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"Do it."

"NO!" I countered, a bit childishly I admit. Humiri was a foot away from my face.

"Ugh. Haven't we been over this already? Listen up Pridelanders! This goes for all of you! You do what we say, or the others die. Or we torture them, I don't have a prefrence. Got it?"
she seemed annoyed that we didn't understand her. But I understood. I just thought it was insane.

"Don't li-" it was Nala. She tried to tell me to not listen to Humiri (which she didn't have to say) but a paw closed around her throat. She panicked and clawed desprateley at the paw. It was a random lioness, her eyes glowing red. GLOWING! And Nala's frightened struggles did nothing to loosen the lioness's grip. Nala was losing air, fast! The demon-like lioness grinned.

"Fine!" I shouted, trying to save my friend from her creepy attacker "I'll do it!" the words rang inside the cavern. I felt sick inside. Betray my love, invade his privacy and create a nightmare that would slowly wear down his will...or let my friends die. What choice was that?

None. No choice.

So I used it.

It was like falling. My stomach flipped inside out and I tried to let out a scream. I was DONE with the falling! Suddenly, it was dark. I was standing up, faint colors and lights up ahead.
I steeled my nerves...and walked forward.

I felt like a theif, when I went in. It felt like exploring a cave. It was still dark, with floating objects glowing softly. Sometimes the floating orbs melded and shifted together. Images appearing and dissapearing. Focusing and blurring. So strange...a voice echoed in my ears. It was Kuju! Oh the voice was like music to my ears! I ran towards it, the colored spheres rushing past me when the voice faded. I stopped. It was just his thoughts. I couldn't understand them very well. They were muddled, faint. But one word kept popping up.


My name was clear every time he spoke it. He was thinking about me...he was worried! For some reason it made me feel so much better. It warmed me inside. Although that feeling seemed far away, almost like an echo of my own feelings. Then I remembered my mission. The nightmare...right. Where would his dreams be? Would they be the floating images? I ran back and looked at them, coming closer to the orbs, peering into them. A soft voice spoke.


So they were memories? Well, that wasn't what I was looking for. I kept searching. A detached feeling of dread spread through my limbs as I walked down the gallery of memories, the eerie hushed thoughts of my love serving as a background. The spheres suddenly became only one, bigger sphere. The images brighter, even stranger. Some fragments of memories, others like warped realities. I once again came closer to them and the soft voice once again spoke.


Ah...here they were. But how did I change them? Mabye if I stepped inside...I took one step forward.

I was on a boulder. A vine was swinging in the breeze in front of me. Kuju waited on the other side, laughing and smiling. Kuju? Kuju! I wanted to run to him, to tackle him down and hold him. To never let him go. To forget the horrors that I had seen and just be. Just be with him. But that wouldn't happen. I couldn't do it. My body wouldn't react. He was still in control.

"I'm not afraid! I'm just pausing for dramatic effect!" I said, tossing my head in a defiant way. The memory...it was the day he told me he loved me. I thought I felt tears stream down my cheeks, but they felt light...like a breeze on my cheek. I would have to twist this. But...couldn't I just enjoy the memory, live the dream? Could I do it?

"Then swing!" he shouted, laughing that laugh that lifted my spirits higher than the birds could fly. I grabbed the vine and swung across. My eyes shut tight, a million thoughts whizzing through my head. I would do it! I wouldn't hurt him. I wouldn't betray him like that. I couldn't! I felt the familiar crash of bodies and the rough rock turn to packed dirt as we both rolled down the slope.

"You will twist it." a harsh voice hissed. It felt so loud! So grating! "You will twist it or they will die."

A far off choke. My head throbbed. Sharp points dug into my seemingly ghost throat. She was choking me. "Alright!" I cried pitifully in my head. I vaugely heard it come out as a croak.

My dream self was currently staring wide eyed at an embaressed Kuju. I babbled an apology. He declined it. I positioned myself into a more comfortable position, his nearness and scent making me feel dizzy. I asked if it was alright. He nodded frantically. How would I twist this? I listened carefully and tried to decipher the muffled thoughts streaming through the air like the breeze. It seemed to speak fears and insecurities or questions.

Lose Kiki? Have her dump me? Not care for me? Kings, that would kill me

It was his thoughts. It was right after his dream self blurted out that he loved me. For a split second, a wave of dread and hate swept me. This feeling wasn't numb or far off like the others. It was bright and oh so real. It stabbed and hurt. For that moment, I was in control. I put all of my energy into managing my actions.

"You? And me? YOU WISH! Oh, this was just for fun!" I laughed. My stomach roiled. Why was I doing this? I had to stop! I couldn't bear seeing his face of horror. His expression of hurt. I had to fix it!

I was suddenly falling, hurling through black, suffocating.

I gasped for air. The world spun around me. Dark shapes and colors swirled as the weight of what I had done fell and crushed me. My heart was clawed, twisting. My lungs full and then empty too quickly. My eyes burned. My limbs shook and my head ached. An overwhelming fatigue swept my entire body. I was back in the Outlands, in my own body, in my own mind.

What had I just done?


Kiki swayed as shudders shook her body. She didn't sob, she didn't make a sound. She just swayed, shook. A few solitary tears streamed down her cheeks. Her eyes were filled with a sadness that I couldn't place. It was deep. I tried to comfort her but she just wiped away the tears and tried to stop the shaking. She looked far off, not focusing on anything in particular.
She had whispered something about not doing it. Zira reacted by choking her. I rubbed my own throat, feeling the small circle like bruises in various places. These lions were so violent!
So eager to cause pain and hurt! The two sisters nodded at each other, obviously pleased. The monsters.

Who was next? Who would be the next victim?

"Your turn!" Humiri said cheerily. Tal's muzzle was suddenly pushed into the bowl. The thick liquid getting all over her muzzle and sprinkling her eyelashes. She gurgled, desperately trying to surface. I started forward, only to be shoved back by two red-eyed guards. Red eyes. Like demons. It must have meant they were using their powers! Humiri released Tal's head and she fumbled back, gasping for breath and spitting out the dream link. Her muzzle was an odd peach color, swirled with iradecent green. She growled at them and wiped her face with her arm. I joined in on the growling. I was getting sick and tired of always being scared and pushed around!

"Oh stop your annoying protests! Can't you see that you're only making things harder? Now USE it little shaman! Use it so we can get to the snotty princess over here!" Zira growled. I scoffed. Snotty? Really! These lions were seriously getting on my nerves!

"I will! I'm doing it...now." Tal yelled, looking frightened at somehting behind me. I turned, slowly...there were three lionesses, all with glowing red eyes. Poised, and ready to strike.

Tal took a deep breath and closed her eyes, all the while taking deep breaths. Then, just like Kiki had, she straightened up, back completely straight. Her eyelids opened a little, showing white eyes with swirls of glowing green. I shuddered. It was so creepy! She muttered words under her breath, seemed surprised for a second, then flushed a deep red. I wondered what was going on in there...tears started to slowly stream down her cheeks and then, a scream, sudden and peircing. Everyone flinched and grimaced, some covered their ears.

She stopped. It only lasted a second. She opened her eyes, now their regular brown but watery and bloodshot. What happened in there? I made a mental note to ask later.

"Princess!" Humiri shouted.

"Yeah, I know, use it!" I countered, growling under my breath. I approached the bowl. I was scared, to say the least. My two friends seemed to have been put through unmentionable things. What would I find? What would I have to do? Slowly, I lapped up the liquid. Syrupy and bitter. It stuck to my throat as I swallowed. Disgusting.

Now I had to think of Simba. To enter his mind. So I did. I thought of his smile, that made me feel at home. His eyes that I could get lost in forever. His laugh that made every moment shine. Him. I thought of him.


I was suddenly falling through darkness and I tried to scream. Tried to stop, thinking of my broken leg, falling into our prison hole. But no sound came out. The memories of falling and breaking my leg came faint and sluggish. Suddenly, I stopped falling. It was dark, and busy. It seemed to be a cave, with small openings where there were different scenes playing outside. Some ended and started again, soft sounds coming from them. I approached one, a faint feeling of curiosity seeping into me. A word was etched above each opening.

Memories. I vaugely recognized some. One was of him kissing a lioness...me, I realized. Why was my brain not working right? Everything about me seemed detached, apart.

"The dream Princess!" a voice growled, loud and grating in the relativly quiet cavern that was Simba's mind. "Destroy his dream!"

I winced and flattened my ears. Yes, I remembered his dream. So I walked, moved through the memories. There were many about the jungle, the battle at Priderock. The stampede. So much pain. His voice wafted through the cave, his thoughts. About a lion named...Yutico? Who was he? And then...me. He was thinking about me. Saving me. He was coming! A soft feeling of joy spread through my limbs.

Dream. His dreams. It appeared in front of me, intterupting my celebration. It was the largest opening I had seen, and it was bright, moving colorful. Flashes of his life played, not making any sense, the order of memories not making any sense. How did I change it? I poked it, and my paw went through, like air. So I stepped in.

It was raining. Hard. I could barely see anything. But I did recognize the cracked earth beneath my paws, the towering spires of the termite columns. The Outlands. I suddenly couldn't breathe, my throat was closed, my neck ached. My body was pinned to the ground in an instant. I tried to fight back but all that my body did was squirm.

"Let go of her!" Simba! Wait, this was his dream. I looked up to see Zira grinning an evil, chilling smile.

"Or what? I'm not afraid of you." she answered. I tried to breathe and a trickle of air seeped into my lungs. How did I control this?

"I'll kill you." He growled. I could only see Zira but she didn't react to his threat. I would think that Simba would make a dream where the enemy feared him. Or at least DO something!
I heard a deafening roar and a flash of gold sail overhead. Simba! The pressure on my throat dissapeared and I gulped down big breaths of air, slowly wobbling to my feet. I saw Simba,
wet and covered in small streams of red, biting, clawing and just flat out trying to kill Zira.

That's what he was dreaming about? Killing Zira? But then, I noticed a soft stream of voices...his voice! I tried to listen, and realized that he was speaking about being...about not being enough. Not being enough?

The ground turned to mud, slick and rushing. I flailed, trying to gain my footing. I screamed, a single word.


I fell, went over a cliff that suddenly appeared, falling, falling, never stopping. I screamed again, terrified! I was going to die! But...this was a dream. I couldn't die. Right?

"Nala!" he screamed, skidding to a halt right at the edge of the cliff. I realized that I stopped falling and was resting against a muddy ground, looking up at the cliff side.

"Nala..." he screamed. Zira suddenly matierealized behind him.

"You couldn't save her...you're just not fast enough Simba, not strong enough. You're pathetic. A sorry excuse for a king, soiling your father's name."

Stop it! I wanted to scream. I wanted to scream and hurt her so bad! Speaking lies! Telling him terrible lies!

"No..." he mouthed.

"You don't deserve her...don't deserve anybody." it was hissed, barely and inch from his ear. More disgusting lies. I wanted to hurt her so badly!

I was falling. Again. The scene in front of me suddenly dissapeared, despite my best attempts to keep it there.

The Outlands, the cavern, all swirling around me. I couldn't get enough air, as if I was submerged underwater the entire time.

I didn't even alter anything. That was his own nightmare.

Oh Kings...


I woke up in a cold sweat.

"Dang it." only, I didn't say dang it. That was one heck of a nightmare! It never happened before! Of course, I have thought of it, heck, it even haunted my thoughts-during the day! This was a new level, and I wasn't enjoying it at all. My eyes slowly adjusted to the night and I realized...I wasn't the only one awake.

"You too?" Miko asked quietly, trying not to disturb Jessikia, who was snoring happily in the branches overhead. Kuju was sitting nearby, looking curious and sad at the same time.
I nodded.

"Yeah...you guys had nightmares?"

"Um..yeah." Kuju whispered. Miko (I think) turned a interesting shade of red. Weird...all of us having nightmares at the same time? Well, we were all stressed out so I guess it would be normal. I simply told them to go back to sleep and tried myself. No more nightmares for the rest of the night. Thankfully.

We woke up to a flash of heat popping in our bodies.

"AHH!" Miko shouted, jumping up and falling again. I just bolted up. Yutico was probably behind this. Sure enough, I looked around and Yutico was standing on top of the boulder we hid behind yesterday, looking amused. Jessikia was standing at the base of the tree, looking thoroughly annoyed.

"Was that really neccessary?" Kuju asked.

"Yes. And may I say Simba...your dreams are certainly...interesting?" he chuckled. I raised an eyebrow.

"I honestly don't remember anything" Lie. Well, after the nightmare I didn't.

"Well, it mostly involved you...a young lioness by the name of Nala? Yes, that is the name you were saying. I believe it was your wedding ni-"

"OK!" I yelled, instantly getting the message. I did NOT need that. Kuju and Miko immedietley started to laugh. Jessikia was giggling uncontrollably

"I don't see why you two are laughing. Your dreams weren't much less embarassing. If I remember correctly, Miko was playing with a small version of that Tal while the actual Tal looked on." here Miko turned red and gave his paws his upmost attention.

"And Kuju was running away from a giant piece of fruit that oddly enough had the most horrible fangs!" Yutico smiled and Jessikia started to outright guffaw. I also started to laugh while Kuju sputtered out a protest.

"Shouldn't we be going?" I managed to ask in between laughs. My eyes started to water. With that, everyone sobered up and continued on our way. The lush grass eventually faded away by comeplete, giving way to cracked, dusty ground that had a sinister air to it. The Outlands. We were finally here. Now all we had to do was find them, save them from a bunch of insane lionesses with a major grudge, and return home safely.

No biggie.


I hated hiding. I absolutely hated it. It made me feel weak and cowardly. Neither of which I was. I paced impatiently in my room, a cave that over looked the grand cavern where Nala was currently done with using the dream-link. I swear, as soon as I got the opportunity, I was going to snap her neck! I had enough of an emotional tie to Simba to use the dream link on him! And believe me, I would make sure to fill his dreams with a crapload of gory images about Nala. It would have been my pleasure! But NO! Zira and Humiri had to be all

"Its better if the emotional tie is shared between the two." MEH! Gosh sometimes I wanted to hurt her sooo bad! She was wrong. Our love was so strong I could have easily used it. But I guess seeing Nala go through the personal agony of inflicting phsycological damage on her "beloved" (disgusting) made up for it. I also enjoyed seeing Nala struggle with her broken leg. What a delicious surprise that was!

Now I watched as the three prisoners were led away from the cavern and back to their prison cell. After they were gone I carefully decended from my hidden viewing spot and approached Humiri.

"So you lied and said that they were out for a whole day?"

"Yes." she looked bored.


"Well, it adds a bit of despair, just shaves down their hope a bit. Makes them question their boys' abilities and devotion to them. It's all around beneficial to us."

"Oh...all right. When do I come in?"

"In a bit. We just have to bruise you up a little." she smiled and chuckled like the insane lioness she was.

"Touch me and I'll snap your neck."

"Fine," she pouted, "But at least let us paint on some scars! We have to make this believable."

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