlene, she's a tall skinny waitress in the café." I said looking out to the lot.

"Let's keep an out for her then." Dean said as Krissy turned back to look out the windscreen. Dean looked at me a few more seconds before he turned and looked too. We sat there for a while just watching when we saw Marlene walk across the parking lot and got into the front of a truck, looking around making sure she wasn't being watched.

"Why is that waitress getting into that truck?" Krissy asked spotting it.

"I'm not explaining the R-rated crap to you." Dean said dryly.

"The front of the truck, not the back, Dean." Krissy said rolling her eyes at Dean.

We fallowed the truck watching it park on the roadside near a building. It looked like an abandoned house, or farm barn. It was a little run down, but far enough from anything that if people where screaming no one would ever know.
"All right." Dean said holding his fist out to Krissy.

"What century is this? No one fist-bumps any more." Krissy said rolling her eyes.

"Come on. Give it up. Good work." Dean smirked wiggling his fist again. Krissy turned to me with an unimpressed expression.

"See what prize I got for being in this life?" I smirked sarcastically and Dean wiggled his fist again. "He wont stop until you fist bump. He's a big kid." I added with a knowing smile.

"You're a dweeb." Krissy sighed rolling her eyes but also trying to hide a small smile at the same time. She finally put her hand out and in the blink of an eye Dean grabbed it handcuffing her wrist. "What the hell?!" Krissy cried out.

"I got an idea." Dean said attaching the other half to the steering wheel. "How 'bout you stay here?" Dean smirked a little.

"Oh, you jackass." Krissy cried out pulling a little but it was clear it wasn't going to give.

"Yeah, well, I'm the jackass who ain't bringing a kid in there, period." Dean stated.

"Why? I can do everything you can do." Krissy argued.

"Look, we can't help you dad and Sam while keeping an eye on you too." I said softly and Krissy glared at me.

"I don't need to be watched!" She huffed.

"I'll bring them back. Trust me." Dean said softly.

"Please, they're probably dead." Krissy scoffed.

"You don't know that." Dean said frowning slightly.

"It's been days. Probably just a pile of meat. I've seen it. People die, Dean. I watched my mom get torn to shreds. Let me go in there and kill them." Krissy growled pulling on the handcuff.

"No. Sorry." Dean said shaking his head.

"You're such a hypocrite. How come you get to do it and I don't?" Krissy cried out.

"Because I'm the grown-up!" Dean said plainly and held his hand out. "Give it to me."

"What?" Krissy asked confused.

"Your lock pick. I will frisk you." Dean warned her. Krissy reached into her pocket and passed him the lock pick. "Thank you." Dean said getting out of the car.

"We will bring them back Krissy, we just want you to be safe." I added before climbing out the car too. I sighed heavily as I walked to the boot with Dean. "You think she'll forgive us?" I asked plainly.

"Probably not, but I don't care. We can't let her walk in there." Dean said checking he had his silver knife.

"True. Let's just go get them back." I sighed shaking my head a little.

Dean picked the lock and we walked in. as we made our way through the building we found a few dead men drained of blood laid on the floor. I whistled and caught Dean's eye nodding towards Sam, Lee ,Krissy's dad, and another man tied to some chairs. The cheap hooker was stood next to the third guy while Marlene was next to Lee, it looked like Sam was still out of it.

"Good thing we picked up a new one. This one's about tapped out. You want to finish him together?" Marlene said grabbing the guys neck roughly and janking it to one side.

"Sure. Love to." The other woman said smirking. Dean grabbed a metal bar and hit the cheap hooker with it making her fall to the floor. He pulled his knife out as Marlene started to charge him.

"Dean!" I yelled as I went for the cheap hooker.

"Not so fast." Marlene said hitting Dean and making him drop the knife. She slammed him into the metal cage and grabbed him by the throat. In the mean time I had rushed the cheap hooker, straddling her as I pulled out my silver blade. She realised what was happening and started to fight back. She manage to punch me, knocking me off her before she picked me up and threw me clear across the room landing on the floor by Sam's feet just as he woke up. My knife landing out of my reach. I looked up to see Dean pulling his knife and Marlene on the floor in front of her. Suddenly Krissy came running into the room past everyone and headed to her Dad.

"Dad, hold on- I got you!" She cried but as she got in line with the cheap hooker she grabbed Krissy's leg.

"No!" Lee cried as I sat on the floor shuffling to the side of Sam. The cheap hooker got up, pulling Krissy behind Lee and Sam, holding her from behind.

"Let her go... or Little Miss Sunshine here gets it." The cheap hooker hissed watching Dean who had a silver blade to Marlene's throat. Dean took his knife away and Marlene scurried past me to stand behind Lee. The cheap hooker's eyes went back to normal.

"What were you thinking, bringing her here?" Lee cried out desperate for his little girl to be ok. Dean took a step closer.

"Now drop the knife!" The cheap hooker ordered squeezing Krissy to make her point. Dean threw the knife on the floor.

"She's just a child. Let her go." Dean begged as I got to my feet slowly.

"Yeah, I don't think we'll be letting anyone go." The cheap hooker hissed smirking at all of us.

"Daddy..." Krissy began to cry and little, and I took a deep breath balling my hands into fists.

"It's okay, baby. Everything's gonna be fine." Lee said trying to comfort her.

"All right. Enough with the family bonding. It's time for you to shut up." Marlene growled before biting into Lee's neck.

"Daddy, no! Dean!" Krissy cried tears rolling down her cheeks. I couldn't take it any more. I moved forwards, my hands shaking with anger as I tried my best to keep my wolf side under control.

"Don't think about it!" Marlene said looking up at me for a second, her lips hovering over Lee's neck. "One more step and he ain't going to make it."

"He can't help you. No one can." The cheap hooker taunted Krissy. Out of no where Krissy pulled a knife out of her sleeve and spun around stabbing the cheap hooker.

"I guess I'll have to help myself, then." Krissy said twisting the knife. The cheap hookers body turned grey before she fell to the floor dead. I took the chance to race towards Marlene and we started to exchange a few punches.

"What are you?" She hissed as I was standing my ground. Suddenly Sam was standing behind her with the knife in his hand.

"Behind you." I said coldly as she turned right into the blade. Sam twisted it and dropped to the floor turning grey just like the other. We turned to see Dean checking on Lee as Krissy cut his ropes.

"Bad actress, huh?" Krissy smirked.

"Yeah, I take it back." Dean smirked back.

We got Sam, Lee and the other man checked out in the hospital. Sam was given the all clear, the guys wanted to go see Lee. We walked down the hallway and Krissy was sat out side. She was sat lent forward resting on her knees. She glanced at us as we reached Lee's room.

"Guy's I'll be out here." I said softly looking at Krissy. Sam and Dean nodded before heading into the room. I walked down and took a seat next to Krissy. "Hey." I smiled softly.

"Hey." Krissy smiled back.

"How's your dad doing?" I asked throwing a thumb to the room behind us.

"Better, the doctors said in the next week or so he'll be let out." Krissy said looking down at her hands. We sat in silence for a few minutes while I thought of the right words.

"It's not that easy is it?" I asked sitting back and watched the people walk past us. Hospitals freaked me out and I was trying my best to act cool about it all.

"What?" Krissy asked turning to look at me.

"Killing, even if the damn things aren't human." I admitted glancing at her for a second.

"It was hurting my dad." Krissy reasoned.

"Yeah and you did good." I said with a small smile. "But it's not always that easy." I added.

"You said you were a kid and trained..." Krissy said sitting back. "Did, did you really have to go to school hiding bruises?"

"Yeah, and the broken bones and everything else." I admitted looking out into nothing. "It wasn't a life I'd wish on any one."

"Then why didn't you get out like Sam?" Krissy asked as if it wasn't obvious.

"I did, I move to America." I said smiling at her. "I went to college and things were great."

"What changed?" Krissy asked confused. I took a second and thought of the best half truth I could come up with. I didn't want to scare the kid by telling her I was werewolf.

"Dean needed saving and I fell in love with the idiot." I sighed shaking my head a little. "But it's cost me."

"What do you mean?" She asked still confused. I pulled out my wallet and two small photos, passing them to her. The first was crumbled up to hell.

"The first are my family. All of them were killed by a demon wanting some information from me. I got them killed Krissy." I admitted sadly. "The second... it's Bobby. He... he took the bullet for me. I should have been the one shot." I wiped the tears away and took a deep breath turning to Krissy. The kid didn't need to see me breaking down.

"They died because you were a hunter?" Krissy asked passing me the pictures back.

"Yeah, they all died because of me. Look I'm not Dean or Sam. I wont tell you to get out of hunting. But I just want you to realise that one day, you might not be fast enough with a blade. Or there might not be others around to help out. One day your dad could die on a hunt and it'll leave you so lost and confused. It's a feeling I wouldn't want anyone to feel." I admitted putting the photo's back.

"Thanks for sharing." Krissy said softly leaning against the wall and taking in everything I said to her.

We walked out of the hospital and Krissy fallowed us getting Dean's attention. I gave her a small smile and fallowed Sam to the Impala and Camero. We lent on them watching Krissy talk to Dean.

"She's a bright kid." Sam smirked looking back at me.

"Yeah, let's hope she listens to us." I added glancing and seeing the pair bump fists. Dean walked over to us as Krissy walked back into the hospital.

"What did you say to her?" Dean asked me as we all lent on our cars.

"The truth." I shrugged.

"It worked. Looks like Krissy and Lee are out of the hunting game." Dean announced and I actually felt good. It felt like I had done something good. It was a feeling I hadn't had in a while.

"I'm glad." I smiled pulling my keys out of my pocket. "Am I fallowing you guys?" I asked softly.

"Yeah." Dean sighed as Sam climbed into the car. Dean started to head to the driver's side when he paused. "Megan?" He called out turning and walking back over to me. I was stood between the open door.

"What's up? Forget how to start a car?" I teased softly. Dean shook his head as he reached me.

"Smart ass." He muttered. "No... I wanted to talk about what you said to Krissy." He said seriously.

"Look, we all know your not the brains of the operation baby, doesn't mean I don't love you." I said trying to joke, knowing exactly what Dean was talking about.

"Just... just stop it." Dean said taking my hands. "You never told me about the bruise thing." Dean stated holding my hand. I pulled it back and sighed.

"So? There is loads I still don't know about you." I admitted acting like it was nothing.

"If you want-" Dean started to say when I groaned.

"I'm not having the whole You've been through a hell of a lot, lets all talk and hug the shit out of it crap. Yeah I went somewhere worse then your worst dream, but I'm here, now. So just let me focus on that ok?" I asked firmly.

"Fine." Dean shrugged.

"Good." I said pushing my hair out my face. "We good?" I asked softly.

"Yeah. Yeah of course." Dean nodded before walking back to his car and got in. I climbed into mine and growled to myself.

"I don't need this shit. I just need to get past it. I don't need to talk about it." I growled hitting play on my radio and turning the volume up as I fallowed Dean's Impala out of the hospital parking lot.

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