Chapter 14: The Derp Side of the Moon

"And that's why I was chosen by the Princesses to be Sailor Pluto." Said Derpy.

Twilight, Flattish, Rainbow Dash, Rarity and Applejack all those there gaping.

"I knew it!" yelled Pinkie, "How else would be able to determine the freshness of muffins."

"So is that whey Pinkie is Pinkie?" asked Rainbow Dash.

"No… it's not. They told me her powers are far weaker than mine." Said Derpy.

"So the pinkie sense is explainable." Said Twilight, she mumbled something that sounded like, "I should have just asked Princess Celestia."

"Well I have to go." Said Derpy, "It's my day to pick up Dinky."

"You know I never met your husband." Said Twilight.

Derpy glared at the purple unicorn.

"You haven't been here that long, so you have no idea about the relationship I have with my Ex-husband." Said Derpy, "The other pony who picks Dinky up is Sparkler, Dinky's older half sister on her father's side."

"I see…" said Twilight.

"Never bring him up again… unless he's town… but that would be stupid." Said Derpy.

Derpy flew out the window.

"So…" said Twilight.

"Her ex was a horrible pony who used mares, he was run out of town a year before you came here." Said Rarity.

"I see." Said Twilight.

Back at the school the children were being let out, when Derpy arrived.

"Mommy!" said Dinky happily.

"Hi my little muffin!" said Derpy picking her up.

"Can we see Carrot Top today?" asked Dinky.

"Sure!" said Derpy.

Meanwhile Derpy's hapless best friend was going home with groceries, muttering things, when she saw "Maxfield Stallion" looking for something.

"Hey there." Said Carrot Top.

"Oh it's you again." Said "Maxfield", "Is your special talent grocery shopping?"

"I wish." Said Carrot Top, "Then I wouldn't mind when my best friend empties my fridge several times a week."

"So do you know where a pony named Pokey Peirce is?" asked Maxfield.

"Look for some place selling balloons" said Carrot Top.

"What?" asked "Maxfield".

That was when a nearby store kicked out said unicorn.

"There he is." Said Carrot Top

"Oh come on!" yelled Pokey Piece.

"And take you're new hatpin with you!" yelled the store clerk.

The store clerk tossed out his hatpin.

"So…" said Maxfield.

"His Special Talent is popping balloons." Said carrot top.

"Maxfield" sighed, this was going to be a very weird one. He walked over to the hatpin on the ground, giving it his mark.

"Here's your hatpin." Said "Maxfield", while thinking "This is going to be a weird one."

Pokey Peirce used his magic to levitate the pin, that was when he felt a power surge unlike every other.

Carrot Top shrugged and continued her way home.

"Carrot Top!" came a cheerful voice.

She looked up and saw Derpy with Dinky on her back flying towards her.

"Did you actually get your job done today?" asked Carrot Top.

"I told you yesterday the Princesses called me, what was I supposed to do?" asked Derpy.

Carrot Top sighed at that one.

"Can you make muffins for us Carrot Top." Said Dinky.

Carrot Top sighed, then looked at Derpy, "Stop using her to get me to make you muffins."

The next day, Derpy was doing her usual morning route when she arrived at the library, she knocked on the door and Twilight opened it.

"It's the new book I ordered." Said Twilight, "Think you Derpy."

"You're welcome Twilight." Said Derpy.

Derpy was about to fly off.

"Wait!" said Twilight.

"Yeah?" asked Derpy.

"Do you want o have lunch today?" asked Twilight, "I was planning to go with some of the others."

"Sure!" said Derpy, "I have nothing better to do!"

Later that day, Twilight, Fluttershy, Applejack and Derpy were eating lunch.

"So…" said Twilight, "What does your Cutie Mark mean?"

"My love of bubble wrap! I partially get paid in bubble wrap for my work!" said Derpy.

"That doesn't sound good," said Twilight.

"Pinkie gets partially paid in cupcakes." Pointed out Applejack.

"Oh… yeah…" said Twilight.

"Where is Pinkie Pie? She was supposed to meet us." Said Fluttershy.

That was when Pinkie arrived.

"You won't believe this! Pokey Pierce has gone insane!" yelled Pinkie.

"What?" asked applejack.

"It's hard to explain but I need you come to sugar cube corner!" said Pinkie.

They got to Sugar Cube Corner… where they saw Pokey Pierce holding Mrs. Cake hostage with his hat pin, while forcing Mr. Cake to blow up balloons.

"Do it! Or I will stab your wife!" said Pokey Peirce.

"Stop right there!" yelled Twilight.

Pokey Peirce gasped, "Princess Celestia's student, what's her face." He said, "Sorry, but I never caught your name."

"Really?" asked Twilight.

"I know weird right… I mean you saved Equestria twice and yet I never learned your name… brain fart." Said Pokey Peirce whop then turned crazy again, "Get back or the woman gets poked."

"Please save me!" cried Mrs. Cake.

"It's only a hat pin…" said Applejack.

That was when the mark of Nephrite began to glow, as did the hatpin. That was when there was a flash of light and a pin unicorn monster appeared.

"Pin unicorn Youma!" corrected Pinkie.

Right… Pin Unicorn Youma… I haven't written this in a while you know!

That was when the Youma pinned Mr. and Mrs. Cake into the wall before bolting out the door.

"Someone call the Sailor Guardians!" yelled Derpy, "I mean they can be anywhere."

There was an awkward silence… somehow Derpy had forgotten.

"Come on…" said Twilight tugging on her tail.

They left the Cakes still pinned to the wall.

"I wonder what that was about." Said Mr. Cake.

"I don't know." Said Mrs. Cake.

Outside the Pin Youma headed to its destination…

However, the Sailor Moon, Sailor Venus, Sailor Saturn, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Pluto all jumped in front of them.

"You're not getting passed us!" said Sailor Moon.

"Well Sailor brats! You're about to be turned into pin cushions!" laughed the Youma evilly.

"Boo!" yelled a spectator.

"That was lame one!" yelled another.

"You suck!" yelled a third.

"I'm not meant to entertain, if I was then I would have sucked someone else dry!" said the Youma.

The Youma sighed and aimed several pins at the group.

"Silence Wall…"

The shield black the pins and the Youma jumped back.

"I'll have to try something that will work." Said the Youma.

Sailor Pluto stood before the Youma and glared.

"So you want to play…" said the Youma.

A window blew between the two.

"What was my attack called again?" asked Sailor Pluto.

"You forgot?" asked Sailor Moon.

"No wait…" said Sailor Pluto, "I have an idea!"

That was when Sailor Pluto took out several sheet of bubble wrap.

"Ooh! Bubble wrap!" said the Pin Youma.

It began to pop the bubble wrap.

"Now I remember!" said Sailor Pluto.

"Dead Scream!"

The purple ball hit the pin Youma.

"Yay! I got him!" cheered Sailor Pluto.

"Dirty trick!" yelled the Pin Youma.

"Crescent Beam!"

The attack hit the Pin Youma, causing it to be sent flying into a nearby wall.

Sailor Moon sighed… this was getting really weird.

She also knew she had to end it.

"Moon Tiara Action!"

The tiara hit the Pin Youma and destroyed.

"So… what's her name?" asked a young colt.

"Oh… Sailor Pluto." Said Sailor Jupiter.

"Awesome!" yelled the colt.

"I wonder if ad to with Princess Luna's pushing of Pluto being a planet." Said another colt.

Sailor Pluto then saw the bubble wrap… and cried. "Noooooooooo! That my last bubble wrap!"

"It's okay! I'm sure you can get more soon." Comforted Sailor Venus.

Nearby, Nephrite watched, he face hoofed.

"Note to self. If a pony had a really weird Cutie Mark don't drain their energy." Said Nephrite.

"Well you failed again." Said Zoisite appearing his usual petals of flowers.

"You can say it…" said Nephrite.

"Okay then…" said Zoisite, "What the hay was that!"

"I don't know!" said Nephrite.

"Lets pretend this one never happened." Said Zoisite.

"Agreed." Said Nephrite.

"Oh wait… I like when you fail this badly." Said Zoisite, "That was hilarious… seriously! A pony who's lot in life is to pop balloons!"

Nephrite grumbled under his breath.

That night Derpy was crying… why?

"I wont' be able to be pain until next week!" she cried.

"Why did you use up all of your bubble wrap so soon?" asked Carrot Top.

"I can't tell you! It's secret!" cried Derpy.

Carrot Top could only nod and went to reading a book about cooking while tuning out her best friend crying over her bubble wrap.

And so Derpy faced off for the first time against one of Nephrite's Youma... wasn't it was weird coincidence that it was against a Youma that was created from the need to pop balloons… weird… really, really weird…

Next Time: Rainbow Dash gets a letter from the Wonder Bolts telling her that they will be in town for a few days. To say she would be excited would be an underestimate, however one of them is acting strangely. Could she be a target or no? Find out next time!