Chapter 4:

"Why are you so up-tight?" Deadpool asked, genuinely curious.

They were walking down a road that looked as though it hadn't been repaired since it's creation, and there was nothing but empty fields of various grains for miles in every direction. The corn and wheat seemed to stretch into the horizon, and it made Wade uneasy to note the un-ending feel of their surroundings.

"Where are we going, anyways?" He asked, and the stranger was still silent.

"You could at least tell me your name, or maybe the name of who I'm shooting."

"Reasonable, I suppose. I need you to kill a version of myself. I'm not planning on associating with you further after this task is complete, so you won't need my name." The explanation made Lex quite winded, and he was limping as he went, moving more slowly than either of them would have liked.

"Sounds complicated. So I'm shooting you?" Wade lifted his handgun and pointed it to Lex, getting nothing but an unamused glare from the millionaire.

"No, you dimwit. You're shooting a different version of me." With that, he hurried just a bit, ignoring the pain in his leg and straightening himself as they neared their destination.

"What am I getting out of this?" Deadpool asked suddenly.

"I'll pay you a good bit of money, if you succeed." Lex replied.

"How much money? Cash or credit? Will it be-"

"Will you shut up and keep moving?" Luther barked, and Wade, offended slightly, jogged to the other man's side.

When the two of them finally reached the overhanging sign labeled "Kent Farm", Lex sighed with quiet relief, and Deadpool, who had been muttering to himself, quieted and pulled his rifle from his shoulder, holding it up and looking through the scope. Both of them crouched, and Deadpool moved ahead, lowering his weapon, taking a few steps, then looking through the scope again.

"Watch for a flash of green light." Lex said, and Wade nodded in understanding.

You sure are being quiet and composed today.

"I'm not in the best mood, and I have a killer headache."

That's never stopped you from making clever comments before.

"I know, but I have a bad feeling about this."

"What?" Lex asked, and Wade batted him away with his hand.

"I wasn't talking to you, baldy."

Just then, there was a flash of light near a barn with peeling paint. Deadpool readied his weapon and watched carefully for the bald man to step into view. He was there, just as promised, but just before he fired, a truck drove between wade and the old Lex, the driver catching the bullet instead of the millionaire. Both of the Lexs were terrified, the new Lex knowing just who Deadpool had killed, the old Lex hearing the gunshot and ducking for cover in the barn.

The truck with a now-dead driver plowed into the side of the bard, and a yelp was heard from inside the red building. A child of about ten rushed to the truck and pulled the bleeding and limp man from the driver's side window. The child sobbed loudly and huddled into the broken man, rocking both of them back and forth in woe.

"Who's the kid?" Deadpool asked over his shoulder, and Lex turned frantically and ran. The child had heard Wade, and was, in a split second, looming over the stooped man.

"You killed him!" The child shouted, and he grabbed Deadpool by the cuff of his costume, lifting him with one arm and glaring with tear-glistened eyes.

I think we're screwed.

"Hey, super-kid, I didn't mean to kill your-" Wade was cut off when the child landed a well-aimed punch into his jaw, displacing it and forcing several teeth out of their usual places.

Deadpool was flung in a spinning motion and out of the child's grip, landing hard on some wheat behind him. The kid jumped into the air and landed on Wade's gut, breaking several ribs and probably rupturing his intestines. He wailed on Deadpool with all his strength, destroying every bone in Wade's arms when they were lifted to protect his face, then fracturing his skull and breaking several vertebrae. Deadpool twitched, closed his eyes, coughed up what fluid and air his shattered wind-pipe would allow him, then died. Both of the Lexs were horrified with the display the Superman they knew could never have committed. The Lex that had been hiding in the barn realized what had happened when he saw a different version of himself run from the scene of the would-be crime, and teleported away, leaving the kryptonite behind to try and save his beloved self, just in case.

Our Lex was stumbling and wheezing as he ran, punching something into the time-travel device, wanting so badly to leave this reality he had perverted so badly. Perhaps if he traveled to his workroom just before the original teleportation occurred, he could prevent any of this from happening, but the "present" was unreachable, now that it had changed again. In an effort to reach home again, Lex pressed the travel button, and the device sputtered green light, suspended the green-eyed man for a moment, then died. He was stranded with a not-so-boy scout version of his nemesis just behind him, and his body wasn't going to last very long in this time, as the dimension rejected him as an intruder. His body guard was dead, on top of that. Lex had nowhere to go.