Kitsune sat on the ground, a low sigh wrenching from her throat. How could this have happened? How could life had ended up like this?

She let out a mirthless little laugh, shifting so her body wasn't so curled in.

Oh, that's right. She thought while letting her head fall back lightly. Her slanted eyes flicked back and forth, observing every villager that passed below her little hill.

A couple big mistakes, a few ignorant influences... and bam, her life became a chaos. Kitsune let out a sigh and shifted again. Self-consciously she touched the little buldges by her hips, the tell-tale sign of her daggers. The reminiscence of the screaming wails and the terrefied faces sent a chill through her body.

Kitsune just sighed and let her hands slide back up to her knees. She would strike again tonight. There would be no mercy, no relent. There never was.

"Why is it always me?" She questioned the air. The words seemed to shimmer and float in the air around her, and it began to rain lightly. The tiny droplets of water caressed her face and arms, yet sent a chill through her. She always was cold-natured.

Slowly, she went over her plan. Kill the head of the Innonara family. Get the hell out of dodge and bring his body back to the contractor, who would by then have her enough.

Yet it always seemed so hard to carry out.

She let out another sigh, this time out of agitation. The rain that beat against her back and shoulders now left her cold and feeling unnatural. Kitsune let out a groan. It was time to go inside somewhere. She didn't have anymore time to wait around.

She stumbled to the nearest hotel and bought a room in as composed a manner as possible. Kitsune groaned in pain, clutching at the tattoo on her side as it began to burn. She fumbled around in her bags, pulling out a small needle. She injected the pinkish fluid into her wrist, sighing as it warmed her blood again. Another thing wrong with her life. She was a freak.

But she was no whining fool! She hissed at herself for pondering over past mistakes and the wrongs against her. It solved nothing. It didn't keep her fed and... warm.

Warmth was a must. She was terrefied of the cold.

Not that she'd ever admit that to anyone. God knows, Kitsune Mitarashi was scared of nothing. And hell if she'd let anyone say otherwise.

"Ow.." She groaned quietly, letting her fingers glide quietly over the little tattoo of an ice-dove. The bane of her existence. The reason the cold affects her so...

Needless to say, she's never been to the Snow Country and won't go of her own free will. She shuddered again at the thought of relentless wailing winds filled with little icy daggers. Kitsune involuntarily shivered again, wrapping her arms around her legs. She was shaking badly, looking like she was od'ing off drugs or something. A low hiss escaped her pink little lips, and her eyes dilated. Then, it all just stopped.

She hated when it came on like that then just went away. It gave her serious whiplash. She shook off the after affects and stomped out of her room, grabbing her daggers and a small vial of poison off the desk beside the table. Kitsune snarled out a spell from her old people, covering herself in warmth and dryness as she stepped out into the rain. The rain never touched her skin.

Kitsune grunted, rolling her shoulders as she stalked the shadows, letting her dark hair mask her pale, glowing face and unnatural cerulean eyes. Her face remained neutral and stoic, easily brushing by stray villagers inconspicuously. All they heard was a rustle, all they saw was a flicker, all they knew was something passed. She was a shadow, she had no body, she blended in... she didn't exist.

She convinced herself of these things as she sped down another dark alleyway. She needed to if she wanted to be kept sane. Otherwise, the endless killing would drive her insane. But then again, she was nothing, she had no form to return to. She was a ghost, a Rei. She had nothing but her daggers and her soul to hold onto. What else was there for an assassin? Feelings?

She knows she never had feelings. Kitsune would be kidding herself if she thought otherwise.

She stopped in front of the house, her feet making a soft swish as she stopped. She moved her daggers foreward in front of her chest. The common stance. The stance of an empty shell following malicious orders of malevolent intent.

The moonlight glinted menacingly on the shiny black blade, and slightly divine, it made the white blade glow. The yin and the yang, brought together to create an organized chaos. Kitsune sighed and bowed her head lightly against the cold, the spell wearing off. She needed to act, but it was just so hard...

But then again, she was nothing. That thought steeled her thoughts and heart long enough for her get what needs getting done done. She walked casually into the compound, not a hint of fear about her. These were shinobi, strong, powerful shinobi, but they were no match for her mind games. She makes strong men tremble and makes the powerful bow in fear. She was a monster, a mistake.

She closed her eyes, letting her body become the shadows she is so familiar with. The dark around her was comforting, it was safe. It was natural. It wasn't a mistake. It had a purpose. But, then again, so did she. Did that make her natural?

...No. She had too many shortcomings.

She flew along the halls, her pace speeding up. She leaped over any furniture in her way as she passed through the living room and kitchen, aiming for the meeting room, for the heart of the problem. Zai Innonara was inside, just past that door, and he was about to meet the monster they tell their children isn't real. She was a mistake, a miscreation.

She slowly slid the door open, letting it creak ever so slightly to get the attention of the people inside. A booming voice was heard. " Minari, I told you, woman, don't bother me when I'm-" He stopped, seeing the petite teen in front of them.

The black hem of her pants pooled about her feet, obviously too big for her. The little blue, baggy belly shirt was covered by an open coat that stopped just below her chest and a few inches above her bellybutton, sleeves all long and covering her hands. Only the tips of the bi-colored daggers showed out from under the edge of the coat sleeves. Zai slowly stood, reaching for a katana.

Kitsune swiftly brought her hands up, letting the sleeves fall back onto her arms a little to fully show the daggers. She made no sound, only slowly opened her eyes so he could see the frosty, icy cerulean orbs. Everyone in the room tensed slightly. "Rei, " breathed out one of the shinobi, slowly sliding out of his seat to stand.

She knew some would beg for mercy. She knew she didn't have to grant their request. But she would tonight. She was feeling down, she didn't need extra regret on her tonight. They had seen her face, but obviously they already knew her name in this area. Or at least they knew her alias.

She flicked her wrist in the direction of Zai, her emotionless face never wavering. She breathed out a small breath, fragile as anything crystal yet as strong as a diamond, and pointed the black dagger at the center of his forehead. That's where the virus started. She didn't need to fight this one, she could feel he was too slow to reach her in time to stop the black, inky substance before it reached his heart.

At first it was just a black dot, and then it spread and shot across his face, crisscrossing all over his neck and chest after a few moments. The men just watched in horror as he fell to his knees, clutching at the predominant spot now in the center of his chest, just over his main artery. It poisoned his blood, leaving him paralyzed. It would be painless as soon as the poison reached the bloodstream, so she didn't feel very bad about doing this.

This man had killed many. He deserved suffering, but she let him go peacefully. Or relatively so... He let out a singular groan and collapsed.

Kitsune waved her wrist again, letting the shadows flow over her as she walked out of the meeting room. The men were shouting and cursing, but none came after her. Yes, she must be well known in this place. They already feared her wrath.

In all reality, her wrath was long gone. She called the darkness to cut a lock of his hair to show to the contractor. He might not think it was enough, but for now she was too tired to rectify her mistake and go back to the body. The shadows along the hallway shimmered as the hair, pretty bleach blonde in color, though slightly stained black from her poison, appeared in her pouch. She nodded contently.

She hopped from tree branch to tree branch as she leaped out the second story window. Her contractor said he would be waiting in the forest by the crystal lake, so that was where she was headed. The trees whizzed by her quickly as she picked up speed. How long had she been running again...?

She made it to the lake in however long she had been sprinting. There was the man, spiky hair and peircings galor. "Is it done?" He asked her, his cold eyes giving her the creeps. Kitsune just nodded, still not apt to speak. "Very good. I have something else to ask you about as well." He explained as he placed a pouch in her hand. She just smiled cautiously at him. Personally, Kitsune liked him. He was reserved, yet enforcing. Not psychotic, yet powerful enough to fear him like he was.

She raised her eyebrows in question.

"Will you join the organization Akatsuki?" He asked. She frowned. She knew of him, and knew of that damned organization of his. Her teal eyes narrowed to dangerous slits and her shadow grew a bit longer, making her irritance known. She was insulted that he would ask her something like that- work for him, just with no pay. Bullshit.

No, she mouthed at him. He let out an aggravated sigh, pinching the bridge of his nose.

"I was actually hoping you wouldn't say that." He sighed, and suddenly, Kitsune felt a presence behind her. She whipped around, daggers up. Without warning, she was flung to the side like a ragdoll, and all she could do was let out a wheezing gasp as her back hit a tree. The dark presence was in front of her now, she just couldn't see it. Why couldn't she see it? Her cerulean eyes flashed from side to side, trying to grasp onto some sort of reality that she could fling a punch at; what she found, though, she will forever have nightmares of.

Red eyes. Red, red, like blood. Kitsune let out a startled gasp, her body tensing and trembling. She tried to move her arms, but something- hands, she realized- pushed them above her head to the tree. She shivered.

"Why don't you want to join, darling child?" A sinister, mocking voice sliced through her fear. There was something... off about him. Yes, a him. Definitely male, otherwise they wouldn't be able to hold her down. She looked up, and immediatly regretted it.

The red eyes flashed dangerously, and for once in her life, she felt afraid. She was afraid of this mystery man with the glowing red eyes and the death-grip on her arms. Even through all the terror, though, she managed to grit her teeth and spit in his face boldly.

She heard him take in a breath quickly, seeming shocked. Then, the red eyes changed and warped, and she blacked out.