Hey, yo, check this out. It's shorts stories based on my story "Escalating Affections." Usually these stories won't pull too many elements from the story, if I do I will make it clear before hand. Many of these stories will pull elements from tv, manga, and my real life situations. So if anything seems familiar... just roll with it. The way I'm figuring it, this is going to be updated weekly or bi-weekly. Because to be honest I wrote this from scratch in 20 minutes.

Episode 1: A cold?

"Kuchu!" Hayate glanced at Hinagiku as she held her nose. Slowly a smirk, usually owned by the cat-eyed girl, crept on to his face.

"That was quite cute, Hinagiku. Have you caught a cold?" His smile was beaming so brightly that Hinagiku almost ignored his words.

"N-No, it's just some allergies." She turned around as she rubbed her nose. Her face began to burn red along with her nose. Showing her embarrassing side to Hayate was something neither party was used to. "I'm not dumb enough to catch a cold."

"But aren't allergies rare in winter? There's no pollen" Said Hayate, whose smile lost no steam in Hinagiku's defense.

"People still have allergies in- Kuchu!" She caught her nose with both of her hands this time.

"... what was that?" His smile upgraded to a blinding glare.

"I said that people still get aller- Kuchu! Kuchu!" Hinagiku's face started to blend with her hair as her blush bloomed through out. Her eyes darted down as she avoided his gaze.

"... I'm sorry I couldn't hear that." The roles were reversed and he was going to take the advantage.

"Mou... I SAID THA- Kuchu! Kuchu!" Her eyes began to tear up with the continuous sneezing. She squeezed her eyes shut to stop the tears, but more importantly to avoid meeting his eyes.


She threw her arms down in frustration, "I DON'T HAVE A-"

"Here." She opened her eyes to a cup of tea. She glanced up to see Hayate change from teasing smile to caring one. Contemplating for a moment, she took the cup and sipped it slowly.

"...I think... I may have... caught a cold." Taking another sip of tea.

This is a lot easier to write than the main story, mainly because it's easy to write these two. Honestly, one of the reason's I've been putting of the main story is that it's rather hard for me to write the "Idiot Trio" in character. Please review, critique, and give me your thoughts. Did you like it, should I do more of these, was this too short for a short, should I stick to the main story? Also someone help me come up with a better title than "Escalating Affectons: Shorts"