Dinner Date

After Jeff hung up his cell, Jeff then grabbed his clothes and began to dress himself. He pulled up a thong and then a nice pair of jeans. Then he slipped his feet in a pair of sandals. Now Jeff had to get a shirt to wear. He decided on his new shirt made for TNA. Pulling it over his head messed his hair up, but he could brush his hair. After pulling his sleeves up his arms, Jeff got up and walked to the bathroom to rebrush his hair.

Then Jeff grabbed his cell phone and room key and car keys, and then headed out of his hotel room. Then he ran down the stairs and out to the lobby, to head out to the parking lot to wait for Phil. He walked over to where his rental car was. Since he didn't see Phil, he climbed onto the trunk of his rental car. He looked at his watch to see the time. He then looked up and waited.

Phil then grabbed his bag and headed out to his rental car. He tossed his bag in the back seat. Then he climbed into the driver's seat. Putting the key in his ignition and pulled out of the parking lot. Then he pulled out onto the highway. He reached and turned on the radio.

After about ten minutes of driving, Phil then pulled up into the parking lot. He then drove around looking for Jeff. He spotted Jeff sitting on the trunk of his car. Phil honked his horn as he pulled next to him. Getting out, he looked over at Jeff. "Hey there Jeff," Phil spoke with a smile.

Jeff then looked over when he heard the horn. After Phil spoke, he parted his lips to speak, "Hello Phil." A smile came across his face as Phil stepped closer to him.

"So how have you been doing Jeff? No, let's save talk for later. Where and what did you decide to do?" Phil asked, waiting for an answer from the young Hardy.

A smile still sat on his face as he hopped off the trunk. He then parted his lips and spoke, "Well, I was thinking maybe we could go get something to eat. I know I'm hungry, I'm pretty sure you are," a glow grew on his face, "We can go to Olive Garden?"

Phil then nodded to agree with Jeff. "Alright, that is fine with me. You're driving Jeff. My rental has headlights that are not worth using at night," Phil then laughed a little.

"Alright," Jeff then nodded as he got his car keys and unlocked the doors so he and Phil could get in. He then opened his door and got in. Phil then followed and got in the passenger seat. He then buckled up and waited for Jeff to pull out.

Once Jeff pulled out of the parking lot, he began to drive to Olive Garden. He kept his hands on the steering wheel as he was driving. He tried to concentrate on his driving, but he could feel Phil looking at him. As Jeff was driving, Phil reached and turned on the radio, hoping Jeff wouldn't mind. Turning his brown eyes to look at Jeff, he saw that Jeff didn't seem to mind. A smile came across his face.

Finally pulling up in the parking lot, Jeff parked the car before looking at Phil. A smile came across his face. "So Phil, what's been going on in that brain of yours?" Jeff had always wondered what Phil really thought about him.

Phil turned to look at Jeff. "Well Jeff. There are many things that go on. And to be honest, I hated having a storyline against you." He had a smile on his face. "I know you didn't mean to get in the mess. Come on, let's go get some food."