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The Darkest Priestess

A Sense of Urgency


Koenma frowned when it was not only George Saotome who jumped in response, but the rust colored, glasses wearing ogre as well. "Eh…you can go now."

"Yes, Lord Koenma."

Immediately after his office doors shut he shifted his gaze to his faithful blue companion. "Ogre."


"Contact Botan. Tell her it's an emergency."

"Then what sir?"

His gaze hardened as he once again glimpsed the papers in front of him, "Get me Yusuke and Kurama. Hiei too, he's supposed to be in the ningenkai as well."

George blinked in confusion, "But, sir… Yusuke's retired now. And Kurama and Hiei don't work for the rekai anymore."

"I know that." He supposed his tone may have been harsher than necessary as he watched George flinch back. "I know, ogre, but it still doesn't change the fact that we'll need them."

Swallowing thickly, George stood straighter as he processed the situation, "Yes sir."


"She's coming to!"

It was the first thing she heard as she rose from the dreamless, dark oblivion. Groaning, her eyes fluttered as they responded to the bright light that was cast over her form. They were fuzzy, bleary shapes at first, but gradually they cleared as her eyes adjusted. Confusion. It hit her somewhat hard, as she pulled herself into a sitting position with Sango's help. Why were they all just hovering around her like it was some sort of miracle?

"What?" She frowned at the sound of her dry voice.

"Thank goodness." Kagome's frown turned to bewilderment as Sango hugged her.

"Kagome!" She smiled fondly, although still confused as the young kit nuzzled her side.

"Lady Kagome." Miroku smiled down at her in relief.

"It is good to see ye 'wake again, child." Kaede called from her place near the fire pit, her fragile and withered skin lifting into a grateful smile.

"Keh! I told you she was fine! Quit smothering her, it's not like she was dying!" She didn't even need to look to recognize Inuyasha's brash tone of voice.

Shippo jumped to point at him accusingly, "You were worried too, Inuyasha!"

"Shut up, you brat!" He swiped his hand out to snatch up the child fox, but missed by a mile as Shippo leapt away and stuck his tongue out. Inuyasha had just begun to growl when he cut himself short at the sound of her voice.


"Hm?" His stare unguarded and mildly surprised.

"You were worried about me?"

A faint redness rose to his cheeks and Miroku smirked in the background, "I-I…" He didn't get to continue as she asked another question.


The blush immediately left his face as he stared at her oddly.

"Come to think of it…Why does everyone seem so happy to see me awake? Did I oversleep?"

Her answer was not one she expected.


Naraku was gone. And she was responsible for it. Or so she was told. She could recall the fight if she tried, but the death of Naraku just wasn't one of the memories that came to her. In fact the last thing she remembered was a bright light, a strange burning sensation, and…and…Kikyo.

She may not remember Naraku's death, but she did remember Kikyo's. In fact, Kikyo was where that light came from and the burning… Her eyes widened as she stared at the hut's floor. Her soul. Kikyo didn't have her soul any longer; it was back where it belonged. She tried then, to feel it, to see if she felt a difference, but in the end she realized she felt no different. She was silent for a moment longer, before turning her gaze to her friends. "The light. What happened then?"

Miroku answered her, "Well I can only speculate, but it would seem that your body was releasing a rather large amount of holy energy. And it seemed to attach itself to the shards of the shikon no tama within your possession. From there, I believe, what with you being so close, the shards resonated with the larger piece inside Naraku. It was like a beacon that drew the holy energy towards it."

"So," she began. "You mean to tell me I purified Naraku without touching him or without even meaning to?'

"Well," he fidgeted for a moment. "Yes."

She was silent as she took the information in.

"He tried to remove it, but it was too deep," Miroku stated somberly while staring at his lap where he fingered an object covered in cloth.

It took her a moment to realize that it was wrapped with the same cloth that was usually bound around Miroku's right hand. Her gaze shifted to the appendage and his eyes widened in surprise as she took hold of it.

"He really is gone, isn't he?" She spoke while sliding her thumb across his empty palm.

His expression was peaceful as he answered, "Yes, Lady Kagome."

Looking up at him, she blushed suddenly and moved her hand back as she realized what she was doing. "Sorry."

He smiled back at her. "It's quite alright. I find myself doing the same." He glanced at the hand momentarily.

She turned her gaze upon the object still held within his left hand. "What's that?"

He blinked before turning an odd stare upon her. "This, Lady Kagome, is your burden." With that he deposited it into her hands.

Her hands clenched around it as the familiar weight registered. The shikon no tama. Taking a shaky breath she opened her hand and began to unwrap the purple cloth. She hesitated as she reached for the last fold, but sighed and did so anyway. She froze as her gaze landed on a smooth milky white orb.

"It's white."


Yusuke stared blandly at the blue haired ferry girl; his stare becoming colder as she persisted in hovering over his customer's head.

"Umm, excuse me?"
He blinked and instantly pulled his "customer satisfaction" face on. "Yes sir?"

The customer, an average salary man, hesitated at the change in expression, but ordered nonetheless, "Yea, I'd like a miso ramen please."

He gave an affirmative nod, "Comin' right up!" He turned his back to the customer, seemingly to prepare his order, but really he was ignoring Botan.

"Oh, come on, Yusuke!" She pleaded with him from atop her floating oar. "Koenma says it's an emergency!"

He rolled his eyes, continuing to prepare the miso ramen.

"Please, Yusuke." Her expression growing increasingly worried. "Pleaseeeee," she begged.

Slamming the bowl down in front of the balding man, he turned a harsh glare up at her. "Go away! Can't you see I'm working! I get paid to do this! I don't, however, get paid to do Koenma's work for him! It can wait!"

Huffing, he looked away from the fidgeting ferry girl and frowned at the look his customer was giving him. And with a grimace he realized he probably looked like a crazy person, yelling at thin air. A tic in his jaw, he barked, "What?"

"Oh! Nothing!" the man looked down at his ramen, his eyes moving quickly between his noodle soup and the now thuggish appearing and seemingly crazed young man who'd served him.

Narrowing his eyes, Yusuke tilted his head at him. "What? Something wrong with your food?"

His eyes bugged as he shook his head frantically and began shoveling the noodles to his mouth, barely remembering to use his chopsticks properly.

He watched him eat for a bit before grumbling lowly, "Come back in an hour."

"Yes!" Botan cheered her success. "I'll see you then. I have to go get Kurama and find Hiei."

He cocked an eyebrow at the mention of the other two, but responded anyhow, "Yea, whatever," and watched her fly away.

He frowned, however, when he felt an intense stare on him. He glanced back from the corner of his eye and found his customer staring at him with wide eyes and a loose jaw, ramen noodles hanging from his mouth.

"What're you looking at!"

At a seemingly impossible speed, the frightened salary man, slurped down his meal, slammed down the bowl, slapped a 1,000 yen bill on the counter and fled. Stunned Yusuke watched him go, before plucking up the payment with a scrutinizing eye. He over-paid… Oh well! He certainly wasn't about to chase his fat ass down just to give him his change. He was grinning as he stashed away the bill, but his grin faded rather quickly as he realized that he'd probably just lost a customer, again, for the fifth time that month. Arrgh! "Stupid Spirit World!" Keiko's gonna kill me!


"Yes, mother. "

"I know."

"I will."

"Tell Shuichi I said 'Hello.'"

"You too, mother."

Despite the conversation, Shuichi maintained a pleasant smile upon his face. It didn't matter the subject, he was always pleased to speak to his mother. She was safe and happy and that's what mattered most. She was away on vacation in Hawaii with his step-father and brother. She'd waited until nearly one a.m. local time to call him as she didn't like bothering him at work or while he was aboard the train. It was normal for him to arrive at home around seven-thirty in the evening. He hadn't been expecting her call at such an hour, but gladly received it.

Hanging up his phone, he was still for a moment more before he turned a calm stare on the woman who hovered outside his window. "And what is it, Koenma would ask of me, now?" His tone far nicer than his cool and calculating gaze.

Botan flinched at his words. "Eh heh…It's not like that."

"Oh? What is it then?"

She was silent and her eyes searching. "Umm, I'm not really sure actually. He just said it was an emergency."

He narrowed his eyes.

She persisted. "Well, it can't hurt to find out, can it?"

He sighed. "That's where you're wrong Botan. It can."

She deflated quickly. "But-but…it's an emergency." She continued pathetically.

He eyed her for a long moment, before giving in, "Alright, Botan."


Innocent giggles filled the air as the young demoness watched the frolicking feline bat at a just out of reach tasseled cord with jubilant glee. Her bright maroon eyes glittering cheerfully as she danced around the brown and white cat. Her laughter was occasionally accompanied by an obnoxiously loud guffawing .

Moronic buffoon.

Her laughter settled as she plopped down on the grassy hill, her yukata slighty askew and her sea foam green hair tousled from activity. Shifting for a moment, Yukina straightened her clothing and tucked her legs beneath her just in time for Eikichi to pounce on the unsuspecting tassle that had laid momentarily forgotten on her lap. She laughed at the young cat's playful behavior before scooping her up into her lap to cuddle. Tossing a look over her shoulder, she called to the pet's owner. "You should bring her by more often, Kazuma!"

Grinning cheekily, Kazuma, more often known by his family name: Kuwabara, could only nod and agree like an entranced fool. He'd crouched to watch the biggest female loves in his life-his sister, Shizuru obviously did not count-frolic. Yet, he'd gotten so taken with watching the two play for the last half hour, he'd yet to shift his position and was now silently wondering if he'd even be able to move his legs, instead he commented, "Well I would, but it's kinda hard to bring her out here what with having to catch the train and the bus. Well, unless I sneak her on board….like today." He scratched at the back of his apologetically.

A brief look surprise crossed her face before her expression was quickly humbled. "Oh! You're right. How selfish of me to ask such a difficult thing of you!"

His tiny eyes widened and he shifted his weight forward hands thrust out and flailing in protest of her words, "No! Not at all! I'd lo—

He didn't get to say much more as the combination of quickly shifted weight and locked legs led to him quickly planting his face to the ground.


Both demoness and cat stared in shock at the young man. It wasn't until Eikichi called out tentatively to her owner with a hesitant meow, that Yukina reacted. It was subtle at first, a slight downward twitch of the lips as she fought, but soon the corners of her mouth lifted and she laughed aloud at his blunder.

Mortified, Kazuma lifted his reddening, grass and dirt smudged face from the ground with an embarrassed chuckle. Satisfied that her owner was fine, Eikichi turned and pounced on the discarded tassle toy with a gleeful purr. The sight of which had led to another batch of laughter from the young adults.

It was this particular scene that had the short of stature apparition twitching in agitation. Narrowing his carmine eyes, he sighed annoyed to himself. Yes, he was happy she was having fun. He was not, however, happy that she was having fun with…it…the thing….the buffoon…him…Kuwabara Kazuma.

He'd been just about to start another round of the torture he could inflict upon the boy-although it would have to be all mental for now-when a blur of cotton candy colors streaked past the corner of his vision. He twitched. How grand. An even bigger annoyance had decided to grace him with its presence….or rather her presence. He didn't linger on the fact that he'd been so agitated having his sister be near the overgrown ape, he hadn't even noticed the ferry girl approach until she was in viewing distance-something that could cost him his life had he been in Demon world.

Seemingly unfazed, his sharp gaze caught the soaring ferry girl by surprise as he turned to stare at her. "Eh heh. Good afternoon, Hiei."


"Wha-but! But, I haven't even said anything yet!"

Ignoring her complaints, the black clad apparition stepped down from his perch in a tall tree and fell an approximate four stories, a slight flicker the only sign of motion as he caught himself a moment before the ground. Boot clad feet firmly planted on top of rich soil, he reiterated, "No."

"But, Hiei-

She was unable to continue as he turned to pin her with a needling stare, "Tell that child" he spat the word, "that I am no longer under his thumb. I owe him no loyalty and I am not his dog to sic on his problems." With that said, he continued on.

The ferry girl grimaced, she really didn't want to do it, buuuut, "What about Yukina?" She gulped as his frame stood rigid and his vehement gaze found her own.

"What about her?" His tone was unusually low, as though he were daring her to respond in a way he disliked.

She flubbed around for a response, "W-w-well, I haven't been told exactly what the problem is, but Koenma says it's serious." Seeing him merely raise a brow, she hurried to continue, "A-and that it could mean the end of Demon world…" she trailed off softly.

He was silent for a moment before a look of intrigue entered his gaze. "How?"

Her gaze falling to the forest floor, Botan fidgeted before answering, "I'm not sure." Rose colored eyes dimmed with a familiar, yet foreign emotion: fear. "Koenma says not only that, but that disaster will fall upon the human world." Gazing down at him from her floating oar, she spoke one last statement, "I realize that Yukina is not human-she is an apparition-but doesn't she also call the human world home?" In nervous silence she waited, the hairs on the nape of her neck rising in apprehension as his eyes narrowed in thought.

She nearly fell off her oar when in a brief flash of black, the flame apparition had perched himself upon the flat paddle of her oar.


Instead, she stared.

Snarling out the words, he ordered her, "Go, woman! Do not waste my time."

"Ah! Y-yessir!" She barely caught sight of Hiei seating himself, one leg bent with the foot resting on the paddle close to his body while the other dangled, before she surged up towards the atmosphere.


"So." She turned her blue-grey eyes from the object to the purple clad monk opposite of her. "You mean to tell me, that this is the Shikon no Tama wholly purified?"

"Yes, Lady Kagome."

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