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Shivers went down my spine once again as the IV continued to send some unknown substance into my body. It had been three weeks. Three weeks of torture, laughter, fear, and pain.

I wanted Bruce. In fact, I needed him right then, as I heard the door opening.

I tried to focus on happy thoughts, and not what was going to happen to me next. My parents, Bruce, the team, Alfred, school… I continued to think, not listening to the high pitched voice, or the laughter.

I felt the chair start rocking back and forth, causing my ankles to yet again move up and down, scraping against the wire that tied them to the bottom of the chair, opening up old, infected scabs. I felt the chair start to rock harder, pulling at the nails that had been hammered into my feet.

I felt lightheaded again, probably at the thought of losing even more blood than I already had.

Alfred's amazing cooking, being adopted, becoming Bruce's heir… the thoughts continued, until I felt a slap across my face, forcing me back into reality.

"Are you ignoring me, Robbie?" the high voice rang out, sounding mock offended.

I felt the white hand cup my chin and pull it over to look into the eyes of the one and only Joker.

…to be continued…