Peter and Megan ship cause we all know its meant to be.

Peter enters the lab almost apprehensively it seems to Megan and being her usual intrusive self she cant help but delve into his personal she had recently perfected this method of acting disinterested while questioning someone so as not to tip them off that you are on to them,she decided it was time for a human test trial.

Meagn:'late night Peter?' while asking this she is trying to pinpoint the entry gunshot worked she had caught Peter off guard,of course he still looked like a deer caught in the headlights.

Peter:always trying the diversion tactic 'uh no,besides taking a second look over these case files last night,my night was otherwise ordinary'

Megan:'and was there a lady friend helping you with that?' she couldnt understand why that snagged on her just a bit.

Peter:'no,just me,look Megan can we just concentrate on the victim here-

Megan:'oh come on Peter I thought we were over all the 'dont invade my private space ' problem'

Peter:'we are and there is nothing to tell if I had a problem as your partner I would tell you and dont forget the last time we delved into my private life you kept everyone else up to date on it too'

Megan:'you forget I read bodies for a living and what I see in you at this very moment is a stressed man,come on Peter whats bothering you,your starting to worry me now'

Peter: head bowed in defeat trying to avoid Megans pleading eyes he surrenders just this once to her pleas,'ok well its just that my sisters want to visit and their idea of spending quality time is to stay at my place,all three,next weekend'

Megan:'thats it thats all,Peter I think your sisters are lovely,they're family'

Peter:'this coming from the woman who has phantom of the opera as her ringtone for her mother'

Megan:'its kind of fitting dont you think'

Peter:he smiles at this because he doenst know what else is appropriate,Megans peculiar relationship with her mother always interested him.'would you fo the same for your mother?'

Megan:'of course I would let her stay at mine provided I wasnt staying there also'

Peter:'thats just it,thats the problem,my place is a small batchelor pad,I cant possibly fit three woman in there even if I cleared out the guest room'

Megan:'well Peter you know I have two guest rooms and a sofa bed for that unlucky guest in my studio-

Peter:'oh no Megan I wasnt fishing if thats what you think I was just sharing-

Megan:'yes,sharing war stories I get it but seriously they are only going to waste'

Peter:'what if Lacey decides to stay over?'

Megan:'shes gone to some riding retreat with her friends for the week'

Peter:'I really wouldnt want to put you out'

Megan:'honestly I think you'll be doing me a favour,I'm so alone in that apartement sometimes I think I'd enjoy the company'

Peter:'are you sure?'

Megan:'this will give me time to take out the cookbook and use the good china'

Peter:'if I agree to this will you please promise not to cook,I dont want any of them sick for the week'

Megan:'ha,ha well you certainly perked up'

Peter:'by the way,I hope I wont make you feel uncomfortable if I was to drop by and take the girls out for the day,I will call first of course'

Megan:'Peter if your sisters are welcome you are always welcome'

Peter:'right well I better ring and warn them about what they are getting into'

He is unsure and why wouldnt he be,she has never been good with the living and he has poited this out on more than one occasion but oh well it was an adventure at the very least.

Megan smirks at Peter as if to say its yourself you should be worried about,she was planning on bonding quite well with the girls and hopefully gain a new insight into Peters childhood,anything she can bribe him with in the future.