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Timeline: This is post-season 7 Buffy and occurs after the midseason finale of season 3 for Chuck.

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Buffy walked into the Burbank Buy-More hoping to find a quick fix for her phone. The thing had gone up and died on her. She hadn't crushed it, got demon goo on it or anything. It'd just stopped working. Figures with her luck. Dawn and Xander said they'd meet her in a little bit; they had to check out the giant underwear store first. Buffy almost imagined Xander and her sister, before shuddering and shutting down that train of thought.

Walking into the store, Buffy asked the first employee she saw, "Where would I go to fix my phone?"

The man took one look at her before licking his hand and slicking back his hair. Could you say ew?

"Well fair maiden, if you were to give me something first..." he wiggled his dark eyebrows suggestively, "Perhaps we could help each other out?"

Attempting to be polite Buffy replied, "Dream on sleazeball." Ok she tried.

Brushing past him, Buffy continued into the store.

Rushing after her the greasy man followed yelling, "Wait!"

Sighing exasperatedly, Buffy turned, "What?"

"Look I'm sorry about all that," the man quickly rambled, "Jeff and I have this bet going on. About all the attractive ladies in the Buy-More."

Buffy quirked an eyebrow.

The man took it as a sign to continue, "Jeff bet his collection that every attractive woman who came in here was looking for Chuck. I just wanted to..."

"Who's Chuck?" Buffy asked, "And what collection?"

The man stared at her startled for a second, "Porn of course."

Disgusted, Buffy continued to walk before the man darted in front of her path.

"You'll want to see Chuck if you need tech repair."

"Oh really?" Buffy allowed her annoyance to show. Fully.

The man nodded his head reluctantly, "He's the head of the Nerd Herd."

"Ok thanks!" Buffy replied with bright enthusiasm.

Surprised by her rapid mood swing, the man just stared at her as she walked away. It was nice to know, even well into her 20's, Buffy could still leave men speechless if she wanted to.

Approaching the desk, Buffy took in the lanky man in front of her. She supposed he could be good looking in a geeky sort of way, but there was definitely something different about him. Most of the Buy-More employees gave her the wiggins and those that didn't, seemed withdrawn and shy. Chuck handled himself with more control; the look reminded her of Andrew. In fact he seemed to hold himself the way most of her research department did. Geeks that had seen action. As she approached, she noticed his attention on her. He quickly put down his magazine and fumbled slightly before standing up and offering his hand. Maybe she had been wrong.

"Chuck Bartowski, how can I help you today?"

Taking his hand, Buffy replied, "My phone just stopped working. One moment it was working, the next it just went Kaplooey."

"Kaplooey?" Chuck asked amused.

"Ka-poot." Buffy replied with a smile.

"Well then why don't we take a look miss?..." Chuck let the question hang open.

"Just call me Buffy," Buffy shuddered, "Miss Summers just makes me feel old."

Buffy continued talking, completely oblivious to the tech's lack of response.

At the mention of her name, Chuck began to feel an all too familiar sensation before a rush of information overwhelmed his senses. A series of images flashed in his mind. Many files and lines were blacked out in the Intersect's database. Most of the information on "Buffy Summers" had been redacted and the only thing Chuck actually learned was her codename: The Slayer. Well besides the many ominously blacked-out files.

Not wanting to show the mental freakout occurring in his mind, Chuck pretended to smile before Buffy noticed anything. From her appearance, Buffy hadn't noticed anything odd associated with his flash. She just continued to ramble on. Chuck to needed to communicate the potential threat in their midst without alerting the agent in front of him. Unfortunately Casey was away for the day leaving Chuck virtually alone in the Buy-More. Signalling Morgan, Chuck waited to give him a message to pass on when two others joined Buffy at the Nerd Herd desk.

"Hey Buff, what's up?" the man with the eye-patch asked.

"Not much, just waiting for sitch on my phone." the blonde replied, she followed it up with a question, "How did your... uh shopping go?"

"It went quite well," the taller female replied with a smirk, "Want to see what we got?"

Buffy took a step back before replying vehemently, "No, no, no no no."

"That hurts Buff," the man gestured with his hand over his heart.

"Well excuse me if I don't want to imagine my kid sister and my best friend," the blonde snapped in return.

The brunette sighed while tapping an impatient foot, "Buffy I'm not a kid anymore,"

"Yes you are."

"No I'm not."

"Are too."

"Am not."

"Are too."

"Am not."

"Ladies!" The squabble was interrupted by the male brunette, "As interesting as this argument is. I think the two of you are distracting half the store. Including the nice man repairing your phone Buff."

The blonde shot Chuck an embarrassed look before letting out a small, "Sorry."

She continued speaking, "This is my sister Dawn and my best friend Xander."

Chuck couldn't help but ask, "Xander?"

The man grinned and held out his hand, "Short for Alexander."

As Chuck shook the hand his mind was bombarded by a flurry of images. More redacted and blacked-out files. He was in trouble. His cover was potentially compromised, the nearest back-up was across the parking lot and he couldn't exactly pull out the kung-fu in broad daylight. In that moment the female brunette smiled at him before offering her own hand.

"Dawn Summers." Another flurry of images. Yup, he was in trouble. Help?

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