Title: Hunted

Author: Sarge

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   Once they had arrived back at Sanctuary, Adam immediately had Brennan carry Shalimar to the lab and the other two followed as well. As Adam worked on Shalimar, Brennan retold the story of what had happened to them...Well, most of the story.

   "Whoa, whoa, whoa…are you saying that Shalimar pulled you all the way out of the water with a bullet wound in her shoulder?" Jesse asked with an unbelieving look on his face.

   Brennan nodded. "Yeah, she did. I don't know how. All I know is that she saved my life and for that, I owe her big time," he replied.

   "By what you've told us so far, I'm guessing that the cold water made her numb and she didn't even feel anything when she pulled you out," Adam said logically.

   "Yeah, maybe," Brennan agreed.

   "Then what happened?" Emma asked, almost excitedly.

   'We admitted we were in love with each other and then kissed,' Brennan thought to himself. "Oh, we just got up and walked to the hunting cabin."

   Emma looked kind of disappointed. "That's it? No white light at the end of a tunnel? No 'I thought I was going to die and I realized that I never told you that I was in love with you' lines?"

   "Emma!" all three men scolded.

   "Sorry!" she exclaimed as she threw up her hands in surrender and then looked down at the floor. "I've watched way too many sappy movies."

   "You can say that again," Brennan muttered.

   "Anyway, what else happened?" Jesse asked.

   Brennan continued to tell the story and by the time he was done, Adam had finished fixing up Shalimar.

   "Alright. Well, Shalimar needs to rest in quiet and I'm sure you," he looked over at Brennan, "could use some rest too. So, I want you all out of the lab until I tell you that you can come back in. Ok?" Adam said.

   All three of them nodded and then wandered out of the lab.

   Brennan stopped at the door and glanced back at Shalimar.

   "She'll be fine, Brennan. She just needs rest," Adam said when he saw Brennan stop and look back.

   Brennan merely nodded as he walked out of the lab.

   Sometime later that evening, while everyone thought he was asleep, Brennan quietly slipped into the lab and pulled up a chair beside Shalimar. Gently taking her hand in his, he just sat there and watched her sleep. Before he knew it, he was starting to doze off.

   He was on a balcony overlooking a beautiful beach. The sun was warm and the air was fresh. It was perfect. Just then, he suddenly jumped when he felt arms slither around his waist, but when he realized who it was; he leant into the arms and smiled.

   "Good Morning," the female voice behind him greeted.

   "'Morning," he replied as he turned himself around, still in her arms, so he could face the beautiful woman who was standing there. Bending down slightly, he kissed her on the lips and then pulled her deeper into his arms.  As she rested her head on his chest and closed her eyes, he sighed in contentment; happy just to breathe in her scent and feel her body against his.

   He looked down at the blonde in his arms and smiled. "God, I love you, Shalimar," he whispered as he kissed her gently on the top of her head.

   "And I love you," she replied as she lifted her head and kissed his passionately on the lips.

   "Brennan?"a voice said, calling him from out of his perfect dream.

   "Huh?" he murmured as he looked up to see Shalimar staring at him with a huge grin on her face.

   "Shal, you're awake!" he exclaimed as he sat up straight.

   "Only because you kept talking in your sleep. Good dream?" Shalimar asked with another smile.

   Brennan nodded and returned her smile. "Very good. It was…perfect."

   "Perfect, huh? Well, I guess you'll have to tell me about it sometime."

   "Yeah, I will," he replied. "So, how are you feeling?"

   "A hell of a lot better than the last time I was conscious," she replied. "And seeing you there when I woke up made it even better."

   Brennan smiled. "I'm glad because I disobeyed Adam's direct order not to come in here until he said so…but I had to see you."

   "I'm happy you did. So, what happened after I passed out?" Shalimar asked.

   "Well, not much. I collapsed the cave with our little friend inside and then ran out to find the other three looking for us. We got you home, got you fixed up, and I retold what had happened to us."

   "Everything?" Shalimar questioned; thinking about what they had shared with each other after she had saved Brennan from the river.

   "No, I left out a few minute details," Brennan replied with a smirk. "I wasn't sure if you wanted the others to know, so I left out those parts of the story."

   "Thanks for waiting. I really appreciate that and just for the record, I don't mind if we tell them. It will be very hard to keep it away from them anyway…Especially Emma," she said.

   "I know!" Brennan exclaimed. "She already suspects something. You should have seen her when I was telling them what happened. She was all like 'When Shalimar saved you, did you end up confessing your undying love for her?' That's not exact, but you know, something like that. I tried to act like she was going insane, but I don't think she bought it."

   Shalimar laughed. "Yeah, that sounds like Emma."

  Brennan grinned and then nodded. "Well, when do you want to tell them?" he asked as he leaned in closer to Shalimar.

   "Later," she whispered as she leaned in as well and caught Brennan in a passionate kiss.

   Suddenly they broke apart when they heard another voice in the room.

   "I knew it!!!" Emma exclaimed from where she stood at the lab door; a huge smile spreading across her face.

   Both Shalimar and Brennan could feel themselves blushing ferociously.

   "How did you know?" Brennan managed to ask.

    "Just by the way you kept looking at Shalimar when you were telling us what had happened," she explained, but when she got disbelieving looks from the other two, she added, "And…I…uh… kinda picked up a telempathic transmission from you, Brennan."

   "You were reading me?!" Brennan asked as a surprised/pissed look spread across his face.

   "No! I…uh…I…" she stuttered just as she turned around quickly and ran out of the room calling for Adam.

   Shalimar just smiled as she watched Emma run away. "Well, it looks like the others are going to find out about us sooner than we thought," she said with a laugh.

   "Yeah, you could say that," Brennan agreed. "But that's fine with me because then we don't have to hide anything from them," he said as he looked deep into Shalimar's eyes to see her deep love for him burning from within. "God, I love you, Shalimar," he whispered as he caught her in another enchanting kiss.

   When they broke about, Shalimar looked at Brennan with tears in her eyes. "And, I love you," she replied as she got off the chair that's in the middle of the lab and straddle Brennan's lap. Then she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him into another passionate kiss. It was a dream come true for the both of them.

   THE END!!!

(A/N: I really hope you like the story. I personally think that Shalimar and Brennan make the best couple and I intend to write all my future stories with them together. I plan to write a sequel to this story and I hope you enjoy that one as well! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE REVIEWS!!! You guys are the best!! KEEP THOSE REVIEWS COMING!!!!)