A/N: I meant to put up this story Last Month, but I was addicted to Soul of a Dragon. This story will use some of the terms from the newly translated Manga such as "Sailor Guardians" while using different things as well. I will explained my reasons for Which one I chose for which Senshi... um... Guardian at the end.

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Sailor Ponies

By Emma Iveli

Chapter 1: Sailor Guardians of Justice

Princess Celestia was reading Twilight's latest letter when Princess Luna suddenly came running.

"It's time." Said Princess Luna.

"They're returning?" asked Princess Celestia.

Princess Luna nodded.

"Have you finessed the connections?" asked Princess Celestia.

"I finished them 6 0f them 1,000 years ago, but I did have to tweak one due to certain reasons." Said Princess Luna, "I still need to connect the last three."

"I know who you chose for this." Said Princess Celestia with a smile.

The younger Princess nodded.

In Ponyville, Twilight was reading a very recent book about the other planets of Celestia's system. A good chunk of one chapter was about a recent dispute between Princess Luna and recent Astronomers. As Princess Luna was the creator of the other planets she declared them as such while the Astronomers in the last few years declared Pluto to not be a planet.

"I can't be live the Astronomers won't just admit their wrong." Mumbled Twilight.

That was when Spike came in holding a scroll.

"Twi, you just a letter from Princess Celestia!" said Spike.

"Really?" asked Twilight.

Twilight read it, "Looks like I need to find the others!" said Twilight.

"What do you need to find us for!" said Pinkie suddenly showing up.

Twilight screamed and jumped backwards.

"Where did you come from?" asked Twilight.

"I came to return this cookbook I barrowed." Said Pinkie.

"Oh thank you." Said Twilight.

"So what does Princess Celestia want?" asked Pinkie jumping.

"She wants to see us for some reason. She does say why." Said Twilight Sparkle.

"Well let's go see." Said Pinkie, "Let's save Rarity for last though. We might need Applejack and Dashie to get her."

"Why?" asked Twilight.

"You haven't heard about that new Jewelry Store have you?" asked Spike.

"What new Jewelry Store?" asked Twilight.

Sometime later…

At the new Jewelry Store, Rarity was fighting over a Diamond Necklace, why? Because it was only for one bit!

"Stay back! It's mine!" she yelled.

That was when she was lassoed. She was then pulled out of the store, she saw it was her five friends and it was Applejack with the rope.

"Let go of me Applejack!" yelled Rarity.

"No can do Princess Celestia was to see us." Said Applejack.

"What! Really can you untie me?" asked Rarity.

"Maybe once we're 10 miles away from that store." Said Rainbow Dash.

"Please tell me that a joke, right? Right?" asked Rarity.

Both Fluttershy and Twilight looked at the jewelry. Both of them got a strange creepy feeling from it.

"That building wasn't even there the other day." Whispered Fluttershy.

That gave Twilight a bad feeling.

Elsewhere, somewhere far away from Equestria. A purple unicorn with a fiery red mane sat on a throne. Around her were strange looking and monstrous ponies.

"Jadeite!" she called out.

That was when a red unicorn with blonde hair and a green stone for a cutie mark teleported in.

"Yes Queen Beryl." Said the unicorn named Jadeite.

"I would like to know what is your plan for gathering energy." The unicorn named Queen Beryl said.

"I have set up a shop in the town of Ponyville. Soon I will drain all I can from mares buying their jewelry." Said Jadeite.

"Very well." Said Queen Beryl with an evil smile.

In Canterlot, the 6 had arrived at the Palace, Rarity blushing slightly in embarrassment.

"I mean come on! The necklace might be just one bit but you can find a diamond any day!" laughed Rainbow Dash.

"Will you please stop talking about it." Said Rarity.

That was when they arrived in the throne room. They were surfside to see Princess Luna there with Princess Celestia.

"Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, what's wrong?" asked Twilight.

"It's not Discord again, is it?" asked Rainbow Dash.

"No he would have showed up have showed up somewhere with a mariachi band." Said Princess Luna, "Just… please don't ask me how I know that."

"It's something else Luna and I face a long time ago, a being known as Queen Metaila." Said Princess Celestia, "Over 1,000 years ago, Luna and I faced her. She… had twisted ponies into her minions. Luna and I sealed her in the northern ice lands. However much like Discord's the seal is slowly breaking, and the seal of the ponies she twisted has already broke. Practically the one on Queen Beryl and the Four Heavenly kings as they're known."

"So let me guess we have to use the Elements of Harmony Against them?" asked Rainbow Dash.

"It's a lot more complicated that than that." Said Princess Celestia.

"Under their command there are monsters known as Youma." Said Princess Luna, "The Youma will attack one by one and it would be too difficult to use the elements of Harmony every single time to fight them."

"Then why have you summoned us if we're not going to use the Elements of Harmony?" asked Twilight.

Princess Luna sighed, "I knew that one day Queen Metalia might break free or even her minions. I have been crafting powers directly tied to the other planets. Before I became Nightmare Moon I had created 6 of them. I want you to be the ones to bear these powers."

There was an awkward silence in the room.

"Aren't you going to say "Why us?" or "I don't know I can beat this mysterious power"." Said Princess Luna.

"Um… because we're used to it." Said Rainbow Dash.

"Yeah, with Nightmare Moon and Discord this will be a piece of cake." Said Pinkie.

"Let's not forgot that dragon Fluttershy sacred away." Said Applejack causing Fluttershy to blush.

"I can safely say that we all accept this." Said Twilight.

Princess Luna blinked, "Oh you took all the fun away form that." Said Princess Luna.

Princess Celestia couldn't help to giggle at Princess Luna's reaction.

Princess Luna's horn began to glow a box floated into the room and it opened revealing necklaces, she hovered a purple one in the shape of the Mercury Sign (except instead of a circle it was heart shaped).

"Rarity, you are both are both inelegant and creative, I give to you the power of Mercury. Which has the power of water and ice." Said Princess Luna.

"I object!" said Rarity.

"What? Why?" asked Princess Luna.

"Don't I resemble Venus more?" asked Rarity.

Princess Luna sighed and face hoofed, "The reason I'm giving you mercy is because all of Mercury's Powers more strategic than anything. It's defensive, not offensive. So I take you really want to fight." Said Princess Luna.

Rarity blinked, "Oh… I see… never mind." Said Rarity.

Princess Luna sighed and placed the necklace on Rarity, both she and Necklace glowed.

"Pinkie Pie." Said Princess Luna she hovered the next necklace which was pink one that was shaped like the symbol of Venus, "With you're endless energy and optimism, I give you the power of Venus which is connected to metal, light and love."

"Okey Dokey Loki!" said Pinkie accepting the pink necklace, Pinkie and the Necklace glowed.

"Rainbow Dash." Said Princess Luna as she took out a red necklace with the symbol of Mars, "With your quick reflexes and hot temper I grant you the powers of Mars, which has the power of fire."

"I would have preferred lighting but fire's cool." Said Rainbow Dash expecting it as both she and the necklace glowed.

"Applejack." Said Princess Luna taking out a green necklace that was the symbol of Jupiter, "With your connection to plants and tree I give you the power of Jupiter, with the powers of wood and to a lesser extent Lighting."

"Why does mine look the number four?" asked Applejack.

"Long story." Said Princess Luna who sighed, she turned to Fluttershy, "Fluttershy, I need to tell the powers of Saturn, you see… well the thing is… I chose it's Powers shortly before I became Nightmare Moon, I granted the planet Saturn the power of Destruction and Rebirth. I was very bitter, I wasn't able to change it power source because it was too late, but I did change the details. While the chances are small that some pony will ever unlock it's full powers, I did manage to make it defense only. Fluttershy I understand if you if you don't want the powers… I can always wait to give you something else."

"What do you mean defense?" asked Fluttershy.

"You have the power to create indestructible barriers to protect anyone." Said Princess Luna.

"I will take it." Said Fluttershy.

"Thank you." Said Princess Luna, "You're the only chose to bear it."

She lifted a pale pink necklace that was in the shape of the Saturn Symbol and placed it on the timid Pegasus, the necklace and Fluttershy glowed when it was placed on her.

"And Twilight Sparkle." Said Princess Luna, "You have proven yourself time and again that you are the perfect pony to be my sister's student. And that is why I'm give you the most powerful of all of them. The Power of the Moon. I know it's not a planet, but it connected to my own powers."

"Of course I accept." Said Twilight.

Princess Luna lifted of one shaped like a lavender crescent moon and placed it on Twilight's neck.

"There's a few things I need to explain." Said Princess Luna.

"Like unlike the elements of Harmony they don't have any power unless we a certain phrase which then gives us costumes?" asked Pinkie.

"How… how did you know that?" asked Princess Luna.

"I know because the author has done this genre so many times… usually involving gender bending." Said Pinkie.

Princess Luna blinked, then decided to move on.

"Pinkie is right, you must all say the planet of you power, then say "Power! Make-up!" then you will be in your Sailor Guardian Form." Said Princess Luna, "Expect for Twilight you're phrase is Moon Prism Power Make-up."

"How do you know that they're moving now?" asked Twilight.

"One of them set up a new shop right in Ponyville days ago." Said Princess Luna, "They literally just built a building over night."

All of 6 f their eyes winded.

"One of you went to the store didn't you?" asked Princess Celesta.

"Rarity did." Said Applejack.

"I'm afraid that whatever they're selling has a nefarious purpose." Said Princess Luna.

At the new Jewelry Store one by one the ponies began to faint. The Clerk at the store laughed evilly.

"Yes, give your energy to the Dark Kingdom." She laughed.

Back at the Palace.

"Let us never speak of this again." Said Rarity, "And I mean it this time."

"You have to go there right away." Said Princess Celestia, "We don't know how many ponies are in danger."

The they nodded… but of course…

"Do you think we should this transformation thing now?" asked Rainbow Dash.

"A few more things before you go." Said Princess Luna, "There is a special magic felid around you that prevents anyone from recognizing you… even at time it will be very obvious. Please try to keep it a secret from everyone. Even your family. Although I think it would be a good idea to tell Spike."

"I think we can do that." Said Twilight.

"Also each of you have code names. They are Sailor before your planet's name, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Venus, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter…" explained Princess Luna.

"Secret powers are so new to her!" sang Pinkie.

Everyone stared at Pinkie for a second.

"Sorry couldn't help myself." Giggled Pinkie.

"Sailor Saturn and Sailor Moon." Said Princess Luna, "And the last thing."

"Which is?" asked Twilight.

"There will be three more Sailor Guardians to join you, I have already chosen them however their powers aren't read yet." Said Princes Luna, "Which is I need to ask you. Get as many ponies to believe that Pluto is a planet. I can't create the powers of Pluto unless many Ponies believe it's a Planet, not a "Dwarf Planet" like all of those Astronomers says, it's a planet… sure I made it the quirky planet but it's still a planet."

Princess Celestia cleared her throat.

"Sorry about the ramble… just try to find a way to help." Said Princess Luna, "I really want to do Pluto before Uranus and Neptune."

"We'll do that." Said Twilight, unsure how to respond to that, she knew Princess Celestia had a plan to take of that.

"Be careful and don't worry once you transform, you'll know how to use your powers." Said Princess Luna.

"Is everyone ready?" asked Twilight.

The others nodded.

"Mars Power!" called out Rainbow Dash.

"Venus Power!" called out Pinkie.

"Jupiter Power!" called out Applejack.

"Mercury Power!" called out Rarity."

"Saturn Power…" Fluttershy mumbled.

"Moon Prism Power!" called out Twilight.

"Make-up!" all of them called out.

There was a bright flash of light. And they were all in the same outfits when the light cleared, all of them wore a sailor collar, skirt and choker that was the same color as their necklace, which now took the form of brooches, the brooches were on ribbon that was attached to their sailor collars (which were a different color than the other things on them: light blue for Rarity, neon pink for Pinkie, sky blue for Rainbow Dash, orange for Applejack, yellow for Fluttershy and fuchsia for Twilight), on their front legs were white socks with a lining that match their color (expect for Twilight who's match her ribbon) and on their back legs were different shoes that matched their colors (Twilight and Rarity had long boots, Pinkie had flat shoes with a ribbon around her ankle, Rainbow Dash had high heels, Applejack had short boots and Fluttershy had long boots that were laced up) and on their forehead was a golden tiara with their color's gem stone in the middle, Twilight also had wing shaped berets in her mane.

"You are now the Sailor Guardians." Said Princess Luna, "You'll just have to focus on changing back when it's over, any more questions?"

"why am I the only one in high heels?" asked Rainbow Dash… um… Sailor Mars.

"Remember, I made these 1,000 before I even knew you." Pointed out Luna.

"Oh yeah." Said Sailor Mars.

"Ponyville needs you right now." Said Princess Celestia.

"We're on it." Said Twilight… well.. Sailor Moon.

Sometime later they made it to the new shop. They found the clerk laughing slowly changing to a horrible looking monster while all the ponies were around her unconscious.

"Thank you for dragging me out there when you did." Said Rarity… well Sailor Mercury.

"I thought we weren't going to mention it again." Pointed out Applejack… Sailor Jupiter.

Sailor Mercury glared at her.

"Who's there!" yelled the monster.

That was when the Sailor Guardians came out of their hiding spot.

"What the…" said Monster, "Are you supposed to scare me!"

"What's that supposed to mean?" asked Sailor Mars.

"You're just some ponies dressed up for Nightmare Night." Mocked the monster.

"I'll show you!" yelled Sailor Mars, she when she suddenly shoots fire from her hooves shouting "Fire Soul!"

The fire hit the monster sending it to the ground.

"I retract my stamen!" called out the monster.

"Oh! Oh! Let me try!" called out Pinkie… well Sailor Venus, she shot out a beam that was two crescent moons , "Crescent Beam!"

IT his the monster causing it shout in pain.

"That's it!" yelled the monster, "You have given your energy! Now rise my minions!"

That was when the unconscious ponies all began to get up with blank looks in their eyes.

"This isn't good." Said Sailor Moon.

"Maybe mien might be of help." Said Sailor Mercury, "She did say my power is defensive and strategic."

Sailor Mercury proceeded to send out bubbled while calling out "Sabao Spray!" It created a heavy fog that none of the brainwashed ponies or the monster could see though… yet the Sailor Guardians seemed to be able to.

"Bubbles and fog… seems pretty useless." Said Sailor Mars.

"It's supposed to be defensive and strategy!" argued Sailor Mercury.

"I can hear you!" shouted the monster.

That was when the monster hoof ended out that seemed to morph into a sharp claw, Fluttershy… well Sailor Saturn, stepped forward and called out "Silence Wall!" a black net like barrier popped up and blocked the monster's claw.

"Okay… I will admit that one is useful!" said Sailor Mars.

Sailor Saturn blushed when she said that.

"Why you! "shouted the monster.

"Now it's my turn!" said Sailor Jupiter, that was when she launched out orange flowers, "Flower Hurricane!"

The flowers hit the monster harming her.

"I think its' my turn." Said Sailor Moon.

She closed her eyes and used her magic to remove her tiara, she threw her tiara which began to glow while shouting "Moon Tiara Action!"

The tiara hit the monster which turned into dust. The ponies which were bumping into was walls and tripping because of the fog began to regain their senses.

"Well… that was interesting." Said Sailor Jupiter.

Meanwhile with Jadeite he was looking at a ball of energy which suddenly disappeared, he scowled.

"It must have been the Princesses." He muttered.

The next day in the library, Spike was reading the newspaper while talking to Twilight.

"So everyone vaguely remember seeing strangely dressed ponies fight off a monster and only think it was a dream?" he asked.

"Yes." Said Twilight.

"And it was you and the others began Princess Luna gave you these new powers." Said Spike.

Twilight nodded.

"Makes sense." Said Spike, "I mean you guys do seem to be in charge of saving Equestria lately."

Twilight was about to say something but she could. He was right, it did turn into them saving Equestria lately… Even if transforming into strange sailor suits to it this time around. It just came with the job of being Princess Celestia's prized student.

Next Time: Jadeite takes over the strangest store in all of Ponyville: Quills and Sofas in order to gather energy. Will it work or will it fail due to either the Guardians saving the day or the fact that the store only sells two things.

A/N: Here's the reasons for each Guardian to each Pony:

Twilight: I don't really need to say anything... so yeah... I'm just going to leave it be.

Rarity: While Mercury is my favorite, she doesn't do a good job fighting, and I really doubt Rarity would get down and dirty fighting... even it does involve magic.

Pinkie: I don't think I would be able to explain it.

Rainbow Dash: Her secondary color is red and she fits better with fire than Applejack does. So yeah...

Applejack: If you don't read the manga (which is very unlikely after gauging certain very recent numbers) Jupiter has the secondary power of wood. I decided to twitch the two powers around... so yeah... Applejack later might get a lighting powers, but for now it's wood based.

Fluttershy: Fluttershy was the most difficult due to her timid nature then I remembered "Silence Wall" IE a barrier attack that Saturn uses. I thought of many ideas how to go though with having Fluttershy be Sailor Saturn, should Luna lie about the truth about her powers or no. Then I realized have Luna imply that Fluttershy is the only that can truly control the powers by willing that the true powers of Saturn never awaken.

So there you go...