This fic idea came from a roleplay that my character was involved in. I do not own Jeff Hardy or CM Punk. Enjoy.


Old Friends return

Phil was sitting in the locker room of where he was working at. He has been single most of his life. He began to wonder if he would ever be in love with anyone. That was until he remembered that he had Jeff Hardy's number. Now it has been known that the two hated one another in the ring because he was the drug free wrester, and Jeff was the one to take drugs. He hated seeing the young Hardy put his life to drugs. {Hil's hand then ran through his short black hair as he was still trying to decide if he should give the young Hardy a call.

He had been DVRing the matches Jeff has been doing on TNA, and he could tell something was wrong with him. So instead of ignoring the thoughts, he decided to try and give Jeff a phone call. He pulled out his green screen touch phone and brought it to his ear after finding the young man's number and pressing call. He then waited for Jeff to pick up.

Jeff was in his hotel room at the end of his bed. His hands ran through his green dyed hair as he began to think of something to do. Then he heard his cell go off. Reaching for it, he opened it and placed it up to his ear. "Hello?"

There was only a few minutes of silence before Phil spoke. "Hey Jeff, it's me, Phil." He spoke, hoping Jeff was okay with this phone call.

Jeff was a little shocked that it was Phil Brooks, his story-lined opponent in the WWE. "Hello Phil. Why are you calling?" Jeff asked, wondering why Phil would call him.

There was another small amount of silence before Phil spoke up. "Well I know we have had a rough past in the WWE. I was wondering if you would like to hang out?" Phil then waited for Jeff to answer.

Jeff felt a little nervous, but answered anyway. "Sure Phil," Jeff spoke with a small smile on his face. He had nothing to do, and maybe hanging out with Phil would do him some good. Maybe things have changed between them. There was only one way to find out.

"So where do you want to go?" Phil asked as a small smile came across his face. Phil was sure happy that Jeff wanted to spend time with him. Just as he was waiting for an answer, there was a knock on his locker room door. "You know what Jeff, call me back in fifteen and we will figure out what to do? Okay?" He then hung up the phone as he was going to take care of who ever came to the door.

Jeff then closed is cell and began to think of what the two can do. He knew he had to think of something. That made Jeff think of going out to get a tattoo, but both may not be able to get one, with being in the ring might damage new ink. So he then thought that they could go out and get something to eat. He was getting hungry himself.

So Jeff then jumped into the shower after taking the clothes off his body. The clothes were then tossed into the corner, where his other dirty clothes were at. Then Jeff began to turn the water on. He then grabbed a wash rag and his bottle of Old Spice, pouring a dime amount on the rag. Once the rag had soap on it, Jeff quickly began to wash himself off. Reaching for his bottle of Axe shampoo, squeezing a quarter size amount in the palm of his hand. Then he lathered up his hair and rinsed off his whole body.

That was when he heard his phone go off after the water was shut off. "Dangit!" Jeff muttered as he ran out naked and grabbed his phone. "Hello?" He spoke as soon as he got the phone to his ear. Jeff grabbed a towel as he began to dry himself off with one hand. "Fuck," he mumbled as he almost fell over.

"Hey Jeff, it's me, Phil," Phil spoke after he heard Jeff first speak, then he heard Jeff almost fall over. "Jeff, are you okay?" He asked as he became worried that Jeff had hurt himself. Waiting for an answer, Phil then began to panic a little.

"Oh yeah, I'm fine Phil," spoke Jeff as he then sat on the bed naked. He thought about getting dressed, but decided to wait until he was done talking.

"Okay Jeff," Phil spoke with a smile on his face. "Now have you thought about what we can do? On the other hand, I can come over and you can tell me what you have come up with when I get there. Where are you Jeff?"

Jeff must have known that Phil was going to come over. "I'm in Orlando, doing the tapings for TNA," Jeff spoke after Phil asked the question.

"Well I know where that is at; see you in about ten minutes."