Bella stared at me in shock and I began talking to fill her mind with a plan. I wanted her to consider what I was offering and it had to be easy and not a chance of humiliation. I was speaking quickly as I laid out a strategy for her.

"You have the dress and we can go to Vegas, nothing big or announced. I can easily move my residency to a Seattle facility and you can work for the center. This won't be anything we try to sale just me and you making a life together. Bella, say yes."

"How could you want to marry me?" she asked and I noticed how hesitant she was to believe me.

"Because I don't give a shit about this charade that's been going on between us, the real stuff is there and I want you to be my wife. You are bright and imaginative and I ache when you aren't around. The book and television show mean nothing to me…it's a funny story to tell our children someday."

Her eyes widened and I leaned my head against her forehead to whisper to her. "I love you, Bella. Let me show you how much."

Her legs wrapped around me tightly and I ran my hand up her shirt to hold her breast in the palm of my hand. Her eyes shut and she moaned loudly. I began kissing her and relishing the feeling of her coming alive under me.

I began kissing my way down her body and concentrated on her belly button as I removed her jeans. I didn't bother pulling down her panties; I took them in my hands and ripped them from her body. She laughed as I tossed them away and raised her leg over my body as I lay my head between her thighs.

She grabbed the blanket with her fists and arched her head back as she locked her jaw to cry out. I wasn't trying to be tender; I teased her mercilessly with my tongue and fingers until she begged me to end it. I let my entire tongue fill her as my thumb worked her clitoris. She came hard and I sucked her hard until she finally pushed me away gasping for air.

"Nobody compares to you," she said and I wanted to tell her she was damn right.

I kissed my way back to her stomach and spoke against her flesh. "Say yes, say you'll marry me."

"When?" she asked.

"Today, tomorrow, next week, you decide," I said and kissed up to her throat.

"So we'll live in Seattle?" she asked.

"Absolutely," I agreed.

She thought for a moment and finally said, "And it will be our secret, nobody will know?"

"Just you and me, love."

Her mouth pulled into a grin and she announced, "Fine, let's do it."

My head shot up and I looked at her face to see if I could find any deception, but I already knew I couldn't tell when Bella was playing me. I acted as if she just made all my dreams come true by agreeing to marry me.

"When?" I asked.

"I'm off this weekend, I don't have to be back to work until Tuesday," she said with a giddy laugh.

"Let's pack a bag and fly to Vegas tonight, we can find a place to marry and spend the next two days in Vegas for a honeymoon."

"Okay," she said and kissed me with conviction. I acted like it was the best news I had ever gotten. I pulled her up completely bare from the waist down and spun her around in my arms. She finally grabbed her jeans and left to pack a bag and get her gown.

I drove home and packed my own bag, telling my parents I was going to Seattle again to see Emmett and Rose. I picked up Bella and drove to Port Angeles to catch a plane to Vegas. Bella held onto my arm the entire way talking softly and kissing me often.

We checked into a room at the Mirage and I left to purchase her a ring. I found a small trinket shop with costume jewelry and bought a silver plated ring with a huge fake diamond, it cost me thirty-five bucks. I placed it in my mother's tiffany's box and had it wrapped.

I rented a tux and returned to the room. Bella was soaking in a tub and I walked into the bathroom and knelt next to the tub. "Any regrets?" I asked her.

"None, I can't believe this is happening," she said with a smile. "Join me."

I stood and removed my clothes and climbed into the deep tub and moaned from the sensation. I relaxed and let my eyes close as my head dropped back against the rim. I knew on every level what I was doing was juvenile and heartless, but every time I had doubts I thought about the upcoming show waiting to be televised. Yeah, I was good with doing this.

I felt her foot run up my leg and stop on my dick. I smiled but kept my eyes closed so she pressed into me. "Not until we're married," I said and she moved to hover over my body.

"Are you seriously telling me I can't have you in a bath?"

I got hard instantly and I had to use every ounce of my strength to shake my head back and forth. She huffed loudly and when her hand grasped my cock I jumped up and opened my eyes. Her hair was pulled up onto head and her face was flushed from the hot water. She was stunning.

"I'll let you instruct me," she offered with a sexy grin.

I reached out and put my dripping wet hand into her dry hair. I saw something flash in her eyes telling me she wasn't happy knowing she would now have to redo her hair. It was exactly why I did it, but she didn't complain or pull away.

"Sit on me," I said and she smiled widely.

Her knees moved to my side and I held onto the tub for support. "Now what?" she asked innocently and I liked the little game we were going to play, it was so much simpler than the big game we were playing.

"Are you wet for me, or simply from the bath?" I asked with a harsh voice and I noticed how her eyes lit up. Shit, she was able to go much further than I had thought.

"I'm aching for you," she said. "I'm throbbing for you. I need you inside me."

I pushed up off of the porcelain and stood. Her eyes went straight to my erection and I watched as she licked her lips. I grabbed a towel and stepped from the tub.

Her face looked stunned and she finally brought her eyes up to mine. "Where are you going?" she asked.

"I told you, not until we're married," I said with authority and watched her eyes narrow in anger. "But feel free to relieve yourself."

"You're a cruel man, Edward Cullen," she said and I leaned over and kissed her anxious lips.

"I love you," I said and left the room with a smile. I loved that she was stuck having to fix her hair and sexually frustrated. I was sexually frustrated too, but my devilish plan gave me the pleasure I needed for now.

I got dressed in my tux and waited for her to eventually come out of the bathroom. She emerged with her hair perfectly fixed and full makeup on, but only a towel around her body. She saw me standing in the tux and her eyes grew wide along with her smile.

"You were made to wear a tux," she said and I nodded appreciatively. Clothes were my thing, and I knew who to pick them and how to wear them.

I lowered finally to one knee and held out the box in my hand. "Dr. Bella Swan, will you marry me?"

She blushed and reached for the box. I smiled as she tore off the wrapping and gasped at the sight of the Tiffany box. "Oh my God, Edward," she exclaimed and I tried to look serious.

"Only the best for the woman I love," I said and coughed to hide a laugh.

She opened the lid and placed her hand over her heart as tears formed in her eyes. "Edward, this is too much."

"Don't be silly, it is just a little symbol of my love for you." I reached out and took the ring from the box and slipped it onto her finger. I hoped we would be at the altar before it turned her finger green.

"I'll give you the band at the altar," I said and kissed her fingers.

"I don't have a band for you," she said and I became afraid she was going to run out to get one and find out hers was fake so I added another lie.

"Actually, there is a certain band I really want, and I'll change your ring if it isn't what you want…"

"Are you crazy, I love this ring, I'll never remove it," she gushed.

"Good," I smiled. "We can get mine after we return to Seattle."

She leaned over and kissed me gratefully and I had to admit she kissed great. I took advantage of her willingness and let her kiss me all she wanted. She finally pulled away and said, "I'll get dressed so we can do this and then get quickly undressed."

I watched her take her dress into the other room and I called out, "Whatever you say, love."

I packed up all of my stuff and took it down to the rental car while she was occupied. Nobody gave me a second look. A guy in a tux in Vegas was a common sight. I got back moments before she walked from the bathroom in her wedding gown. She looked as beautiful as she did for the show.

I put my arms around her and spoke truthfully, "You are stunning, love. There has never been a more beautiful bride."

"Don't make me cry," she begged with teary eyes.

For one split second I felt a little guilty but her next comment gave me the courage I was looking for. "It feels different knowing it is for real and not for some charade."

She should have kept her mouth shut and I would have confessed my plan, but bringing up the national humiliation got me to dick up and continue on. I smiled lovingly at her and said, "Let's go get married, Dr. Swan."

"Yes, Dr. Cullen," she grinned and I took her hand and led her from the room.

We walked through the lobby as people yelled out good wishes and climbed into the car. I noticed how Bella kept admiring her ring and I smiled with complete joy. The wedding chapel took my money and had us sign all the appropriate documents and we sat in line for our turn.

I took hold of Bella's hand and I could feel her shaking. We watched the other couples, some in jeans and t-shirts, and some so drunk they could hardly walk, and some who looked too young to be marrying. I could tell Bella was growing apprehensive so I put my arm around her and spoke softly into her ear.

"Are life together will be amazing, you are the only woman to ever please me so completely," I said and wondered where in the hell those words came from. Surely it was watching the spectacle in front of us that brought out those declarations. I needed her to remain here and not run.

She took and deep breath and said, "I know we are nothing like these other couples, Edward. We have a lot to learn about each other but it will be easy compared to what we have gone through."

"I like your middle name, Marie," I said since I had just learned it while signing the marriage license.

"It was my grandmother's name," she said with a smile.

"Was she as beautiful as you?" I asked and watched her blush.

Before she could answer our names were called out. We stood and I gave Bella a kiss to calm her nerves and we walked to the front of the small chapel. A young man stood in front of us and a woman handed Bella a bouquet of roses which I had paid extra for. I wanted the whole effect.

The man looked at his paper and said, "Isabella Marie Swan, do you vow to take Edward Anthony Cullen to be your husband, legally and lawfully wedded until the time of your death?"

Her mouth pulled into a huge radiant smile and she said loudly and clearly, "I do."

My heart began to pound furiously and she tightened her hand in mine sensing my nerves. The young man turned to me and said, "Edward Anthony Cullen, do you vow to take Isabella Marie Swan to be your wife, legally and lawfully wedded until the time of your death?"

She giggled and looked into my eyes with anticipation as I stared back without speaking. "Mr. Cullen," the man prompted. I turned to look at him and said, "It's Dr. Cullen." I was being a prick, but I wanted Bella to know I wasn't some mentally deficient kid doing this. I was a medical doctor and planned this whole thing.

I pulled my hands from hers and she looked panic stricken as I said, "Um…no, I don't think I do."

"Edward?" she said softly as her face paled.

"You were right, love. Sometimes your wonderful is pretty shitty. You being the wonderful, and the shitty," I explained and turned to walk down the aisle and leave.

The little chapel filled with couples gasped and cheered at the same time. I felt her roses hit me in the back of the head and was a bit pissed I had paid so much for them now. "I'm keeping the ring," she screamed at me.

"That's fine," I said as I kept walking. "You deserve it."


Alice and Jasper sat with stunned expressions as I retold the story for the tenth time. When I told Emmett and Rose I got a very different reaction from the both of them. Emmett laughed until he almost threw up but Rose got tears in her eyes and began to cry. She told me every girl dreams of her wedding and it was the meanest thing I could have ever done. I had watched the Mary Gentry show, so I didn't give a shit how mean it was.

Alice and Jasper flew to Washington so she could apologize in person. She was sure I was furious with her and vowing to never speak to them again. Jasper was just happy he was left out of this round of humiliation.

I asked if she spoke with Bella and she told me she had no desire to see the bitch ever again. I had loyal friends and I was grateful for them.

My parents were stunned and didn't really comment. My father kept me so busy at the hospital I think it was their way to keep me out of the house, so they didn't have to look at the cruel son-of-a-bitch they raised.

The story made its way around Forks and one night as I was driving home from a 73 hour shift I got pulled over. I was really angry since I wasn't speeding and I really needed to get into my bed.

Charlie walked up to my window and I groaned. This was the last thing I needed and actually worried a little about him shooting me and making it appear like self defense.

I waited for him to speak and tried to remain calm.

"Edward, I don't blame you for what you did. It was wrong of Bella to embarrass you."

"Thanks," I mumbled softly.

"So are you even now?" he asked.

I looked up with surprise and said, "What?"

"I just want to know if you are both done, this can only go from bad to worse if you keep this up."

"I haven't seen Bella in two months," I said to explain but he shook his head as if that wasn't what he meant. "I have no plans to see her ever again, if that is what you are asking."

"No, it isn't what I'm asking. As her father I need to know if you are done trying to hurt her."

"Yes, I'm done," I said and had no idea what he was talking about.

He stared right into my eyes like he was looking for some evidence of a sinister plot I was working on so I raised my hands and said, "What?"

"Nothing, drive safely," he said and walked away.

I made it home and collapsed into my bed where I remained for fifteen hours. I woke up to a totally different world from the one I had fallen asleep to.

I could smell food wafting up to my room so I crawled from my bed and headed down the stairs. My mother was working over the stove and I came up to kiss her cheek.

"What smells so delicious?"

"I made some barbeque pork, we are having company over," she said and pushed me out of her way.

"Company?" I repeated.

"Yes, a doctor who your father is trying to lure to this area. He's bringing his daughter and if you can't be social just remain in your room," she advised.

"When have I ever had a problem being social?" I asked her, growing tired of being treated like their disappointment.

"I'm only saying she is a young woman and I don't want you playing any games with her."

"God, mother, you act like I make a habit out of dragging women to Vegas so I can walk out on them. Bella almost ruined my life, so think about that when you're feeling so damn sorry for her."

I headed out of the room and my mother turned off the stove and ran to catch me on the stairs. "Edward, I'm sorry, I didn't mean it like that. I just…"

"You just what?" I pressed.

"You never seem to be serious about a girl."

I looked at her and suddenly became aware of what she was implying. "Oh God, you think I'm gay," I exclaimed.

"I wouldn't judge you, son," she said and I gasped loudly as I stood with saucer sized eyes. This was unbelievable, hell she actually heard me fucking a woman and still wonders about my sexuality. I stuttered as I tried to find the right words to convince her I had plenty of women in my bed over the years, but it wasn't something you speak about comfortably with your mother.

I took a shower and left my scruff so I could appear a bit manlier for my mother. I dressed and headed downstairs to the sound of voices on the back deck. I walked through the French doors and saw an elderly man with a gorgeous young woman next to him.

She was tiny in size, about like Alice, with blonde hair and striking blue eyes. I smiled and nodded to her as my mother took hold of my arm. "This is our son, Edward." The elderly man stood and extended his hand. "Edward, this is Aro and his daughter Jane."

"Welcome to our home," I said and he responded with a very thick accent.

"It is a pleasure to break bread with such a kind family."

I pulled out a chair and glanced at the blonde as I sat. She was watching me and smiled when our eyes met. "Jane, are you enjoying Forks?" I asked.

Her accent was not a thick as her father's but still pronounced. "It is quite small; you must tire of it easily."

"Port Angeles is close and has some pretty decent clubs, although with my schedule I don't get to them much," I admitted and she looked at me with questioning eyes. "I'm in my residency," I explained and she nodded in understanding.

"I'll have to check them out," she said and I smiled.

"I have the next 24 hours off, I would be happy to show you around," I offered and my parents seemed relieved and worried at the same time. Did they really think I would drag her to a wedding chapel?

I spoke with her off and on during the evening and it was an enjoyable dinner. When our father's left to take a tour of the hospital I headed to Port Angeles with Jane. I learned my lesson about not getting vital information before ending up in bed so I questioned her on the drive to the club.

I learned her full name, where she was born, that her mother passed away when she was only a child, and that she was a lot older than she looked. I figured she was twenty-one at the most but found out she was actually twenty-seven, one year younger than I was.

We entered the club and I teased her constantly for being carded at the door. She was easy to interact with and I actually enjoyed her company. We left our drinks to head to the dance floor and it felt odd holding a woman so much smaller than me.

I didn't want to be folded over her so I stood upright and looked around the club as we danced. It was then I noticed the table against the wall with several people sitting with notebooks as if taking notes for the night. My eyes ran down the line of assholes and stopped right in the middle when I saw Bella staring back at me.

My body tensed and Jane, noticing the change, looked up at me. "Is there something wrong?" she asked.

I smiled down at her, a little too lovingly, but I was struggling to keep my composure. "I just saw an old friend I haven't seen in a long time, actually not since her wedding," I said so Jane wouldn't think I wanted to ditch her for another woman.

"If you would like to say hello, I can wait at our table," she offered and I tried to act like her idea was perfect.

"Sure, I won't be long at all. Order me another beer," I suggested and she smiled and walked back to our booth.

I headed toward Bella and watched her squirm a bit. Her face grew nervous, and then angry, and then furious. I stood directly in front of the table with all the people who were watching us animals behave and writing everything they saw. Bella sat her pen down and crossed her arms.

"Hello, love," I said cynically and watched her eyes burn in anger.

"Fuck you," she responded and the entire table of note takers looked at her with shock. None of them said a word and I felt we were on display at a zoo as they didn't even try to appear distracted.

"Is that how you speak to a man who let you keep a diamond ring?" I smirked. It kicked her anger up a notch and I really wished I would have been there when her finger turned green.

She leaned forward and spoke slowly with emphasis, "F uucck You."

I placed my fingers on the table and leaned to speak directly to her face. "Yes, you did, and quite well I might add."

"I hate you," she said softly but I was sure the gawking crowd of coworkers heard her anyway.

"Not nearly as much as I hate you," I admitted and walked away to join Jane in our booth. This time I slid into her side and put my arm around her.

"Were you fighting with that woman?" she asked.

"No, she dated a friend of mine, Tony. We were just talking about him," I lied and smiled at the reference.

I took a long drink of my fresh beer and watched as Jane sipped her red wine. Her full lips were enticing and I held her chin so I could bring them up to mine. She kissed me stiffly and I was ready to give her some instruction when I realized what the hell I was doing. I quickly pulled away and took another drink of my beer.

A waitress approached our table and I looked up as she sat a drink down next to my hand. "This vodka tonic is from the woman at the observation table."

If Bella thought I would drink something she sent she was insane. I wasn't about to be drugged and make Jane worry about getting my ass home. I also knew my father would freak if they had to carry me into the house.

I turned to Jane and nodded to the drink as I said, "I'm not really into vodka, are you?"

"No, I'll stick with my wine," she said and I was so relieved she didn't want the drink I was certain would be spiked.

I asked her to dance when the next slow song came on and walked directly in front of the watching psychologists. I didn't worry about her height and pulled her into my arms and leaned over to place my mouth on her bare shoulder. We danced slowly and I made sure to keep her tight as I imagined Bella writing furiously about what a misogynistic prat I was.

The song ended and I kept Jane's hand in mine as we walked back to the table. This time when we sat she leaned her small body into me and responded as I kissed her. Her hand ran up my face and into my hair and my needs took over for my body. I hadn't had sex in a couple of months and I realized how much I needed a release from a pretty woman.

I let my hand run up her side as my thumb ran over the edge of her breast several times, causing our kissing to escalate. I wasn't sure if my parents would be relieved to know I screwed a woman or pissed it was a future colleague's daughter. But right now I only worried about what both of our bodies seemed to need.

"Are you ready to go?" I asked.

She smiled and nodded, "Oh yes, very ready.

I laughed at her enthusiasm, showing my own, and motioned for the waitress to come settle my tab. She brought me my bill and I handed her my card. "Oh, can you return this drink to the woman who sent it with my regards," I said trying to sound kind.

The girl picked up the drink and walked off to process my card. I returned to the girl in my arms and went back to kissing her. She ran her hand down my chest and moved her lips to my ear. "You'll need a condom," she informed me, most likely so I could run into the restroom to purchase one if I didn't have any.

I smiled and l said softly, "I'm prepared."

Her giggle got me harder and I looked up to see what was keeping the girl with my card. She walked toward me and handed me my card and the receipt before handing me another note. "It's from the lady," she said and I nodded.

I stood and put the card back into my wallet as I double checked for condoms and then held my hand out for Jane to help her stand. She walked in front of me as we left the club and I waited until we reached the car before opening the note Bella wrote.

It was written in a rushed scribble and I had to hold it up to the light to make out the words. My entire body shuddered when I read, I can't drink you ass, you knocked me up.


I couldn't breathe and looked back at the club to see all the observers climbing into a van with the University seal. I chuckled to myself and wanted to yell out that I wasn't buying her game one bit. She moved to the next level, a man's worst fear, but her moves were too obvious now.

I climbed in my car as I continued to laugh. Jane gave me a questioning glance and I shrugged, "It's nothing. I just remembered a really funny thing a friend told me, it's nothing I promise."

Jane smiled and nodded and I gave her body a quick glance before saying, "What are you doing clear over there?"

She unhooked her seatbelt and leaned over the console so I could kiss her deeply. This time when her hand ran down my chest she didn't stop and continued into my pants. I tried to extend my legs but the car was too small so I reached over to turn on the engine.

I drove toward Forks as she continued to kiss my neck and rub my chest. I was going to take her to my home, but she had a better idea. "I have my own room at the hotel," she said as she moved back into her seat. I smiled, knowing my parents wouldn't' be so angry if I made it home to my own bed later tonight.

I had just pulled into Forks when lights began flashing behind me. I moved over to let them pass and was stunned they stopped behind me. I wasn't speeding and I certainly wasn't drunk. I pulled out my wallet and looked up to see Charlie looking down at me.

"Shit," I muttered and glanced at Jane. Charlie leaned over and shinned the light in her eyes and then back at me.

"I wasn't speeding," I said.

"Where are you headed?" he asked.

"I'm dropping off my date," I said angrily.

"And then going right home?" he questioned me further and I raised my hand to block the light from my eyes.

"You're not my father," I said sounding like a punk ass kid.

"Have you been drinking, Edward?" he asked.

"Not even one full beer," I said and he dropped the light and leaned in to get right into my face.

"You got a note tonight," he said and I tried to swallow because the possibility of it being true suddenly dawned on me.

"You'll understand if I have trouble believing it," I said and he nodded in agreement. I glanced at Jane and prayed Charlie would let me leave without saying another word, but I wasn't that lucky.

He tapped the door with his flashlight and said, "Can you step out of the car."

"Can we talk about this later?" I asked in irritation.

His jaw tightened and his eyes narrowed and he spoke with a serious tone, "No son, we need to talk about this right now."

I removed my seatbelt and got out of the car angrily. We both walk to his cruiser and he leaned against the door as he spoke. "I need to know what's going on."

"Ask your daughter what game she's playing now. I'm not stupid enough to fall for a fake pregnancy, and if she really is pregnant, I seriously doubt it's mine."

"I was the one who insisted she tell you about it, she wanted to keep it from you. I don't think this is fake, and you better think twice before you insinuate anything about my daughter," he warned and I laughed loudly at his audacity. She publicly humiliated me and not to mention the things she did to me when she fucked me. His daughter was not the innocent he wanted to believe she was.

"Look, I'm on a date, I'll take her home and arrange to speak with Bella," I bargained and he nodded. I walked back to my car and the mood was totally ruined. I looked at Jane and she reached out and patted my arm.

"It is okay, we'll have other opportunities," she said and I began to really like her. I hoped her father took the job and I could get to know her better. I also hated the thought I would be beating off tonight and it was all because of Bella.

I gave Jane a long kiss before she got out of my car and walked into the hotel. As I pulled from the parking lot I noticed Charlie drive by and I pounded the steering wheel in anger. The last thing I needed was a cop keeping an eye on my social life.

I waited until I pulled into my garage to get my phone and call Bella. I really hoped she wouldn't answer so I could leave a hateful message without having to hear her voice or give her the opportunity to play me.

She answered and I could tell she was still on the drive back to Seattle. "Do you think I'm really this stupid?" I asked.

"Can I call you later?" she asked with s soft voice.

"No, Bella, are you pregnant yes or no?"

"Yes," she said with only a whisper.

"And I'm supposed to believe it is mine and come rushing to your side?"

"Not at all," she said trying to sound as normal as possible for her coworkers sitting right next to her.

"Is it?" I asked.

"Is it what?" she asked and I punched my steering wheel again with anger.

"You know damn well what I'm asking, Is it my baby?" I yelled loudly.

"No," she said and I felt so much better until she added, "It's mine," and hung up on me. Oh she was good, she knew exactly how to push every button I had. I went to my room and dug through my desk for the card she gave me in Chicago with her home address. I got in my car and headed to the city. I wasn't tired after sleeping so long and I was extra pumped by the anger I was feeling.

I drove fast and didn't care about getting pulled over. I wanted to make sure I arrived before she fell asleep. It took me a while to find the place and I marched up to the door and knocked loudly. I wondered if she had roommates and felt a bit guilty for waking them, but the door opened and Bella stood before me in only a t-shirt and panties.

I glanced at her body and smiled, knowing she was betting on me rushing over and thinking my dick would rule my brain. "Nice try," I said and pushed past her.

"I'm not feeling well, what do you want?" she asked.

I chuckled and then notice she did look a bit pale and weak. I walked to a chair and sat down so she would do the same. We stared at each other and I finally said, "So explain."

"Just go," she said as she let her head drop into her palm. I laughed at how dramatic she was being.

"I can't leave," I said theatrically. "You're having my baby, I have to swear my undying devotion to you, wait, which way is the camera, so they can get my best side?" I asked and then laughed.

She pulled her legs up to rest her head against her knees and I noticed a fresh growing blood stain on her panties. My tone changed instantly and I said with a shaky voice. "Bella, did you just get your period?"

"What?" she asked and raised her head. I could see how pale she was becoming just since I had arrived and I jumped up to check her blood pressure.

She tried to pull her hand from mine but I looked into her eyes to speak. "You're hemorrhaging, love. I need to get you to a hospital."

She looked down and gasped at the sight before looking back at me with wide eyes full of fear. "Am I losing my baby?" she asked and began to cry.

I ran to her room without answering and grabbed her robe and a blanket. I swore to myself if this was some game I would kill her. There was nothing funny about faking a miscarriage and if it was real I knew the emotional mess headed for Bella.

I put her arms through the robe and wrapped her in a blanket before picking her up off the sofa. I was stunned to see such a huge puddle of blood and hurried my steps. I drove through every red light and pulled into the emergency entrance at the hospital. I think it was the adrenalin I was feeling and the confusion of emotions that made me yell, "Help, my wife is hemorrhaging, she's having a miscarriage but there is too much blood."

Bella was placed on a gurney and rushed behind the large doors as I stood helplessly looking on. I was asked to move my car and when I returned I was told Bella was being prepped for surgery. "Who's the surgeon?" I asked and was given a name.

I instantly called my father and tried my best to fill him in. He assured me the surgeon was one of the best and agreed to call Charlie and let him know. I sat in the waiting area as I tried to make sense of everything around me. There was a small portion of my heart holding out hope this was all an elaborate rouse. But I knew a hospital would never allow such a thing.

I just lost my child and the longer the night went on the more it began to hurt. I was waiting for news when my parents and Charlie walked through the door. I collapsed in my mother's arms and cried softly. I was exhausted and sick of the games that kept me from helping Bella. I felt guilty and wasn't sure how I could ever make it up to her.

The surgeon finally emerged and sat with us in the waiting area. "She's lost a lot of blood and both babies," he said.

"Both?" I gasped.

"Yes, I'm sure she wasn't aware it was twins, and the incident of miscarriage is a lot higher with a multiple pregnancy. She'll be fine and able to have more children. I just spoke with her in recovery, they are moving her to a room and she's asking for you."

I nodded and wondered if this was going to be our final showdown. It wasn't planned, but one of us got our wish, the final assault, but I wasn't sure which one of us it was. I walked down the long corridor toward her room and tried to prepare myself for her laughter and accusations. I could picture her smirking and saying, "You stupid fuck; you thought you got to have a child, ha ha, look at your face now."

I pushed open the door and she turned her head to look at me. Her face was covered in tears and I felt my eyes grow wet by the sight of her. I hesitated, not sure if I should enter or stay by the door. She finally held out her hand for mine and I sprinted to the bed. I enveloped her into my arms and held her to my chest as she sobbed loudly.

I rocked her back and forth as her heart broke along with mine. We had spent too many hours hurting each other and this painful moment was the most honest we had ever been. I kissed her head and ran my hand softly down her hair as she continued to cry. "I'm so sorry, love," I finally offered.

"I wanted your baby, Edward. After everything we had done to each other, I still wanted your baby," she cried.

"Bella, I'm being completely honest with you. I want this all to stop."

"I wasn't trying to play you," she said. "I had no intentions of even telling you, but my father insisted."

"Do you realize keeping it from me was in fact playing me?" I asked.

"No, not this time. I wasn't putting a child in the middle of our pissing contest. I got jealous when I saw you with another woman, it was the only reason I told you now. I was going to wait until closer to the birth to tell you. I should have remained quiet and you wouldn't…."

She began to cry again and I moved her back to my chest. She grabbed my shirt in her fist and held on tightly. "I love you," she cried. "I'm being totally honest; I love you with everything I have."

There was no upper hand to gain, no twist in the game that I had to worry about. We were raw and vulnerable with nothing left to lose, so I pulled her face up to look at me. "I love you, Bella Marie Swan, and I'm being totally honest, too."

She quit her job with the center on human sexuality and took a job at the Forks hospital as a family liaison psychologist. We found a small house to rent and I worked long hours to finish my residency. We never talked about marriage since we both were too afraid to broach the subject.

I was on a three day rotation when I snuck into her office and sat in her chair. She returned from a meeting and smiled when she found me waiting for her. "That's my chair, doctor."

"I think we can both fit, doctor," I replied and she reached back and locked the door. She walked over to sit on the edge of her desk and placed her feet on either side of me.

I laughed and said, "Those are pretty panties."

"I got them at Dillard's," she teased.

"I got you something better," I said and reached into my pocket to pull out a Tiffany box.

"Do I have stupid written all over my face?" she said skeptically and tried to move off of the desk. I quickly reached out for her and kept her in place.

"No, and that is why I got this, too," I said and pulled out a report from a gemologist. She took the paper from my hand and then looked suspiciously at the box again. I opened it to reveal a large diamond and held it out to her.

"Are you serious?" she asked with wide eyes and reached out for the box.

"On one condition," I said and she let her hand fall back to the desk. "We hire an outside person, not affiliated with us in any way to plan the wedding."

"How about my father and your mother," she said with a laugh and I nodded in agreement.

I held the box up and asked, "Bella, will you marry me?"

"Yes," she said honestly.

And we began the most fun game of all… a life together.