That awkward moment when...

We all have that one friend, and even if you don't, you do. That one friend who just loves jokes. That one friend who you go out of your way not to tell a joke to. That one friend who publically embarrasses you every freaking time.


Okay, maybe, half the time, it was worth it, watching people stare in pure awkwardness as you laugh along. Other times, you don't like the annoying sound of a donkey being killed by a hyena. It actually got to a point where you cringed when people told a joke.

"Hey, Robin, want to hear a joke?" Megan pops out of freaking no where, causing you to jump.

" it a funny joke?" You straighten up.

"Oh, it's hilarious."

You visibly cringed, "Oh, um, hilarious, hm?"

"Yeah, oh my gosh, Robin, it's so funny! Artemis told it to me!"

"Oh...yeah...Artemis is one funny chick."

"Yes she is! Okay, so the joke goes like this-,"

"WAIT!" You jump from the couch, leaving the room. You proceeded to search the Cave high and low, looking for a very specific speedster while Megan watched on awkwardly. You returned five minutes later.

"Okay, you may continue."

"Um...right. Okay, so the joke goes like this., 'Two Popes walk into a bar and-" Megan doesn't even have time to get the joke out, when Wally speeds into the room.

"Are you telling the Pope joke!?" Wally exclaims happily.

"Um, yes..."

"I love that joke!"

"Okay, let me tell it."

"Okay, okay, go." Wally's grin never left his face as the joke began.

"Okay, so two Popes walks into a-"


"Wally, I haven't even finished the jok-"




Robin and Megan slowly glanced at each other, then slowly left the room.

... your friend's laugh is funnier than the actual joke