Alright, well it's been a while since I updated this. I finally got something together. Not to note, I'm not sure if I did but pointing it out.. In the previous chapters I may have spelled "Kasuka" like "KaZuka" With a "z" instead of an "s." So I've now fixed that. Hope that you enjoy the new chapter.

The screech of car tires had brought the chaos to a brief stop. The moment of dead silence seemed peaceful, and calmed the accelerated beats of many hearts. But things quickly returned back to normal within time, and Tsuna simply stood there holding his aching head. The poor boy had no idea what to do, or what was going on. He only knew that this all had to be Reborn's fault.

"The fallen prince takes a lunge, and misses because of his inaccuracy" Fran yelled as best as he could into Kazuka's microphone. Kazuka grinned in a very content manner as he looked at how Fran kept up his monotone. Yet he actually had a genuine glint in his eye. This green-haired man truly did interest the browner-haired one.

"Both appear to be absolutely incapable of hitting one another! Does this leave them at a tie? Or could this mean they just can't fight?" Kazuka leaned over, speaking into the microphone. The two continued to toss insults at the fighters while still standing at a safe distance. They were currently attached to the fight that Tsuna was still attempting to figure out. What was the Varia doing here? And where where they? Where was Reborn and why did he toss them all onto a bus?

It was like he had a new mischievous plan every day, meaning to make Tsuna's life hell and all those around him. His friends.. his family.. All seemed oblivious to how stressful it was to him. But he somehow always got through a day alive. Maybe that was why they were so oblivious.. sighing, Gokudera tapped Tsuna on the shoulder.

"Tenth, you notice that car over there? It appeared outta nowhere" He announced, pointing out the obvious. Tsuna had in fact noticed it, yet.. hadn't paid much heed. But now that Gokudera was pointing, Tsuna thought that it'd be best to leave it alone. What if it was more fighters?

Then the doors of the van were unlocked, and out popped a male with a dark frown on his lips. He wore a green-looking hat and very plain clothing. But in his hands, he held a crying Lambo who was struggling in his grasp. "L-Lambo!" Tsuna exclaimed, rushing over to the man that had appeared in the van. It seemed like a great coincidence, since he was just wondering if Lambo was dragged here also.

"I'm guessing this is yours?" Kadota said, his voice deep and almost annoyed. Yet he seemed friendly and calm as he handed Lambo over to Gokudera who had quickly sped up, following behind Tsuna.

"You stupid cow! This is what you get for running off!" Gokudera scolded, scowling as he flicked Lambo in the face. His crying only became more obnoxious and Tsuna quickly took him away from Gokudera.

"Thanks so much. You don't know how much I appreciate this" Tsuna said, bowing to Kadota. Kadota smiled at him, his eyes softened as he simply nodded. That was when Yamamoto quickly hurried over to the three who were thanking one another. His laughter was breathless as he said;

"This is real interesting!"

Gokudera glared at the male, before blowing his top. "Are you that much of an idiot! Gah, baseball moron! There's chaos going on and fights and you're being completely useless since you think everything is interesting!" Gokudera growled, his hands slowly lingering above the bombs that were hidden in his waist band. Tsuna noticed this, and yelped.

"G-Gokudera no! This isn't the time!" He yelled, and he flinched. Sighing.

"Baseball idiot" He muttered under his breath, scuffling his feet as Lambo's crying slowly died down. That was when the four male's attention was brought to the squeals that were erupting from withing the van Kadota had gotten out of. Blinking, Kadota turned around and peered within the vehicle. The back doors flew open as he did so and out pranced a blushing Erika, her eyes glittering as she looked at Gokudera and Yamamoto.

"Y-You two! And the! With the fighting! How you! Kyaaaa~!" Erika squealed, each word caught off by another. The three vongola family members stared at the girl in utter awe as she continued her rage about something that was unknown to them. Then out popped a male in a blue hoodie who placed his arms around the girl with the black clothing.

"Ah, I'm really sorry. It seems that Erika's gone into a rage of some sort." Walker sighed, and that was when Erika finally burst out with a truly understandable sentence.

"Those two are so cute together! They must love each other! It's just like Shizuo and Izaya! What a love hate relationship!" Okay, well maybe not a sentence.. But it was something no one wanted to hear. Yamamoto pointed at himself, brows furrowing together.

"Ha, us? What?" He said, with a confused expression and Tsuna began blushing.

"EXCUSE ME?" Gokudera yelled, snarling at the female as Walker quickly herded her into the truck. Kadota saw that it was time to go, and the trio in the van quickly sped off before Gokudera could bomb them.

"Ah, you're so useless Fallen Prince Senpai" Fran drawled.