NOTE!: This is a filler. So don't get confused, it is just for fun.

"GET THEM!" a heavy voice commanded.

Lucy inhaled sharply, her chest ablaze. The ground flashed underneath in her long strides. Sprinting as far as her legs could carry her, she took a sharp turn to the left, following behind the lightning mage.

Laxus glanced over his shoulder. He stretched his hand to hold hers, desperate to not let her fall behind.

"W-Why are they… blaming us!?" Wendy cried desperately, struggling to keep up the pace. Her eyes cast a nervous look towards the angry mob that stormed after them.

"Because we are the main protagonists," Charle answered. "There is nothing we can do about this but follow the cheesy plot line!"

How they had managed to get this giant mob into one town, Lucy wasn't completely sure. All she knew was they had come by the hundreds – brandishing pitchforks and flaming sticks. Sweat dripped from many a brow, and dust clung to their clothes.

They had only come for a day or two. Just to stay the night before they would move out to continue the plot that their author had barely planned out, just winging it as they went.

Staying the night at a carelessly named hotel – Miss Fortune Hills' Inn – they had just freshened up in their rooms when something crashed through the window.

Wendy jumped in surprise, as something large and heavy landed next to her feet. Lifting up the object, also known as a rock in every culture, she looked at the window.
"What the…" Lucy walked to the window. Peering outside to trace the throw, her eyes widened at the sight before her.

A large mob, containing the whole town and more surrounded the building, glared and squinted at the pretty blonde.

"Uh… Laxus?" She called softly. Coming to her side, he looked over her shoulder.
"What the hell?" he muttered.

"Get down here, mages!" One girl demanded. She was oddly dressed for a citizen. Black jeans were matched with a white tank top, a picture of anime on it. The crazed look in her eyes alone was enough to explain just who these people were.

"Otaku's." Laxus muttered softly, sounding almost, ALMOST, horrified.

The word filled the air with an unsettling feeling. The very meaning to the word itself was hard to describe.

But at the sight of those hundreds of elite, social skill lacking, studious, none athletic, and downright crazy people below, Lucy could only shudder.

"What do they want?" Charle asked wearily.

"Only one way to find out." Laxus began towards the door.
"Whaaa-Laxus!" Lucy ran after him. She latched onto his arm in an attempt to stop him. "Are you crazy? Do you have any idea what those fan girls will do to you?!"

Turning to her, his eyes were dark; filled with an emotion she had never seen before. "There is no other way, Lucy." He managed.
"No! I can't let you!" As Lucy's thoughts came out from her mouth before she could stop them. She could just feel the fan girl's power growing. The dark forces that surrounded them, a power so strong it was unmatchable.

"Lucy! Laxus! They're trying to get in!" Wendy let out a shrill cry when one of them began to scale the walls, trying to get in through the window.

"Back, savage!" Charle commanded, scratching his face. Not accepting the attack, he fell back, falling back into the sea of over eccentric teens and older, all without a life.

Slamming the window shut, Wendy made small attempts to lock it, knowing full well it wouldn't hold them for long. Reaching for her bag, she ran to her older companions, staring at them desperately.

"What do we do?"

Laxus scowled. "We'll have to fight our way out." He took Lucy's hand, leading her towards the door.
"Are you crazy? Do you have any idea who those people can do to characters like us?" Charle demanded.
Glaring at her, Laxus swung open the door. "If you have any other plan, I'd be glad to hear it." He stormed into the hall, bringing Lucy with him.

Exchanging worried glances, the two younger mages followed.

"What exactly is the plan, Laxus?" Lucy gripped his hand tightly. "We can't hurt them. They are invincible! United together, their powers hold no bounds!"

"That doesn't mean we can't shake them off. Even they have to rest at some point." Laxus clarified, making his way down the flight of stairs and out the front door.

As the four mages left the hotel, the sea of fans instantly met them. Cheers and screaming reached them as soon as they were spotted.

"Laxus!" the girls squealed.

"We love you!" was sung like a chorus.

"Sign my stomach!" cried another fan.

"Uh… no." Lucy grimaced as a man ran up to her, lifting his shirt up and holding out a pen to her. Laxus pulled on Lucy's arm, yanking her back, glaring at the man angrily.
"Get back!" Laxus ordered, shielding the girls behind him

Suddenly, the echoing cries of "Update!" filled their ears. Several individuals sported crazy hairstyles and red eyes came closer, edging through the throng to talk.

"Oh you must be Allie Jenzie's overly demanding fan-base." Lucy pointed to the crowd in realization.

"Where is the new chapter!?" They demanded angrily, pointing their pitchforks at the group.

"W-Wait! We mean no harm!" Wendy stammered softly

"Look, I'm sure she is hard at work on new material." Laxus raised his hands in an aggressive manner, trying to reason with them.

"One new update every two or three months isn't that bad, is it?" Charle piped up, floating above Wendy's head with a nervous frown.

"Update!' They began to chant.

"What happens with Zero?! With Jellal?"

"Uh…" Lucy took a shaky step back as they began to close in.

"What will happen to Team Natsu? Will Wendy stay with you guys or go to Fairy Tail? Will you return to Fairy Tail?!" Laxus shoved a guy back who got a little too close for comfort.

"I-I won't go back to Fairy Tail, unless Laxus comes with me." Lucy managed, receiving an incredulous look from said lightning mage.
"Really?" he asked with a slight tilt of his head. She blushed furiously, giving him a meek nod.

"I told you, I won't leave you, Laxus."

He smiled, but scowled when some fan girls began to push forward. "Get back! Can't you see we're trying to have a moment here?"

They squealed at his words.

"The only moment I remember is when you kissed me in my dreams!" uttered one girl. She was immediately elbowed and pushed to the ground.

"Laxus and Lucy is the only pairing we've come to support!" snarled the other female adolescents.

"WHAT ABOUT THE LATEST CHAPTER!" The crowd demanded.

"Now now," A calming voice said from the back of the crowd, "Let's give Allie a chance. Surely blaming the characters will solve nothing." The girl, who Lucy would forever respect and love for her courage, was none other then Skymia. The Beta-Reader of Allie Jenzie!

"Skymia!" Lucy gasped.

"Skymia-san!" Wendy smiled in relief, staring at the Beta-Reader like she was her knight in shinning armor.

"You all must understand," The mighty Beta-Reader tried to reason with the Otakus and other fans, "Allie has a life outside of FanFiction. She is not able to get to the computer every day and work on her stories. She has a life, school, friends, and recently a job that has taken its toll."

"Life, please!" one scoffed. "Allie has no life! She sits in her room all day drawing and typing up her own stories that she hopes she can publish one day. If she can do that, then she should be able to work on her FanFics!"

"Just give her some more time." Skymia begged desperately, prepared to fend off these fans as best as she could.

"Silence Beta-Reader!" another snapped. "There is no room for you or your logic here! Leave us!"

Skymia narrowed her eyes, ready for a fight as the fans were upon her.

"Symia no!" Lucy and Wendy cried out as their beloved Beta-Reader was swept away in the waves of over-energetic fans.

Several turned back to Lucy and the her friends, "Will you win?! Will Zero beat you up?! Will Natsu have to save you?" Laxus gritted his teeth.

"Will Lucy get hurt? Will Laxus die?" Laxus' body shook with rage.


"Maybe she will never update! Have you ever thought of that?!" Laxus yelled out of frustration. The crowd fell silent.

"Laxus, what have you done?" Lucy hissed in horror.

"UPDATE!" one of the crazed fans threw the pitchfork at Lucy's face, which he barely caught in time.

"Ahh!" Lucy screamed in shock, looking up at Laxus in surprised relief.

"Hey!" he yelled in fury, throwing it right back. Hitting its target dead on, the nerd stared down with wide eyes at the sharpened object that had just impaled him in the chest.

"Ah!" Wendy screamed in horror covering her mouth.
"Crap," Laxus hissed, realizing the severity of what he had done.

Slowly looking up, the fan smirked. Reaching down, he pulled the pitchfork out of himself as if it was nothing. The black bars were clean; no sign of blood anywhere in sight.

Covering her mouth in sheer horror, Lucy squeaked as she pulled on Laxus' sleeve.
"W-We have to go…" she whispered softly.

"Yeah…" Laxus mumbled softly, letting himself get pulled back by Wendy and Lucy.

The crowd, sensing their retreat, charged.
"RUN!" Charle screamed.

And this was around the point where we first began. Running for their lives from their author's insane, if not dedicated, fans.

As the turned the corner, Wendy gasped to realize it was a dead end.

They were trapped.

Whirling around, the mob began to crowd inside the small ally, staring at them viciously.

Backing up into the wall, Wendy took Charle into her arms, "Good bye, cruel world!" Wendy sobbed, holding Charle close as she could.
"I blame you for this Allie! All of you!" Laxus yelled into the sky, shaking his fist angrily.

"Laxus," Lucy took his hand. He turned to her, glancing almost nervously at the crowd. Was this really the end?

"If this is the end I… I'm glad I got to spend it with you." She said breathlessly. Taking her hand into his, Laxus brought her close.

"Me too," He whispered, wrapping his arms around her waist.

As they shared one final bittersweet smile to each other, the fans lunged.


Sitting up in shock, a scream caught in her throat, silencing her. Taking a shaky breath, she scanned the area.

She was back in the hotel, in her bed. Laxus was on the sofa while Wendy and Charle took the bed to her right.

All of them asleep, unaware of the dangers she had just saw.

"…A dream?" she whispered softly. Running shaking fingers through her golden locks, she sighed. What sort of dream was that?!

She would never be answered though. For her Author knew too well that it was only an excuse to past the time. For her brain was being stupid, and refused to think of ideas for the next chapter.

So she tried to make it up with a filler, filled with odd jokes, cheesy plot lines, and cute romance.

Yup, life was grand and this filler is done. Which only causes the author to slump in depression because she realizes she will have to update this story eventually. Especially if she doesn't want her own fan base going after her, bombarding her with questions and sharp weapons.

Yeah… I better get on the next chapter, and fast.

Listen everyone, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry it is taking me so long to update. I know I keep promising to change, but the past has constantly repeated itself.

I hoped to make it up a bit with this small filler simply for laughs and giggles. I hope none of you become offended with this either. If you are Otaku's or nerds or whatever, please know I love every single one of you.

NERDS AND OTAKU'S RULE THIS WORLD! Being one myself, I fully support all of you and this chapter is only for kicks.

Also, a big big Big Big BIG Thank you to my Beta-Reader Skymia. I added you into this because you are always there for me, and support me in every way. You are the best Beta-Reader I have ever had. This story would be nothing without you. You have helped it grow, and helped me become the writer I am today.

This story belongs to you just as much as it belongs to me. Honestly, I truly believe that this story belongs to every single person who loves it. This story has come so far with the support of the reviewers, my Beta-Reader, and everything else in between.

Thank you all so much. And I will hope, pray, and will stab myself in the brain to get the next chapter out within the month. I wont promise cause… well… we've seen how that had worked out -_-