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Hey guyz! Been a while my beloved readers. So here's my second Kemono no Souja Erin fanfic. And the second fanfic in Kemono no Souja Erin archieve. Still two, huh. The truth that I thought I'd cry whenever I thought of that. And I'm upset. Still am, in fact. I thought that if I'd start writing one, I could encourage other authors (who's a way lot better than me) who's also watching this anime would write too. But guess I'm mistaken. *sigh* Okay, back to my story. I assume you guys are wondering why I started writing another fanfic even I still haven't finished the previous one. It's because I got this really wonderful idea somewhere and it really fits for the two (which is Erin and Ial). So I immediately started to make it before it would totally slip out of my mind cause I always have this bad habit which is I'm SO forgetful which also the reason that took me to update the previous fanfic SO long. Also, I have a doubt of this title. Somehow it doesn't fit the story, somehow it's a bit cheesy (that it creeps me). But it's the only title I could think so far as I know due to my current low level of knowledge in grammar. Anyway, here's my story. But just like the other story, I want to apologize in advance for my poor grammar. Still, I hope you like it.

Anime: Kemono no Souja Erin

Major Pairings: Ial and Erin

Summary: Once upon a time, in the holy land of Ryoza, there lived a girl named Erin. She has the power to control all sacred beasts so the palace used her as a trump card to win over the war. On the other side, there is a soldier called Ial and was very loyal to the kingdom of Ryoza. One day when Ial was taking his free time, he saw Erin and instantly fell for her. However, it didn't go out well because during the war, Erin was killed by an enemy soldier. Ial was very depressed after. Will there be a happy ending for this story?

Disclaimer: Kemono no Souja Erin doesn't belong to me but this story with full of grammar errors is mine.

"They're beautiful, aren't they?"

"Yeah. They really are. They look like some shining diamonds among the darkness."

The two best friends exclaimed as they gazed the stars in the beautiful vast night sky.

"Hey, Ial. I'm gonna join the kingdom's army."

The guy with an expressionless face turned to glance at his friend then eventually returned to its original position. He didn't say anything but he just listened to his friend.

"It's been my dream since I was still little. I want to go to war to do something I can be proud of."

Still, Ial didn't say anything and Kyle continued to talk.

"The Lazal Kingdom is tyrant that they even tried to conquer Ryoza. Ryoza is a tiny kingdom and yet bravely hold its sword up high!" Kyle boasted childishly as he held his hands up. Ial snorted at this and decided to say something.

"You're serious 'bout that?"

"Hm? Why is that?"

"Of course, it's the noble ting to do, fighting to save the kingdom and all. But I think that decision of yours is just like marching off to your own death. That's what war is – death." said Ial without taking off his sight to the night sky.

"If you just slack here and do nothing it wouldn't have any meaning. Whether I come home hero or die fighting for what is good, I couldn't care less. I just want to leave behind proof that I was alive, something that proves I made a difference in this world."

Then there was a silence.

"Listen, Ial. Everyone knows how good you are with a sword. You have a gift." Kyle said with a feeling that he could convince his friend.

"Knock it off. It aint like that at all. I just train for self defense. And in secret too." Ial explained.

Kyle snorted. He knew all along that convincing his hard minded friend was no easy thing to do. So he gave up on it instead.

"Whatever. But it sure is a shame. The kingdom could use a guy like you right now."

"It doesn't care me."

"Ah,ah. It's look like he won't really see me off. Heh. It's not like I won't see him again either." Kyle smiled as he said to himself.

Once again, he looked backed at his hometown.

"See you again, my beloved town. I promise. When I come back here I would become a person you'd be proud of." grinned as he swore to his homeland.

"Not so fast, Kyle." Some familiar voice interrupted.

"Ial. What's with that getup? You're coming with me after all?" Kyle uttered as he saw his friend with a travel appearance.

"Yeah. I was somewhat convinced by your motivation. And I would kinda miss if you if you're gone, so I decided to come with you. Also gaining a title won't be bad." Ial said while he walked towards his friend.

Kyle just smiled.

"Let's go."

Author's Note: Haha. Pretty short. Well, next time I'll make sure it would be longer than this.