I know this story has been done A LOT, but I'm with those people who felt bad for McGee and was angry at Abby for how she treated her so called friend. So if you're not a fan of this, then don't read.

Warning: Hurt Tim, pissed off and worried Ziva, along with a worried NCIS team and McGibbs. Also, this story won't just be Ziva's point of view like the others in the McGee's Keeper series.

Sequel to Play Nice Ziva and no...I don't own NCIS

Something's Wrong


"We gotta stop serving warrants after lunch. $10 says McGee spills it on this one."

Ziva looked around. Tim should have been with them by now. "Where is McGee?"

A gunshot filled the air and they all ran out the back with their guns drawn. Ziva was in the lead and came upon Tim standing and panting over a dog lying down bleeding. A gunshot hole was visible.


He tried to catch his breath and when Gibbs went up to him she finally saw the blood on his neck and hand. "What happened?" Gibbs asked and she could hear the worry in his voice.

"Attacked." While Gibbs was looking over Tim as if he was about to disappear and holding the side of his neck to stop the bleeding, Tim looked down at the German Shepherd. "Is it okay?"

"Yeah McMutt."

Ziva glared at Tony and he wisely kept his mouth shut from then on.

Ducky and Palmer showed up after they made a call and they started processing the scene while Tim was in the restroom cleaning out his bites. She was surprised he hadn't snapped at them yet as she and Gibbs kept asking if he was alright.

She kept her ear on the sound of the water and Tim as she took photos of the crime scene. And being alert for Tim, she was the first to see him come out the bathroom. "Are you sure you are alright Tim?" she asked softly.

He smiled back. "I'm okay."

"You are going to let Ducky look at it correct?"

Tim again smiled. "Yes," he nodded. Her eyes strayed to the bite mark on his neck that was still bleeding but not as much. He bumped her shoulder as he passed. "I'm okay Zee. Promise. Though Jethro and I may have to postpone getting that dog for a while."

She knew he was trying to get her to smile but she couldn't stop thinking of the blood on him or that the bite mark was still there bleeding. However, she didn't want him to worry about her while he should worry about himself and gave him a strained smile.

"Now, go see Ducky. He is finished with the body."

Ziva watched as Tim went to Ducky who put antibiotics on his bites and then patched him up so that his bites didn't pick up any dirt. Gibbs hovered over him the whole time and she could see Tim was trying to get Gibbs to relax, but he wasn't having any of it.

"Sheesh, you'd think Probie died the way Boss is hanging all over him," Tony said as he came to stand next to Ziva and watch them.

She snapped her head to look at Tony and gave him another glare. She wasn't going to let Tony pick on Tim for this one. Ziva didn't usually step in on the pranks because it was what they did, it was their "thing" but she was stepping in this one.

"Tony, a German Shepherd just attacked McGee. It attacked his throat. He is lucky the dog didn't bite on anything serious. So yes, Gibbs will "hang" all over McGee. He'd do the same if it was you or me."

And with that she walked away while Tony stared after her.

"I'll drive him back."

"Absolutely not," Ziva said and they all looked at her surprised as she normally never cut in like that. But she didn't care. "You are not driving that dog back by yourself."

"I'm with Ziva," Gibbs said. "Tony'll drive him."

"You just said I have to go with you," Tony reminded.

"It's okay Boss. I can drive him. He's tied up and has a muzzle on him."

Gibbs eyed Tim, his eyes lingering on the bandages and Ziva could see the worry and longing in his eyes. No doubt wanting to hold Tim and reassure himself that Tim was okay.

"I'll go with him," Ziva offered.

Before Tim could object, Gibbs nodded his head. "Yes. You two drive that dog back to Abby so she can get samples."

Nodding, both agents got into the car. Surprisingly, Ziva drove at a reasonable speed as she had not just a dog with her, but she didn't want to take the chance of anything happening to Tim.

"Ziva, you okay?"

She laughed humorlessly. "You are asking me if I am okay when you have been bitten by a dog."


Glancing at him, she saw that he was serious. He actually looked worried about her. The normal warmth she felt whenever Tim did something filled her. "I am fine Tim," she assured and he nodded before looking forward again.

They arrived at NCIS and pulled into the garage, and saw Abby. "Hey Ziva, McGee. Oh my God!" she exclaimed when she saw him. "What happened to you?"

"I was attacked by a vicious dog."

"Are you okay?"

Ziva came around when she saw Abby reach for the bandage on Tim's neck and stopped her. "They need to stay on." She wasn't going to let Tim get worse by letting the bite get a little bit of dirt in it.

"Did you provoke it?" she asked.

"If you consider serving a search warrant provoking it."

"What happened to the dog?"

Both Ziva and Tim pointed to the dog in the backseat while Tim explained, "He was shot."

"What?" Abby immediately turned away from Tim and went to see the dog. Ziva frowned. "McGee," Abby chastised and Ziva did not like that at all. Not one bit. "You poor thing." Abby began to remove the muzzle.

"Abby," Tim warned, "Abby, be careful. That is one vicious dog."

Abby removed the muzzle all the way and started petting the docile animal. "Yeah McGee. He's really vicious."

She turned away from the dog and walked past Tim, not without giving him a look and Ziva was really started to lose her patience with the Goth. 'Shouldn't she be more worried about Tim?'

"Ducky and Jimmy sedated him," Ziva put in as they watched Abby cut the binds on the dog. "We were hoping to get evidence off of him."

"Who would shoot this cute little dog?"

Tim glanced at Ziva and she could see the worry in his eyes. Before either could say anything, Abby turned around and started attacking Tim. "You shot that cute little dog?"

"It was self defense. And he's not cute or little. He's large and vicious."

"How can you shoot an innocent animal McGee!"

"He's not innocent! He killed someone."

"Animals don't kill people McGee! People kill people." She turned to the dog and cooed, "You didn't kill anyone did you?" She scoffed at McGee and went to reach for his jacket and that was when Ziva reached her limit.

Stepping between Abby and Tim, she pushed Abby against the car.

"Ziva!" they both cried. The dog started to get up with a growl but Ziva snapped her fingers at him and commanded him in Hebrew to stay, in which he obeyed.


"McGee, go upstairs and start looking up information on our victim."



She watched him go and when she saw the elevator doors close she turned back to Abby. "Are you not his friend?"

Abby glared. "He shot a dog."

"In self defense, like he said."

"He still shot a dog."

"I would like to see what you do when that size of a dog comes at your throat Abby." She was sick and tired of this woman walking over her Tim the way she did and it was time someone put her in her place. "You say he is your friend, but he is not."

"Ziva!" Abby gasped, sounding outraged at what she said.

"No. I get it. He is someone to keep on the sidelines while you live your life. You go and date and live while you expect him to wait around for you to come back. And you will. You will come back to spend some time with him, flirt, and get his hopes up before you leave. Then when he does live, you get jealous and mad at him. Even shun him. Now, he's hurt and tried to defend himself, and suddenly he is the bad man. And when did an animal you did not meet until a minute ago take priority over McGee?"

Abby stared at her silently.

"What were you going to use his Hugo Boss jacket for?"

"To cover him since he shot him in the first place."

Ziva scoffed at Abby and backed up from her. She didn't want to be in physical contact with the woman. "You would not have even cared to know that that jacket cost over five hundred dollars."

"…He could get another one. And it's not like I would have contaminated evidence. I can tell the difference between fabrics from his jacket and evidence."

"That was a gift from his mother."

Tim had shown it to her the first time he wore it and said his mother got it for him after his first book came out and became a success. She also sent homemade cookies to Ziva as she had met his parents one weekend when they stopped by for a visit.

"…It was?"

"Yes. But you did not care did you? Abby, I suggest you think twice about the way you treat McGee because you are going to do something soon that makes him turn away from you. I would not be surprised if this did it. I for one do not want to be near you."

The dog whined in the backseat and both women looked at him.

"Gibbs wants you to look for evidence on him."

And with that, she walked away and into the elevator. She had to check on Tim.

"Did you kill her?" was the first thing she was asked.

She chuckled and shook her head before walking to Tim to check his bandages. "No. She is alive and taking the dog to her lab."


"Are you okay Tim?"

"Yeah. Why?"

Ziva looked in Tim's eyes and saw he was hiding the hurt. "Because Abby worried more about a dog than her friend."

He shrugged while going back to his computer. "It's Abby. Didn't really expect anything else from her."

That right there was the sad thing. Tim had not expected anything else of Abby. He was used to being pushed aside and not having the woman care. It would probably take Tim to be rushed to the hospital for Abby to show real concern for Tim and even then she would go back to her old ways as soon as he healed. Probably even scold him for wasting her time making her worry.

She leaned forward to be close to him. "I care Tim."

He smiled. "I know Zee. And I'm okay."

Nodding, she patted his cheek and went to her desk.

"McGee! With me!"

Tim looked at Gibbs and after glancing at Tony and Ziva, rushed after Gibbs. Barely making it into the elevator before it closed, he sighed. They rode for a few seconds before Gibbs flipped the switch and turned to Tim.

"Are you okay Tim?" he asked and ran his hands over him.

He sighed in pleasure and leaned into Gibbs. "Yeah, I'm okay." Tim tucked his head into Gibbs' neck as the older man wrapped his arms around him. "I think we're gonna have to wait to get that dog for a while."

They hadn't planned to get the dog anytime soon anyway as they only just moved in together two weeks ago. They had planned to wait about a month or two of settling down before they looked for their Australian Shepherd.

"Ya think?" Gibbs chuckled before sobering and running his fingers through his hair. "Scared me to death."

"M'sorry," he mumbled and finally wrapped his arms around Gibbs in return. He felt so warm and safe in Gibbs' arms, a sense of security surrounding him.

They stood there in silence, wrapped around each other, before Gibbs pulled back and gave him a kiss so sweet. It wasn't deep, it wasn't passionate, or filled with need. It was just their lips pressing together, Gibbs catching Tim's top lip between his. Humming, Tim returned it.

"Are you okay to continue working?" Gibbs asked once they separated and leaned their foreheads together, one of his hands automatically going to massage the back of Tim's neck.


"What do you think the Boss is doing to Probie?"

"I do not know," she lied. She knew what he was doing. Reassuring himself that his lover was fine.

"Think he's telling him to go apologize to Abby?"

She sharply looked at Tony. "About what?"

"Well," he stumbled, "you know…about upsetting her."

"About what?"

"About shooting the dog."

Ziva cursed in her native tongue. Obviously Abby did not understand what she said earlier and went complaining to Gibbs, or maybe not. Maybe she just complained to Tony so far. Either way, she secretly hoped Abby will complain to Gibbs because maybe then Gibbs can talk some sense into the woman.



"Will you please stop following me?"


"I'm only going to the bathroom."


"And I doubt dogs are waiting inside to attack me."

Glaring at him for a while, in which he glared right back, she threw her hands up. "Fine! But I'm waiting right here." And she proved her point by crossing her arms and leaning against the wall beside the men's room door.

Tim rolled his eyes, but she saw his lips twitch before he turned away and went into the restroom.

She couldn't seem to stop herself from keeping watch of Tim in case anything else happened to him.

Other agents walked by, giving her odd looks but no one said anything to her, especially the men. They were used to seeing her near the male restroom, she had no problem entering, and others had heard rumors.

Eventually Tim returned and smiled. "Do you know how many men in there are talking about you?"

"I am sure they all are."

Tim chuckled as they started walking back to the bullpen. "Yeah. Trying to think if they'd done anything to anger the Mossad agent on Gibbs' team, or wondering if you were slowing going crazy after working with Gibbs, Tony, and I.

"Oh, yes, working with Tony and his movie references is slowly driving me acorns."

Tim laughed and corrected, "Nuts Ziva."

"…Oh. Nuts," she nodded. "Tony is slowly driving me nuts."

"Correct," Tim smiled and went to his desk while she went to hers.

She smiled but her eyes widened and she was quickly back up when Tim clicked a key on his keyboard and the sounds of dogs' barking came from his computer speakers. Tim went pale as he screamed and fell back.


Rushing to his side, she kneeled down beside him. She saw that he was sweating and trying to catch his breath. "McGee?" His eyes turned to her. "Are you okay?"

It took a few seconds before he nodded and started getting up. They both looked at the speakers that were still barking and Tim opened the CD drive to see a Dogs Attack CD. Simultaneously they looked to Tony who they finally realized was smiling and even chuckling.

"Geez McMutt," Tony laughed, "not afraid of dogs are you?"

Ziva turned to Tim. "McGee, go see Ducky."

"I'm fi-"


Sighing in surrender, he left for the elevator and once the doors closed, she took the CD and put it on Tony's desk before going back to her desk.

"Oh come on Ziva. You gotta admit that was funny." The fool was still smiling.

She glared at him with a glance before going back to her computer. The only thing stopping her from attacking Tony was the fact that it would not make Tim happy and the paperwork that would have to be done. "You are lucky I am not going to tell Gibbs about this."

They were finally able to go home around ten and Ziva had immediately gone to sleep after a shower.

It was late, or early, when she heard her phone go off. Knowing Gibbs' rule about always being reachable, she reached over for her phone without opening her eyes and answered. "Hello?"

"Ziva! Get to Bethesda," Gibbs ordered and she snapped awake.

"What's wrong?"

"Something's wrong with Tim."

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