A Stargate / MacGyver Crossover
by Teri

Summary: What do we really know about Jack's past?

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"For crying out loud!" Jack shouted as he began to pout. He looked over at Carter and continued, "how did you know that they would win? I mean the Yankee's had the pitching. I mean I know your smart, but they have Mike Mussina for crying out loud!"

"Careful Jack you're repeating yourself," Daniel interjected earning him a deadly look from Jack.

"I told you, Colonel, that the Orioles are simply the better team and there was no way they were losing to the Yankees tonight," said Carter with a vaguely superior smile on her face.

"I still don't understand how you came to that conclusion. I mean now that Ripken has retired and . . ." the phone began to ring cutting Jack off from whatever he was about to say.

Jack stared at Daniel for a second as if he expected him to do something.

"Hey, don't look at me it's your house. I am just a guest," Daniel stated as he picked up is beer and took another swig.

"Fine," Jack smiled sarcastically and walked over and answered the phone. "Hello, welcome to Jack's Romper Room. Home of childish archeologists and know-it-all astrophysicists."

Daniel looked up nearly spraying his drink over the room and Carter tried to hide her laughter.

Jack stood there listening to one end of the phone conversation. As he did he seemed to get paler and paler until finally he sat down. Daniel and Carter were now starting to worry. Each wondering what sort of catastrophe had hit the world now and what would they be asked to do to save it. Then they heard Jack say, "I'll take care of it. You have my word -- don't worry about." He had said it so softly they could hardly hear him.

He hung up the phone and walked back to the group. "Let's call it an early night kids. It is past my bedtime, which means it is way past yours!"

"Sir, is everything OK?" Sam asked with a worried look on her face.

"Yeah, Jack it sounded kind of um intense there for a bit, " Daniel said with a similar expression.

"No problem kiddies, nothing Uncle Jack can't handle."

Sam said, "if you are sure, Sir?"

"Quite," Jack said quickly - to quickly.


"Good Night, Carter. Bye Bye. Scoot," he said pointing her to the door.

"Well, then good night, sir" she said and started to walk out. She quickly turned around and flashed a brilliant smile at him and said, "I almost forgot you owe me 30."

He looked at her as if she had just explained to him the theories of quantum physics, in other words blankly.

"You know exactly what I am talking about sir, the bet on the ball game. That fake I am stupid, pity me look is going to work here."

He looked at her indignantly as Daniel snorted. Jack fished the money out of his pocket and handed it to her.

"Thank you, Sir. Good night!" Carter said as she left and she thought she heard Jack mutter, "Kids! Don't ever respect their elders."

"Jack are you, um, sure that you don't want to . . . you know. . . talk about it?"

"Thanks for the offer, but no."

"Well, Ok. I guess I best be leaving as well. Good night Jack."


Daniel was walking to his car when he heard Jack's front door open.

"Hey, Spacemonkey!"

Daniel turned around to see Jack on the front stair. The look on Jack's face prevented him from commenting on the nickname. "Yeah?"

"Watch your back!"

"Sure, Jack you too!" Daniel said as he turned around and found his way to his car.

Daniel began to wonder. Why had Jack said that? What was really going on? Well he figured he wasn't going to get anything out of Jack tonight, but tomorrow was a whole new ballgame.

When Daniel pulled up to the security gate he was told that General Hammond wanted to see him as soon as possible. So when he got into the complex the first place he headed was to the General's office. Before he reached the office, he heard Sam yelling. This was unusual in and of itself as Jack did most of the yelling.

As he got closer he could make out some of the words.

"I don't understand sir. How could he leave without talking to any of us? Sir, there must be problem. He may be in trouble or is he on another one of those damn missions?"

Daniel didn't bother to knock and just opened the door in time to see Hammond continue, "that is enough Major I will not tolerate that level of insubordination." He calmed down and continued, "and besides I have already told you everything I know."

"Well, for those of us late comers, can we find out what that is?" Daniel said finally making himself known to the room.

"Ah, Dr. Jackson. Colonel O'Neil has requested personal, indefinite leave and I had no choice but to grant his request."

Daniel started to ask something, but the general cut him off, "No, I don't know why or any other details other than his leave was effective immediately. He did request; however, that Major Carter be given command of SG-1 in his absence and I agree with his assessment."

Sam looked up in shock. "Sir, did he give any indication of when he would be back?"

Hammond shook his head sadly and replied softly, "no, Major, he didn't"

"He knew last night, that's why he told me to watch my back," Daniel said softly to himself, but was heard by all. "He isn't planning on coming back is he general?"

"No, son. I don't believe he is."

"What room is Peter Thorton in, please?"

A nurse looked up at the man and said, "room 103"

"Thank you."

He proceeded down the hall. He found the room and went in. Pete was lying on the bed looking very still and pale. The man just sat down. "I'm here Pete. I'm back."

"Can I help you?" came a voice from the hallway.

The man looked up and he smiled, "no Nikki, but I was hoping I could help."

He stood up to give her a hug.

Startled, she cried out, "Mac?!"

He gave her a gentle smile. She looked over at the tall man. If she had not heard his voice, she wouldn't have known him. She had hardly recognized him. He was older, but then so was she. He had cut his long hair short, but so had she. His blonde hair had gotten gray, but so had...but nothing.

"Mac, I hardly recognized you. I like the short hair" she smiled, then glancing at the bed she continued, "I am glad you could make it. It doesn't look well for him."

She grabbed him and began to cry. She hadn't been able to before, but she needed to stay focused and in control. Now that he was he she could let her guard down. He held her close just stroking her back, whispering that it would be OK. He would take care of Pete, her, the foundation, and everything else. Just has he always had.

"Thanks for coming. Thank you, MacGyver."

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