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It was a stunning spring day, not one cloud rested on the clear blue sky, nor did a gust of wind breeze through a single leaf.

"Boring," I sighed, my sudden huff of air ruffling, my bangs as I stared out of the second story window, waiting for class to start. I glowered down half-heartedly at the school courtyard.

"Lovino~" a loud Spaniard clapped me roughly on the back and sat down next to me, grinning idiotically.

I grimaced and stared at Antonio with dead eyes. I wasn't in a good mood today and Antonio was practically producing his own light, his skin was literally glowing. It made me sick.

"Don't give me that look," pouted Antonio, giving me his famous a lopsided grin.

"What look?" my gaze hardened into a glinting glower, daring Antonio to tell me. If he so much as said that I was in a bad mood I would castrate him.

"You're not a morning person, whenever I try to say hi to you, you always give me this… look," Antonio smiled up, fixating on a crack in the wall nonchalantly.

"I don't have a LOOK, bastard, you're being an idiot," I complained, rolling my eyes and turning away. The chime of the bell rang out through the school and the teacher promptly started teaching the class on independent and dependent clauses.

"Now, an independent clause is a phrase that can stand on it's own, a dependent clause is-"

I had stopped listening by the time the monotone voice struck him. Damn, this teacher is one boring guy…

"-as, Mr. Vargas," my eyes snapped open and I looked up to see the teacher smirking down at me, a knowing look in his eyes. Shit. This isn't good.

"What, dammit?" I was still half-asleep as I rubbed my eye softly and yawned.

"I don't prepare a lecture so you can have naptime, now you and Mr. Carriedo go down to the principal's office. I won't have any more of this behavior in my class," the teacher pointed harshly to the door.

"Me and Antonio?" I inquired bemusedly, glancing over to find that the Spaniard was softly snoring on his desk. I grimaced and shook my head in irritation.

"Antonio and I, Mr. Vargas," corrected the English teacher in an annoying matter-of-fact tone.

I rolled my eyes and picked up my notebook harshly. I wasn't going to deal with this idiotic bullshit. "Oi, Antonio," I kicked him softly in the leg but he didn't budge.

"NOW, Mr. Vargas, I don't care if you have to DRAG him out, just stop interrupting my class," snapped the teacher, tapping his foot impatiently.

"All right, all right, I get it, dammit," I grumbled, glaring murderously up at him. What had his panties in a bunch? I glared down at Antonio before rolling my eyes in a dramatic fashion and then roughly smacking Antonio on his head with my notebook. "Get up, dumbass," I heard the class around me giggle at my use of another swear word in front of an oh-so-observant teacher.

Antonio jolted awake and looked sleepily up at me. His olive colored eyes were hazy from his nap. He produced a large yawn and smacked his lips together contentedly.

"What's goin' on?" he garbled, smiling up at me in oblivious happiness.

"Idiot, we're being kicked out of class, get up," I snapped, anger boiling up inside of me.

Antonio lazily got out of his chair and shoved his hands into his pockets before exiting the classroom. "Mr. Dauche is sure strict," he yawned, not at all bothered at being sent to the principal's office. It happened to him far too often for him to care.

"More like Mr. Douche," I grumbled, an irritated expression plastered onto my face.

"Can't we just skip going to detention and play hooky?" Antonio eyed me curiously, wondering what I would say.

I was silent for a moment. I was a straight A student. Furthermore, I hardly ever got in trouble, only on nights that I didn't get enough sleep such as I had the night before and fell asleep in class. Antonio on the other hand was passing –most of his classes. He was constantly causing trouble with Francis and Gilbert and didn't seem to take anything serious at all. One day of hooky didn't matter to him. I couldn't possibly consider jeopardizing my reputation by playing hooky and skipping detention.

"Fine, let's go," I said, gritting my teeth with a harsh grinding sound.

"Really?" Antonio's surprised look was frozen on his face.

"Why not? I don't feel like being lectured by some fucking adult, let's go," I didn't look Antonio in the eyes as I walked lackadaisically forward.

"Wow," Antonio scurried to catch up to the Italian. "The day that Lovino Vargas plays hooky, this should go down in the history books," he said breathlessly, awestricken.

I rolled my eyes. "Fuck you."

We strolled down the sidewalk together, not talking. We hadn't even bothered to change out of our uniforms. Antonio said that if we were caught, all we had to do was run, and run fast.

"Ah, it feels so good to be out of that hell hole," sighed Antonio, grinning majestically from ear to ear.

"Ugh, I feel sick," I clutched my torso; the guilt was causing my stomach to do back flips. "Is it always like this?" I groaned.

"Nah, it gets better over time," said Antonio breezily, walking backwards and putting his arms over his head. He was smirking at me. Dammit, I hate it when he smirks at me.

"What the fuck do you want?" I snapped, looking embarrassed at being looked at for too long and annoyed with his superior behavior.

"It's just so awesome to see you break the rules," laughed Antonio, nearly tripping over a crack in the sidewalk.

"Walk forwards before you trip, idiot," I chuckled, choosing not to comment on his observation.

"So what should we do now that the dirty deed has been committed?" Antonio smiled at me, rubbing his hands together as if he had a plan in mind. He still was walking backwards.

"What do you usually do, I mean, with Francis and Gilbert?" I mumbled, the queasy feeling still in my conscience. I don't know what people do when they play hooky. It's not like we can go home, dad is there and he'd catch us immediately. Not to mention we're wearing our school uniforms. If anyone catches us then we can't use Antonio's seemingly horrible plan of saying that one of us got sick and had to go home.

We passed by the kindergarten. "Ohhhhh~ Lovi wait, can we watch the children?" pleaded Antonio, his eyes alight with some kind of happy emotion.

I stared at Antonio in slight dubiousness. "Erm… Why?" I mumbled, not sure if I wanted to know.

Antonio blushed deeply, his cheeks reddening towards the likeliness of a tomato and he looked coyly away.

"Why the FUCK are you BLUSHING?" I took a step back, becoming more and more uncertain of the situation. Knowing my pervert of a friend, well, I wouldn't call him a friend. But knowing him, he doesn't blush for no reason.

Antonio smiled uncomfortably and he put a hand behind his head in sheepishness. "You see…" he was struggling for words.

I finally caught on to what Antonio was having such a hard time saying and my confused, shocked face turned to disgust.

"You fucking pedo," I spat and began to walk away, vowing never to speak to Antonio for the rest of my life.

"Uwaaaah!" Antonio stumbled over his own feet in order to stop me from walking away. "S-stop, it's not like that!" he cried, looking embarrassed, clutching my hand tightly in his.

I raised an incredulous eyebrow in skepticism. "What is it then?" I questioned, looking him straight in those pleading green eyes.

"I just… uh… Like children," Antonio laughed off his predicament. "They're so cute, you know, with their round little cheeks and their big bright eyes. And they're always smiling and having fun! It's adorable!" he smiled kindly at me, hoping that I'd understand.

"You're sick," I snarled, wrenching my arm away. Maybe it was because I suck at taking care of children, but the fact that Antonio loved them oh-so-much really got on my nerves.

"There's nothing wrong with me!" cried Antonio, desperately trying to prove his innocence. "I'm not a creep about it, I just think kids are cute, ya know?" he blushed and put his hands into his pockets.

I stared at Antonio incredulously, doubt filling my features. I really didn't want to believe him. I narrowed my eyes and wondered why it is I didn't want to. I usually took everything Antonio told me to heart. He's not the type to lie to anyone, especially me. He's too stupid for that.

Antonio's green eyes searched my amber ones and all he found was my wariness.

"Come on Lovi, you know me, I'm not like that," he mumbled, suddenly serious, looking hurt that I would think that of him.

"I'd have to say you two are the dumbest people ever to skip school," the voice came from behind the two of us. Antonio and I whirled around and saw a blonde woman dressed in a bright pink apron; small smudges of paint and handprints on the front and a smear of green on her cheek. "The little ones and I were playing outside, when I noticed you two," she smirked at us. She had a pretty face but the way she leered at us made my blood boil. I never thought that I could feel such hatred for the way a woman looked at me.

"Honestly, if you're going to play hooky, at least change out of your school uniform, idiots," she chuckled, grinning playfully at us.

"Ah," Antonio grinned down at the petite woman. "You're the owner of the kindergarten," he deduced.

"Nice job, very good reasoning there," laughed the woman, her voice dripping with mock praise.

"Well, we best get going," I smiled at the woman, putting on the demeanor I normally assumed with any woman. She may be a bitch but she was a woman, after all. I took Antonio by the arm and began to lead him swiftly away.

"Ah, not so fast," the woman took hold of my shoulder with a vice-like grip. I hadn't expected her to be so strong and the shock was evident on my face. She held onto my shoulder with a vice-like grip.

"I'm a teacher. It would be wrong if I didn't report to a certain academy that you two were skipping now, wouldn't it be?" she smiled pleasantly.

Antonio and I stared at her in stiff silence, shock overcoming us both. The teacher took out a cell phone and began to call the operator. "Ah yes, hi, I'm needing the World Academy's..."

"Lovino," Antonio's voice was barely over a whisper. I glanced at the Spaniard skeptically. Antonio suddenly grabbed my hand, "RUN!" he shouted, sprinting in the other direction.

The woman didn't chase us. She pouted, "like I was actually going to do it, I was just having a bit of fun," she sighed, shrugging her shoulder. A child called her from the kindergarten. The woman smiled contentedly then began to whistle a tune as she made her way back to the building.

I slowed down to a stop, breathing heavily, my arms resting on my knees as I tried to gain lost breath. "You run, too fast, dammit," I panted, sweat dripping off of my face. Antonio seemed equally as winded as he stood up to his full height and grinned at me with those glorious white teeth.

"That was close, wasn't it?" he breathed, a bead of sweat crawling down the bridge of his nose before falling to the ground with a silent plop.

"I'm in so much trouble, goddammit, and it's all thanks to you, bastard," I wheezed. If I wasn't worn out from running I would have punched him. A teacher had seen us and she knows what we look like, I was really going to get it.

"Yeah, but it was still fun, gosh, I haven't run that fast in a while," Antonio leaned up against a wall, his chest rising up and down in deep breaths.

"Still, your obsession with children freaks me out," I mumbled, smirking at him. It was more of a joke now.

"Only because they remind me of myself when I was a kid," grumbled Antonio, looking sourly at me.

"Nah, those kids were a whole lot cuter than you'd ever be," I retorted playfully. I was half serious. If Antonio was anything like he is now as a kid, he'd have been a nightmare.

Antonio pouted and then smiled light-heartedly. He waited patiently as I looked down to check my watch when he pounced.

"Haha, admit it! Admit it, I'd be cute as a little kid!" he challenged, tickling me with a full-on attack, causing us both to fall to the ground.

"GYA! SHIT! STOP IT! I'M TICKLISH YOU BASTARD!" I shouted, trying to squirm away. The damn bastard knew each and every one of my weak points and he knew how to get me to do anything he wanted.

"No! Not before you admit it!" cried Antonio, continuing the onslaught.

"Fuck you, I won't say it!" tears were coming to my eyes as I struggled to get free, but I smiled, unable to hold back ticklish laughter. I hated myself for smiling in front of him. It just added more fuel to his annoying fire.

"Say it! Say I'd be cute as a kid! You know you want to! You know it's true!" Antonio grinned and laughed as he pinched my sides and made me jump.
"Never!" I shouted, squeezing my eyes shut and trying to aim a punch at him. Antonio abruptly stopped tickling and looked down at me, confusion clouding his eyes.

"Well why not?" he asked, looking hurt.

I couldn't help but blush due to Antonio being on top of me. Something about this position makes me extremely uncomfortable. "Don't ask me a stupid question like that, bastard," I said, breathless, my eyes wary.

Antonio stared at me for a few moments, still straddling me. He looked like he was going to do something, like he had something else on his mind.

I didn't give him a chance because I couldn't take Antonio's expression any longer and quickly hauled myself out from underneath him, my face reddening even more.

"Dammit, maybe you SHOULD be a little kid. God knows you'd be a hell of a lot easier to deal with, damn bastard," I grumbled, turning away then walking swiftly away in the other direction. I couldn't be around him anymore. Not like this.

Antonio sat up; his eyes curiously alight and stared after me, his expression still confused.

"He could have just said I would be cute as a kid," he sulked, sitting back against the wall, the light in his eyes fading solemnly.