The Power of Love: Chapter One

Disclaimer: I don't own Disney's Mulan.  I'm not making any profit by writing this story.  I do own Ta-Ni, Yi-Pek, and Ma Ti.

By: Susan

Summary: Mulan is kidnapped from her wedding in order to save the honor in Shan Yu's family. Can she show Shan Yu's brother what true love is? Will she still marry Shang?

A/N: This is a sequel to my story, After Dinner, although you don't really need to read it in order to grasp the concept of the story ;)  Enjoy. ;)


The wedding day kept coming closer and closer, though no one in the Fa family had expected it to be so soon. When Mulan had awoken that lovely, summer morning, she knew it would be the best of her life. Mulan was to be a summer bride. She would marry her handsome captain in town, and she would be happier than ever before.

Mulan arose from her pillow to the rooster's steady crow. She yawned and rubbed her eyes, realizing that she must be ready by that afternoon. Her mother and grandmother clambered into her room eager for the day to come. Mulan sat up, smiling at their excited faces.

"Oh, Mulan, I'm so excited, I haven't been to a wedding since my youngest sister was married!"

"I haven't been to a wedding since my own," Grandmother Fa said, reaching to give Mulan a hug.

"Nonsense, Grandma, you were at Fa Zhou's and my wedding. Your son obviously married after you did."

"Oh yeah," Their grandmother said, "Forgot about that. Though it wasn't exactly the highlight of my life, you marrying into the family."

"Grandmother!" Fa Li said, shocked.

"Oh, take a joke, dear. Of course I was at your wedding, and you looked wonderful, and it was a very special day of my life." She turned towards Mulan and smiled happily. "This will be a special day of my life as well." Mulan smiled back at her grandmother.

"Mulan, dear, I have something for you to wear later today." Mulan's mother said, reaching into her dress and pulling out a small wooden box. My mother gave it to me on my wedding, and I'd like you to have it." Mulan opened the box, slipping the red beaded bracelet onto her wrist.

"Mama, it's beautiful," Mulan said happily, hugging her.

"Here you are dear, I have something for my favorite granddaughter as well."

"Grandmother, I'm your only granddaughter." Mulan told her.

"Oh, right." Her grandmother said sheepishly, slipping two white pebbles into her hands. They were the smoothest pebbles Mulan had ever felt, and she looked down at them, confused. "They're wishing stones." Her grandmother said, as though that explained it all.

"Wishing stones?" Mulan asked.

"Yes dear, one for you, one for your captain. Make a wish on yours every night after your marriage. It brings you good luck and happiness in the future, and your wishes come true." Mulan slid the pebbles around in her hand gingerly.

"Thank you, grandma." She hugged her, then said, "Grandma, wouldn't you like to give the matching stone to Shang yourself? After all, I won't see him today, at least until after the wedding."

"Good idea." Grandmother Fa said, taking the stone back and slipping it into her apron. "I wouldn't want you to forget to give it to him, with all the excitement that'll come after the wedding." She gave Mulan a knowing look, and she blushed in embarrassment.

"Mulan, shall we bathe you now?" Her mother asked. Mulan nodded and her grandmother filled the bath with warm water. They cleaned her hair and body with special soaps, dried her, then rubbed oil on her face and skin. Her mother brushed her hair out four times, the first time symbolizing from beginning until the end, the second, harmony, from now until old age, the third, many children, and the fourth, wealth and a long lasting marriage. Mulan smiled as the brush slid through her soft hair. Her mother arranged it in a formal hairstyle, lifting it to the top of her head. She changed into clean underclothes, then her mother handed her a newly sewn beaded red dress. It was fancy and beautiful, and Mulan slipped it on and twirled around in it. Her mother and grandmother smiled approvingly. Fa Li had taken her daughter's measurements the day after Shang had proposed, and though that was weeks ago, the dress fit her daughter well. Red was the color of joy, and Fa Li certainly felt it as she saw Mulan twirling around happily.

"Oh, Mama, it's wonderful, thank you so much!"

"Mulan, darling, it's nothing, I'm just happy because you are happy." She smiled at her daughter's excited face.

"Oh, thank you, Mama." She gave her mother a loving hug and kissed her cheek, while her grandmother began to apply her makeup. A white face, red lips, dark eyes, blush. When Grandmother Fa was finished, Mulan looked more beautiful than ever before. Mulan's mother pulled out the clip Mulan had left on their bedside table the night she had gone to war, and slipped it into her hair. She smiled at her reflection in her mirror, eager for the rest of the day to come.