Title: Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust

Summary: His sides ached, his throat burned, and his mouth was as dry as bone.

Characters: Isa, Lea, Axel

Chapters: One

Disclaimer: If I owned Kingdom Hearts, you probably wouldn't like it.

I'm dying.

His sides ached, his throat burned, and his mouth was as dry as bone.

And still he ran.

He felt as if he had been running for hours, though it could not have been more than a few minutes since he had watched his best friend be dragged under a writhing mass of claws and flesh. The boy brushed a loose strand of bright red hair away from his eyes as he continued to run.

That's right.

He ran, and his friend died.

In his defense, his friend's last words had been "Lea, get out of here!"

Right. He had said that as he had desperately beaten those monsters away, as they came closer and closer, as they tore at him with those terrible claws.

Lea stopped- He couldn't take another step, even if he could hear them approaching, chasing after him. Out of the corner of his eye he spotted something glittering in the darkness. Recognizing it as a shard of glass, he grabbed for the makeshift weapon.

And just in time. One of those things had caught up to him, he could hear the heavy footsteps, almost upon him now. Gripping the glass harder, Lea tightened his resolve.

This is for my family.

This is for my home.

This is for Isa.

He spun around as quickly as he could, and slashed at the thing twice, using all his remaining strength in a desperate move.

Lea stopped dead as he heard it scream

Or rather, he stopped dead as he heard Isa scream.

He dropped the glass. He fell to his knees. His heart almost stopped and he cried and apologized and begged and he was so so sorry, and all the while Isa was on the ground, gritting his teeth in pain and holding his face, right between the eyes.

But it didn't matter anyway, because they were going to die. Their world was ending around them, and they were dying, so what did it matter if he had a little bit of blood on his face? The Darkness was swelling up around their feet once more, and this time there was nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

Isa had been the first to go. He couldn't even see them tear out his heart, there was far too much blood in his eyes. Lea had seen him as his body was dragged into the swirling black hole that was sucking them in from below, that look of utter terror frozen on his face, of being completely blind and just knowing your life was about to end.

He didn't have to wait long for his turn. He even closed his eyes as the monsters tore into his chest and ripped out his heart, still beating, still living, still feeling, just so he wouldn't have to see.


And then he awoke, startled, from a dream.

Only, there was no quickened heartbeat.

There was no Isa, waiting in the bunk above to tell him to "stop being such a knucklehead and go back to sleep."

Axel covered his face with glass-scarred hands, and, for the first time since losing his heart, broke down and cried.

Ashes to Ashes

Dust to Dust

Nobodies to Nobodies

Darkness thou art, and unto Darkness thou shalt return

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