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Burning Ice

"Gray. Your clothes."

Gray turned to face the pink-haired dragon slayer, who stood in the doorway of his room. "It's my room; I don't need clothes, slanty eyes. If it bothers you don't come into my room."

Natsu's face flushed, turning the same colour as his hair. "Whatever," he spluttered. "Ezra told me to tell you that she's going on a S-class quest and she's taking Lucy and Happy with her."

"Why not us?" Gray snarled.

"She said something about us needing to get along better. Anyway, Lucy said we could stay at her place if we liked." With that Natsu turned and ran back down the stairs, away from Gray. Natsu never walked if he could run.

Gray frowned, trying to work out why Ezra would leave him and Natsu when she went off on a quest. Suddenly, something occurred to him. He and Natsu would be alone at Lucy's place. This could be the opportunity he had been waiting for. Gray grinned evilly as he began to plot.

Natsu flopped on Lucy's bed, ready to go straight to sleep after a long day of causing as much trouble at the guild as he could. He was so tired that he didn't see the ice mage hiding in the shadows, biding his time.

"Ice Make: Barrier," Gray whispered. He chuckled as ice formed over the windows and doors, thick enough that it would take time for Natsu to melt his way out, time Gray didn't intend to give him. He stared down at the sleeping fire dragon slayer and sighed. They had known each other since they were kids, both without family, both with issues of their own. They had been enemies that had slowly become friends, until one day, that friendship had changed into something else. But it seemed that it had only changed for Gray. He sat on the side of the bed and though about that day, the day he had realised that not only did he not hate Natsu but he wanted something a lot more than friendship from him.


Gray stared up at the sky. It was the bluest thing he had ever seen, not a cloud in the sky. Today was his day off. His rival/reluctant friend was on a quest with the rest of their team and everything was quiet. He closed his eyes and began to drift, not asleep, but not really awake either, enjoying the feel of the sun against his skin. Even an ice mage is entitled to enjoy a day in the sun.

A shadow passed across his face, but for some reason, the heat of the sun only seemed the increase. Gray opened his eyes to slits and yelped as he saw two balls of fire diving down towards him. His eyes widened as the insane grin of Natsu come zooming down towards him and he rolled to the side just in time to avoid being flambéed by the flying dragon slayer.

"What the hell?" He yelled.

Natsu laughed insanely, rolling around in the sand. "The look on your face!" He sniggered.

Gray hated when Natsu did stuff like that, which was all the freaking time! But today…today had been Gray's day to relax, the day when Lucy had promised to keep Natsu far away from him. And he snapped.

Lunging at Natsu, Gray wrapped his hands around the Salamander's neck, tightening until Natsu's laughter was cut off. Natsu's hands clawed at Gray's and the two Fairy Tail mages rolled in the sand, fighting. Natsu covered himself in flame, attempting to force Gray to let go. Gray countered his actions by generating a layer of ice around his body. So engrossed in their fight, they didn't notice the rising tide.

A wave of lukewarm water rushed over the two boys, filling mouths and noses, making breathing impossible. They froze, and Gray's hands loosened around Natsu's neck. They both panted for breath, skin touching. Gray stared down into black eyes as sensation shot through him lightning fast.

"Gray!" Lucy yelled, as she raced down the sand dune to where the two boys lay. "Let Natsu go!"
Gray took his hands from Natsu's throat, still staring straight into his eyes. His checks began to burn.

"Gray?" Natsu asked, voice quaking slightly.

He leapt to his feet. "Stay away from me!" he yelled down at Natsu, before running across the sand, into the trees lining the beach.

~end flashback~

That day Gray had hidden in the forest as Natsu had slowly gotten to his feet. He had rubbed the red marks that Gray's hands had left around Natsu's neck and the look of confusion on his face had matched the feeling boiling inside Gray. After that day, Gray had done his best to avoid physical contact with Natsu, while at the same time searching for a way to make him understand the feelings that Gray himself was only just beginning to recognise. This was perhaps the best chance he would ever get to show Natsu the truth, without risking interruption by Lucy, Ezra, or god forbid, Happy. But first, he had to make sure that Natsu would not be able to escape before Gray had managed to plead his case.

Careful not to wake the sleeping Salamander, he gathered Natsu's arms together and used the mage's own scarf to tie his wrists to the bed. Rubbing his hands together, Gray looked down at pink haired boy and smiled lecherously. "Time to get started."

He pressed a cold hand against the warm skin of Natsu's chest and pressed down, the temperature change and pressure waking the sleeping mage.

"Wha-" Natsu started awake, staring up at the ice mage looming above him. He tugged at the scarf binding his arms. "What's going on?"

Gray leaned down, his mouth hovering inches about Natsu's. "It's time," he whispered, his breath caressing Natsu's skin, "it's time to realise that ice can burn as hot as fire."

He closed the gap separating his lips from that of the fire dragon slayer, his breath leaving his body at the feel of his feverish skin and soft mouth.