Early morning light filtered through the window and across the bed where three figures were laying. The blue-green eyes of Darry were staring up at the ceiling and every once in a while over at his two brothers, that were tangled together. The night before had been everything that he had wanted but seeing the two of them sleeping, made him almost feel like a third wheel. They were doing just fine without them, so what was he doing trying to mess all of that up. Sighing lightly, he ran his left hand down his face and tucked his right arm even more under his head.

The bed shook a bit as Ponyboy rolled over and rested his chin on Darry's chest, looking up at him.

"Morning." Darry said softly, than jumped a little as Pony moved forward and pressed his lips against his.

"Stop it," Pony mumbled against his lips, as he ran his hand up Darry's chest and rested it on the side of Darry's neck.

"Stop what?" Darry mumbled back, wrapping his right arm around Pony's waist and the other in his hair.

Pony shifted closer and pressed his lips harder to Darry's making the older male gasp a little, allowing Pony to flick his tongue between his parted lips. Their lips stayed fused like that for a few more minutes, when Pony pulled back and looked him in the eyes.

"What ever it is that's got you up this early with that worried look on your face,"

"I can't help my thoughts you know,"

"Yes you can," Came the reply from the third Curtis brother, making the other two jump.

"When did you wake up?" Pony asked, smiling over at Soda.

Soda shrugged and stretched, his back arching off the bed. "About a minute or so ago,"

"Way to be creepy," Pony said, resting his head on Darry's chest, still looking at the other male.

Soda shrugged again and scooted over and made a shoo motion with his hand at Pony, making the younger male roll his eyes but smile and move. Once he was out of Darry's arms, the eldest male's arms were full of Sodapop. Pony moved to the other side of Soda, so the middle Curtis could move closer to Darry, still kissing him.

When they broke apart, Pony chuckled a little, making Darry raise his eyebrow and look over Soda's head, that was on his chest.

"If you continue to sleep with us, get used to THAT, he gets very affectionate in the morning,"

Soda huffed and rolled over to face Pony. "And what is that supposed," The rest of his sentence was cut off as Darry moved and pressed against his back.

"I think I'm ok with that," Darry said against Soda's ear, making him shiver.

"Yea, it's not too bad," Pony said, moving to press against his front.

"Guy's," Soda whined lightly, the noise turning into a moan as Darry shifted and his hardening cock, pressed against him.

"What's the matter Soda?" Darry asked, innocently.

"Yea, you act as if were doing something you don't like," Pony said, making a circle with his hips, into Soda's.

"God, just one you take me already," Soda moaned as Darry nipped his shoulder.

"You can go ahead Darry," Pony said, kissing the eldest male, then reaching for a second and getting a bottle of lube.

Darry took it and lubed up his cock, then handed the bottle back to Pony, who put it back to where it was. Lining up his cock, Darry pressed into Soda, making the male moan into Pony's neck. Holding his hips in place, Darry started moving in and out of the confines of his younger brother. Pony gave Soda a kiss, then started trailing kisses down the thin males body, till he got to his cock. Putting his hand on top of Darry's he took Soda into his mouth, letting Darry's thrusts bob his cock in and out of his mouth. Soda moans escaladed, as Darry wrapped his other arm around him and brushed his thumbs over his nipples, as Pony started moving his head as well.

"Oh God, Darry, God Pony," Soda gasped and moaned, threading his one hand in Pony's silky hair and the other to the pile on his hip.

The middle Curtis shuddered as Pony let out a hum around his aroused flesh, his cock twitching a few times.

"Guy's I'm gonna," Soda said, before moaning again and coming down Ponyboy's throat.

Pony swallowed it and backed up as Darry moved a bit faster a few more times, before coming deep inside Soda. The middle male, shivered and moaned again as Pony grabbed a towel and handed it to Darry, who cleaned himself up, then gave it to Soda. Soda took the towel and moved to the other side of Darry.

"Are you going to make Pony finish himself, go make with the blow job," Soda mumbled, cleaning himself up.

"Darry you don't," But his objection was cut off by Darry's soft lips.

The older male shifted them until Pony was on his back, Darry hovering over him for a second, before starting a trail down to his cock. Once he was there, he gave the heated flesh a kiss, before taking it into his mouth. Pony's head snapped back into the pillow as Darry's mouth worked over his cock, making his vision go a little blurry. It didn't take long for him to get close.

"Darry, oh god Darry," Pony whimpered then came with a loud moan.

Swallowing all of it, Darry laid down on his back and Soda attached himself to his side.

"Why do I have a feeling I got the raw deal?" Soda looked down at Pony.

The younger male grinned and grabbed the blanket and brought it up over their waists and laid on Darry's chest as well.

"Next time don't be in a hurry and maybe you would have found out how great his mouth is,"

"Would you two stop talking about me like I'm not here," Darry said, looking at the two of them.

"Sorry dear," Pony said and reached up and kissed him.

"Please forgive us," Soda said moving up to kiss him, his tongue pressing into his mouth, making him moan as he tasted Pony.

"Well that's something I can say I never thought I would see," A voice said from the door way.

Pony hid his head under the blanket, a red hot blush making its way across his face as Two-bit chuckled.

"When did you get there?" Soda asked, trying to fight the urge to join Pony under the blankets.

"Just about thirty seconds ago, I came in here to tell Pony that there's no school today," He said, taking a drink of his beer.

"Why?" The muffled reply came, as Pony just stuck his eyes out from under the blankets.

"School's flooded, because if you three haven't noticed and I can guess you haven't, it's raining cats and dogs out there,"

"Thanks Two-bit," Pony said.

"Anytime, now is it safe to stay in the house or am I going to hear something's I can say I'd rather not if I do?" He asked, with a smirk cocking an eyebrow.

This time both Pony and Soda hid under the blanket as Darry laughed.

"You can stay, I was just about to get up and make breakfast, since I guess were all going to be home today with the weather,"

"More than likely,"

"You going to eat too?"

"Make sure to wash your hands and I will,"

~*~*~*~*~*~Authors Note~*~*~*~*~*~

Nothing better than a bit of early morning smut to get a day started, even if I'm more than likely going to end up going back to bed. It always happens when I get woken up at 6 with my boyfriend, I'm up for a few hours, then need sleep again.

God I make Two-bit SO nonchalant about finding slash pairings, But that's how I see him. Agree or disagree, I don't care ^_^ and I mean that in the nicest way possible.

S. owns the boys, I just mess with them :D

I'm still taking suggestions on odd couples, that WILL be put up sooner or later, I'm just trying to get back into my writing, so forgive me.

AND I still need baby names and odd food combo's for my story "Surprise?"