"Ever since we met, I only shoot up with your perfume.

It's the only thing that makes me feel as good as you do."

"Nearly Witches" Panic! At the Disco

Marie D'Ancanto was a light sleeper.

That's how she ended up with Wolverine's lethal, adamantium claws in her chest two years back.

She had woken up to the sound of the huge tree by her room (she was lucky and had gotten one on the second story) scraping against her window.

That's when she realized why one of the coveted second story rooms was so quickly given to the new arrival; the damn tree kept everyone in the room from sleeping.

Groaning in frustration at being woken up when she had training early the next morning, the brunette threw the blanket off herself, intending to march to the Professor's room in the middle of the night to demand a new room.

Did they figure the new girl would just accept the reject room quietly? Yeah, they obviously didn't know her.

She got to the first floor when she heard the distressed noises coming from a certain feral mutant's room.

She passed up his room, figuring it was none of her business. Then the memory of a masculine hand passing her an old package of beef jerky flashed through her head.

"Dammit." She muttered stopping her trek to the professor's room and turning to face the door to Logan's room.

She young mutant knocked.

No answer.

She reached for the knob, only hesitating for a second before entering.

And well, you know the rest of the story.

Now two years later she was being woken from sleep once again. She had tried to get the unconventionally placed tree cut down (or at least moved), but some nature loving student protested and the tree stayed.

Marie clenched her teeth and couldn't help the growl that escaped her lips. It was one of the many of Wolverine's traits that she had picked up. Every once in awhile she would get a craving for a cold beer and stole one from Logan's labeled box in the refrigerator. Unfortunately for her, Logan had left the mansion half a year ago and hadn't been heard from since.

So she lost her beer provider and had her heart ripped out once again. Lovely.

But, despite how neglectful Logan could be Marie didn't blame him. I mean she was a nineteen year old kid. Why should he care about her "crush"? Especially with someone like Jean waltzing around the mansion.

Stupid, gorgeous, unattainable Jean.

Marie had tried to hate the red-head, but it wasn't her fault Logan lusted after the one woman he couldn't have. And Logan's fixation was completely understandable. Jean had the smarts and the looks. Who wouldn't want her?

Marie was snapped out of her thoughts when she heard a noise outside her door.

She turned to the thin wooden barrier between her and the intruder fearfully. Her mind immediately took her back to when the government infiltrated the school. Particularly, the moment when the wolverine saved her life for the second time.

She heard a thump against the door and someone fumbling with the knob.

The black gown clad mutant was suddenly glad for her poison skin.

The professor had been working with her to control it and she was hopeful that someday in the future she would gain control of it. But until that time it was leather gloves and long sleeves.

She stared at the door which had suddenly become silent.

After about a minute she slipped out of bed and padded quietly to the door, pressing her ear against it.


She sighed and opened the door a sliver.

There was no one- holy shit! She nearly gasped out loud when she saw what the cause of the noise was.

It was Logan…or what was left of him.

She felt her heart race at the unsightly state her friend was in and immediately flung the door open and dragged him inside the room.

She somehow managed to get him on her bed. (In the back of her mind it reminded her of those stories about mothers who lifted cars to save their children)

Marie ran to the bathroom and got wet towels before rejoining the incapacitated Logan.

She flipped on a lamp and the amount of blood frightened her to her core.

His limbs were positioned in odd angles, as if his metal skeleton had been twisted. There were burn marks and gashes all over his face and she was scared to find out what other damage had been done to the rest of him.

Marie felt like she was going to be sick.

What was wrong with him? Why couldn't he heal himself?

She managed to get his leather jacket off him and began undoing the buttons to his shirt when his eyes opened.

"M-rie" He slurred, his hazel eyes glazed with pain.

"I'm here." She managed to choke out. "Don't worry hon', I've got ya."

His hand reached for hers and fell back to his side uselessly.

Then he was out again.

"Shit!" She cursed as she finally removed his shirt and saw the extent of the damage.

There were bullet holes in his chest, and she was willing to bet on the dog tags they were adamantium bullets.

What the hell am I doing? I need to go get Jean, or Storm, or someone! She finally realized.

The distraught girl got half way across the room before she remembered that Jean and Storm were on a recruiting mission for the professor.

The one time she actually wanted to see Jean, the bitch was gone.

Hearing an agonized moan from Logan, she moved quickly to the bed and began cleaning the blood than he seemed to be soaked in. She sincerely hoped that it wasn't all his.

Marie sent a mental distress call to Xavier, basically screaming at him with her thoughts.

His calming presence was there instantly, telling her he had informed Jean that she was needed back at the mansion immediately. Unfortunately, he admitted that it would take a few hours for the leggy doctor to arrive.

Why the fuck did this mansion full of children with supernatural powers only have one doctor?

When Xavier began attempting to console her saying that Logan had healing powers and would be fine blahblahblah Marie shut him out of her mind.

She released a shaky breath when she realized what she needed to do.

She had to remove the bullets from his chest.

Marie ran to her bathroom and began frantically digging through the drawers until she found what she was looking for.

She did her best to sterilize everything, but how much could she do with soap and water? Would that even help?

After she slipped on a thin pair of gloves Marie took a deep breath and looked up into the mirror.

You can do this. You have to do this. How many times has that man in there saved your life? And now he needs you.

Possessed by determination the young girl ran quickly back to her friend's side and brushed his dark hair back from his closed eyes.

"Logan." She murmured. "I'm sorry but this is going to hurt like a bitch."

Then she started taking out the first bullet.

Thankfully, this one was rather shallow and she managed to remove it without much trouble.

Two more to go.

The covered the wound with the towel and applied pressure to stop the blood flow before moving on the next adamantium bullet.

When she got her hands on whoever did this to him…they were going to wish they had never been born.

After she successfully took care of the second wound she felt optimistic.

One more and hopefully Logan's healing would kick in after she removed the last bullet.

The last bullet was deeper than the rest and she forced herself to stay calm throughout the five minutes it took her to do away with it.

She dropped the three small cylinders onto the floor carelessly and bandaged his chest.

She bit her lip anxiously and all her energy and adrenaline seemed to drain out of her. She felt dizzy and lightheaded with stress and worry.

God, if she lost Logan she would never forgive herself. He was one of the only people in this place that understood her. Kitty and Storm could reassure her that being a mutant was a gift, but their mutations didn't cause them to suffer. Their mutations didn't send people running in the opposite direction when they found out. Their mutations didn't kill.

With the hard part over, the brown eyed girl began cleaning her patient's face and arms before making the sudden decision to cut his shirt and jacket off.

He could growl and try to intimidate her later, but for now she was worried the tight clothes were constricting him.

She glanced at his jeans for a second before a flush crawled up her neck and she decided he could survive with those still on.

By the time she was done her hands were stained an ominous red and she went to the bathroom to rinse off her hands in the sink, unwilling to leave Logan alone for long enough to take a full shower.

Marie curled up in the chair by the bed and stared at her friend's still face.

If she ignored the cuts it almost looked as if he was sleeping.

She felt her eyes fill with tears at the pitiful sight. The undefeatable wolverine was lying in a comatose state on her bed. But to her he was more than muscle, and strength; he was her protector. Her best friend. The only person she felt akin to in this mansion.

He had been so mistreated by others all his life it was a wonder we wasn't a bloodthirsty animal. But he wasn't. Marie D'ancanto was probably one of the few- if not the only- person who had been able to see the other side of the wolverine. The side that protected what was his fiercely. The side that was possessive, and giving, and that actually gave a shit about other people.

But Marie didn't see herself clearly. She didn't see the protective way that Logan watched her when they were on a mission or when she was approached by the opposite sex. She didn't notice how his eyes flickered to her during the stimulated missions in the danger room. How she was the first person he told when he was leaving for months. She didn't know how much he looked forward to seeing the shining smile on her face whenever he did return after a particularly long absence. She had no idea that the wolverine inside him rejoiced at the sight of his dog tags dangling from around her delicate neck.

She had no clue that the only reason he threw himself into chasing Jean was that he girl he really wanted was too young. Too deserving of someone better than the fuck up he believed he was.

Marie's eyes began to droop and though she tried in vain to stay awake, she found herself succumbing to sleep.

Her dreams of home and her mom's pecan pie transformed into a vicious nightmare full of blood and gunshots.

The girl awoke with a startled gasp, her eyes immediately searching out the man she had left lying on her bed.

He was still out of it.

She saw his chest moving and smiled with relief that she hadn't lost him.

Scooting the chair close to the bed, she brushed the platinum strands behind her ears and wished she could feel his forehead for a fever. Marie glanced at the clock on her nightstand and saw that she had only been asleep for about an hour and a half. Already the cuts and burns on his face were gone and she felt like crying with relief.

He would make it.

She closed her deep brown eyes and laid her forehead down on the mattress.

She felt a light brush against her hand and slowly raised her face in disbelief.

Familiar hazel eyes met hers and a tanned hand reached up and brushed platinum hair out of her face.

"Hey." She breathed, transfixed in his penetrating gaze.

The corner of his lips turned up in a smirk and he trailed a hand over her smooth cheek.

"Hey yourself." He replied, his eyes taking in her disheveled appearance, from her rumpled nightgown to her mused hair. His gaze stopped on the bloodstains on her dress and his horrified eyes swept back up to hers.

The brunette bit her lip anxiously, unsure of what to say.

She saw his eyes fly around the room, taking in the evidence of what happened a mere ninety minutes ago.

"Wh-what happened?" He questioned hesitantly.

"I should be asking you the same question!" She sputtered out.

"I remember being hurt and managing to get back on my bike and barely having enough gas to get to the woods surrounding the mansion." Logan began, his voice rough. "Then I walked the rest of the way here."

"Who did this to you?" Marie asked hesitantly, glancing at his uncovered chest, the terrifying wounds from earlier absent.

"I remember following a lead to my past when I ran into Magneto."

The young mutant flinched, knowing Magneto was perhaps the only person who had control of Logan.

"He managed to get the drop on me and I was held prisoner…for god knows how long." Logan continued, his eyes angry and shamed at the same time. "I saw pyro there. He's the one who let me out. Unfortunately, they caught wind of my escape and managed to get me with those damn adamantium laced bullets. Sons of bitches won't know what hit them when I go back…"

Marie knew better than to ask what they did to him. It went without saying that he had undergone unthinkable torture.

"No!" The outburst escaped her. "Oh god, please don't go back there Logan. I couldn't stand finding you like this again."

His lack of response made her face burn with indignation. Were her feelings that obvious? Was he embarrassed at the emotions she blatantly displayed? God, what was she thinking? He was probably wishing he had woken up in the med lab to Jean's face.

Personally Rogue thought the doc's hands were cold and bony, but to each his own.

The brunette attempted to remove her hand from his, but he held her still.

"Just let me go Logan." She muttered, keeping her eyes trained on the wall. "I'll go get Jean. Maybe she's back by now."


She stayed stubbornly silent.

"Marie look at me." He ordered, turning her face toward his.

She reluctantly met his eyes, prepared for rejection and pity. He brought their intertwined hands up to eye level.

That's when she noticed what had caused his silence.

Her hands..they were….she didn't have…Neither of them were wearing gloves.

"How?" She murmured, her golden brown eyes wide as dinner plates.

"I'm as puzzled as you are darlin'." He chuckled, squeezing her hand.

"I'm not hurting you." She stated, her eyes flickering up to his face to make sure.

"You're not." He confirmed his eyes full of an emotion she couldn't name.

Then she was in his strong arms.

He tangled one hand in her thick hair and the other wrapped around her back, pressing her to him. She buried her face in his shoulder.

Her skin wasn't drawing any of his strength. Was she cured? Or was this some fluke?

Rogue pulled back at that thought and scooted to the other end of the bed.

She had no idea how long this would last. And until she did she wasn't going to take any chances. No matter how bad she wanted to.

The feral mutant's eyes narrowed in confusion before understanding dawned in his eyes.

"Darlin' I'm not afraid of your skin."

"You should be." She replied emptily. "You've felt it draw your very life away more than anyone else has. I've seen the pain and fear in your eyes as my mutation took everything it could."

"I don't give a fuck what you think you saw in my eyes, and I don't give a damn about the consequences." Wolverine growled, his eyes dark and fierce. "I promised to take care of you and I keep my promises."

The grief-stricken girl turned to the man beside her. "Dammit Logan stay away! I don't want to hurt you."

"Darlin' if you hadn't noticed I'm pretty damn near indestructible." He drawled smugly, moving closer to her.

"Says the man who just had three bullets extracted from his chest."

"Thanks for that by the way."

"Stop taking this so lightly!" She said, her voice breaking. "I just watched you almost die Logan. Do you know what that did to me? I had to dig the bullets out of you and had no idea if I was just making things worse! God, if I had lost you…you're the only person who seems to actually care about what happens to me and-"


"The professor helps out any mutant that stumbles across his doorstep." The girl interrupted, shaking her head. "I owe him for accepting me here, but you're the one who saved me. You're the one who turned around and came back for me in Laughlin, unable to leave me standing there in the snow alone. You're the one who somehow knows exactly what to say when I need it. With you here…I don't feel so alone."

Wolverine stared at the brunette in front of him intensely.

But Marie had opened the floodgate to her emotions and couldn't seem to stop the words she had held inside for so long from pouring out of her.

"When you leave I always know there's a part of you that wants to take off and never look back."

The feral mutant opened his mouth to deny it, but was interrupted.

"Logan. I have you inside my head." Marie said with a sad smile. "I know how hard it is for you to stay in one place for this long. Why do you stay anyways?"

Logan froze, his expression looking pained.

"Oh god, why do I ask stupid questions." Rogue muttered to herself, running a hand through her long hair. "Jean. It's for Jean. How could I be so stu-"

"You think I'm here for Jean?" Logan asked, surprise coloring his tone.

"…aren't you?"

A flutter of hope arose in her chest, but she quickly squashed it down. What good was hope when all it had caused her was heartbreak and longing?

All those times she caught him flirting with the red-head had killed her inside. The day she walked into the kitchen and caught Jean running a hand up Logan's arm was the day she finally agreed to go out with Bobby. Even when she was with the blonde her thoughts were always on someone else. Someone else who did no share her feeling whatsoever. Someone who had been chasing after the leggy doctor from the moment he saw her.

Before Logan could answer an urgent knock on the door rang out in the room.

Finally, Marie moved to answer it and revealed a leather clad Jean on the other side.

Marie's heart sank and she dismissed herself before Logan could stop her retreat.

"I thought you were injured." Jean said, her gray eyes moving over his shirtless form.

He growled something that the doctor couldn't understand and grabbed his white t shirt before stalking out of the room.

He had a certain powerful mutant to find.

The tall doctor watched his exit in displeased shock. She was used to his attention and felt cheated when he gave it to someone else.

Sure Jean loved Scott, but there was nothing like a little extra attention from a man who looked like that to help feed an ego.

She actually was worried about him and rushed back to find him in Rogue's room half naked.

Jean narrowed her eyes and huffed. Looks like he found a cradle to rob. Oh well, she could just do some damage control and speak with him later about this. A year ago all she had to do was mention Rogue having a "crush" on him and he took off running towards the herself.

Jean pushed the encounter she just had out of her head and wished now more than ever that they could find Scott.

He had returned to Alkali lake after the disastrous event that happened a couple of months prior. She had sacrificed herself to save the jet from going down and taking everyone with it. But, inside she knew she could live through it because of the other presence inside of her: the Phoenix.

So she had cracked open the door that the professor had placed in her mind to keep the Phoenix at bay, and allowed it to overcome her for a brief moment. Unfortunately, since that day Jean had been unable to completely shut the powerful being out. Refusing to admit a weakness to the professor, the doctor kept the Phoenix's growing strength a secret and continued on as if nothing was wrong.

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