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As Ial entered their quarters, he slowly walked into his room. Carefully opened the door and tried his best not to shut it loudly, avoiding to awake the sleeping soldiers. It was dark inside the room but thanks to the moon light he can still see. He slowly approached to his bed and sat on it. On the opposite side of his bed, is the bed of his friend Kyle, who is comfortably sleeping on it. He sighed. He was so tired that he intended not to bother changing his clothes and immediately fall into slumber. But as he closes his eyes, he can still see the image of the girl she just encountered. He sighed again.

"Oi, where have you been? Did you encounter some problem again?" Kyle who's not actually asleep suddenly spoke with his eyes remained closed.

"Nothing in particular." Ial answered with his usual cold expression and taciturn tone.

"Aw, come on!" Kyle got up and faced Ial.

"I'm your pal! You know, buddy that you can share your insecurities." Kyle insisted Ial.

Ial finally gave up and sighed. He knows more than anyone that he won't stop until he spills it out.

"Okay, I'll tell you. But it's not really a problem."

"Then what?"

"When I was talking a walk, I saw this girl. And then when I got here I can't erase her inside of my mind." Ial just gave him a short explanation. He hates long statements.

"Hmmmmm…" Kyle stared at his friend with wary eyes. Like an observer taking notes of every actions of his subject. Ial found this creepy.

"W-Why are staring at me like that?"

"May I ask you some questions?"

"Go ahead."

"Is that girl pretty?"

"Hmm…well when I looked at her, she was surprisingly attractive." Ial answered while trying to recall the last events.

"Are you interested in her?" Kyle asked mockingly. Depending on his answer he can make an inaccurate hypothesis. But Ial didn't notice it.


"…" Kyle was speechless. He just stared his friend. Then his expression suddenly shifted into a wide grin. And then laughed.

"Then you fell for her!"


"And you're having problems because we soldiers are not allowed to take women. And you're starting to have doubts of your loyalty. R I G H T?" Kyle said with a very taunting tone that it makes Ial irritated.

"Such stupidity. I'm just interested of her because she's such a mysterious girl."

"That's the other definition of falling in love. The girl seems so mysterious that you want to know everything about her."

"Stupid!" Ial was really irritated that he just decided to sleep.

"Just sleep already, we're gonna have our training tomorrow." Ial laid down facing to the other side and closed his eyes.

"'Kay!" Kyle also laid down and decided to sleep.

Still Ial can't sleep so he opened his eyes.

Love, huh?

Morning comes and the rays of the suns seem to burn into the sight of the people. The soldiers were already out and lined perfectly at the field.

"Ah,ah. What's the reason of this gathering early in the morning." Kyle lazily exclaimed as he yawned.

"It's training remember?" Ial answered still irritated at his friend.

"Oh, yeah right. I forgot."

"But it's strange." Ial concluded.

"Huh? What's strange?"

"It's a training for soldiers but why is there some civilians?" Ial turned his sight to the people standing on the other side. He also noticed that the people seem to be looking for someone to appear.

"Maybe they want to see the training of us handsome soldiers." Kyle said flippantly.

Ial was already way too irritated that he glared at him.

"It's a joke, a joke! Haha."

Ial just turned away and returned to his original pose. But he heard some soldiers talking.

"Did you hear it? The main reason of this gathering was not actually training."

"Seriously? Then what is it?"

"It was just a rumor but they say that Erin is in the castle."

"Erin? As in the girl who used to be the number one harp player here in Ryoza?"

Harp player?

When Ial heard that, his eyes suddenly widened.

"Yes. Not just that. They said that she's gonna appear for the first time."

"I can't wait for that."

"Oi, oi. It's just a rumor."

"Yeah, I know. But what if it's true?"

Harp player? Do they mean- no that can't be. She's not the only one who can play harp. Even I can do it.

While Ial was talking to himself, he's not aware that their superior was already on the balcony of the castle. He just came back to reality when the crowd suddenly bursted in shout and screams.

"W-What is it?"

"They're here." Kyle answered.

The first who appeared is a guy wearing a blue robe and holding a rose. He has a shoulder-length blonde hair and a (fake) gentle smile.

"Kyaa! It's Damiya-sama! Just as rumor says, he's handsome." One of the girls among the civilians exclaimed.

"But, I also heard that he's such a womanizer." The other girl said


The second who appeared was a tall dark man. Wearing an armor similar to a soldier but there are few garments in his clothes that he's a high ranking noble. Ial immediately recognized him because he was none other but Hagal, his superior.

The third one was a sturdy looking one. He's also one of a soldier but his armor is different. It was like a uniform of a high-ranked noble from another part of the country.

"It's Nugan-sama. He's handsome but he's not my type due to his gloomy expression." Again, one of the girl said.

"Your right." The other one agreed.

The fourth person who arrived was also strong looking man but he has a bright expression and kind-looking. He was also wearing the same Nugan was wearing.

"Uwah, uwah, uwaaaahhh! It's Shunan-samaaaa!"

"Kyaaaa~ Shunan-sama!"

All of sudden, almost all of the girls were on rampage due to Shunan's appearance.

"Shu-Shunan-sama, . . . . . .he's totally my type!" The same girl a while ago was in paronoia again.

"But I also heard that Shunan-sama is engaged to the princess." The other one said.

"WHAAATT? Oh no! My Ooji-sama!"

"Kora! Shut up! Everyone can hear you!" The other girl scolded the girl.

"Ah, ah. Girls." Kyle, muttered.

Lastly a person appeared, not a man but a girl. She has a pair of bright jade eyes and shoulder-length grass-colored hair.

As the girl slowly reveals herself, Ial also slowly widened his eyes.

Then, the crowd suddenly got loud.

"It's Erin!"


The crowd welcomed her with a very heartwarming praises.

A very wide but gentle smile was formed on the girl's face.

"Everyone!" The girl spoke.

"I am Erin! Nice to meet you all!"

Then the crowd grew louder. But Ial remained silent, eyes still widened.

It's that girl! It's her!

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