Poem I wrote for the Nevermore by Kelly Creagh Facebook page challenge. This is what inspired my Yami Yugi poem. I own nothing.


I am dreaming and creating
I wonder when the nightmares will end
I hear the horrid sounds of the Nocs
I see the evil caused by them
I want it all to stop
I am dreaming and creating

I pretend that I have the power to make it stop
I feel the whirlwind of descruction around me
I touch the light, only to have the darkness consume it
I worry that it will never end
I cry when I see her in his arms
I am dreaming and creating

I understand that no one else can see it all
I say very litte, who will believe me?
I dream of her
I try to make it all go away
I hope that I can see her one last time
I am dreaming and creating

Hope you liked it.