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The Darkest Priestess

Prologue: Luminescence

She had thought herself prepared, as stared down the spinning shaft that marked her death. How wrong she'd been. Her end was neither peaceful nor serene. It was quite painful; agonizing really. Death had not come swift; dimly aware she was of the metal that bit deep into her bosom. She waited for the fading of her senses, ready to drift into her final slumber, yet sleep did not come. Instead a prickling feeling erupted over her skin and scorching heat flooded her hollow shell. No, her end was not of peaceful sleep, but of torturous oblivion. The cry that erupted from her was both her own and another's, but it mattered not as it was swallowed up by the swell of hot white light. And then…she was gone.


Among the gore laden battlefield is not where she wanted to encounter her. Not that she particularly wanted to encounter her at all really, but here as they battled Naraku for both their lives and their futures Kagome was unsure of how to feel when she stepped into her line of sight. The remnant winds of the Kaze no Kizu ruffled through scarlet hakama and toyed with the ends of long dark hair.

"Kikyo…" she breathed.

The woman in question turned her gaze upon her, "Reincarnate…no, Kagome." Her brown eyed stare leveled upon Kagome evenly and Kagome knew then that she'd come for her, but for what?

"Why are you here Kikyo?" Her voice easily giving away her fears as she gripped her bow tighter. She didn't want to fight her, in fact she wasn't sure she'd win anyway.

The dead woman was silent for a long moment and the sounds of the battle nearly claimed her attention once more, but then she spoke, "You love him, do you not?"

She'd been shocked into silence. "Wha…"

Kikyo's face remained schooled in the same blank and peaceful expression, "Inuyasha. You love him." She stated, rather than ask this time.

She hesitated, unsure of what her answer would mean, but decided it couldn't do much harm to speak truthfully, "Yes. I do love him…but…"

It was then that Kikyo moved. It was subtle, yet alarming for the battle weary Kagome.

"But?" Kikyo questioned, her head tilted to the side slightly and eyes narrowed.

"But i…"She paused. What did Kikyo want her to say? What could she possibly want, here and now of all places? "I'm not foolish enough to give my heart to him."

Kikyo's gaze turned from her then, watching said hanyou plow through hordes of demons with a reckless swing of Tetsuaiga. "Why?" her voice was soft and almost inaudible.

Why? She wanted to know why. Kagome was ready to yell in frustration. She was supposed to be watching their backs not chatting about her love life to her reanimated former self! She knew better however, she needed to stay calm. So huffing wearily Kagome answered her, "Because I know how he feels. I know that…I know that he loves me." She flinched as Kikyo's hard stare landed on her once more, "but I also" she rushed to continue, "know that he loves you as well. And I know that he'll never be able to choose and to ask him to do so would be wrong." Kagome ignored the soft sound of Kikyo's snort, "And because of that I've decided to let him go. As much as I love him, I want…no. I need someone who can choose me without hesitation." The smile that spread across Kikyo's face nearly made her drop her bow.

With a relieved sigh Kikyo graced her with a look that could only be described as grateful, "While not exactly what I was hoping for, it will suffice." In a smooth motion that came from years of repetition Kikyo retrieved her bow and noched an arrow. "Thank you Kagome." And she raised her armed weapon level to her reincarnate's heart.

Kagome's mind screamed at her to move. To do something; run, scream, return the gesture, something…anything, but stand frozen in shock. Yet, she couldn't. "Why are you doing this Kikyo?" Hadn't she just basically told her that she didn't want Inuyasha? Why was she aiming at her?

"You want to live to see your home again, do you not?" She spoke again before Kagome could answer, "Then lift your bow and kill me. Or die by my hand. Either is fine by me."


There was no clean slice. Not when Tetsuaiga was in Inuyasha's hands. Instead, the demonic fang cleaved through bodies like a serrated edge, knocking away just as much as it cut. With a heave, Inuyasha's planted foot shoved the large loin-clothed oni sending it reeling backwards. Before it could recover, however, he swung his blade wide and it tore through its neck removing the head completely.

Landing on the balls of his feet, Inuyasha quickly surveyed his surroundings before moving to dash into the fray once more. Yet before his feet could find purchase with his second step, he nearly stumbled as he looked over to his left, upon the hill Kagome was stationed. His mouth ran dry as he took in Kikyo's form, armed and ready…ready to kill Kagome. He nearly sprinted to them when Kagome armed herself as well, an arrow pointed in Kikyo's direction. No…Why is this happening now?

"Getting distracted are we, Inuyasha?" The only warning he received prior to the thick tentacle piercing the ground where'd he been mere moments ago.

He glared up at the armored being, intent to go on the offensive only to be forced into blocking as Naraku bore down upon him, dark amusement glimmering in his scarlet eyes. Clenching his jaw, the silver haired hanyou shoved Naraku back with a fierce cry.

"Wind Scar!" He sliced the blade down and the chaotic wounds shredded the ground with unholy fury. The scarlet eyed abomination merely smirked at the display, thoroughly pleased when the furious winds collided with his barrier. "Really? Is that the best you can do without your little priestess?" His tone mocking, he continued, "I'm disappointed in you, Inuyasha, but then again that's all you are, aren't you? A disappointment."

Growling, Inuyasha charged in recklessly, the Tetsuaiga bearing down on Naraku's form. "Shut the fuck up!"

The half demon's growl fell into a guttural snarl as Naraku's dark chuckles carried across the battlefield as the spider demon easily side stepped his wild swing. Naraku's dark chuckles carried across the battlefield and the half demon swung wildly with Tetsuaiga, his growl falling into guttural snarl. Easily sidestepping the swing, Naraku batted Inuyasha to the side like a fly with a stray tentacle. "I'd say maybe you should ask for help, but it seems your priestess is rather preoccupied." He turned to glimpse the hilltop where Kikyo and Kagome were currently in a stand-off. A snide smile spread across his face, "I never thought they'd do my work for me. How nice of them. Either way I win." He laughed again.

"Bastard!" Inuyasha yelled, raising the Tetsuaiga and charging at him again.


"Wind Tunnel!" The winds shrieked along with the countless number of lesser demons as they clawed at the ground in a futile attempt to save themselves from certain doom. Their struggles futile as many of them were drawn into the black depths of the monk's hand, however, several escaped with their lives when the saimyosho came in flying low and the monk was forced to seal his wind tunnel. "Sango!"

"I know, Miroku." Her voice steady and assured, she stepped forward as he stepped back, ofuda already being prepped. "Hiraikotsu!" She slung the massive boomerang through the air and was grimly satisfied when a vast majority of the flying pests were destroyed. She dug her heels into the sloping hillside as the spinning weapon curved back at her. Reflexively, she slid back low to the ground, boomerang in hand as several glowing strips of paper flew over her head where they attached themselves to the bodies of steadily incoming demons and promptly annihilated them. Tossing a quick look over her shoulder to signal the monk, she then turned to face forward and readied her weapon as Miroku came to her side to unleash his vortex again.

Predictably, the leftovers of the saimyosho swarmed towards it, eager to lay down their lives and poison him. And then suddenly the winds were silent. "Now, Sango!"

Not bothering with a response, she released her weapon into the air; it sliced into the swarm, effectively lessening their number and on its return only one remained and it too was quickly destroyed by a single ofuda. Shouldering her weapon, she turned from Miroku, pausing only to meet his eyes. He smiled at her in thanks. He didn't mind that she was leaving him to his devices. If he needed her, he knew where she'd be-at his back. Quickly they fell back into the tag team rhythm they'd developed in and out of battle, but they were soon interrupted by a cry.



"Weigh your options, girl. You will either perish here and our soul will become one inside my vessel; and you…will never see your friends, your family, your world again." Her blank brown eyes narrowed into harden slits as if to cut. "Or you will do as I say, reincarnate."

Kagome stared, fear and shock mirrored in her grey-blue eyes. She couldn't begin to fathom what had brought this on. What reason could Kikyo possibly want to end her life?

"Why? Why are you doing this?" Kagome's voice clearly carrying the edge of desperation.

The porcelain mask that was Kikyo's face twisted in annoyance at her words. "I've neither the time nor care for your questions. Die."

Her eyes widened as the pink energy that gathered upon Kikyo's arrow blazed it's light upon her form. Fear. It was thing that paralyzed her. It was the thing that tingled down her spine. It was also the thing that drove her to one aim; to live. It was simple really, faced with a glowing end, she did the only thing she could: she fired.

To say she was surprised would be a lie, this is what she'd wanted to happen, but to actually witness the young slip-of-a-girl, her reincarnate, her mere copy end her existence, she was astonished.

Kagome could only stand with a feeling of hollowness as her arrow, slammed itself into the chest of her former self, the wooden shaft quivered under both exerted force and radiating energy. Her eyes lowered and she found them studying Kikyo's bow, an arrow strewn at its side. The force of the attack had loosened her grip and her fingers had released their hold.

A thump and Kagome raised her gaze to the fallen form of Kikyo. She was dying…and it was because of her. She felt the tears swim over her eyes and her fingers loosen their grip on her bow. She'd killed Kikyo. Guilt swarmed over her.

She had thought herself prepared, as stared down the spinning shaft that marked her death. How wrong she'd been. Her end was neither peaceful nor serene. It was quite painful; agonizing really. Death had not come swift; dimly aware she was of the metal that bit deep into her bosom. She waited for the fading of her senses, ready to drift into her final slumber, yet sleep did not come. Instead a prickling feeling erupted over her skin and scorching heat flooded her hollow shell.

A sound reached her ears, tiny at first, but then it was joined by others and a pale light began to dance against her skin. Warily, she stared at the deceased shell only to be startled into falling backwards. The clay shell that housed Kikyo's soul had begun to crack and splinter, miniscule fragments falling to the grass revealing a dim glow, a light growing in intensity. Kagome shivered as a rush of heat traversed across her skin and the sharp clinking of fragmenting clay became a sudden crescendo of sound and then there was silence. She'd thought perhaps whatever-it-was was over, if not for the warmth that flushed her body as she cautiously studied the immense spider web of cracks that spread along the hollow corpse. As she prepared to stand, the light within dimmed and a moment of dread grew in her stomach.

The scream that pierced the air was undoubtedly Kagome's as a light so bright it whitened out the darkening skies erupted from Kikyo's body.

No, her end was not of peaceful sleep, but of torturous oblivion. The cry that erupted from her was both her own and another's, but it mattered not as it was swallowed up by the swell of hot white light. And then…she was gone.


Blinded by the flood of light that seared across his vision Inuyasha slid to a halt. "Kagome!" he cried knowing that she was at the source. Willfully, he attempted to plow forth to the heart of the occurrence, but it was not possible. He struggled to remain on his feet as wave after wave of pressure crashed down upon him, scoring burns upon his flesh, purifying the demonic taint it felt within him. He grit his teeth, he was possibly walking to his demise. Yet, a part of him felt a sense of smugness knowing that he was not alone in his suffering, in fact he was sure that he was getting off easy in comparison…

Naraku, snarled as he nearly tumbled into a back flip when the waves of energy began slamming into him. "What is this?" he sneered. This was completely unexpected and worse he knew it could spell disaster for his plans, if not him. He forced himself to his feet and sensed out his adversaries; the monk and the demon slayer stood unharmed and merely bathed in the light's presence-his sneer deepened-, the half demon struggled-not surprising- as he attempted to plow further into the light-the fool-, and at the center of the event…the priestess. He snarled his outrage. He had to stop her.

He reached inward and pulled on the dark power that was the Jewel of Four Souls. He'd blanket them all in a fog of darkness and smother her light. A cloud of miasma dark as the shadows themselves began to seep from him and with his enraged call it surged forth.

He expected only two things to happen. He wanted to be victorious and for that he needed his miasma to swallow up the radiance that expelled from the priestess, and even if that were to fail he expected his miasma to merely be purified, yet neither were what occurred.

Instead, the two opposing forces met with a ferocious thunder that trembled through the air only to cease suddenly when the two powers vanished.

"W-what?" Naraku hissed.


His eyes landed on the girl when the half demon called her name and narrowed upon her form. She was seated on her legs, her arms hung limply at her sides and her body motionless, yet the air around her swarmed with motion. Her skin was alight with a pale pink glow, her hair and clothes dancing in the river of energy that poured from her. He felt disgust as she sat there: his opposite, bathed in holy light, while the tainted light of the Shikon no tama had swathed his form in darkness so deep it threatened to erase his form from sight. He had to destroy her, before she did the same to him. He raised his arm and prepared to attack once more…only he found that he couldn't.

His eyes narrowed as he became aware of a slow burn spreading along his core. He growled to himself. What was that? There was nothing in his core to cause such pain…there was only…that damned jewel. Startled, he returned his gaze to Kagome once more, searching…there. Near her hip, a starburst shaped scar burned white amongst her pink flesh. He could feel it, he snarled, it was calling to the jewel. No. The pain was more urgent now, searing through his core. No! He tore at his armor, shredded his under layers and ripped into his flesh, desperate to remove the traitorous object. When he reached the jewel he felt his fear begin to ebb, only for it to become despair; hateful despair, his hand closed upon the jewel and he knew he was too late. It scorched at his palm as it too began to burn a blistering white.

The agonizing scream that tore from his throat was the only sound for his destruction as the light devoured his tainted form was silent.

The light soon faded and a tiny thump was the only reminder of the cursed jewel.

"KAGOME!" Their cries intertwined as they rushed to wavering form of their friend.

Inuyasha's arms caught her as she fell forward. Sango reached forward to assist him and the two lowered her gently onto the grassy hill. Her skin had returned to its normal cream complexion and no longer did her hair dance in the motions of an erratic energy. She was motionless. They panicked.

The monk had been slower in his approach, his awestruck gaze driven once more to the barren scorched ground were Naraku once stood. He'd watched as he'd seemingly been driven mad to tear open his body in search of an infliction. He approached the desolate ground and could only stare in wonder. Tearing at his robes, her wrapped the forgotten jewel in the cloth and returned to the side of the fallen priestess, his eyes briefly alighting on a remarkably human shaped mound of clay fragments and dust.

"Kagome! Kagome, wake up!" Sango shook her, while Inuyasha could only stare as his worst fears seemed to come true.


The demon slayer paused in her actions to turn her misty eyed stare upon Miroku. He gave her a gentle smile, "Look." And he pointed to the chest of her close friend.

Her anger nearly boiled over at the thought of him being perverted in such a tragic time, but it came to a quick end as she realized what it was he wanted her to see: the steady rise and fall. Kagome was breathing. She was alive. The tears couldn't be stopped now as her shoulders shook in relief.

"Inuyasha! She's alive!" She cried to him joyously.

"Yea…" His voice was a whisper. He'd recognized the sound of her steady breaths nearly the same moment his eyes had found the clay remains…Kikyo.


Meanwhile, in the Reikai…

He'd gone over it several times. Every single individual piece of data was correct and no matter how many times he read over it the summation of the figures would not change. The young ruler sighed as he began to feel the true weight of his years settle upon his frame. Koenma's gaze slid from the stack of papers to the unnamed ogre who had bombarded his way into his office with his findings. "Do you know what this means?" his voice was steady and serious.

The rust colored ogre swallowed thickly and pushed his glasses up with a grimace, "Yes sir. I believe I do."

Koenma slumped into his seat and stared accusingly at the innocent stack of papers. "The human world is going to merge with the demon world."

The ogre did not stop his glasses from their slow decline to the tip of his nose. "Yes sir."

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