I know it has been forever and I haven't even finished my other story - I promise I will, but real life hasn't given me a break. I took this on as a way to find inspiration and almost didn't get it finished. It is finished though and I plan to post daily, give or take a day. There are three parts to it. Hope you like it. Hugs, Vonnie

Thor – Dog of Thunder

Part 1

He stretched his body across the bench seat, his head coming to rest on the driver's lap as a groan of contentment escaped him. He felt so lucky for having found another human after everything that had happened. He remembered his first family, Jenny and Matt. They took him in when he was only a pup, barely old enough to be away from his mother. They were really good to him, but sadly they never were able to understand him and always just smiled and laughed over what they called his 'antics'. He'd tried to warn them of the creature that was residing in the basement of their home from the moment he discovered it, but they wouldn't listen.

He never figured out why they couldn't understood that when he barked at the old chest stood in the corner behind the stairs, he was trying to tell them something was seriously wrong. Sure, they checked the chest, but to their eyes it appeared empty and so they just called him silly and laughed at him and later even scolded him for making such a racket.

That night the creature awoke and killed Matt first, sucking his life force out of him until he was all shriveled up. Jenny tried to get away, but the entity was faster and overtook her, repeating what it did to Matt to her also.

He'd tried to save them, he really had, but there was nothing he could latch his jaws on to, the creature was ethereal and he still was just a pup after all, not even half grown at the time. He attacked anyway, but found he suddenly was unable to move and all of his life force was flowing out of him. Next thing he knew was the door being broken down and a loud blasting sound coinciding with the apparition disappearing into nothingness. Then he was being picked up, carried out and laid down in the soft grass, while a deep, very pleasant sounding voice told him to wait, he would be right back, he just had to finish this.

By the time the person who the voice had belonged to came back, he was feeling a lot better, yet the man still picked him up, put him in his car and took him to what the human called his motel room. And that was the beginning of his new life, completely different, but oh so much more fun.

After a good night's sleep he found out that the human who saved him was Dean Winchester and the thing that had killed Matt and Jenny was something called a wraith. Dean hunted creatures like this and made sure they couldn't do more damage. He was really nice and even said he was sorry that he wasn't able to save his masters, but that he would make sure he would find a nice home for him. And then he told him about someone named Bobby Singer, who owned a junk yard and always could use a fine watchdog like him. He remembered sitting up straight at the words and although he was very sad over losing his family, he was excited about the prospect of not having to be alone.

Things turned out differently though, as by the time they got to this Bobby, which was three weeks later in human time, Dean decided that he was not going to leave him there and he couldn't say he was a bit disappointed by it.


Startled by a voice that didn't belong to his master, but was nonetheless familiar, the dog jumped up. So caught up in his memories, he'd neither noticed the car pulling over and coming to a stop, nor the passenger side door opening.

'Fine watchdog I am!' He thought with regret, not just over missing the changes, but also over seeing Sam, Dean's brother, grinning at him.

The younger man's large hand reached out for him and petted his head, "Gotta move in the back now boy, there isn't enough room for the both of us."

'Yep, that's why you shouldn't be here!" He thought to himself, wishing not for the first time that he could make his thoughts known. He didn't want to obey, not this guy, yet after looking over to Dean and seeing his finger pointing towards the back, he decided he better do what he was told. Man, he just couldn't stand the kid and the worst was that Sam didn't seem to get that he didn't like him.


Sam Winchester waited for the large Boxer mix to get in the back, before he scooted into the passenger seat and closed the door. Even now, several weeks after being back with Dean, he marveled over the fact that his brother owned a dog now. From the moment he met 'Thor', he had been excited; he'd always wanted a dog, but because of their lifestyle their dad had never allowed him to have one. That didn't mean that he didn't take strays in on several occasions, just to have to drop them off at the next shelter. Dean on the other hand, never seemed to have the desire to own a pet, although he was always supportive of the younger brother sneaking in another hurt or hungry pup.

Being back with his brother, even if the circumstances that led to this were tragic, was already awesome, but having a dog seemed like a special bonus. Sam liked him immediately. Short, sand-colored fur only interrupted by a little white across his chest and on the tips of his paws and the general built of his body left no doubt of at least two of his ancestors – boxer and yellow lab. If there was any more to him, it wasn't immediately obvious to the younger Winchester. He was definitely a beautiful specimen, who got the best of all of the breeds. He was very active and playful, yet it was also clear that Dean had trained him well, as the mutt was able to sit still and be quiet at a second's notice.

Sam could tell that Thor, as Dean had named him, was a little reluctant to make friends with him, even now after several weeks, yet he wasn't about to give up. Thor might be his brother's dog, but Sam still felt he shared at least part of the ownership and a lot of the responsibility for the beautiful animal.


A few hours later they found a motel room for the night, the cover of darkness helping them smuggle the dog inside. Motels that allowed animals were rare and Thor had learned a long time ago to be quiet, if he didn't want to sleep in the car by himself. Stretching out on the bed closest to the door, he listened to the sound of the shower from the bathroom, while watching Sam typing away on the computer.

He wished the younger brother would still be where he belonged, which was anywhere but with them. From the very time Dean took him in it didn't take him long to figure out that young man was carrying a burden around. He could sense it in the way the young man's shoulders sometimes just hung and how at times he had this sad look on his face. It took almost a year though, before Dean talked about it. They were in the Impala at the time, parked behind some trees that hid the car without taking away their view of the large buildings on the other side of the road. There were a lot of people around, most of them young. Some of them in a hurry and others just walking along, some alone and others in large groups, yet he could tell that Dean's eyes were on one person in particular; a tall, slim kid, with dark hair, who was accompanied by a slightly shorter blonde girl. It was clear that the two of them seemed to enjoy each other's company, as they were laughing and giggling and on one occasion even kissing.

"See the kid over there, Thor?" His master asked him, "That's Sam, my kid brother."

Now at first he didn't understand, because why would Dean sit here hiding, instead of going over there and talk to his brother? But then the young man continued to speak and told him about how they'd lost their mother and how their father raised them to be hunters. He also talked about their dad being devastated by what happened to their mom and sometimes forgot how to be a father. Thor had met the oldest Winchester and actually liked the man, but he could see that John was driven and not always focused on family. And then Dean told him how he'd basically raised Sam and how the younger brother was always different. How he was a genius, who could get A's in school even if he missed weeks at a time and never stayed at one for very long.

He remembered sitting up and looking closely at his master, as the pride and love Dean felt radiated off the young man with every word. At that moment the dog understood even less than before, until Dean continued and shocked him with the revelation that when their father gave Sam the choice to stay with them or go to some place called Stanford and never be welcome back home, he'd chosen the latter.

Although Dean tried to hide his emotions, Thor was able to see the gleam of tears in his eyes and hear the slight shakiness in his voice. It made him mad that this kid could leave his big brother behind and laugh and be happy, while said big brother was sitting there watching him, being devastated by the separation.

Remembering the emotions he felt at that very moment at the hurt that Sam caused his older brother, anger once again pulsed through him. It was just not fair that his master had to suffer so much and now the kid behaved like nothing ever happened. Watching the tall human get up and walk towards him with a big smile at his face, while his hand reached out to pat him on the back, Thor whipped his head around and his strong jaws closed around the young man's forearm. Holding on tightly for a moment, a surprised scream suddenly made him realize what he had done.

Releasing his grip, he felt the arm being pulled away. Although he didn't bite as hard as he could have, his teeth had still left clearly visible marks on both sides of Sam's arm, blood welling out of some of them. Looking up at the tall human he could see something written in those hazel eyes that spoke not as much of pain as of disbelief and emotional distress.

Good, maybe the kid finally got it and would leave him alone. The only problem now was that he was going to be in big trouble, because there was no doubt in his mind that Sam would rat him out to Dean.

Speaking of which, the older Winchester took that very moment to come out of the bathroom. Startled, Thor looked at him, not for a moment doubting that he had a guilty expression on his face, while Sam turned away from both him and his brother.

"What's going on here? Thor looks like he peed the bed!" Dean glared first at him then at his brother, who once again was facing him; his left sleeve, which had been pushed up, now covering his forearm.

"Naw, we've been playing and I think Thor is embarrassed he got caught enjoying himself, aren't you, boy?"

Sam's voice sounded slightly pressed, but thankfully Dean didn't seem to notice. He would have noticed the red spots appearing on the light colored shirt though, if the younger man wouldn't have retreated into the bathroom so fast.

"My turn to shower!" He said, before closing the door.

"I'll get us some food." Dean called after him, "You okay with burgers?"

"Yeah, sure!"

Dean pulled on his clothes then looked at his dog, "You coming with me?"

Still in shock over what happened; Thor looked at him for a moment and jumped off the bed, crawling beneath it.

"Guess that means no." His master chuckled, before he picked up his jacket and left.

Lying beneath the bed, the dog contemplated the events. He didn't understand what led Sam to cover for him. One thing was sure, this wasn't going to last, the kid would talk eventually.


Sam was too shocked to even feel the pain, when Thor's massive jaws clamped around his right forearm. Even when he finally let out a yell, it was more one of surprise than of actual hurt. Staring at the drops welling out of some of the marks, he still tried to comprehend what had caused the big dog to bite him, when he heard the bathroom door open and Dean step up beside him.

A quick glance at Thor showed Sam the expression of guilt on the dog's face and he turned away, hurriedly pulling down his shirtsleeves.

"What's going on here? Thor looks like he peed the bed!" The older Winchester's voice held a mixture of amusement and irritation.

"Naw, we've been playing and I think Thor is embarrassed he got caught enjoying himself, aren't you, boy?"

Sam wasn't really sure why he covered for the mutt, but looking down at the red spots soaking through the fabric of his shirt, he decided he really needed to disappear, if he wanted to keep the charade up.

Making his way into the bathroom, he said, "My turn to shower!" before closing the door.

Taking off the shirt, he inspected the bite marks, deciding he might as well clean them with a shower. As he took the rest of his clothes off, he heard Dean ask something about if burgers were okay, which he answered with an absentminded, "Yeah, sure!" his mind not really being on any kind of nourishment right now. Stepping under the hot stream, he winced at the burn the water hitting the injury caused. Still, he used soap to cleanse the punctures then continued to wash himself. Only after finishing and drying off did his mind wander back to the question of why?

As Sam cleansed the area once more, this time with peroxide, and applied some antibiotic ointment and a gauze dressing, which he secured with an elastic wrap, he was still not a lot closer to the answer. One thing was sure though, he must have done something to irritate the usually not aggressive animal.

The longer he thought about it, the more it became clear that Thor never really seemed to take to him and that he should have seen the signs a lot sooner. Maybe he even did, but decided to ignore them, because he just couldn't accept the dog not liking him. Sadness wrapped around his heart with an iron clasp, as reality hit him. If his brother was to find out that Thor had bitten him, Dean would punish the dog and at worst case scenario even get rid of him, which would very likely break his heart. The younger Winchester could tell how much the mutt meant to his brother; he had been with Dean during most of the time Sam was in Stanford. There was no way he was going to come between them, even if it meant he needed to keep his distance from Thor.


This event changed a lot of things. First of all it became clear to Thor that Sam Winchester really finally got it. He withdrew from the dog and no longer tried to pretend they were best friends.

Second was that his fear that the younger man was going to tell on him proved wrong. A week and two hunts and as many motel rooms later, Dean was still none the wiser. Sam made sure he wore long sleeved shirts and thankfully the weather was unusually cold for June, so that it didn't cause any suspicions.

Third and maybe most important though, was that Thor wasn't happy. He should have been ecstatic, because he'd accomplished exactly what he wanted, but all he felt was loss. He realized he missed the caressing touch and the pieces of meat the young man would sneak him underneath the table. He missed the smile and the sparkle that lit up the hazel eyes every time the overgrown human looked at him. Now there was only pain and sadness in them and they were barely looking in his direction anymore.

Could he have been wrong and Sam wasn't really that bad? No, there was absolutely no way he could be! He just felt guilty, because he knew he wasn't supposed to bite, and the day would come when Sam was going to use it against him, he was sure of it.