That awkward moment when...

Dick was sitting in class, messing around with his phone and waiting for the bell to ring. About a minute later, the bell rang and class began. Dick shoved his phone in his pocket, then looked up at his teacher.

"Alright class, today, we'll-."

Whatever else Mr. Spindal(1) said was cut off, because just then, Dick realized something.

'Crap, forgot to turn the volume on my phone down, okay, relax, maybe if I just-.'


Dick froze up immediatly. That ring sounded a lot like his phone. Oh crap! It was!

The teen was preparing to explain when his teacher did something unexpected. He pulled out his own phone, looked at it, shut it off, then repocketed it.

"Sorry, class, forgot to turn the volume down on my phone."

...When your teacher has the same ringtone as you.

A/N: Was in biology today, and I remembered the volume on my phone was turned up, so I went to turn it down, when a phone rang, I thought it was mine, adn tried playing it off, when my teacher pulled out his phone, and checked it XD it was his phone, THANKS FOR READING!

(1)= parody of my teacher's last name.