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-Soccer in America (And other countries, but I don't know which.) is known as Football in Japan. That's why when it is described, it will be Football.

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Chapter One: The Change

"Pretty Cure Marble Screw!" we yelled at the top of our lungs. This was a normal routine for us lately. Our free hands reached out and blasted a swirl of black and white thunder at the Zakenna.

The Zakenna dispersed into little stars, running off, yelling, "Gomenna!" What I didn't notice at the time was that one of them went down my throat.

"Black!" Cure White called from next to me. She was also known as my good friend named Honoka Yukishiro, the queen of knowledge. The dark blue haired girl stood steadily and smiled, a bit beaten up. Her white dress was a bit scoffed. Besides that, she was fine. "Are you okay?" she asked, her smile slowly changing into a frown.

Honoka must have seen me. There was a little pain in my joints. I looked down and saw a few scratches. My injuries were a bit worse than Honoka's, but not too bad thankfully. "Yeah, they should be okay when we get back to normal."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes Honoka. Don't worry."

The two of us got out of our Cure forms, back to normal. This means I'm back to Nagisa Misumi, Verone Academy Lacrosse player who doesn't look like she just fought for two worlds. My wounds closed up, but I could still feel the pain in my joints. I guess I just have to live with it.

Honoka looked me over, still concerned. "Well…Just be careful okay?"

"No problem." I looked to the sky. The red sunset was bathing everything. "If I'm correct, it's supper time. I'll see you tomorrow Honoka."

"See ya."

We both walked away waving at each other. The rest of the night was normal: Mepple complaining for food, Ryouta and me fighting, my struggle against homework. Too bad it was going to be the last normal night for a little while.

The next morning, that little pest (Ryouta) banged on my door, waking me up from a great dream. "Hey sis!" he yelled, "Time for school!"

The phone like creature yawned and woke up on my stand. "Nagisa, can I have breakfast now?"

"Ugh! All right Mepple."

Wait! Was that low voice mine! Ugh, I must be getting a cold. I got my body out of bed, stretching. Mepple looked up and suddenly laughed at me. "What? What's so funny Mepple?"

"Y-you, mepo." Mepple wouldn't stop laughing. So, I decided to check myself out. Maybe it was because of how I slept. Nope, I was dead wrong. My shriek went throughout our house.

"Ariennai," I whispered to myself as I ran my hand through my hair. The same orange color, but it was an inch, maybe less, shorter. Then there was my body. It felt weirder. I looked down and murmured, "Ariennai," again. My body was more muscular and built. Plus, a bit of extra hair grew on my arms. I look like a…like a…


I ran back to my room before anyone saw me and said, "Ariennai."

Before Mepple could start any smart remarks, I changed into my uniform. I needed to get out of here to not freak my family out. Wait, I can't wear a skirt anymore. Well, at least not for now. I had to find those pants and put them on. Once that was finished, I quickly fed Mepple and put him in his case.

After I grabbed my bag, I ran out of the house, making sure my family didn't notice. The door was in my sight when I heightened the pitch of my voice to say, "I'm going to school. Bye!"

Out of range from my house, I slowed down and took Mepple out. "Do you have anything to do with this!" was my first reaction.

"No, mepo. It felt like an evil spirit entered you last night but it's gone now, mepo."

"So that Zakenna did this?"

"I think so, mepo."


My shout attracted Honoka, who was running over and waving her hand. She noticed me and started to chuckle. "Nagisa, is that really you?"

"Duh, who else would hold Mepple?" As I said this, Honoka stepped back a bit. She seemed surprised by my lowered, male voice.

"Nagisa? What happened?"

"I don't know myself. Apparently something with last night's Zakenna. Now, I'm a boy. I can't show this to my parents. Please, help me Honoka." That last sentence sounded like I was really pleading.

Honoka thought for a moment. "Well, tell your parents and the school that you're going to be gone for a bit. I'm sure my grandmother will let you stay with us until this is sorted out."

"How am I going to convince my parents and the school?"

Honoka thought for another moment. "That's going to be a problem. But I think I have an idea."


The phone rang at the Misumi household. Mrs. Misumi picked it up, asking, "Yes?"

"Mom, is that you?" Nagisa tried to fake her best girl voice that she could. Thankfully her mom didn't recognize a deeper voice beneath it.

"Yes Nagisa. What is it?"

"I'm…Uh…Going overseas for an exchange trip for a few weeks. Do you mind letting the school know?"

"Yes, but what is this trip fo-"

"Thanks mom. I knew I could count on you. See you when I get back."

As her daughter hanged up, Mrs. Misumi started at the phone in confusion.


I coughed as I went back to my normal (For now.) voice. My hand slowly left the pay phone and I turned to Honoka, smiling. "She bought it. Well, for now at least."

"I'll talk to grandmother about this later. We have to get to school." Honoka grabbed my hand and started walking.

I stood still, not budging for the dark haired girl. She looked at me confused and asked, "What's wrong?"

"I can't go to school. They'll notice me and start suspecting something."

"Maybe you could change your name and say you are your own relative, which could explain your look. What kind of name could you have?" This was the third time Honoka thought for a moment. "Maybe Kyou Meguorame."

Kyou Meguorame. Kyou Meguorame. Not the best, but it works for now.

Takenochi-sensei went in before me for an introduction to the class. Man, I feel like a new student. You could faintly hear our teacher's voice in the hallway.

"First order of business, class. Nagisa Misumi is on a sudden exchange trip. As a result, she will be gone for a few weeks.

Some students groaned at that statement. I'm sure two of them were Rina and Shiho since I won't be able to play lacrosse now.

"However, we have a new student in her place. Class, please welcome Mr. Kyou Meguorame."

That was my cue. I took a deep breath and opened the door. I started at my normal classmate, and they started at a somewhat-familiar classmate. A few more moments and I walked sedately across the room to Takenochi-sensei.

"Introduce yourself," she said to me.

"Oh, um, right." I turned around and started to write my name on the board. A "psst" sounded through the room. I turned and saw Honoka, who was pointing at the board. That was when I noticed that I wrote 'Misumi Na.' I quickly erased the name and wrote 'Meguorame Kyou.'

"I'm Kyou Meguorame. I love chocolate and sports. Especially lac-Uh, I mean football." No, I can't say that and give anything away. "It's nice to meet you all." My introduction ended with a bow.

"All right Mr. Meguorame. Let me see. I guess you can sit in Misumi's old spot, so right in front of Rina there." Takenochi-sensei pointed to my old desk. I nodded and automatically walked to my old/new desk.

"Why…Why do I have to be the only boy in our class?" I slowly took another bite from my bento box, groaning.

Honoka sat next to me on the Verone Academy roof. Her answer was pretty simple, "Due to that fire last week, all of the boys are in the girls classes. Ours was the only one open, with all girls."

I sighed and went back to eating. Shiho and Rina crept in from the corner of my eye. They walked over to us, seeming kind of nervous. It must be because of my new kid status.

"H-hi Honoka." Rina looked to Shiho then back to us before continuing, "Do you mind if we sit next to you and Kyou?"

There's that name again. It's going to take a while to get used to it. In class, I didn't respond to Kyou much at all. I was only waiting for the teacher to say Nagisa.

"Sure," Honoka replied to the girls with a smile.

The two nervously sat down near us. I managed to squeak out a "hi" at them.

"H-hi." Shiho looked down at her bento box, trying to gather her thoughts. She finally asked me, "Do you know Nagisa Misumi? You look a lot like her."

Uh-oh, the forbidden question.

Rina threw a glare at Shiho. "Really?"

"Someone was going to ask it sometime," Shiho replied, looking a bit guilty.

Honoka inhaled a sharp breath and kept it as I tried to think of a way out of this question. It took a while, but I think I got the right, satisfactory answer. "Yes. Actually, I'm a distant relative of Misumi's."

"Really?" Rina cocked her head at me. "You look so much like her."

"Well…That's what everyone says. We're used to it now."

Honoka exhaled her breath. She mouthed, 'Nice save,' to me as Rina and Shiho looked away from her.

The bell rang, signaling the end of Lunch. Shiho and Rina walked in chatting. Honoka and I started following in as we heard a familiar voice say, "Oh, you can't go in right now. I have other plans for you two."

The two of us turned around. Honoka gasped. I growled, "Pisard."

"Who else? Now, come out Zakenna!"

The monster showed itself on the school rooftop. It was a…Well a mash-up that I can't describe. Well, no matter what we were going to beat it. Let's just hope this works.

I looked towards Honoka. "Ready?"

"Whenever you are, Kyou."

That name still made me wince. We both dodged a swing from the Zakenna. Then we took out Mepple and Mipple, sliding the queen cards in them. Honoka and I took each other's hand, lifting our free one up and shouting, "Dual Aurora Wave!"

The rainbow light blinded us. The clothes felt kind of metallic as they appeared on us. Well, we should just be thankful that we could still transform, even with my recent…Gender problem.

I stood solid with my pose as my deep voice shouted, "Emissary of Light, Cure Black!"

Honoka assumed her normal pose as she yelled, "Emissary of Light, Cure White!"

"Together, we are Pretty Cure!"

"Servant of the Dark Powers!" Honoka yelled as she pointed out.

I copied her motion. "Return to the darkness from which you came!"

My Cure form felt a bit different than normal. So, then why did I look down? The only thing that changed was that I had no skirt. Instead, pants where there instead, the edge of them was covered up by those leg warmers. My hair was just an inch or so shorter then it usually is, just like in my normal form. Besides those two things, my Cure form was surprisingly normal.

The Zakenna kept throwing attacks at us. We just kept dodging them in return. My eyes kept glaring at Pisard. "You…You did this, didn't you!"

Pisard pretended to be innocent. "Oh, I did what?"

"You made me into a-" Before I could finish that sentence, the Zakenna hit me, making me fall onto the roof.

White noticed it and jumped over the Zakenna's next strike, hurrying by my side. "Black. Are you okay?" She helped me up from my lying position. An odd glare showed itself in Honoka's eyes. I shook that observation off, because it was probably nothing.

"Ye-yeah." I dusted myself off and turned to Pisard, serious. "You! Because of you, I can't live a normal teenage life anymore! And now, even worse, I can't play lacrosse with my friends." I looked to my fellow Cure next to me. "Let's do it." The two of us grabbed hands again.

My hand rose towards the sky. "Black Thunder!"

Honoka raised her hand too. "White Thunder! Our beautiful souls!"

"Shall crush your evil heart!"

We could feel the thunder in our veins. It was ecstatic, definitely looking for a way out. We reached our hands out. "Pretty Cure Marble Screw!"

The Zakenna dispersed into Gomenna. The items it possessed rained over the town. Pisard clenched his teeth and growled. Deciding that instead of facing my wrath, Pisard quickly teleported back to his world.

"Hey!" I started to run towards the Dark Zone member. I was full of rage of what happened to me. "Get back here!"

"Black!" White grabbed onto my shirt before I could fall off of the roof. She pulled me back up, keeping me safe. Thank you Pretty Cure strength.

"Y-you should be careful," Honoka said as we changed back into our normal, everyday forms. "Who knows what could have happened if I didn't make it in time Kyou."

"I don't like that name." I stood up, and then helped Honoka up. "Anyways, thanks."

Honoka started to act weird. She blushed as she kept holding my hand. The bell snapped her out of it, making her let go of my hand. "W-we need to get to class," she said, running off towards the hallways.

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