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1 Forgetting

I woke up lying on a floor of dirt. My body ached and I stared up at the rock ceiling above me. I couldn't remember what had happened to me, or who I was, but something felt wrong about the situation I was in. I rolled to my side and groaned as I felt the stiffness in my joints.

I was in some sort of cave but there was light coming from somewhere, as if the walls illuminated softly in the darkness. I stood and reached up with my arm to hold onto the rock above me. I was wearing a dirty shift dress; it was stained and smelled horribly. I didn't have on shoes so I took careful steps across the ground. I walked from the small alcove into a larger cave area. A loud noise sounded and water shot out from a high cliff and a beautiful waterfall poured into a pond.

I dipped in just my toe and felt warm water. I quickly pulled off the filthy dress and walked into the heated water to soak. I went under and felt the soothing water sting the cuts on my face. I floated peacefully until I noticed a bag with a towel and soap next to a bush.

I didn't stop to wonder how it got there; I instantly soaped up my body and hair in case the fortuitous articles disappeared. I walked over to the edge and got my dirty dress to soak in the waterfall after scrubbing it with soap. After half an hour the water stopped falling and the sound of large turbines shut down.

I wrapped the towel around my nude body and backed into the small alcove as I waited for someone to come. I eventually fell asleep and woke hours later to find my dress almost dry. I put it on and began looking around, remaining as close to the pond as possible.

Trails led off in all directions, each going deeper into the cave, and all with the same strange lighted walls. I came back to the pond and looked at the large rock face of the waterfall. Something started and stopped the water, but I didn't want to chance a climb when I was so sore and tired.

I went back to the small cave and curled into a ball to wait for something to happen. I had no food and my memory was not getting any better. After several more hours a deep rumbling sound came from one of the trails. It sounded like some sort of vehicle and I wasn't sure if I should hide or step into the open.

I hugged the wall and wished I knew how to get rid of the lights. I watched a machine with large chains for wheels roll up to the water. A man got out and walked over to look at the pond. He took a deep breath and then called out, "Girl, where are you?"

I stepped slowly from my alcove and held onto the wall for support. He turned and looked at my frightened face before nodding to the seat next to his. I climbed in, too terrified to ask questions and sat still as he strapped me with a harness. He drove quickly down a passage and made so many twists and turns I couldn't keep track of where we were going.

He finally pulled in front of a large rock and held up something that made the rock disappear and a large entrance uncovered. "Go," he said and I began unhooking my harness and climbed from the ride. I walked slowly toward the tunnel and once I passed the opening the large rock reappeared and I was trapped. My heart began to race and I held onto a wall as I moved even deeper along the trail.

I could hear sounds in the distance, like laughter and music, but I wasn't sure if it was real or imagined. I was beginning to experience a terrible headache and had to stop several times to keep from vomiting in my surroundings.

I made my way slowly toward the sounds and came to a large open cavern full of people. I didn't recognize anyone and felt like I wanted to scream from fear. A girl saw me and gasped loudly. "Oh my God, Bella, you're back."

She ran up to me and hugged me tightly as she cried. She had called me Bella, but it didn't sound familiar in any way. I looked at her eyes as she sobbed and tried to remember her or this place. She finally held my face in her hands and said, "Your name is Bella, and you live here with your mother Renee, and your father Charlie. We are Cave People."

"Cave people?" I asked, having no idea what she meant.

"Yes, we escaped during the rebellion and live here as subjects of the Overlord."

"Overlord?" I asked and she nodded and pulled me by the arm down another tunnel. We came into another large cavern and I heard someone scream my name. A woman came running toward me with tears streaming down her cheeks and pulled me into her arms.

"My baby," she cried. "You were gone so long this time."

"This time?" I asked, so confused and having no idea who was crying all over me.

The woman ignored my question and pulled me toward a group of men. "Charlie," she called. "Bella's back."

A man turned to look at me and I could see something familiar in his face, but I wasn't sure what it was. He pulled me into his arms and kissed my face over and over again. "Are you okay, do you have any injuries?" he asked.

"My face hurts," I told him numbly.

"Yes, you have bruises," he said as he examined me. "But you seem in good health."

"What happened to me?" I asked. Everyone seemed to understand what was going on except for me. I wanted answers and hoped it would spur on my memory.

"Here, come sit," he said and led me to a table. I sat next to him and he held my hand as he spoke. "We are enslaved by the Overlord, and his men come and take us to serve him. When we are returned our memories have been wiped clean."

I felt a chill run through my body. I had been somebody's slave and I had no memory of it. I reached up with a shaky hand and felt the sore spots on my face, "I was beaten," I said softly.

"I don't know what happened to you, we don't know what happens to any of us," he said sadly.

"How long have I been gone?" I asked in shock.

"Nine months," he said and then pulled me into his arms again. I held him tightly, only knowing he was my father but not feeling anything for him. I wondered how long it would take me to grow to love these people again, only to be taken and have to start over.

"How old am I?" I asked and Charlie snapped his fingers and someone brought me a large book made of leather. The pages were worn and my father turned to a page and pointed at it.

"You are nineteen. You were taken for the first time at the age of ten, but this time you were gone for so long," he said as his eyes filled with tears. I looked at the book and saw my name was Bella Swan. I was the only child of Charlie and Renee, and promised to someone named Jacob Black.

I looked up at the father I knew nothing about and asked, "Who is Jacob?"

My father turned and looked behind himself at all the staring faces. He motioned to a young man and said, "Embry, go get Jacob."

"Wait," I said with panic. "Am I supposed to marry him or something?"

Charlie took my hand gently and said, "Bella, he'll understand that you don't remember him right now. This has happened before."

I relaxed at the knowledge I wouldn't have to go off with this stranger and be romantic with him. I hoped the sight of him would bring back some sort of memory, but I also worried about meeting someone I was expected to care for. Within minutes the man returned with another young man. He was tall and muscle bound, with dark skin and a wide smile.

He rushed to my side and gave me a courteous hug. "You were gone so long," he said and took my hands in his.

"That's what I hear," I said and tried to smile. I couldn't keep his gaze. He seemed friendly and kind, but it felt odd to look into the eyes of someone I was promised to and not feel anything.

He raised his hand and ran his thumb over the bruise on my cheek. "Are you okay?" he asked.

"I feel fine," I told him. It was amazing how little it hurt when I had no memory of what happened.

My mother came to the table with a small basket of food. Jacob picked up some bread and spread some preserves on it and handed it to me. "Where does the food come from?" I asked.

"The Overlord supplies it," Jacob said.

"Who is the Overlord?"

"We don't know for sure, our memories are too thin. The book of life tells us we used to be inventors, doctors, engineers and farmers. We ran our own lives but lost our civilization to war. We are now slaves, but we don't know what we do for the Overlord. We are summoned and then return without memories."

"Summoned, how?" I asked.

"We're not sure. It is like something in our brain is triggered and we head to the surface. If we try to stop someone we are hit with intense pain." I could tell by the expression on Jacob's face he had tried to stop me from leaving. He knew the pain first hand because he had experienced it.

"Has anyone tried to go to the surface without being summoned?" I asked and heard the crowd murmur around me. I wasn't trying to come up with ridiculous questions, I honestly wondered if anyone had tried to escape.

"Bella, we are slaves, there is no escape. We can only hope the Overlord gets overthrown and we will be set free."

I nodded and decided to get busy eating. The food tasted wonderful and I realized just how hungry I was. I ate two pieces of bread before I asked, "Do I live with my parents?"

Jake looked at my father and they both gave each other a sideways glance. I watched them both and wondered what it was they weren't ready to tell me. Charlie finally said, "We live in a commune style, all of us together."

I continued to eat until I was full and then began looking at everything around me. The cavern had slick rock walls with dirt floors but the temperature was comfortable. We seemed to have plenty of furniture and everyone looked relatively happy and healthy. "Let me show you around," Jake said and I stood to walk with him.

He took me down various tunnels into other open caverns. There was a sleeping room, a food storage room, several bathing rooms and finally a honeycomb of smaller caves used as mating chambers. I gasped at the idea of being sent off to mate and it was then Jake explained.

"We are commanded to repopulate so the Overlord always has a big supply of slaves."

"Commanded," I said indignantly.

He looked nervous and said, "Um…yeah, at a certain age."

"How many are there of us?" I asked, because it looked like a few hundred lived here.

"There are four hundred and twenty of us, but right now forty two are up top," he looked at me and smiled, "Now forty one."

I smiled back at him and felt uncomfortable so I turned to leave. I headed back toward the gathering room, but the confusing tunnels had me so mixed up I had to stop. Jake had to give me directions over and over again. We finally joined the others and I went to my mother's side. She could tell something was bothering me and asked if I wanted to take a bath. I immediately agreed and followed her to a large pond.

Several other girls were there and when I pulled off my dress my mother took hold of my shoulders. "What's on your back?" she asked.

I tried to see what she was looking at but I couldn't see anything from over my shoulder. She moved closer and said, "It looks like there were words on your back."

"I bathed when I woke up," I told her and she nodded in understanding. "Can you make out any words?"

"It is really faded and very smudged but the words look like, remember war."

"What war?" I asked her but she only shrugged.

We got into the pond and Renee used soap to clean off my back. When a scraping sound could be heard the other women screamed with joy and rushed over to the cliff just as water poured over the rocks into a large waterfall.

I moved over and let the water cascade down onto me and sighed from the warm sensation it caused. I looked at my mother and she smiled at me and held out her hand for mine. I took it and we both closed our eyes and enjoyed the water.

2 Assigned

I dressed in a new shift my mother got for me. It was simple, with a circular neckline and no sleeves, but it hung below my knees. It was a tan color, just like everyone else had on. I followed my mother to the main room where everyone was gathered. I noticed small groups of children being taught by older women.

The men remained busy by writing. They wrote poetry and stories, texts for the children to use for school and even discussions on philosophy. I walked over to where Jacob sat and looked at the pictures he was drawing. They were simple figures which were used to tell a story. He looked up and smiled when he noticed me.

"You look beautiful," he said and my heart began to pound. Jake was handsome and I was a nineteen year old woman, but I was only reacting to him physically. I smiled and mumbled an awkward, "Thank you," before walking away.

I headed over to my father and listened to him argue over a moral ambiguity regarding the war, a war we knew nothing about and could only philosophize on. I grew bored and went back to my mother to watch her teach a young girl a song.

I listened to her sweet voice, but I didn't remember the song. The thought upset me so I moved against the wall and tried to move backward through my memories. I made it all the way to when I woke up in the cave but nothing before that moment.

A girl about my age came to sit next to me. "Hi, my name is Jessica. We are good friends."

I smiled at her but felt overwhelmed and didn't speak. It didn't keep her from talking non-stop. "You are really well liked around here; of course being promised to Jake is a total win. He is so hot, and wins all the fights. I bet…."

"What fights?" I asked her, suddenly interested.

"Oh you know, the guys get upset because they can't change anything. It always reaches a boiling point and fights break out. But Jake is a good fighter," she said to soothe me, but it only made me sad.

"Jessica, has anyone tried to escape?"

She looked at me with wide eyes and said, "Stop talking like that. We can't escape, only hope for the Overlord to be killed."

"Why don't we try to escape and kill the Overlord," I said, "Not us specifically, but us as a group?"

Jessica glared at me and finally stood up to leave. "You're different," she accused and walked away.

I chuckled at her comment, because I had no idea if I was different or not. I sat and watched the people I didn't recognize interact with each other. After awhile my mother led me to the sleeping room and showed me where her and my father had a cot. I lay down next to her and soon the room began to fill with people.

My mom leaned over to speak into my ear and said, "No talking is allowed in here." I nodded and pulled the blanket up to my shoulders. I closed my eyes and soon fell asleep. I woke several times in the night to the sound of loud snoring coming from all around the room. I couldn't take it anymore and grabbed my blanket and small pillow and left the large cavern.

I headed down a tunnel and found a small little cave to curl up in. I went back to sleep and didn't awake again until the following morning. The sound of children running down the tunnel woke me up and I headed back to the sleeping room. My mother cried out when she saw me and then her eyes narrowed in anger.

"Bella, we thought you were taken again, don't leave this room during the night."

"I couldn't sleep with all the snoring," I told her, a bit angry that she yelled at me like a child.

Jake came up and wrapped his arm around my shoulder. "I was terrified that you had been taken again."

"I only wanted to sleep," I said with embarrassment.

Jake nodded and then led me away from my parents a ways and said, "Bella, you can go with me to a mating chamber and sleep. I wouldn't touch you."

I could feel my face blush and wondered if I had been there with him before, but I was too embarrassed to ask him. I took a deep breath and said, "I'm sure I'll get used to the snoring eventually."

He looked hurt, not disappointed, and I had a feeling I had been with him before. I put my hand on my stomach and said, "I'm hungry."

"We're divided into colors. Today the yellows eat first and the blues are in charge of setting up the meal. We are in the green group, so we'll eat last and clean up."

"How many colors are there?" I asked.

"Seven," he replied and I nodded as if I understood.

"Jake," I said quietly and pulled his arm to take him to an empty corner, "How often are people summoned?"

"It depends, but most are gone for a couple of months at the most. You were gone the longest," he said sadly.

"And they take all ages?" I asked.

"Yes, but mostly teenagers and parents. People our age aren't taken very often because we are commanded to repopulate."

"But I was taken for nine months," I pointed out and he nodded angrily.

I tried to think it through, there had to be some reason why I would be kept for so long when it wasn't usual behavior. I worried about the possibility I wanted to stay with my captors and I could tell by the pained expression on Jake's face that he worried about it, too.

I finally asked another hard question, "What if you refuse to repopulate?"

Jake took a deep breath and looked around as if he was searching for the right words. "It isn't an option."

I laughed and then notice he was serious so I gave him a disgusted look. "Are you saying girls will be raped if they refuse?"

"They have a way to cause us pain; they can hurt you if you refuse the person you're promised to. We don't have a choice, Bella," he said and looked right into my eyes, telling me I would have to mate with him sooner or later.

"How are they controlling us?" I asked him. "Are we implanted with something?"

"We have no idea. We have looked inside the brains of those who die, but we haven't found a device or anything."

"So we're being watched at all time?" I asked and he nodded. I glanced around the room and tried to find anything that could be a camera but the walls were just slick rock that glowed. I felt totally trapped in my life as a slave, but something deep inside of me was screaming to be free, or maybe it was my desire to return to my captors? Whatever it was, it caused my heart to ache.

It was finally our turn to eat and I followed Jake into the eating hall and sat at a table with him and my parents. We ate oatmeal, toast and fruit, in silence. When everyone finished we took all the dishes off the tables and put them in a sink which automatically began to fill at just the right time. Nobody controlled the water; it just came when we needed it.

When we finished cleaning we went into the largest common room and began a very vigorous calisthenics routine. I was sweating and the dress was sticking to my body. I noticed Jake watching me and stopped working out. He pulled off his shirt and began giving extra effort since he knew I was watching.

His shoulders were broad and his abs were rippling with muscles. I began to imagine holding him and kissing him, so I quickly looked away. When we finished everyone began breaking off into groups. My mother took my hand and brought me with her into a room where women sewed by hand.

"It is our turn to mend the clothing," she announced and handed me a small sewing kit. I stared at it, unsure what to do so she showed me a few simple stitches. We were all working diligently when suddenly a woman stood and began walking away.

"Mary," another woman called to her but she kept walking without blinking.

"Grab the book of life," my mother yelled and someone ran from the room.

"What is happening?" I asked and my mother turned to look at me with sad eyes.

"She is being summoned; we need to document when she left so we know how long she's been gone when she returns."

I nodded and felt a bit sick to my stomach. I couldn't figure out how they controlled us if nothing was implanted into our brains. They had to have some way to watch us and control our actions, but how. I went back to my sewing as I tried to come up with a plausible deduction.

I glanced at the illuminated walls and knew they had to have something to do with it, but my own mind began to ache as I thought and thought. When lunch came I sat with my parents and Jake. An older man who resembled Jake sat next to him; I assumed it was his father. Charlie called him Billy.

When lunch was over Jake took my hand and smiled at me. "Would you like to swim?"

I nodded and followed him to a different pond than where my mother had taken me. He quickly pulled off his shirt and pants and jumped in naked. I looked around nervously and Jake laughed.

"Bella, we have gone swimming together many times," he announced and I felt my face blush.

I reached for the bottom of my dress and a horrible pain hit me right between the eyes. I gasped and grabbed my head as I fell to my knees. Jake rushed from the water and knelt in front of me. "Are you okay?" he asked.

"My head hurts," he managed to cry out.

Jake looked stunned and a bit irritated. He helped me stand and then sat me against a wall. I held my head and moaned until he retrieved his pants. Once he had them on the pain stopped. I felt like nothing happened and looked up at Jake.

"It's gone," I said and his frown deepened.

He took a deep breath and ran his fingers through his hair. "Bella, we are assigned to be mates. I don't understand this."

"What do you mean?" I asked and felt my heart pounding again.

"We experience that pain when we are doing something wrong. If we are mates you should be able to swim with me, you have before," he said and I could hear the anger in his voice.

I stared at him for a minute and then reached up and held his face as I moved in to kiss him. As soon as our lips connected I screamed in pain and fell to my side. Jake jumped up in anger and yelled up at the ceiling. "Damn it, what's going on?" The words echoed around us as I cried.

The girl Jessica walked in with a young man holding her hand. They looked at me and Jake with surprise. I looked away and Jake walked up to the man and said, "Try to kiss Bella."

"What?" Jessica yelled. "That isn't allowed."

I felt overwhelmed by the realization of just how deeply we were enslaved. We couldn't even choose who to love. I finally stood and leaned against the wall. I refused to be controlled by pain. I was stronger than that. I reached down and pulled off my dress as pain shot through my head. I walked slowly to the water as I tried to concentrate on the warm feeling on my body.

The pain increased and I cried as I dipped my entire body under the soothing wetness. Jake approached me but remained on the edge of the pond. His pants were still on and I began to swim around as I imagined the sewing stitches I had learned this morning. Slowly the pain became tolerable and I became aware of Jessica and the other man swimming with me.

Soon Jake got in and I closed my eyes and concentrated as the pain increased. He swam up to me and put his arms around my body. I could feel his manhood brush against me and the pain shot like a lightning bolt through my brain. Everything went black and I collapsed in Jake's arms.

3 Rebellion

I woke up on a cot, surrounded by many people. I recognized my parents and Jake, but the others were strangers. A man felt my head and asked if I was feeling better. I nodded and tried to sit up, but many hands pushed me back down.

"You need to rest," my mother said.

"What's wrong with me?" I asked.

"We think it has something to do with how long you were gone. They had more memories to erase and it will take you longer to come back to us," my dad explained.

It sounded reasonable to me, but I could tell by the look on Jake's face he wasn't so convinced. I put on my best smile and sat up. "I'm feeling fine, really I am," I said confidently. I reached out for Jake's hand and ignored the small amount of pain beginning to build.

Jake smiled back at me and took a deep breath. "Are you hungry?" he asked and I shook my head up and down. We walked together to the eating area and he sat me at a table as he left to get me some food. The pain stopped immediately and I felt terrified. I hated the idea of being controlled so easily.

Jake returned with a plate of food and I looked down as my stomach growled. I reached for a chip and then stopped. All of our needs were met by the Overlord, and that meant our food supply. It would be the perfect way to add something into our bodies if it was needed.

I looked back at my father and asked, "How old are we when we are first summoned? You said I was ten, is that typical?"

My dad thought for a moment and said, "The boys are usually around eight and the girls about ten."

I looked back at my plate; boys would naturally eat more than girls. I pushed it away and the dull pain began to build. I pulled it back and the pain subsided. We were forced to eat, so I knew it had something to do with the control process.

I took a bite of my sandwich and then wiped my mouth with the napkin, spitting it out. I waited for the pain to hit, but nothing came. I ate just enough to keep the hunger at bay but the rest went into my napkin and into the trash.

I had no freedom at all. I was controlled in every way; what I ate, who I loved, and how I behaved. It was suffocating, but nobody else seemed to mind. They all acted happy and fulfilled with their contrived lives. I couldn't do it and began to sink further and further into depression. I ate less and less and began spending most of my time on my cot. But the biggest change was my dreams.

I wasn't sure if our dreams were controlled or not, but I dreamed of the same thing every night. A man I loved was holding me in his arms. He would say beautiful things in my ear and I wanted him so badly. My body ached for the stranger with the green eyes, but he had no name for me to call out.

I was dreaming deeply about my mystery man when someone shook me fervently. I jumped and looked up at Jake's worried face. I sat up and he took my hand, causing a dull pain in my head. "Bella, your mother has been summoned," he told me.

I jumped from the cot and ran as fast as I could toward the spot I had been dropped off. Jake ran after me, warning me to stop. I felt pain in my head but I kept running, trying to stay in front of the pain and concentrating on my mother. Jake cried out and stopped following me, his pain too bad to take.

I saw my mother approaching the rock which appeared and disappeared at will. I called out for her and she turned to look at me but didn't respond. I caught her and grabbed her arm causing her to scream and hold her head. I instantly let go and when the rock disappeared I ran through.

I was hit with such a force it took my breath away. The large man driving the transportation machine stood over me with a grim expression. He easily picked me up off the ground and threw me back into the tunnel as my mother exited.

I ran at the opening again but the rock appeared and I slammed into it with blinding pain. I beat on the rock with my fists and I screamed profanity at the Overlord I didn't know. I called him horrible, awful names and wished he would stand before me so I could say it to his face.

I finally returned down the tunnel and felt exhausted from the expense of energy. I was so hungry but I knew I was stronger mentally because I refused the food. I found Jake waiting for me with a look of fear on his face. He pulled me into his arms and only a dull ache could be felt in my head.

"God, I thought I lost you," he said and then pulled my mouth to his. The green eyes came forward in my brain but the pain was tolerable. Jake began to breathe heavily as he kissed his way to my neck. His arms tightened me as he spoke softly. "Bella, stay with me tonight. Let me carry your anguish."

"Jake, I think I fell in love with someone while I was gone. I keep feeling like I belong to someone else," I admitted. I could see the pain in his eyes that my words caused him, but he needed to hear the truth.

"It isn't possible for a slave to interact with the people above ground," he said and I gave him a questioning look. If our memories were wiped clean how would he know that?

He saw my expression and tried to explain. "We are controlled in every way. If we try to interact with the wrong person we are given pain. Mating is designed to produce the best slaves to continue their power; they would never chance a mating with us."

"Maybe I was kept so long because I got involved with someone up there, did you ever consider that?" I asked him.

He finally leaned in very close and said, "We've checked the women, they come back virgins."

"Should I be checked?" I asked him, hoping it would give me some assurance that I had not been with a man above ground. Jake looked very guilty and couldn't meet my gaze. His response told me what I needed to know.

"Oh," I said and looked away.

"You were taken soon afterwards," he said softly and I nodded. Jake and I had been intimate and I couldn't remember it. But something was causing me pain when I touched him and the green eyes had to belong to someone my heart remembered.

We walked back to the others and I found my father leaning against the wall. I walked over and hugged him, feeling sorry for a man I hardly knew. He kissed my head and held me tightly. "Hopefully, she will return soon," he said.

"Dad, was I born here?" I asked.

"Yes, sweetheart," he said but I knew it was only information he had gotten from the book.

That night when it was time for bed Jake approached me and said, "I think we should stay together tonight."

I instantly shook my head in fear. "I think I should be with my father," I said quickly.

Jake ran his hand over his forehead and massaged his temples from the pain he was experiencing. I realized he was being controlled to take me to the mating chambers. If I continued to refuse his pain would increase. I finally took his hand and headed down the tunnel. The closer we got the more intense my own pain became.

I finally stopped moving and pressed my pounding head against the cool surface of the rock wall. Jake backed away from me and the pain slowly decreased. I could finally turn and look at him. "What does this mean, Jake?"

"I don't know," he said with frustration. "It has to do with the amount of time you were gone. You seem better able to contain the pain and it intensifies when I touch you."

"I have dreams about someone with green eyes," I told him honestly.

His eyes widened and he said with shock, "You dream?"

"Don't you?" I asked him.

He shook his head and then looked around as if we were being watched. He finally leaned close to my ear and said, "Come to the mating chamber with me, but I won't touch you."

I nodded and followed him as the pain began to build. As soon as we entered the chamber the pain stopped. I looked at him with clear eyes and said, "It's gone. I don't feel any pain."

He walked slowly closer to me but nothing happened. He finally leaned over and kissed me gently, but still no pain. I looked at the small dark chamber and then gasped with realization. "The walls don't illuminate in here. They can't control us."

"You think the light controls us?" he asked and looked out into the tunnel.

"Yes, I do," I said and began pacing in the small space. "They use the pain to make sure the right couples come here, but once inside they are left alone to procreate. It makes us subconsciously desire to be here often because we are truly free here."

Jake chuckled and I looked over at him. He smiled and shook his head, "I don't think it is freedom that I like experiencing here."

I blushed and waved my hand to dismiss him. "You know what I mean," I said with shyness. "We need to try out something. We need another couple to come here and then see what happens if we enter the rooms with the wrong person."

Jake suddenly looked excited and I wondered if there was some young woman he was interested in. I felt a twinge of jealousy and quickly chastised myself for feeling that way. If Jake was falling for someone he should have the right to be with her.

He glanced at the bed and said, "I guess we should get some sleep." I climbed into the sheets and noticed how comfortable the beds were compared to our cots, another reason to come into the mating chambers. Jake climbed in next to me and turned to face me. "Can I ask you something?" he said softly in the darkness.


"Did you always have different feelings for me?"

I heard his sadness and felt awful for acting one way and then changing so much just because I was moving out of the Overlord's control.

"Jake, I hardly know you, but the part of you I do know is kind and sweet and gentle. Plus you are very good looking," I added.

He smiled and then turned onto his back. "You'll want me again, someday," he teased.

I couldn't tell him I wouldn't because I was figuring out how they controlled us. My focus was on freedom and not on mating with anyone. My stomach growled loudly and I turned onto my side to face the wall. I was so hungry and growing tired of the pain in my head. It would be easy to give up and let them win, but I vowed to fight. I was waging my own personal rebellion, and I wouldn't stop until my dying breath.

I fell asleep and dreamed vividly. A handsome man walked into my room and my heart began beating wildly. He placed his fingers to his lips, telling me to keep quiet and I nodded in agreement. He pulled me into his arms and he spoke softly in my ear. "Isabella, my love," he said and ran his hands over my body.

"Yes," I moaned back to him.

"Love me forever," he begged and I quickly promised I would. His hands held me firmly and his eyes widened in fear over something only he could hear. He spun me around and began writing on my back. I felt terror growing and when he kissed me hard and yelled, "Run," I held onto him tightly. "Run," he yelled again, "And don't forget. Do what I told you."

The door shot open and I turned to run as blood splattered over my entire body. I screamed as I looked around for the green eyed man, but I couldn't find him. I backed to the wall and closed my eyes as I yelled loudly into the air, "Edward!"