~one month after Ed, Ed, and Eddy's graduation~

Double D watched from his roof as Eddy and Duane drove away. They were moving to Texas, Eddy was going to go under a fake last name and they were going to live happily ever after.

It seemed just like yesterday when Eddy had told off Lee for lying and pining after him all this time. Nothing had happened between Ed and Sarah or Ed and May. He had moved to New York the day after graduation. He hadn't said goodbye to his family and Double D seriously wondered if Ed had even told his family that he was moving. He was happy for them. At least, he was happy for Eddy. Double D was afraid that Ed wouldn't be too happy in New York without anyone to talk to, to hang out with or to just be friends with. But Ed was already gone, all there was to do was wait for any contact to come from Ed himself.

When Eddy and Duane's car was no longer seen, Double D stood up, sighing. He had had a good run with Marie, she was funny, and smart, and cute. But she moved away a couple weeks ago, she didn't even say goodbye. Double D supposed that she never really loved him, she was just infatuated with the idea of a boy who was smaller and weaker than herself. He climbed back into his bedroom through the window and grabbed his skate stuff. Even though it made him remember Marie and Kevin at the same time, a feeling that speed through his veins as guilt, regret, and depression, he was addicted to the wind blowing through his long hair. That's right, Marie had been able to talk Double D into something no one had been able to before. She talked him into ditching the hat and adding a ponytail holder.

As he got to the skate park, he threw down his skateboard and skated through the entrance, and headed directly for the pool. He skated back and forth, up and down. Pulling of tricks that, six months ago, he never dreamed he'd be able to do. He reached the deck again and gasped. Kevin was standing there, staring at him. Which, of course, threw Double D off balance, he toppled down the transition, acquiring many scrapes and bruises along the way.

"Kevin." Double D said as he reached the bottom. "What's up?"

Kevin nodded his head slightly, acknowledging Double D's presence. "Nothing. I'm waiting."

Double D didn't risk it by telling Kevin that he was contradicting himself. Instead, Double D asked, "Waiting for who? Or what?"

"You." Kevin said softly. "I was a jerk Double D."

Double D nodded softly in agreement.

"I was a real asshole. And I wanted to apologize. But I'd understand if you didn't accept it."

"Kevin." Double D grunted as he climbed out of the pool. "You could have apologized at any time. Why now?"

Kevin hesitated and looked away. "Marie's not here to distract you. To make you second guess yourself."

"What? Why would she make me second guess my-"

Kevin pushed his lips against Double D's. "I'm sorry. I don't care if you're bisexual, or straight or gay. I'd love you the same."

A smile graced Double D's lips. "I love you too, Kevin." Double D said, reaching out and punching Kevin lightly on the shoulder, a habit he got from the blue haired Kanker.



"What Eddy?"

"Did I do the wrong thing? I mean, I'm not one to guess at what I do. I mostly act on impulse but..." Eddy hesitated and turned in his seat to stare back in the direction of Peach Creek. "What if Double D needs me?"

Duane smiled and kept driving. "No offense, but he doesn't."

Eddy harrumphed and sat back down on the seat.

"He's got Kevin."

"No he doesn't." Eddy denied. "Kevin left him. And the Kankers moved away."

"I talked Kevin into giving Double Dweeb a second chance."

"Hey! Double D's not a dweeb. He's my friend and... I already miss him." A tear slipped down Eddy's face and Eddy wiped it away furiously. Eddy would not cry. Not now that he was finally happy. He reached over and grasped Duane's hand in his own, wishing that their lips could be touching at this very moment.


~One year later~

Ed landed a job writing and drawing for a comic book company. He was trying to appeal to teenage boys, but there were many underlying hints at romance in his comics and most of his readers were actually girls. But really, he didn't mind.

What he did mind was when he was walking down the sidewalk and he would catch a glimpse of red hair and green eyes. His heart would skip a beat and he speed up to meet her. But it was never his sister. That, he minded.

One day, on the way to work at nine am, a pair of arms slid around his body and a pair of lips pecked the back of his neck. He gasped and turned around, hoping, hoping that it was Sarah.

But it wasn't. She was wearing no make up, her hair was hanging down to her waist in a ponytail. And she was smiling. "I missed you." She said quietly over the grunts of displeasure from around them.

And Ed realized, it was Sarah after all. She must have graduated and came to New York to see him! Ed smiled at her but said playfully, "Go away Sarah. We can't be like this."

She scoffed and hugged him, "But here, no one knows who I am. And I told you that you wouldn't get rid of me so easily."

Ed pushed his lips against hers and smiled into the kiss. Who cared if he was already three hours late to work, he was basically his own boss anyway.


Author's note: The epilogue. Yes. I feel bad for rushing it to an end. But I think I did fairly well in closing all of the relationships (except for Eddy and Duane's :\ ) I'm sorry to all of you who were rooting for Double DxMarie or EdxMay or EddyxLee but, that's not what I had in mind. And besides, Double D dated Marie for awhile. So neyah :p

I might add a chapter later with some behind the scenes(words?) info. But maybe not. it depends.

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