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Dear God, I Dreamt that I could Fly

The next couple of days went by extremely slowly. Bruce announced to the public that I was, in fact, alive. The overall injury assessment was the worst one yet, though, consisting of two broken legs, a broken arm, a few ribs, and a concussion. The smile glued to my face had eventually gone away after waking up, but the other injuries stayed.

Luckily, though, after two weeks of being comatose, some of the wounds were partly healed.

News Years came, bringing with it a massive party in the manor. Bruce arranged for me to be at the mountain for the night with the Team, keeping me away from the press. Alfred had a wheelchair in the Batcave, ready to send it through the Zeta Beam with us.

Bruce wasn't keen on the idea of a wheelchair, but he agreed to send it along, incase I needed to get around. Normally, I could have just used crutches, but with a broken arm, that wasn't an option. I also couldn't just lean against someone to move, seeing as how both of my legs were broken.

Bruce lifted me into his arms and went down into the Batcave.

"Now, if you need anything, Kaldur is in charge. If anything happens that the Team can't handle, call the League; Clark is going to the party as a reporter, so we have a signal in case anything comes up."

"I got it," I said, leaning my head against Bruce's chest, closing my eyes slightly. Bruce had managed to get the remainder of the gas out of my system, so I didn't have to worry about being stuck in my mind again with the Joker.

When we reached the Batcave, Bruce set me down in the wheelchair and steered me to the Zeta Beam and the computer announced our arrival in Mount Justice.

Wally was at my side in a split second, listing off all of the things we were going to do that night, watching the massive ball dropping was one of them.

Bruce chuckled slightly and placed a hand on my shoulder, "Don't stay up all night. I'll be back late."

I nodded, "Go finish setting up, I'll be fine."

Bruce turned to the Team, "Don't burn the place down."

Everyone looked at M'gann and laughed as she ran into the kitchen upon seeing smoke coming out of the stove. "My pizza!"

Bruce told Kaldur what he had told me about Clark being at the party if needed, and the Atlantean nodded, saying something that only he, Bruce and Supes could hear.

"So, we have this all planned out," Wally said. "I hope you're hungry, because I got backup food incase something happened to the pizza, so we have these fun like pizza bites, those amazingly delicious Mexican things, with the steak and cheddar, buffalo wings, meatballs…" I eventually tuned out what the speedster was saying after he got to the tenth item on the list.

"Shut up and put in a movie, Baywatch," Artemis said, coming over to us. "I think he gets the point that we have way too much food."

"Dude, you can't have a party without food!"

Artemis groaned, and I couldn't help but laugh at what their arguments had turned in to.

"What's so funny?" Artemis questioned.

"You guys act like you're married!"

They both turned a deep shade of red at the remark. They would accept it someday.

"I'm…uh…gonna go start heating up some of this stuff," Wally said, quickly walking away.

I snickered as he tried to open one of the bags of frozen food, but ended up exploding it everywhere when he pulled too hard.

"Idiot," Artemis muttered before turning to me. "Here, you can sit with Superboy while we start cooking."

I nodded and she wheeled me over to the couch where Supes was watching the fuzzy screen yet again.

"You sure you don't want it turned on?" I asked.

"No," he replied, not looking at me. He shifted awkwardly away from the edge of the couch when Artemis left me next to him, seeming to think, once again, that I would shatter is he got too close.

It amazed me how protective the clone had become since we first met him. He seemed to go from wanting to kill Wally, Kaldur and I, to hating the world, so becoming like the older brother I never had. If we ever had to go out undercover, the two of us could totally pass as brothers.

"So, uh, how's school going?" I asked. I hadn't talked to Superboy much in the past couple of months, with all of the work of being adopted, missions, and school, it seemed like I didn't have time to really just hang out with the Team.

"Fine," he said, shifting yet again.

"Recognized,Speedy,B06," the computer's voice rang out. I turned and saw Roy walking into the cave, glancing around.

"Roy!" Wally exclaimed, running out to greet the archer. "You came!"

"Of course I came," the older boy said, the hint of a slight smile on his face.

Wally went back to work in the kitchen, where he was placing frozen junk food on cookie sheets. Roy came over and sat on the couch across from me, throwing his arms over the back.

"How you feeling, Dick?"

"Better," I said. "How's college?"

He seemed to ponder this a little, "not bad. There are plenty of girls," he winked.

"Well, aren't you lucky?" I said, leaning back slightly in the chair. When Alfred had gotten the thing, I was hoping for the kind of Professor X had in the X-Men, but sadly, it was just one of those extremely uncomfortable ones made for kids. Yes, it was created for children, not teenagers. It was an insult on my height.

Roy laughed, which surprised me, "But then again, who wants to date a superhero?"

I smirked, "Lots of people…who don't mind being human targets."

We both started laughing, and Superboy simply stared at the grey and black screen.

After about half an hour, Wally came out holding a massive plate with a little of everything on it in one hand, and one of those TV tables in the other. He set down the table and put the plate on top of it.

"Your dinner is served, Master Richard," he said, trying his best to sound like Alfred.

"Thanks, buddy," I said, looking at the piles and piles of food and wondering where he got such a huge plate.

"Nooo problemo!" he replied, making his way back into the kitchen and serving himself massive piles of everything, skipping over the veggies and dip.

The rest of the Team sat down with their food, holding their plates on their laps as Wally pulled out a pile of DVDs. We decided to watch Harry Potter. Once we got to the part of the second one with the spiders, M'gann was on Superboy's lap, covering her eyes.

I didn't realize I fell asleep, but when I woke up, it was getting close to midnight, and I had just had the most amazing dream. I dreamed of being back with my parents at Haly's circus, flying above the crowd. But in my dream, there were no wires, just defying gravity.

"Dude, Dick, the ball is dropping in like, 5 minutes!" Wally said, changing the channel.

"I've got the cider!" M'gann cried, floating out of the room and coming back with wine glasses in one hand and two bottles of sparkling cider in the other.

She handed a glass to everyone, placing mine of the table next to me and filled them halfway with the bubbly liquid.

Wally started counting down with the people in New York City, going down from 10. We all clinked glasses as everyone on the TV started cheering, clapping their hands and whistling.

"Let's watching another movie now!" Wally said, running over to the stack. "Prisoner of Azkaban?"

We all agreed and Wally stuck the disc into the player, plopping down next to the couch next to Artemis. Part way through the movie, I saw M'gann and Conner share a kiss. My eyes wandered to Wally, who had moved his arm onto the back of the couch and slid it around Artemis' shoulders. I couldn't help but smirk as Artemis leaned into the speedster, just slightly, and rested her head on his armpit.

Kaldur and Roy were sitting together, engulfed in the movie and unaware of what was going on between the others.

I pulled a blanket up from the ground next to me and draped it over my legs before pulling it up to my chin. It was cold in the mountain, and I guessed it was snowing outside by now, so I snuggled into the blanket.

I looked back to where Kaldur and Roy were, but Roy was gone. I felt something squishy being placed behind my head, and I looked up to see Roy there, smiling, putting a pillow up for me.

"Thanks," I said.

He nodded and went back to his seat. And there we sat, together, as more than just a team, but a family. Roy may not be there all the time, but he was still there for us when we needed him. Both Artemis and M'gann had shady pasts, but it didn't matter, because I did too. Kaldur was a little boring, but still a good guy, while Superboy was like the overprotective brother who would beat up a guy for pointing a NERF gun at any of us. Wally was… Wally. He wasn't that bright about most things, but when it came to science, he was a genius. He was also my best friend, and no matter how far apart we ended up when we grew up, he always would be.

I sighed and leaned my head into the pillow, taking it all in, because it wasn't every moment that your family was all together and happy. M'gann and Supes may kiss too much, Roy may be too emo, Kaldur could be too strict, and Wally and Artemis fought too often, but for the moment, we were at peace, happy and content.

And here is where I leave you. I hate to say, but there's not really anything interesting that happened next, besides Bruce getting drunk and school starting up again. I guess it's time to go, before Bruce finds out that I'm here, telling you all this, because he would kill me, so I'll end with this, one last time; My name is Richard John Wayne, and I may have kept my mind through insanity, and cheated death, but overall, to sum it up, I walked with disaster… and I felt the aster.


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