"Oh come on Tammie! I have to get my zoom back!"

"Then go get it, he just sent them all away so you won't have an audience!"

"Oh whatever."

I had intended to storm up to Joey but Dustin intercepted me.

"Hey your Cammie friend right?"

"Yes now can I get my zoom back without joey knowing please? For Tammie she would totally date you for this!"

He nodded dumbly and handed over the zoom I could not believe how easy that was! I turned and fled.

Joeys POV

"Hey thanks for holding the zoom for me can I have it back Dustin."

"No can do man"

"What you lost it!" I was starting to freak out about it because it was not even mine.


"Then what happened to it."

"Well I didn't lose it let's just say that it's been returned to its rightful owner."

"What who is she?"

"I can't tell you.

"Fine ill just sneak it out of you."

I caught sight of that girl, from Dominique's. She was talking to Dustin's girl, Tammie. She was waving something around it looked like a phone or a ZOOM. Nevertheless, I could not quite be sure. I went out of the cafeteria. I had enough for one day.