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"What's going on? I wanted to go to London and you bring me to Cardiff. What the hell is in Cardiff?" asked Angela.

"Aliens," said Alex.

"Excuse me?" said Angela turning to look at him.

"Aliens, love. Extraterrestrials. Space people," said Alex. "Well, things. But yeah."

"You're insane," said Angela.

"Am not. You just don't get it. You're American," said Alex.

"Don't blame me," said Angela. "And when did you become such an enthusiast?"

"Since all the alien stuff started," said Alex.

"Right. You're crazy."

"Are not," said Alex.

"Alexander James, you are completely…WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!" shouted Angela.

Alex slammed on the breaks. Standing in front of the car was a disgusting creature. The creature growled and started making its way towards the car.

"Alex…do something…" said Angela. "For the love of God, DO SOMETHING!"

"Right," said Alex. "Do something."

Alex slammed his foot on the gas pedal and floored it. Angela screamed as the car collided with the creature. Alex stopped the car.

"Just stay here. I'll be right back," said Alex.

"Oh, what the hell. Get your ass back in the car," said Angela.

"I'm just gonna have a look at it, Jesus," said Alex.

"Christ, man," said Angela getting out as well.

Angela stood next to the car while Alex walked over to the creature. Angela wrapped her arms around herself as she watched. Alex crouched down next to the creature and rolled it onto its back.

"Angie, it's okay, it's dead," he said.

"Alright then, let's get to the hotel," she said. "Come on."

"Alright, alright."

Alex stood up and turned back towards the car. Angela started to get back in the car when she saw something move.

"Alex," she said. "Are you SURE it's dead?"

"Yeah. No pulse. Everything's got to have a pulse," said Alex.

"Then why is it moving?" she said pointing behind him.

"What?" said Alex turning around.

Before Alex could move out of the way the creature grabbed his leg and pulled him down to the ground. Alex screamed as the animal ripped into his neck. Angela screamed as she tried to climb back into the car.

"Oh, my God!" she shouted.

"Run," said a man. "Run! Now!"

Angela didn't look back as she took off down the street.