"Oh My God. Gustavo, look! Look at this Gustavo!" Kelly said, handing Gustavo the day's newspaper that she had.

"No way." Gustavo remarked. "That can't be possible."

"It is though. There is no way they could mistake that. Carlos is….dead."

"Look, right here." Gustavo said, pointing at a part in the story recapping Carlos's death.

"What?" Kelly asked, genuinely confused.

"Right here, it says that the boys claimed that they were being haunted, and then one by one they died. Don't you think that is more than just some coincidence?"

"I-I don't know. It is all just so…unrealistic."

"Wait, wait, right here it says that the ghost they claimed was haunting them matched the description of a child that was murdered by her father a year or so ago…"

"What? No way…"

"No, I'm serious. It says her name was Arianna Men. She was killed by her father…umm…Oliver Men brutally, and her eyes were carved out, and two of her friends were killed two. Then the father committed suicide."

"But what does that have to do with the boys' deaths?"

"I don't know…Oh look, here it says she had an estranged sister who moved a couple of years before she was killed. It says she changed her name to…Ocea Kay."

"I think we need to find that girl."


And with that, both Gustavo and Kelly headed over to the computer in the studio, opening the internet and searching "Ocea Kay" and hitting enter.

Immediately a hoard of articles pertaining to her sister's death popped up. They scrolled down the page until they found a yellow pages link, which they immediately clicked on.

The page loaded and on it were several Ocea Kays, until they found the right one and clicked on it.

"It says she lives at….10489 Carbonia Street…"

Before another word was spoken, however, both raced off to the address, finally pulling up to an old, smaller house with peeling paint and dead plants and weeds in the yard.

They slowly approached the door, taking in the ghastly seen before them.

When the finally reached the door, Kelly reached out to ring the doorbell, only to find an empty socket in its place. So instead she knocked.

It was a minute or so until the door slowly creaked open, and in the slit that was opened a face appeared.

"What do you want?" a raspy voice said.

"Uh, we're looking for someone named Ocea Kay?" Gustavo said slowly.

"Yeah? And?"

They both looked at each other quickly, until Kelly spoke up, "We are here about the death of your family and how it may be related to someone…well a few someones we know dying recently…."

"I'm sorry for your loss," she started, "but I am pretty busy, so…"

She began to close the door, but Kelly stopped it.

"Please. It's important."

The girl hesitated for a moment, but finally swung the door open, motioning for the two to come in.

They finally could see her face in the light; she was an average looking girl with semi-ratty brown hair and a pale complexion.

As Kelly and Gustavo entered the house, they began to regret it.

Inside was a mess, with papers everywhere and dust and cracks. And the worst part was that there was no color; it was all a deathly grey.

"Please, sit down." Ocea said as she motioned them towards an old, torn grey couch.

Kelly and Gustavo reluctantly sat on the couch, and Ocea sat on a chair across from them.

Then, without warning, began, "My sister, Arianna….she wasn't like other girls. She would always dress in these Puritanesque dresses, and she didn't talk much. Of course, though it wasn't her fault. It was our fathers. That beast—his name was Oliver—was wrong in the head. We always knew he had some sort of mental condition, but we never knew what. He talked in a real Quasimoto type of voice and was tall and lanky. And his eyes, they went in different directions and he looked like he wasn't there with you. Almost like he was in his own little world.

"The worst part was his mouth though….it was sickly deformed, with one half curving up and the other curving down. It really was quite disgusting to look at.

"But recently he had started to get this idea…this idea that, because he wasn't perfect, because he was so far from it, that he would create the perfect human. I'm talking human body parts, the ones he thought were perfect. He thought he should cut those off of humans and sew them all together to create the perfect human. And that was when I left. I didn't want to leave my sister alone, but I couldn't be associated with that. You can understand that, right?

"Anyways, I told her to always keep a microphone with her when I left, and she said she would.

"Then a few weeks later, I get a call from the police. They say that my sister and father are dead, and that they would like me to come over. So I do. And at the crime scene, I find her backpack, and in it, a recorder. I immediately hid it, and as soon as I got home, I listened to it. I would explain what was on it, but I think it would be better if you heard for yourself."

She got up and left the room, and about a minute later returned with a tape recorder. She set it down on the table, and very slowly clicked the play button.

16 Months Earlier

Arianna was out with her friends that night. She needed to escape from her father, who it seemed like was going crazier by the day.

She was out with her friends Jenny and Lucia. Jenny was a shorter girl with the sweetest face you have ever seen. Then there was Lucia; she was a beautiful, gorgeous girl, but as if some kind of cruel joke, she had a skin disease, which made her cover her skin whenever she was outside, which she did with a black cloak and mask.

They were walking down the street, as school just ended, and were walking down the sidewalk, Lucia getting strange looks the whole time.

Then around the corner waked Oliver, lanky arms swaying in the breeze and eyes looking in different directions.

He approached the girls, and said, "There you are daughter! I neeeed you and your friends! Your parts are riiiiiiiight!"

"Dad, please, not right now!" Arianna said, more scared than anything.

But he refused to listen to reason. He grabbed the three girls and –pulled them down the street, fearing what was going to happen.

"I'm gonna cut you girls real fine!" he moaned happily.

Then the girls knew. They knew that this would be the end.

But there was hope still, as on their way around the corner, they crossed paths with a happy, energetic, latino boy.

"Help me, please!" Arianna whispered to him.

"He just smiled, unaware of the danger they were in, and skipped away merrily.

Her father dragged them to their old house, where he pushed them into the basement, going to join them in a minute.

When he finally came down, he had a knife in his hands.

And then he proceeded to tape the girls mouths, then get to work.

He cut out his daughters eys and teeth, for they were the bluest eyes and the whitest teeth around.

Then he turned to Lucia, removing her mask.

"You have purdy skin!" he giggled, then disrobed her and slowly slid his knife down her skin, slowly removing it all.

Then he turned to Jenny.

"You ugly!" he said unhappily, then went upstairs, not returning for a few minutes.

But when he did, he had a hot frying pan in his hands, and said, "Ugly no good!"

He then covered the girl's face with the hot frying pan, marring it horribly and killing her.

Then he tried to sew together what he collected, but it wasn't working.

He hit himself over and over, crying, and screaming, "Failure! Failure!"

Then, with one swift move, he took the carving knife and plunged it deep within his heart, as he collapsed to the ground.

And they lay there, dead.

"Help me, please." Arianna had whispered.

But here whispers failed.

Her whispers meant nothing.

Her whispers were the death of her.

She wanted revenge.

Her whispers were not heard.

The End.

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