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~*~ Chapter 2~*~

Will Gardner waited in the hospital waiting room for any more news on Alicia. The doctor said she had been given Rohypnol and her body had not reacted well. The drug had almost killed her. They had pumped her stomach and were now waiting for her to wake up.

"Hi, I'm Peter Florrick... My girlfriend was brought here-"

Will noticed Peter at the nurses' station and called him over. "Peter, over here!"

"What the hell happened? Where's Alicia?"

"They are waiting for her to wake up. She was slipped a date rape drug."

"And where the hell were you?" He asked angrily. Will had to admit, the man was intimidating. He'd be a great politician.

Before Will had a chance to answer, the Doctor had come to them, "Doctor, has Alicia woken up?"

"Yes, she has. She's a very lucky girl. She can go home but should have someone watch her and she's going to need a lot of rest."

That's when Peter stepped in of course, "I'm Alicia's boyfriend, and I'll make sure she's safe."

"Ok, well, you can both go and see her now. I'd expect the police will follow up with her tomorrow."

"Thank you Doctor." Will said before following Peter to go and see Alicia.

Peter had rushed straight into Alicia's room while Will hung in the doorway. "Babe, you look like hell. How are you feeling?" Will thought she looked beautiful of course.

Alicia smiled a little, "I'm ok Peter. Just a little tired." She looked up at Will, "Will, thank you so much." Alicia read the guilt in his eyes, not to mention the anger in Peters; she was studying to be a Lawyer after all.

"The doctor said you could go home, so I'll take you back to my place and-"

Will interrupted Peter, "don't you think she'd be a little more comfortable back at our apartment? In her own room?"

"I just want to make sure that my girlfriend is taken care of Gardner."

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?"

"Well, I leave you with my girlfriend for one night and she almost gets raped-"

"Enough!" Alicia called from the bed she was struggling to get out of. "Will's right Peter. I'd like to go back to my apartment; but I want you to stay with me. Please?"

Peter leaned down and kissed Alicia on the forehead. "Anything you want babe."

"Thank you." She looked over to Will, "What happened to David?"

"If he's woken up from the blow to the face he got, I assume campus police took him to the police station."

"You punched him?" Alicia asked, impressed.


"Is your hand ok?"

"I'm sure his hand is fine Alicia. Let's get you home shall we?" Peter interrupted.

Alicia nodded; just glad to be getting out of the hospital.


Alicia was glad to be stepping into the apartment she shared with Will. After two years of living in dorms with three other girls, getting an apartment off campus with her best friend seemed like the best plan.

She had to admit though; if she had her own apartment, she would probably have gone home with Peter.

Last summer her and Will had both applied for an internship at a prestigious law firm in Chicago, where they both were from but only Alicia had gotten in. She had been hopelessly in love with Will and thought the time away from him would do her some good.

That's when she had met Peter. He was a year older than her and was interning with the State's Attorney's office. They had met numerous times during cases and when he had asked her out, she had happily agreed. He was cute and funny and was just as goal orientated as her. He went to a Law School close to Georgetown and when they went back to D.C, they had agreed to stay together.

Everything was going great in her life...

"Alicia, if you don't need anything I'm going to head to bed." Will asked.

"Why would she need anything from you Gardner?" Peter answered for her.

"Peter please. I'm fine Will, thank you."

Yes; everything was going great in Alicia's life...