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Darling Save me

Chapter 1 Starting a day

It was a quiet day in Tombiki town , except for the sounds of electrical charges going off."Darling!" shouted Lum (of course) "Wait Lum let me explain!" "You need repent!" The Next thing Ataru knew he was running through the streets faster than a baseball player going for home base for the winning point in the world series. He was running to fast and didn't notice Cherry right in his path "Tis a bad omen" The next thing Cherry saw was a seventeen year old boy running 60 mph at him "CRASH!" "Stupid monk getting in my way like that for nothing more than to say 'Tis a bad omen'." Then Ataru kicked him into the distance. "Such is fate." Said the annoying monk as he flew towards Tokyo. "Darling!" "Ah! Lum ! please don't" "You'll pay for flirting" said Lum as she shocked Ataru then he fell. "Can we ever go to school in peace" "Not if you keep flirting like this" "You know the more you shock me , the less likely I am to say I love you." "Like I said before if it takes a lifetime I'll make you say it" "Yes but I said I'll say on my deathbed" "You really are hopeless darling" Then from the school they could hear the bell ringing "Damn it we're gonna be late." "But darling that's nothing new." "Shut up" he said as he rushed toward the school building.

Authors note: Yeah I'm sorry this was short but this is all I can think of for a beginning chapter.