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Chapter Six

"Lucy? Luuucccccy?" Natsu grabbed hold of Lucy's shoulders and shook hesitantly. He hadn't thought she would faint, in fact, he hadn't really thought about anything. All that had been on his mind was Gray and the things he did to him.

A hand gripped his shoulder, and he looked up to see Gray staring down at him, a concerned look on his face. "Let me try," he said, pulling Natsu to his feet and kneeling down in his place. Natsu let Gray manoeuvre him, and looked around the room to find something to do while Gray tried to wake Lucy up.

Taking a deep breath, Gray began to rub his hands together, generating ice and melting it at the same time. He had gotten a huge shock when he was woken by the terrible scream and the first thing that had crossed his mind was making sure that Natsu was alright, even though he knew Natsu did not scream in terror. He screamed in rage, he even sometimes screamed in fear for his friends, but he never screamed in terror, especially not such a girly scream. Looking around, he had quickly found the source of the noise, seeing Lucy's unconscious body lying in the doorway. It wasn't hard to guess what it was that had caused Lucy's faint, even if that wasn't the reaction Gray would have expected. He would have expected her to get angry or something. Certainly not to faint! Natsu had leapt of the bed and had almost been at Lucy's side before he realised that he wasn't wearing any clothes, and had raced back to at least pull his pants on. And he had glared at Gray until he had put his boxers back on.

Gray shook his head, realising that he was just trying to delay the inevitable. He didn't want to wake Lucy up. Until he woke her up, only he and Natsu knew about what had happened, and it was something magical and special between just the two of them. As soon as Lucy woke up, it would be dragged down into the mud of the real world and they would have to explain what it was that was between them. And he was delaying again.

Deciding that his hands were suitable cold, Gray reached down and pressed his hands against Lucy's pale checks. She jerked upwards with a shriek, saw Gray close to her and scrambled backwards, hands outstretched to keep him away from her. Natsu moved towards her, mouth opening on a plea, but the horrified look on her face stopped him in his tracks.

"Lucy," Gray began, "we can explain."

She shook her head, seeming to not hear him. Using the door handle for leverage, Lucy pulled herself up to her feet, looking around the room. Her gaze took in the bed, stripped of its dirty, sticky sheets, which Gray had put in the wash as soon both he and Natsu had vacated it, and the clothes still lying on the floor. "Why…" she hesitated, seeming to search for words.

"Please," Natsu pleaded, begging Lucy with his eyes not to be horrified.

"Why?" She asked, betrayal colouring her voice. "Why my bed? Natsu has his own house, so why did you have to do it in my bed?" she yelled at the two stunned boys.

"T…That's what you're upset about?" Natsu stammered. "Not the fact that we…"

Lucy waved her hands wildly, cutting Natsu off mid-sentence. "I don't care what you two do in private, so long as you stay out of my house when you're doing it!" Then she shrugged, and grinned slightly. "Besides, everyone knows that you two like each other, you're so obvious, always finding reasons to be touching each other. I'm just glad that you admitted it to yourselves."

After a moment of shock at the 'everyone knows you like each other,' comment, Natsu grinned happily, and moved towards Lucy, arms outstretched. She held a hand up, stopping him before he got close enough to touch. His face fell, and Lucy was quick to reassure him.

"I am fine with you and Gray being together and everyone else will be too," Lucy said quickly. "It's just that you haven't had a shower yet and you're…"she grimaced. "Sticky."

"Oh." Natsu turned bright pink, his arms crossing over his chest. He looked down at his feet, refusing to look Gray in the eye. Gray just grinned. He wasn't in the least embarrassed about the physical evidence of what they had done last night.

"So," Lucy said, looking around her. "You two should go clean up, and I'm really very tired. I could use some sleep." She hinted, looking at Gray.

"Right," Gray said, getting up and taking hold of Natsu's arm. "We'll let you get some rest." With that he pulled Natsu out of the house, a grin lingering on his face and a gleam in his eyes.

Lucy watched them go, and knew that it was highly unlikely that either boy would be arriving at the guild until much later today. Hopefully she would be there to watch their entrance and everyone's reaction, because while she had been telling the truth that no one would mind Natsu and Gray being together it would, at absolute least, be very interesting to watch. Especially when it came to one particular member of the guild.

Gray smiled at the small blue ball of the sleeping Happy and lifted him up in his arms. He could hear Natsu in the bathroom, getting the shower started, and it was up to him to remove the possibility of the two of them being interrupted by the winged cat. Happy looked blearily up at him.

"Gray? What are you doing here?" Happy yawned sleepily.

Gray scratched Happy under the chin gently and listened to his contented sigh. The only thing that could make this better for Happy would have been the presence of fish. "Why don't you go and stay with Lucy?" Gray suggested. Knowing exactly where Happy's priorities lay, Gray said the one thing that was certain to convince the cat. "I think she may have some fish that you could have for breakfast."

Before Gray could blink, Happy was gone, flying out the door to Lucy's house, leaving Natsu and Gray all alone. He could hear the water of the shower running and wanted nothing more than to be there, watching the droplets of water running down Natsu bare skin. Letting his clothes drop to the floor, Gray stalked towards the bathroom and froze in the doorway, staring at Natsu. Water cascaded down his body, caressing every inch of him, just like Gray yearned to and his pink hair was plastered to his face, blinding him. Licking his lips, Gray stepped into the shower cubicle, the pulse of the water against his skin mirroring the pulse of his need. He crept towards Natsu, and wrapped his arms around the wet skin of the other boy, pressing his face against the sodden mess of his hair. Natsu spun around in his arms, and rested his hands on Gray's chest, covering his Fairy Tail mark with one hand. A half smile graced his mouth and Gray leaned down to kiss that smile off his face, only to be pulled up short when the pressure of Natsu's hand on his chest increased, holding him back. Gray looked at him in confusion. Why was Natsu stopping him? Hadn't they worked everything out in the clearing?

"No," Natsu said firmly, extending his arm to keep Gray at a distance. Gray frowned at him, and took hold of his wrist.


"Because we both have to be at the guild in the morning." Natsu turned his back on Gray, and grabbed the soap, cleaning off. Hunger in his eyes, Gray watched as Natsu cleaned himself off, copying his movements. Reaching out, Gray ran his hand down Natsu's water-soaked back quickly, savouring the feel of his warm skin.

Natsu spun around and punched Gray's arm. "Don't touch," he hissed, fists clenched. Gray grinned unashamedly. "And you're sleeping on the couch."

His grin faded and he followed Natsu out of the shower, towelling off hastily. "I don't want to sleep on the couch. I want to sleep with you." Gray grabbed hold of Natsu's arm, stopping him from walking away and leaving Gray there alone.

"Sleep on the couch, or sleep in the infirmary," Natsu said, twisting the arm that Gray had grabbed him with around, locking it behind his back.

Gray twisted, spinning around to face Natsu, pulling his arm out of Natsu's hold. He swung at Natsu, and sent him flying. That was all that was needed to spark a fight. With a snarl, Natsu slammed into Gray, flames building around his fists. He punched at him, and Gray ducked, Natsu's fiery fist going over his head, scorching the wall behind him. Gray used the opening to lunge at Natsu, wrapping his arms around him and throwing them both backwards. They landed on the large, soft couch and Gray laughed, his body convulsing against Natsu's.

"What's so funny?" Natsu asked, the fire surrounding his hands dying out.

"Now we're both on the couch," Gray chuckled. He manoeuvred them until they were curled up on their side on the couch. Pulling Natsu tight against his chest, Gray closed his eyes. "How about we both sleep on the couch?"

Natsu wriggled until he found a comfortable position in Gray's arms. "Fine," he muttered. "Just keep your hands to yourself."

"Sure thing."

Natsu closed his eyes, and went instantly to sleep, comfortable in Gray's arms. Gray looked down at him and smirked slightly. He hadn't said anything about what would happen when they woke up. But for now he was more than happy to drift off to sleep, Natsu fitting perfectly in his arms, his warmth the perfect counterpart to Gray's cool skin.

The guild was silent the next morning as Gray and Natsu walked in, Gray's arm casually slung over Natsu's shoulder in a tacit statement of what had happened between them, everyone waiting with baited breath in anticipation of Erza's fury. No one knew how she would react when she discovered what was going on between the two boys, but everyone was fairly sure that it wouldn't be pretty. Either that or she would be completely oblivious and think that the bruises and marks marring their skin were caused by fighting.

Erza looked up at the two boys and got to her feet. The silence was tangible as she moved towards them. She stared at them, and watched the sweat on their faces build.

"While we were away?" she asked, her voice echoing through the guild.

Two heads nodded in perfect unison, but two pairs of black eyes never left her face. Erza stared at them until everyone was sweating, waiting for the explosion that could kill them all. She turned her back to them, and walked over to the bar where the Master Makarov sat, drinking. She extended one hand to him.

He looked up at her, and cocked an eyebrow.

"Pay up," she said, glaring menacingly at him.

Makarov sighed, and pulled a handful of Jewels out of his pocket, placing them in Erza's hand.

"You bet on us?" Gray said in astonishment.

Erza spun around, focusing her glare on him. "Got a problem with it?"

Gray shrunk back, Natsu by his side every step of the way. "No," he whispered.

Erza smiled brilliantly. "Good." She turned around and went back to her table, where a slice of strawberry cake suddenly appeared.

Natsu and Gray looked at each other, and started to laugh. They collapsed next to Lucy, who glared at them, but they had survived Erza and Lucy wasn't scary at all after that. Besides, they already knew that she had no problem with the two of them being together. Happy jumped in front of them and scowled.

"You promised me fish! There was no fish!" Happy glared at Gray, and pouted.

Gray looked into the face of the indignant little blue cat, and laughed even harder. Shoulders shaking, Gray rested his head on the table, his laughter taking on a slightly hysterical note. Natsu snarled, and punched his shaking shoulders.

"What are you laughing about, pervert?"

Head still resting on the table, Gray reached up and took hold of Natsu's hair. He pulled him down, and kissed him thoroughly, in front of the entire guild. When they pulled up for air, everyone was staring at them, Lucy and Happy included. The only exception was Erza, who was far too interested in her cake to notice anything else that was going on.

Natsu looked around at all the people looking at them and began to laugh. Side by side, he and Gray laughed, and laughed, and laughed.

"I think I liked it better when they were fighting." Lucy muttered.

"You have to admit that this is less destructive," Levy said with a shrug.

Lucy watched as the two boys continued to laugh and sighed. Levy might be right, but still… But then, they seemed happy, and as long as they kept their happiness out of her house, she was happy for them. And, looking at their grinning faces, they sure did look happy.


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