Within a cemetery labeled, 'Mass Grave of Hyper's Terrible Ideas', a lonely story lies in a grave at the top of a hill. Suddenly, clouds start rolling in and it begins raining. Then, unexpectedly, a crash of thunder came from the sky and hit the grave. At first, nothing happened... but then the dirt at the surface started to break. A hand shot up through the dirt, clawing for life...

The story has been revived.

Chapter 2: Song of Fire and More Fire

As soon as Luigi made sure the coast was clear, he got out of his pot and pulled Sonic out of his. Sonic was beginning to stir from his Uboa-induced unconsciousness.

"Urgh..." groaned Sonic. "You better not tell anyone I got scared, or no one will let me hear the end of it." Sonic took a look around their surroundings, noticing that it was darker than it was earlier. "Man, how long was I out?"

Luigi thought about his answer. "I'm-a not sure. It feels like a year passed."

"Eh, that sounds ridiculous."

"Yeah... Right-a then, so we need to get-a back to uniting with the Minister..." Luigi felt like he didn't need to tell Sonic about the manhunt on him. Besides, deep down, Luigi actually believed that Sonic would turn him in himself. They started back on their quest of walking down the quiet walls. Luigi occasionally glanced at a security camera on the ceiling; he knew that Samus/GLaDOS was watching him, so he was a bit worried. Of course, she can't do much considering that the castle wasn't outfitted with neurotoxin emitters (or at least, he hoped it wasn't), however, she could still direct other people toward them.

...so why wasn't she announcing their location to the whole castle? ...Unless, they were already heading toward someone...

"Wait! Sonic, stop-a!" yelled Luigi, right before they were going to turn a corner.

"Why? What's the problem?" Sonic stopped in his tracks... which was a good thing because Captain Falcon just barreled through the hallway intersection, striking his katana down where Sonic would have been. Kamina Falcon turned his head, glaring at Luigi.

He pointed dramatically at Luigi. "Luigi! You will pay for your crimes!" he shouted. Sonic gave Luigi a confused look.

"What's he talking about? And why is he attacking us, isn't Kamina a good guy?" questioned Sonic.

"Well, I'm-a... sort of wanted by the entire castle." said Luigi sheepishly.

"...What the hell did you do while I was knocked out?"

"I just-a ate a cake, I swear!"

"Enough talking!" shouted Kamina. "Luigi, I've come here to beat the shit out of you!" Olimar walked to his side, panting.

"Falcon, I don't know how you achieved it, but your transformation somehow made you faster..." huffed Olimar. His Pikmin followed him in, all of them just as tired.

"Okay... this was-a fun, but we need to get-a going... bye!" said Luigi before he and Sonic ran off screaming. Captain Falcon was going to chase after them, but he took one look at Olimar's Pikmin and got an idea. He grabbed a handful of Pikmin and then chucked them at high speeds toward Luigi and Sonic. Combined with Falcon's sheer strength and Kamina's badassery, instead of simply hitting them, the Pikmin exploded into flames, setting that end of the hallway ablaze. Olimar's jaw would hit the floor if it weren't inside a helmet.

"My... my Pikmin..." said Olimar, trying to keep himself from crying. The taller man started patting him on the back.

"It's okay. They died for the good of the world, so they died heroic deaths. ...So let's go report this in." Captain Falcon turned around to leave.

"B-B-But are you sure y-you got them?" sobbed Olimar.

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure." The two left the areas to report this in to Samus. Meanwhile, on the other side of the blazing hallway, Luigi and Sonic was crawling out of the flames, having managed to survive the hit. Good for them. Bad for Olimar though, who's Pikmin died for nothing. Their deaths will not be forgotten for at least five minutes.

"Since when did-a Pikmin explode?" questioned Luigi as he crawled away.

Sorry. Artistic licenses.

"You suck man." cough Sonic.

Well excuse me. Anyway, they managed to get away from the fire and started running away before the smoke could suffocate them. They kept running until they found themselves in the foyer of the castle. Luigi looked out through some windows and saw the courtyard stretching outside... and beyond the courtyard was the front gate, which lead to the outside world. Luigi was jumping excitedly. They still needed to find ROB, but they were almost out of this nightmare.

"Finally, we're almost out of here!" cheered Sonic. He shoved the door open and started running toward the front gate, not even caring about ROB (although, Luigi couldn't blame him). However, before he got halfway across, Sonic suddenly tripped over something and tumbled onto the ground. Luigi hurried over to help him up when something grabbed his leg. He looked down, trying to see what costumed horror they had stumbled across. However, much to his relief, it was just Wolf, who had broken all the bones in his body. Okay, he wasn't relieved about that part.

"Watch where you guys are stepping." growled Wolf.

"Wolf! How did-a you get down here?" said Luigi.

"And why are you on the ground? You could have got my face broken." complained Sonic as he sat back up. Wolf gave him a scowl and pointed up.

"I got knocked down from up there." said Wolf. The other two normal Smashers followed his finger and saw a battle happening on the walls surrounding the courtyard.

ROB rolled backwards, shooting lasers and spinny top things at his pursuers. Mario and Red dodged them with ease, throwing their own attacks at ROB; some of ROB's machinery was already damaged from being clubbed, and it was also overheating because of Mario's Combusken attacks. Toon Link was already a trophy a Snake was bleeding out; ROB doubted that he could get around Gamzee Red and Combusken Mario to rescue them. He also doubted that he could survive any longer.

Unexpectedly, ROB's built in walkie-talkie activated.

"ROB! Are you there!" ROB couldn't believe it; Fox was contacting him. He was not sure how he managed to do it, especially behind Samus' back, but he was glad to hear another person that wasn't out to kill him.

"FOX, WHAT DO YOU NEED?" asked ROB as he evaded another strike from Red.

"I need you and anyone with you to come to the computer room on the second floor of the castle. I have a deal for you."

"A DEAL? FOX, WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY THA-" The walkie-talkie got cut off. ROB had no idea why Fox needs him there or what this deal is about, but he sounded normal enough.

"ROB! Down here!" shouted a voice. ROB looked down and was surprised to find that the fight had led him to the courtyard walls. Down below, he saw Luigi, Sonic, and Wolf waving at him. ROB took one last look at Mario and Red before jumping off the wall, using his rockets to slow his descent. Red uselessly threw his clubs at him, which easily missed. However, Mario threw one last flame attack, which actually hit ROB from behind. His rockets suddenly stopped working and ROB spiraled down into the ground, forming a small flaming crater. Sonic ran over and picked him up.

"Get up man, we need to get out of here!" said Sonic, attempting to drag him toward the front gate.


"Fox?" questioned Wolf as he was lifted onto Luigi's back. "What does that chump want?"


"HEY!" shouted Red from the top of the walls. "How dare you motherfuckers ignore us? I'M COMING DOWN THERE TO MOTHERFUCKING KILL YOU!"

"COMBUSKEN!" agreed Mario. The two jumped off the wall... and unsurprisingly broke all the bones in their bodies upon hitting the ground.

"...Let's-a leave them." said Luigi. The others unanimously agreed and they went back into the castle. They walked upstairs, facing no problems as ROB and Wolf shot every camera in sight. They located the computer room and entered. The room was dark, with he only sources of light coming from computer screens. Fox's silhouette stood in the back of the room, watching them.

"Don't forget to lock the door. It has reinforced locks." informed Fox. They gave Fox a baffled look, surprised that he knew that the room had better security than other rooms in the castle. They also noted that Fox had already taken care of the cameras in the room. ROB was nodding approvingly.

"YOU'VE ARRANGED A MEETING IN A NICELY SECURED ROOM AND YOU ALREADY TOOK OUT THE CAMERAS... NICE THINKING FOX. I'M SURPRISED THAT YOU'VE THOUGHT THIS THROUGH, BUT I'M GLAD THAT..." ROB stopped talking as Fox started to walk out of the shadows and into the glow of the computers; he began to realize that things were going to go horribly wrong. Fox was not dressed in his usual attire, instead wearing a suit with a black wig; in other words, Fox was wearing a costume.

"Let me re-introduce myself. You all may know me as Fox, but today, I go by a different name..." While Luigi, Sonic, and ROB watched in shock, Wolf was already getting out a weapon. Fox scowled and took a revolver out of his pocket; he pulled the trigger, shooting Wolf in the hand. Fox laughed as Wolf started crying in pain. He smirked at the others, keeping the revolver trained on them. "...my name is Tohru Adachi now, and you've just seen what happens to dumbasses that tries to cross me. So... let's get to business..."

To be continued...

After almost a year, I've went back to continuing this story! Yay! In case you were wondering, Fox was the evil person regarding current events in the last chapter. Originally, Fox was going to be a different villain (I've long since forgotten who that villain was supposed to be), but due to current events in my Persona 4 playthrough, I decided to turn Fox into Adachi. I seriously did not expect Adachi to be the killer, I mean, it makes sense in hindsight, but wow what that was a shocker. I'll probably get to writing the next chapter soon. And by soon, I mean 'not a year later'. Maybe the next chapter will be up next week. So, what is this deal Fox is talking about? What does Samus have to say about this? Find out in the next chapter!