Back When We Were Good

Summary: Georgetown Fic.

A/N: There is a serious lack in Good Wife Fanfiction so I'm adding a little something in there. Hopefully it will inspire some new writers to post here!

"Will, I cannot believe you dragged me to this party. Whose house is this anyways?"

"Oh come on Leesh, as if I was going to let my roommate stay home alone on a Friday night."

"Peter was going to come by after he finished work in the city."

Will groaned; he hated Peter Florrick. The guy was a total scumbag. Not to mention he was dating the love of his life. He cursed himself everyday for not telling Alicia that he loved her before she went to Chicago on that summer internship. He had gone to pick her up at the airport and she had gotten off the plane with him.

"Alicia, you are the last girl I'd ever expect to wait at home for a man." He said to her, 'I'd never make you wait.' He said to himself.

"Yeah, yeah. Just get me a drink will ya Gardner?"

"As you wish."

A couple of hours into the party, Alicia had let Will go off with one of the Freshmen Law students as she was getting ready to head back to their apartment.

"Leaving so soon Alicia?"

She turned her head. "David, hi. Yeah, I was just leaving. Peter is meeting me soon." She could tell he was checking her out so she thought mentioning her boyfriend would help steer him away.

"Just have one more drink with me? I still owe you for helping me out with my mock trial last week."

Alicia sighed, "Ok, sure. Rum and Coke please?"

"Coming right up."

About an hour later, Will was busy dancing with some girl whose name he's already forgotten when he spotted Alicia's coat and purse on a nearby couch. He thought she was heading home to wait for Peter. He scanned the crowd and couldn't see her. Alicia was much too careful to leave her coat and bag lying around.

He turned to a friend of his who was dancing nearby, "hey Tommy! Have you seen Alicia recently?"

"Yeah man. She was looking fine."

Will sighed. "I know, but do you know where she is?"

"I think she was heading upstairs with David Cooper about ten minutes ago. Looked like she'd had a few."

Will was already halfway up the stairs before Tommy had finished his sentence. He saw a closed door and went to it. It was locked so he knocked rapidly.

"Hey man! I'm a little busy in here. Get your own room!" Was heard through the door.

"Cooper! Open this door right now!"

"No way man."

Will took a deep breath, braced himself and rammed into the door, breaking the lock and getting the door open.

He had found Alicia; with her top off, passed out on the bed with David on top of her with his jeans around his ankles.

"Jesus Gardner, can't you see we're having some alone time right now."

Seething, Will through him off of Alicia, "what the hell did you give her?"

"Nothing man. She's just a party girl."

"I'm only going to ask you once more. What did you put in her drink?"

"Relax man."

"Don't tell me to relax." Will said before punching David in the face and sending him to the ground hard.

He rushed over to Alicia, attempting to wake her. "Alicia? Leesh baby wake up!" Her eyes fluttered and she groaned a bit but he couldn't wake her. "Someone call an ambulance!"

He tried to cover her up as best she could. He thanked God he had gotten there when he did, but he felt even worse for not being there with her. "I'm so sorry Leesh."

Far in the distance, Will could hear sirens.


Peter will make an appearance in the next episode. This story is about how Alicia copes with this new trauma and who she really wants by her side.

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