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That awkward moment when your phone goes off in the middle of a funeral and the song playing is 'I will survive'

"Why do I have to go, I barely know this guy." Dick mumbled as Bruce practical dragged him into the funeral hall.

"Come on, Dick, he was one of Wayne Techs best and oldest employee, you can at least pay your respect." Bruce scolded.

"Fine, but I just have one thing to point out, he also helped me put sticky notes on you car." Dick said before walking in.

"We are here to commemorate the loss of Stuart Johnson, a wonderful employee, and an great friend, and though we are all morning we must remember-"

'I will survive, I'm gonna make it through, Just give me time, I will get over you'

Dick's phone was going off, full blast. All eyes fell on him. He squirmed under their glares as he fumbled for his phone.

"Hey Aunt Iris(1), no, no I don't know how all those bottle of root beer winded up on the roof, I swear, I know I shouldn't swear but I'm kinda at a funeral, okay, it's alright, alright, I'll call ya back later, bye." Dick sheepishly hung up, waiting for the glares and side comments, which never came. Someone in the back row started clapping, soon followed by an uproar of applause, even the priest was clapping.

"Uhhh." Dick stuttered not knowing what to say.

"That boy's phone is right, give it just a little time, and we will survive!" The priest went on. The clapping soon died down followed by Neil the accountant screaming out 'THAT"S ONE SMART PHONE!'

When the funeral ended Bruce turned to Dick.

"I don't even know what to say." He said.

"Well I do, wow Bruce, you work with a lot of whacks."

A/N: Saw this Awkward moment, had to write it, the song is 'I will survive' by Enrique Iglesias hope you liked it.